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									Shopping in Nagaland 
Nagaland the land of warriors is a charming hilly station full of natural beauty and warm
hearted people. A house of sixteen tribes, the state has much to explore. You must visit Naga
City to view the scene of nature, the love and hospitality of the simple people, blooming wild
flowers and Coy Rivers flowing their way all the way throughout rocky landscape. Visit
Nagaland Tourist Places and explore the beauty of the nature. Shopping in Nagaland is an
unforgettable experience for each and every visitor where one can buy souvenirs and gifts for
their near and dear ones. The skilled tribal people make excellent art crafts from cane,
bamboo etc. The Nagas have a rich tradition of art and craft like basketry, weaving,
woodcarving, pottery, metal work etc.

If you visit Nagaland you can make a wonderful shopping. Nagaland tourist places are worth to
visit. The most of the items available in the market are made up of using the forest products
like wood, cane bamboo that serve as raw materials for the handicrafts they fashion out in
their leisure times. They use natural dyes and beads and shells to embellish the artifacts,
which turn out to be fantastic items for shopping in Nagaland. They lent their skills to produce
items of common utility, as well those with ritualistic and artistic value.

As it is commonly said that tribal peoples are self-dependent, they make all the fundamental
needs themselves. So, it is also applicable to the brave and courageous tribes of Nagaland.
They have their own style of living and handmade art and crafts. The Naga tribes are basically
agrarian. As the north-east is a home of the various species of the bamboos, where the tallest
grass grows, the bamboo products of the Nagaland are world-famous.

Most of the Nagaland handmade products are made from the woods and cane bamboo. The
products though are built in ethnic style, this look very awesome and these products are surely
occupying a place in the global market. Whenever you are planning a tour to India visit
Nagaland Tourist Places and enjoy the shopping. The Naga women participate in several
exhibitions in the various parts of the country and outside also with their traditional products.
Skilled craftsmen are employed to carve marvelous village gates, house posts and Morungs in
Naga villages. Fine storage baskets, wicker drinking vessels and containers are woven by
craftsmen whose skills had been inherited from generations of skilled craftsmen.

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