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					Upgrades & Migration to EMC SourceOne                                                              ™

TransVault™ Migrator for EMC
SourceOne™ is a Microsoft
Windows-based application that
enables legacy email archives
to be quickly, transparently and
securely migrated to the latest                                                                                 EMC
EMC archive platform.                                                                                        SourceOne

Developed to work specifically with the                                             TransVault Migrator: Unparalleled scalability,
EMC achive APIs by migration experts,                                               flexibility and auditing for your SourceOne migration.
TransVault, TransVault Migrator powers
comprehensive migration services that
deliver efficient one-step transfers, full
auditing and comprehensive data and
                                                          Key Benefits
shortcut (stub) management.                               • Zero impact on users - even in         • Eases movement of users’ data
                                                            24 x 7 environments.                     between archives (e.g. to support
TransVault Migrator supports a variety of                                                            re-locations or storage device
scenarios including:                                      • Fast, direct migrations from many        changes).
                                                            different archive platforms.
    • Migration from an unsatisfactory or                                                          • Reduces storage costs by
      end-of-life archive into SourceOne                  • Conversion of legacy shortcuts           consolidating data & enabling
    • Archive consolidation into SourceOne                  to work seamlessly with                  selective migrations.
      from SourceOne and other archives                     SourceOne.
      (e.g. following a company merger or                                                          • Enables organizations to take
      acquisition).                                       • Complete auditing of each                advantage of EMC’s latest
    • Conversion from Lotus Notes archives                  individual item migrated                 archive platform.
      to a SourceOne for Exchange archive                   ensuring chain-of-custody.
      (and vice versa).                                                                            • Protects against storage
                                                          • Filtering of items dependent             obsolescence.
    • Advanced migrations from EMC                          on advanced criteria.
      EmailXtender to SourceOne.                                                                   • Ensures ability to meet
With support for all commonly used                        • Automatically re-writes addresses        compliance needs.
archive vendors and formats, including                      where needed to support inter-
                                                            domain migrations.                     • Available through a global
the ability to convert between Microsoft                                                             network of specialist archive
Exchange and IBM Lotus Notes archives,                    • Enables rationalization of               & migration partners.
                                                            different archive technologies
some of the largest and most challenging
                                                            into a single environment.
migrations in the industry are being
powered with TransVault Migrator.
 For more details and supported TransVault platforms contact your nearest authorized reseller. | North & South America: 646.808.0407 | EMEA & AsiaPac: +44 (0) 3333 404433
Switch Legacy Archives to EMC SourceOne                                                    Ensure Compliance
TransVault Migrator for EMC SourceOne is a high-performance Windows-                       If your organization has a legislative or business requirement to securely
based application designed to accelerate, manage and simplify the                          retain email records for a specified period of time, protecting their
movement of email records from other archive systems - both on-site and                    integrity throughout their lifecycle is essential.
hosted - into the new EMC SourceOne platform.                                              TransVault Migrator’s one-step migration avoids the risk of data loss and
It processes extremely large amounts of data in accordance with a range                    opportunity for tampering introduced by manual, multiple-hop migration
of criteria (e.g. owner, location, age, flags, etc.) enabling data to be moved             strategies. Importantly, TransVault maintains a complete audit of all data
selectively. For example, you could migrate just the last 2 years’ worth                   transfers and generates detailed reports to ensure chain-of-custody for
of archived data belonging to the sales team to SourceOne, or only move                    each individual item migrated.
data for which mailbox shortcuts exist.                                                    Where possible, any retention rules applied within your legacy archive can
Data is migrated in one step by way of connectors that offer full, API                     be correctly mapped into the new archive environment. Additionally the
support for SourceOne and either API or direct support for many other                      contents of journal archives can be securely migrated with the option to
commonly used archives and formats.                                                        preserve compliance-critical BCC’d recipients and alias list members.
TransVault can also convert shortcuts (stubs) in users’ mailboxes so they
