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The T T                            s p r i n g                2 0 0 8

Versatile Facility to Greet New                                                                          

Residents                                                                                                         Coming Soon:

            fter years of isolation, they                                                                                        Kinus 2008
            are finally coming home. Over                                                                             International Conference
            the next six months, Tamir will                                                                          for Jewish Developmental
            welcome eight to ten new                                                                                        Services Providers
residents. Among the last individuals                                                                            Co-hosted by Tamir and Reena
to return from Rideau Regional Centre                                                                                                  Toronto
                                                                                                                              June 15-17, 2008
(RRC) in Smiths Falls before it closes
early in 2009, they will rejoin their                                                                                     Judaic Outreach
families and community after decades                                                                                     End-of-Year Party
of institutionalization. Their new home                                                                                         June 19, 2008
is now being built on Riddell Avenue,                                                                                              6-7:30 p.m.
a short walk from the Soloway Jewish                        4) A two bedroom unit for individuals who are                  Tamir Day Program
                                                                                                                      11 Nadolny Sachs Private
Community Campus of Ottawa.                                    capable of living semi-independently.
                                                                                                                  Annual General Meeting
For all of the new-comers, the move will represent          The state of the art home will be fully wheelchair
                                                                                                                      Thursday June 26, 2008
their first regular exposure to a Jewish environment.       accessible complete with an elevator, therapeutic           6:30 Business Portion
The only Jewish experience they have had for many           tub and other special features. The bulk of the                7:30 Year in Review
years, except for visits from their families, has been      resources for this $1.7 million capital project            Program Presentations
the monthly visits to the Smiths Falls facility by          are being provided by the Ontario Ministry of          Agudath Israel Congregation
Tamir staff and residents, most notably for Jewish          Community and Social Services. Tamir Executive
                                                                                                                       Tamir Family Picnic
holiday celebrations.                                       Director, Mark Palmer, says “we are grateful for
                                                                                                                                July 26, 2008
                                                            the support from the Ministry and our membership.”                        1-5 p.m.
Dale Wyman, Acting Residential Operations Manager,          For its part, Tamir contributed $87,500 from its              Andrew Hayden Park
points out that the new residents will come to Tamir        capital reserve to enable purchase of a property                           Ottawa
with a variety of care requirements. Some individuals       in close proximity to the Jewish Community
are able to do some of their activities of daily living     Campus and Tamir’s other operations.                          Bagels and Beer
independently while most will require a fairly high                                                                        Golf Fun-raiser
level of care,” says Wyman.                                 The impact of the Riddell Avenue home will                 August 11, 2008
                                                            reach beyond the new residents joining Tamir          Rideau View Golf and
The house on Riddell Avenue has been designed to                                                                          Country Club
                                                            in the coming months; it will be felt in the
respond to a wide variety of needs. Rather than a           community far into the future. “The Riddell
one-size-fits-all institutional space, the home will have   home will be of benefit not only to people
four distinct living areas:                                 coming to us from RRC but to Jews
                                                            with developmental disabilities and
1) A one bedroom suite designed for an older semi-                                                       What’s InsIde
                                                            their families in our community
   independent resident. The average age of Tamir
                                                            for generations,” says Palmer.
   residents, like that of the general population, is
                                                            “We look forward to welcoming
   increasing, and seniors have different needs.                                                         Changing Needs Page 3
                                                            them to Tamir.”
2) A two bedroom higher support unit to accommodate
   individuals who require a high level of support
   but are less able to live successfully within a                                                       The Year in Review Page 4
   larger group.

