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									PURPOSE: This fundraiser is designed to not only raise money for the Ridge Wrestling Team
but to also motivate the wrestlers to do the best they can for the team and themselves. The
wrestlers and coaches also hope it will generate more interest from the public to come and
support their favorite wrestlers!

HOW IT WORKS: Pledges will be made for a certain amount of money based on how many
wins your wrestler achieves for the season. So, if you pledge $1.00 per win, and your wrestler
wins 10 matches, you will owe $10.00. You can also pledge an amount of your choosing. The
best part is that pledges are not limited to immediate family – friends, neighbors and relatives
can all be involved!

WHEN YOU PAY: You pay when your wrestler has finished the season. At the end of the
season, you will be contacted with the information on how many matches your wrestler has
won. You can pay by check (made out to Ridge Wrestling) or cash - whichever you prefer.
Detailed information will be sent via email/mail/phone as to where to send your payment.

Please fill in the form below. You can email it to or print and mail to
Ridge Wrestling, c/o Ann Marie Woolford, 54 Addison Drive, Basking Ridge, NJ, 07920.

Thank you for supporting Ridge Wrestling!

WRESTLERS NAME:          ______________________________________________

GRADE:                   _________

YOUR NAME:         ___________________________________________________

ADDRESS:           ___________________________________________________
                   Street               City           State     Zip

PHONE:             _____________________________

EMAIL:             ___________________________________________________

AMOUNT OF PLEDGE PER WIN: $________________ or OTHER AMOUNT $____________

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