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									MEET our editors
From biotech news to the latest technology, real estate and construction briefs, editorially speaking,
The Daily Transcript at’s staff of well-trained reporters and editors cover San Diego
business in depth and with a regional focus.

                   George Chamberlin                                                               Tracye Grimes
                   Executive Editor                                                                Web Director/Editor

                     GEORGE CHAMBERLIN has been associated with                                      TRACYE GRIMES became the editor of the San
                     The Daily Transcript since 1998 and became Executive                            Diego Source in 2006. She is responsible for the
                     Editor in 2006. He is responsible for the development                           daily operation of the Web site and all digital editorial
of editorial strategies for the newspaper and website. He has introduced        products, including the “Morning Briefing,” “Today’s Headlines” and
video and audio into the editorial products and is the public face of the       “Building Briefs.” She also oversees the breaking news desk, which is
company at many community events. George regularly chairs industry              responsible for 30-40 Web-published stories a day in the 24-hour period
roundtables and conducts video interviews of participants for use on the        between successive newspaper deadlines.
San Diego Source. He writes two daily columns, “Money in the Morning”              Tracye became special sections editor in 2003, supervising the staff
and a daily stock market wrap-up.                                               that researches and collects data for the “SourceBook” database and its
   George, a long time resident of North County, lives in Vista with his wife   related products.
Terry.                                                                             Prior to joining the Transcript, Tracye was the editor of the community
                                                                                newspapers Beach & Bay Press and Peninsula Beacon. Previously, she
                   Joe Guerin                                                   was a reporter for the San Diego Community Newspaper Group, which
                                                                                owns those papers. From 1993 – 1999 she was a legal secretary in the
                                                                                Law Offices of Stuart A. Holmes in Claremont, Calif.
                                                                                   Tracye is a graduate of California State University, Fullerton.
                     JOE GUERIN joined The Daily Transcript in 2000. He
                     is responsible for the daily operation of the newsroom,                       Jennifer Chung-Klam
                     including the production of the newspaper. His duties                         Special Publications Director
include assigning and trafficking all stories and coordinating between the               
editorial and production departments. Joe oversees the copy editors and
a staff of reporters who cover a wide variety of business and legal news.                           JENNIFER CHUNG KLAM was named special
   Prior to joining the Transcript, he was the editor of the Chula Vista Star                       publications editor in 2006, after serving five years
News. Previous to that, Joe was editor (subsequently assistant publisher)                           as copy editor and staff reporter. She is currently
of Neighbors, a weekly community newspaper that was a supplement                responsible for the content and production of all 68 newspaper special
to The San Diego Union-Tribune. He has also served as the managing              sections, including the multi-section “Soaring Dimensions,” plus non-
editor of The Log, a bi-weekly boating newspaper.                               newspaper products such as the annual “SourceBook.”
   Joe, a San Diego County resident since 1980, lives in Tierrasanta with          Prior to joining the Transcript, Jennifer was a marketing and sales
his wife, Margaret, and three children. Joe is a graduate of San Diego          coordinator for a leading high-tech marketing research firm, as well as a
State University.                                                               writer and editor for Explorations magazine, a publication of the Scripps
                                                                                Institution of Oceanography.
                                                                                   Jennifer is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego.

                                                                                                   Richard Spaulding
         Meet our Columnists                                                                       Real Estate Editor
         With dozens of acclaimed columnists, The Daily
         Transcript at shares more knowledge                                              RICHARD SPAULDING became real estate editor
         and expertise from prominent business leaders                                             in April 1992. He is currently responsible for the
         with our readers everyday.                                                                daily content and production of the real estate
                                                                                and construction sections of the newspaper. Two reporters covering
                                                                                construction and real estate report directly to Richard. He has extensive
         Phil Baker, On Technology                                              knowledge about public documents, the process of buying and selling
         Dan Coffey, On San Diego                                               properties and the real estate industry in general. Richard authors “Real
         John Patrick Ford, Observations                                        Estate Briefs,” “House of the Week,” “Who Owns the Block” and “Deal of
         Boaz Rauchwerger, High Performance                                     the Week.”
                                                                                   Previously, Richard was a staff writer for 10 years at the San Diego
         Larry Stirling, Making Sense of It
                                                                                Tribune after an initial stint at the Transcript as a reporter from 1973–
         Brent Wilsey, Smart Investing
                                                                                1981. He is a native-born Californian who has lived in San Diego since
         and many others…                                                       1968. He served in the Army in Vietnam from 1963–1964. Richard is a
                                                                                graduate of the University of Iowa.
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