3) A group living arrangement with five bedrooms.                                                     Tamir’s Judaic Corner Page 8
                                         A Message from the President and Executive Director
                                         Inclusion: Together What Heights
                                         We’ll Hit

                                                  verture, curtain, lights…on with the show! On
                                                  June 15th Tamir and Reena participants will be                                  performing at the opening ceremonies of the
                                         4th Biennial KINUS Conference in Toronto, hosted by
    Community Partners                   both organizations. What better way to demonstrate                                          Esther Kwavnick             Mark Palmer
Thank you to the following businesses    inclusion, the theme of KINUS 2008.                                                            President              Executive Director
  for supplying work and volunteer
 opportunities for Tamir participants:   Who would have envisioned Tamir participants showcasing                            our employees and, at the same time ensuring quality
    AIDS Committee of Ottawa             their talents before Jewish developmental service providers                        of service.
         Algonquin College
                                         from across North America? While we celebrate this
Allegra Print and Imaging – Carling                                                                                         The Tamir Board of Directors has embarked on a review of
   Budget Car and Truck Rentals          wonderful event as a symbol of how far we have progressed,
            – Innes Road                 we also pause to consider some unmet challenges.                                   its governance practices. Through a provincial initiative
     Canadian Tire – Merivale                                                                                               called Strong Boards, we are looking to more clearly
        Christmas Exchange               Individuals with developmental disabilities tend to experience                     differentiate Board and management functions and,
      Computers for Schools                                                                                                 consistent with the growth and development of the
                                         health issues at a younger age than the general population
     Drache LLP, Tax, Estates
          and Charity Law                and many of Tamir’s participants are baby boomers. At Tamir,                       organization as a whole, move towards a model of
  Dovercourt Community Centre            we are working to respond to issues brought on by aging. The                       governance more in keeping with that of a policy Board.
             Hillel Lodge                new home on Riddell Avenue is designed to accommodate
    Home Depot – Bank Street                                                                                                As part of this year’s United Nations International Day of
                                         individuals with a broad range of needs. This home will
     Jewish Family Services,                                                                                                Disabled Persons, Tamir was honoured as the recipient
          Meals on Wheels                benefit individuals from Rideau Regional Centre as well as
                                                                                                                            of the Celebration of People Volunteer Opportunities
         Jim Durrell Arena               members of our community for generations to come.
      Kettleman’s Bagel Co. –
                                                                                                                            Award in Ottawa in recognition of our work in developing
        Woodroffe & Carling              It has been over twenty years since Tamir’s inception, yet                         volunteer opportunities for people with developmental
    Loblaws – College Square
                                         there is no government policy in place to ensure that Jewish                       disabilities through our Passages (work options) and
            OC Transpo                                                                                                      Judaic Outreach programs.
     Overbrook Day Care and              families needing relief from their constant responsibilities
       Kindergarten Program              have priority for service with us. Tamir is leading an initiative,                 When it comes to inclusion, Tamir is clearly a leader. Yet
      Parkdale United Church             together with other faith/ethno-culture groups in the
        Petsmart – Merivale                                                                                                 inclusion takes place only when people like you reach out
        Planned Parenthood
                                         province, to advocate for a vacancy management policy                              to support people with developmental disabilities. Thank
   Rogers Video – Meadowlands            from the Ministry of Community and Social Services to ensure                       you and yasher koach to each and every one of you for
           Salvation Army                individuals of a particular faith/ethno-cultural background                        helping Tamir participants continue to live with dignity
           Snowsuit Fund                 receive priority for placement within their own communities.                       and respect in a Jewish environment here in Ottawa.
   Valiquette’s Source for Sports
      Walkley Bowling Lanes              This year our staff became certified with the Canadian                             Join us for KINUS 2008 in Toronto this June. The night of
         Zellers – Bayshore
         YMCA – Merivale
                                         Union of Public Employees. We are in the midst of collective                       nights is fast approaching. “And oh what heights we’ll hit…
                                         bargaining and working towards an agreement to benefit                             on with the show this is it!”
Judaic Outreach Partners
   Adath Shalom Congregation
   Agudath Israel Congregation
  Aurora Lodge No. 53 of Ottawa

                                               KINUS 2008 Kinus 2008
        Knights of Pythias
    Congregation Beth Shalom
     Creative Kosher Catering
          Hillel Academy                                               , 2008
                                                           JUNE 15 - 17
            Hillel Lodge
      Jewish Family Services
                                                      TORONTO, ON
                                                                  TARIO, CANA