work seamlessly with the new SourceOne archive. It can also optionally                     Supports Multiple Environments
re-write email addresses to reflect a move to a new domain.                                Migrator connectors are available to support migration to EMC SourceOne
                                                                                           from the following archives, formats and storage platforms:
Upgrade & Re-Organize Your EMC Archive Environment                                               • EMC EmailXtender for Exchange & Notes
Sites wishing to upgrade their existing EMC EmailXtender to the new EMC                          • Symantec Enterprise Vault for Exchange & Notes
SourceOne platform may elect to use TransVault as an alternative to the                          • Autonomy Message Manager (formerly CA Message Manager)
EMC-supplied migration path.
                                                                                                 • Autonomy ZANTAZ Digital Safe
Benefits of using TransVault for your migration include:
                                                                                                 • Autonomy ZANTAZ EAS for Exchange & Notes
    • Selective migrations, e.g., the flexibility to move specified                              • Autonomy NearPoint (formerly Iron Mountain/Mimosa NearPoint)
        mailboxes or folders or migrate data less than a given ‘age’.
                                                                                                 • Microsoft Exchange (including Exchange 2010 Personal Archives)
    • Support for migrations from EMC EmailXtender implementations
        below version 4.8.1 build 145.                                                           • HP RISS for Exchange, Notes & SMTP
    • The ability to migrate between email formats (i.e. EmailXtender for                        • HP IAP
        Notes to Source One for Exchange or vice versa).                                         • Metalogix Archive Manager (formerly Exchange@PAM)
    • You need to perform non-standard data manipulations, e.g.                                  • IXOS-eCONserver (Open Text)
        email address re-writes in the event of a company restructuring.
                                                                                                 • Ilumin Assentor
                                                                                                 • Quest Archive Manager
Convert Between Notes & Exchange
                                                                                                 • Unify/Daegis Central Archive (formerly AXS-One) for Notes
TransVault aids migration between IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft
Exchange and vice versa. For example, it can convert Notes EmailXtender                          • Hosted archives including Office 365, BPOS, Mimecast, LiveOffice, &
format archives or other 3rd-party Notes archives into Exchange format
SourceOne archives. It can unlock encrypted Notes emails, convert                                • PST, EML, MSG & NSF files
address books, etc.                                                                        New connectors are being added all the time or can be commissioned.
                                                                                           Check supported platforms and exact version number with your partner
                                                                                           or TransVault Software.
  Challenge The TransVault Migrator Service
  User impact     • users keep working as their data is migrated                           Buying TransVault Migrator
                  • shortcuts converted to work with new archive service                   TransVault Migrator is available through a global network of
  IT Overheads    • eliminates complexity of maintaining multiple archive solutions        partners that provide an end-to-end migration service. For
  Data fidelity   • proven email format fidelity & logging                                 more information contact TransVault at
                  • preserves the contents of mailboxes & journals
                                                                                           or visit
  Migration Time • bulk migrations can be carried out non-stop at any time
                 • multi-threaded architecture supports extremely fast rates
  Costs           • single infrastructure reduces annual fees & staff costs
                  • shrinks storage costs by consolidating data
                  • allows organizations to switch to more storage efficient
  Change          • preserves data following acquisitions, relocations etc
                  • fast transition to new service without loss of data or accessibility
  Compliance      • preserves integrity of historic data & protects against
                    obsolescence                                                           TransVault Migrator is a trademark of TransVault. Microsoft Exchange, Exchange 2010, Office 365 and
                                                                                           BPOS are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. The Symantec Certified Technology logo
                  • full audit trail of all migrations ensuring chain-of-custody
                                                                                           indicates that a product has been tested for compatibility with Symantec products in certain configurations.
                  • ensures all data is managed & discoverable in one place                Symantec, Symantec Enterprise Vault and the Symantec Certified Technology logo are trademarks of
                                                                                           Symantec Corporation. All other copyrights and trademarks acknowledged.
 For more details and supported TransVault platforms contact your nearest authorized reseller. | North & South America: 646.808.0407 | EMEA & AsiaPac: +44 (0) 3333 404433

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