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Pancreatic Cancer - Humlegaarden


									Pancreatic Cancer

The patient, E.N., a 49 year-old woman from Sweden, was diagnosed with
pancreatic cancer in November 2001 when she was hospitalized due to nausea,
vomiting and jaundice. The ultrasound scan showed a 2 cm. lesion in the head
of the pancreas. The biopsy indicated pancreatic cancer. A metallic drain was
put in the bile system and it functioned well. The patient was considered to be
inoperable because her tumour pressed and dislocated 2 big veins. She
received six cures of Gemzar, which is a kind of chemo for pancreatic cancer.
The patient arrived to Humlegaarden on February 2, 2002. She was anemic
and in a relatively poor physical condition after the chemotherapy. We started
her on therapy with mistletoe preparation Helixor M together with other natural
medicine injections, as well as angiogenesis inhibitors acetylcystein and
Celebra. Soon the patient felt well and after 3 weeks of stay she went home.
At home she continued injections with Helixor M, besides she received Gemzar
treatment until February 2003. She also received radiation therapy 25 x 2Gy
in March/April 2003. The tumour marker for her disease CA 19-9, which was
16 (normal range 0-37) in February 2002, is now 8,3.
On 19th of May 2003 the patient felt very well. She continued treatment with
mistletoe and angiogenesis inhibitors.
This story shows positive results from the combination of traditional and
complementary therapies.

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