                                                         A Conference for

                                                                                                 June 15-17, Toronto
   Jewish Federation of Ottawa                                      Services Provid
       Jewish National Fund
                                                 I	   	 s the theme
                                                                      for KINUS 200
                                                                                      8          The Hebrew word Kinus means “gathering”
           Miriam Home                                                          tential

                                                                  to achieve po
      Ottawa Jewish Bulletin                     N    		 ecessary

Ottawa Reconstructionist Havurah                                 in changing          society         oin Tamir as its participants perform alongside professional artists at the
                                                 C      omponent
               Reena                                              a stronger com
                                                                                 munit y              opening ceremonies of this conference for Jewish professional development
     Rideau Regional Centre                       L   	 	 eads to

                                                                      growth opport
                                                                                    unities           service providers across North America. Tamir presentations will
        Shira Ottawa Choir                        U     	 	 nleashes
Soloway Jewish Community Centre                                                                   describe our Yad B’Yad student volunteer program, Keshet for Kids camp
                                                   S	 	 kill building
 Talmud Torah Afternoon School
                                                                          l involvemen
                                                                                          t       experience and Day Services and Judaic Outreach programs, successful in
           Temple Israel                              I	   	 ndividua

        Torah High School                                             ties to learn
                                                                                    & share        developing opportunities for inclusion through diverse community partnerships.
                                                      O    		 pportuni
    Yitzhak Rabin High School                                                   then abilities
                                                      N		 ew skills, streng

Changing Needs Require Additional Resources
        year ago, Wayne, a long time Tamir resident, was
        living semi-independently, receiving 10 hours of staff
        support a week, working part-time, and participating
in community life. Then something changed. Wayne began                                                                    
falling and became increasingly disoriented. His life and
routine became disrupted. Many visits to the doctors ensued
until a diagnosis was made.                                                                                                         HELP MAKE A
Tamir acted quickly to help Wayne manage his daily life                                                                             DIFFERENCE!
and stay safe. An assessment by an occupational therapist
confirmed Wayne needed a walker and more staff support.                                                                             Remember a loved
                                                                    Wayne Bellman, left, with Tamir friends Shirley Harris           one or recognize
Tamir found him a space in one of its homes where he                            and Frank Charbonneau.
could access staff 24 hours a day. The space was adapted                                                                             a special occasion
quickly and staff worked with him to deal with his loss of       had to discharge a participant into a long-term care facility.          with Tamir
independence and fears for his future.                           It was difficult for everyone; Don, his family and our staff,”      Tribute Cards —
A few months later, Don began to experience significant          said Dale Wyman, Tamir’s Residential Operations Manager.              now two styles
medical concerns. A resident of Tamir’s group home               Visits to the hospital and now to his new home from Tamir
                                                                 friends have helped to ease his loneliness.
                                                                                                                                      to choose from!
                              on Broadview, Don                                                                                     Call 613-725-3519
                              became seriously ill with          Wayne and Don are not alone. Needs are changing for
                              pneumonia and needed
                                                                                                                                    to place your order
                                                                 many Tamir participants. Diabetes is on the rise and more
                              hospitalization. Resulting         participants are developing mobility issues. Waiting for a           or shop on-line
                              complications meant Don            referral to see a specialist is difficult, especially for people     at
                              required more medical              with developmental disabilities for whom medical issues can
                              support than Tamir staff           mean confusion and fear. Enhancing supports to maintain a
                              could provide.                     quality of life means more costs, whether for extra staffing
                                   Making a decision to          to assist a person with swallowing problems at meals, or
                                   place a loved one into a      to accompany someone with mobility issues on community
    Donald Hyman, long time        long term care facility and   outings.
       Tamir participant.          then finding a suitable       Government funding to support changing needs is difficult
                                   environment is stressful      to access and takes time to negotiate. In the meantime, it is
for any family. For those planning for Don, it was especially    truly the support we receive from the community that allows
challenging because of his special needs. Few facilities         Tamir to ensure the needs of our participants are met, day
were willing to support him. “This was the first time Tamir      in and day out.                                                      hamsah (ham´sa),
                                                                                                                                                       n. a traditional Jewish
                                                                                                                                        of good luck and well

