; CURRICULUM VITAE Professor David Hughes Business and Home Address
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CURRICULUM VITAE Professor David Hughes Business and Home Address


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									                              CURRICULUM VITAE

                           Professor David Hughes
Business and Home Address:

“Westfield”, The Parade, Monmouth NP25 3PA, Wales, U.K.

e-mail: profdavidhughes@aol.com
website: www.professordavidhughes.com

Telephone numbers:
+44 (0)1600 715957
+44 (0)7798 558276 (m)
Fax number:
+44 (0)1600 712544

Current Employment – 2002 to-date:

Company directorships, international advisory board memberships; consultant to
food industry firms and organisations; Emeritus and Visiting Professor; international

Previous Employment:

1992 -2001 - Professor of Food Marketing, Centre for Food Chain Research, and
Emeritus Professor from 2003 and on, Imperial College London (University of

1986-1991 – Marketing Director Herbonics, Inc., Homestead, Florida, U.S.A., and
international development project director (for USAID, IBRD, IFAD, FAO, CIDA etc.).

1980-1986 – Director of Deloitte, Haskins & Sells (now, Deloitte & Touche)
Management Consultants Canada, based in the Caribbean, East Africa and South
East Asia.

1975-1980 – Director and co-owner of Broadwith, Hughes & Associates Management
Consultants Canada (acquired by Deloitte et al in 1980).

1974-1975 – Director of Research for the Food Prices Review Board, Federal
Government of Canada, Ottawa, Canada.

1973-1974 – Food Policy Analyst with Agri-Food Canada, Federal Government of
Canada, Ottawa, Canada.
Academic Qualifications:

B.Sc. (Hons.) Agricultural Economics, University of Reading, U.K., (1966-69).
M.Sc. Agricultural Marketing, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K. (1969-70).
(Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Scholarship).
Ph.D. Food Marketing, University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, U.K. (1971-73).
(Meat and Livestock Commission Fellowship).

Career Background and Current Commercial Involvements:

 David is: a non-Executive Director of KGG Limited, a farmer-owned and Europe’s
largest fresh berry business (turnover US$ 260 million in 2006); and co-owner and
Director of a small property development business in Canada. He is a frequent
keynote speaker at major national and international food industry seminars and
conferences around the globe. He works closely with food industry firms on the
development of marketing strategies, building partnerships in the food industry, and
with governments on food policy formulation. He is a proponent of building strong
vertical alliances – partnerships – in the food industry; between consumers and
agribusiness, the farm sector, manufacturers, food service and retail. He has many
articles/chapters published in notable national and international journals and books
and is a Visiting Professor at the University of Kent Business School and a Visiting
Professor at the Royal Agricultural College, Cirencester, U.K.

Professor Hughes is an international advisory board member of Rabobank, the
principal international food and agribusiness bank; the U.K. Red Meat Industry
Forum; LEAF Marque U.K. (Linking the Environment And Farming), an innovative
environmentally-friendly commercial farming initiative; and several U.K. organisations
and initiatives that focus on socially-responsible and consumer-friendly aspects of
food production and marketing.

In October 1991, David returned to the U.K. after 20 years of professional work
undertaken outside Europe and became the inaugural Sainsbury Professor of Food
Marketing at Wye College (now, Imperial College), University of London. He directed
the Food Industry Management Group (now, Centre for Food Chain Research),
which offered a range of under- and post-graduate degrees in business subjects, and
completed research projects on a wide range of food industry issues.

Prior to taking up his university appointment, Dr. Hughes spent four years
establishing a fresh produce business in the USA. The firm produced and marketed
fresh herbs to supermarkets in the Eastern USA and was sold in 2002. In the mid-
80’s, he was Project Director of a USA Government initiative to establish an
Agribusiness and Food Venture Capital Trust in the Caribbean – the Trust sought
and took equity positions in growth-orientated agribusiness and food firms in the
Caribbean region. In the first half of the 1980’s, he established regional offices for
(then) Deloitte, Haskins & Sells Canada in the Eastern Caribbean and East Africa,
and was responsible for directing the design and implementation of development
projects in Third World countries in both hemispheres of the globe. In the latter half
of the 1970’s, living and working in North America, David established with a partner a
management consulting firm and agribusiness market research firm (both sold to
Deloitte et al in 1980). These firms were market leaders in agribusiness and food
consultancy in Canada. Arriving in Canada in 1973, David was an food policy
analyst with the Federal Government, then, Director of Research for the Food Prices
Review Board – an influential Federal Government Commission that represented the
consumers’ interests in food and food policy during the turbulent high inflation years
of the early-to-mid 1970s.

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