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					                                                                                                (Rev. May 2012)

                          SOUTH CAROLINA STATE PAGE
Lillian Koller, Esq.                                   Susan O’Toole, Director
State Director                                         Knowledge Management & Practice Standards Div.
SC Department of Social Services                       SC Department of Social Services
P.O. Box 1520                                          ICPC Unit – Fifth Floor
Columbia, South Carolina 29202                         P.O. Box 1520
                                                       Columbia, South Carolina 29202
                                                       Telephone: (803) 898-7707

                                                       Patricia Cokley, Program Coordinator
                                                       ICPC Supervisor

Address Correspondence and Telephone Calls to the Appropriate Person Listed Below:

                               ICPC Supervisor
                               Patricia Cokley
                               Telephone: (803) 898-7330

Alice DuRant, Program Coordinator                      Tammy Fulwood, Program Coordinator                      
Telephone: (803) 898-7523                              Telephone: (803) 898-7275
Relative/Foster Care                                   Relative/Foster Care/Public Adoptions – Region 3

Diane Homer, Program Coordinator                       Sherre Henne, Program Coordinator                       
Telephone: (803) 898-7640                              Telephone: (803) 898-7100
Private Adoptions                                      Public Adoptions - Region 4
Public Adoption - Regions 1 & 2                        Residential Facilities
                                                       International Adoptions

Harriet Johnson, Program Assistant                     Bobby Seepersaud, Program Coordinator                   
Telephone: (803) 898-8029                              Telephone: (803) 898-7504
Relative/Foster Care                                   Relative/Foster Care

Overnight Mail Address:        SC Department of Social Services
                               Knowledge Management & Practice Standards Div.
                               ICPC Unit – Fifth Floor
                               1535 Confederate Avenue
                               Columbia, South Carolina 29201

ICPC Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Eastern Time Zone.
SC Email Address for requests, home studies, documents and correspondence, etc.: SCICPC@DSS.SC.GOV
Fax Number: (803) 898-7897
SC DSS Website Information:
                                                                                                      (Rev. May 2012)

                             SOUTH CAROLINA STATE PAGE

ICPC Code Citation. Children’s Code, SC 1976 Code of Laws amended. Secs. 63-9-2200 et. seq. through 63-9-

Statutory Penalties Under Article IV. Specific penalties not defined.

Age of Majority. 18 years.

Court Jurisdiction. Family Court of county of residence of petitioners. Non-residents for private adoptions
must finalize in SC (Children’s Code, SC 1976 Code of Laws amended, Secs. 63-9-40).


Reports. Foster Care—Quarterly unless otherwise requested. Adoption— Prior to placement and no later than
30 days after placement. Adoption to be consummated by end of 6 months. Reports due prior to adoption
hearing. Exception: Timing of reports and consummation of special needs children adoption.

Licensing Requirements. See the following sections for information: “Approval of Facilities” and
“Requirements for Foster Care Placements.”


Independent Adoptive Placements. Lawful, South Carolina Children’s Code.

Special Adoption Information Required. Social, medical, and legal documents must be forwarded to Deputy
Compact Administrator: (1) Set of 100 A’s for each child; (2) Birth Family’s Social/Medical Information: (3) At
least one Birth Parent’s consents. If both birth parents have not surrendered or have rights terminated,
documentation of the attempts to locate and protect the rights to the birth parent.; (4) Documentation of
Compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act; (5) Court Findings of Unusual or Exceptional Circumstances for
SC Birth Child being adopted by out of state residents; (6) Adoptive Family’s Pre-Placement Investigation; (7)
Copies of adoptive Family’s Background Checks (Child Abuse/Neglect Clearances, State Criminal History
Checks, Sexual Offenders Checks); (8) Official hospital birth report (labor and delivery/discharge summary); (9)
Fee disclosure statement.

Residential Placements.

        -Placements Requiring Interstate Approval: Placements made by private/public agencies,
        courts, and in specific instances, parents, when such placements fall within guidelines set
        by the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children.

        -Requirements for Placements: ICPC-100A and Child’s Summary required.

        -Approval of Facilities: Facilities not legally exempt from licensing and those exempt
        facilities that voluntarily seek licensing are licensed by SC DSS on a two-year basis.
        Licensing information may be obtained by contacting the Division of Human Services at
        (803) 898-7561.

        -Monitoring of the Child: Responsibility of sending agency unless SC agrees prior to
        placement to assist with monitoring.
                                                                                                         (Rev. May 2012)

                          SOUTH CAROLINA STATE PAGE
        -Philosophy for the Placement of Non-Resident Youth: Placement should be in child’s
        best interest at a facility appropriate for child’s needs, and in a licensed or legally exempt
        facility. The Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children must be followed.

Requirements for Foster Care Payments. Foster homes are subject to licensing according to standards set by
DSS. Code of Laws 43-15-30. DSS is mandated to license foster family homes, residential child caring facilities,
group care homes, institutions, and child placing agencies unless these agencies are exempt by statute.


TANF Payments The TANF program in South Carolina is named Family Independence. Children who live with
a relative may qualify for Family Independence if income and resources directly available to them are less than
the standard. Children must be residents of South Carolina to receive benefits.

Medicaid Payments. Out-of-state Medicaid for eligible children may be accepted by local medical providers by
prior contractual agreement. Medicaid information may be obtained by contacting the Department of Health
and Human Services (803) 898-2500 or toll-free 1-888-549-0820.

Foster Care Payments. South Carolina Board rates apply to out-of-state placements. These rates are based on
the child’s age and set by the South Carolina General Assembly.

Special Education Payments. South Carolina does not have a policy regarding special education payments.


Child Abuse Reports: Referrals are to be made directly to the DSS county office where the child lives. See SC
DSS website for local county office telephone numbersto make CPS Reports.

Child Abuse and Neglect Central Registry: Barbara Atiba, Phone: (803) 898-7710, Fax: (803) 898-7641.
Form: DSS Form 3072 - Consent to Release Information. Go to: SC Form 3072 Fee: $8.
Form Required? Yes. Signed release required? Yes, witnessed or notarized.
Methods of transmission: Original signature required, mail only. See SC DSS Website for more information.
SC Department of Social Services, Central Registry, P.O. Box 1520, Columbia, SC 29202-1520.

Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance: Donna S. Cooper, ICAMA Liasion, SC Department
of Social Services, ICAMA – Fifth Floor, P.O. Box 1520, Columbia, SC 29202-1520. Email Address: Telephone: 803-898-7556, Fax: 803-898-7641.

Interstate Compact on Juveniles Dawne Gannon, Deputy Compact Administrator, SC Department of Juvenile
Justice, POB 21069, Columbia, SC 29221. Telephone: (803) 896-9351.

Interstate Compact on Mental Health/Mental Retardation Mental Health: C. Edgar Spenser, Interstate
Coordinator, SC Department of Mental Health, 2424 Bull Street, Columbia, SC 29202. Telephone:
(803) 898-8579. Mental Retardation: SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs (DDSN),
Mental Retardation Division, 3440 Harden Street Extension (29203), P.O. Box 4706, Columbia, SC 29240.
Telephone: (803) 898-9600, V/TTY: (803) 898-9600, Toll Free: 1-888-DSN-INFO (376-4636)

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