Dale Wyman — Tamir Staff Profile
       ou might say that Dale Wyman, Tamir’s current             part-time weekends,
       Residential Operations Manager (ROM), and Tamir           full-time      Primary                                        FOR THE
       have grown together. Ten years ago when Dale joined       Counsellor, time as a
the agency, the team was small, the environment informal         Senior Counsellor and
                                                                                                                            FUTURE —
and the work rewarding. “Well, the work is still rewarding,”     then several years as                                   SO ARE WE!
says Dale, “but a lot of other things have changed. Now,         a Program Supervisor.
we operate 11 program sites, have 100 staff and support          Asked what is the most                                  Want to make a long-
over 60 people just through our residential programs             significant challenge                              term investment in Tamir?
alone.” Personnel systems have increased and client              she has had as the ROM, Dale’s response              Consider planned giving
supports have become more complex. That’s why a                  is quick. “Making sure we have the
                                                                                                                 as a tax-effective way to help
position like the ROM is so critical to ensure programs run      resources to manage the changing
smoothly and client needs are taken care of swiftly.             needs of our participants. That                   secure Tamir’s future today.
Ten years is a long time to stay at one organization,            is our biggest challenge now
especially in developmental services where staff turnover        and it’s something we                            Please contact Mark Palmer
is high. So why build a career at Tamir? “Right from the         will continue to face                               at 613-725-3519 ext. 103
beginning, I liked the family atmosphere, I felt connected       as we grow.”               or e-mail for more information.
to the people we supported and I really liked the fact that
Tamir encouraged staff to grow with the organization,”
says Dale. She’s done the gamut of roles at Tamir:                                                                                                                                        3
                                            T    amir participants, families, board members, volunteers and
                                                 staff enjoyed a busy year! Community activities, religious and
                                            cultural events and lots of just plain fun made 2007 a memorable year
                                            for all involved.

                                                          March: Tamir's first Keshet
                                                          for Kids March Break Camp
                                                          was a success, with new
                                                          friendships and great activities
                                                          the highlights of the program.

    January: Tamir Passages participants Robert
    Demmery, David Rowat and Yves Courtemanche
    at work at Home Depot, just one of over 30 work/
    volunteer placements that Tamir has developed
    within our community.

                                                       April: Beth Shalom congregants and Tamir Board members
                                                       recognize the Tamir Choir with a standing ovation during
                                                       Tamir’s annual 3rd Seder.

    May: Saul Brownstein is a new member of Tamir’s Day
    Program through the Ministry’s Passports initiative,
    which provides individualized funding to families to
    purchase day services for family members. Saul enjoys
                                                                     June: It was a full house! Tamir’s AGM, held
    gardening during the annual spring Mitzvah for the
                                                                     in June, featured wonderful entertainment from
    Earth Day at Tamir.
                                                                     its Judaic Outreach Program participants and a
                                                                     photo review of the year.
he Year in Review
                                                                                   August: At the Chai Tea,
                                                                                   Lily Penso unveils a memento
                                                                                   of appreciation for her long
                                                                                   time support to Tamir.

                                                  August: Tamir’s annual Bagels
                                                  and Beer Golf Fun-raiser
                                                  raised over $25,000 in another
                                                  successful year.
 July: Randy Elmose and David Johnston
 enjoy a day of apple picking with friends
 while vacationing in the Picton area
 this summer.

          November: Tamir hosts Reena participants from
          Toronto at a joint Shabbaton weekend. Services
          were held at Congregation Beth Shalom and
          activities continued at Tamir and the SJCC.

