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					                                  City University of Hong Kong

                            Campus Development and Facilities Office

                  Regulations Governing the Use of Late Reading Centre

1) FY-301 and FY-302 on FL03, Fong Yun Wah (FYW) Building will be opened from 2300 hr to
   0700 hr as the Late Reading Centre and managed by the Campus Development and Facilities
   Office (CDFO). Security guards will patrol and monitor the Late Reading Centre during its
   opening hours.
2) Only CityU students with valid student ID card can stay beyond 2300 hr on the University
   Campus using the Late Reading Centre. Users stayed behind will be subject to ID checks.
3) Between 2300 hr and 0700 hr, the rest of the University Campus will remain closed. Access
   to the Late Reading Centre must be via the entrance on FL03, Fong Yun Wah Building
   (Adjacent to Lift 11).
4) Users are reminded to take note on the following :
       a. to ensure the availability of transportation (e.g. taxi, bus, private car) when leaving the
           Late Reading Centre when MTR is not available.
       b. to return to the students hostels with companion and to avoid going home alone. If
           necessary, students may seek help from the security guards.
       c. not to reserve seats with unattended property. Unattended property will be removed at
           0700 hr when the Late Reading Centre is closed.
       d. to take good care of your personal belongings to prevent theft while staying in the Late
           Reading Centre.
       e. to help maintain a clean and tidy environment and refrain from engaging in any
           behavior that interferes with the normal use and operation of the Late Reading Centre.
5) The University is not responsible for any loss of personal belongings left in the Late Reading
6) Users may slightly reposition the furniture to facilitate their needs but they must be restored
   back to their original layouts/positions immediately after use before 0700 hr.         Under no
   circumstances should the furniture be moved away from the Centre without permission from
   CDFO Duty Officer.
7) Smoking, eating, consumption of alcoholic drinks, sleeping and gambling or betting in any
   form are forbidden in the Late Reading Centre.
8) Users are not allowed to use the teaching AV equipment and computer inside the Late
   Reading Centre.
9) Users shall use the Centre together with other users in considerate manners and not to cause
   any disruption, hazard or nuisance in any form.
10) The University has the sole discretion to implement additional rules and regulations deemed

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