                                                         December: Tamir celebrates
                                                         Chanukah with family and
                                                         friends at Agudath Israel
                                                         Congregation. There was
                                                         lots of fun (and latkes) for
                                                         all who came out to enjoy
                                                         the festivities.
 December: Tamir accepts the Ottawa International
 Day of Disabled Persons Volunteer Opportunities
 Award 2007 for demonstrating leadership in
 creating opportunities for persons with developmental
 disabilities to engage in meaningful volunteer
                                                                                                Todah chaverim! thanks
                                                                       Long standing members are valued and new members are
                                                                                 Contributors to Tamir through our Tribute Card
                                                                                           We thank all members listed, and we

                                   Mrs. Rhoda Abbey                   Dr. and Mrs. Donald Caplan        Mr. Michael Gennis               Mr. Moses Kardish
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Ben Achbar            Mr. Moe Cardash                   Mr. and Mrs. Sid Gershberg       Mr. and Mrs. Maurie Karp
                                   Mr. Moe Ackerman                   Ms. Ann Carmichael                Ms. Lisa Giffin                  Dr. A.L. Kassirer
                                   Mr. Stephen Adler and              Mr. and Mrs.Ben Caspi             Mr. Joseph Ginsberg              Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Katz                     Ms. Fay Turner                 Mr. Gilbert Cavill                Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Ginsburg      Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Katz
                                   Ms. Deborah Ages                   Dr. George Citrome                Mrs. Dora Glatt                  Mr. and Mrs. Roger Keen
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Manny Agulnik         Dr. and Mrs. Paul Claman          Mr. and Mrs. Norman Glube        Mr. and Mrs. Brian Keller
       Board of                    Mr. and Mrs. Alastair Allan
                                   Mr. Murray Allice
                                                                      Rabbi and Mrs. Boruch Clinton
                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Avrum Cohen
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Malcom Glube
                                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. David Gluzman
                                                                                                                                         Dr. Ora Kendall
                                                                                                                                         Mr. David Kent and Ms. Lynn McFarlane
      dIrectors                    Dr. and Mrs. Bryan Altshuller      Mr. and Mrs. Barry Cohen          Ms. Linda Goldberg               Mrs. H. Kershman
                                   Mr. Barry Appel                    Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Cohen        Mr. Morley Goldfield             Dr. John Kershman and
             President             Mr. Jeffrey Appotive               Mr. and Mrs. Alan Cohen           Mr. and Mrs. Louis Goldmaker         Ms. Sabina Wasserlauf
          Esther Kwavnick          Ms. Sharon Appotive                Mrs. Maxwell Cohen                Mr. and Mrs. Sam Goldmaker       Mr. and Mrs. Steven Kerzner
                                   Mr. and Mrs. David Appotive        Ms. Leah Cohen                    Mr. and Mrs. Alan Goldrosen      Mrs. Bernice Kerzner
         Board Members             Mr. and Mrs. David Appotive        Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cramer          Mrs. Geraldine Goldstein         Mrs. and Mrs. Avrum Kerzner
           Manny Agulnik           Mr. and Mrs. Gary Arkin            Mr. and Ms. Lorne Cutler          Dr. and Mrs. William Goldstein
             Nina Arron            Mr. and Mrs. Aronson               Mr. Henri Dahan                   Mr. and Mrs. Mendel Good
          Michael Caplan           Mr. and Mrs. Michael Aronson       Mr. Saul Davidson                 Mr. A.D. Gordon
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Elliot Arron          Mr. and Mrs. Barry Davis          Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Gosewich
            Jack Cramer
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Asherman      Mr. Louis Davis                   Mr. and Mrs. Howard Grant
             Josh Engel
            Norm Ferkin
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Irving Atkins         Mr. Chris Desjardins              Mr. and Mrs. Evan Green            	            Tamir	invites	
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Earl Atnikov          Mr. and Mrs. Evan Diamond         Mrs. Sarah Greenberg
          Linda Goldberg
           Susan Heisel
                                   Mr. Lewis Auerbach
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Backman
                                                                      Mrs. Bluma Dieks-Goldenberg
                                                                      Ms. Carol Dobrinsky Shein
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. David Greenberg
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Ben Greenberg
          Joel Kanigsberg
          Christine Kessler
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Eric Bahar
                                   Mr. Melvyn Baker
                                                                      Dr. and Mrs. Bernard Dolansky
                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Jay Dover
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. John Greenberg
                                                                                                        Mrs. Carol Greenberg
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Steven Baker          Mr. Howard Dover                  Mr. and Mrs. Max Greenberg
         Sharon Reichstein         Mr. and Mrs.Barry Baker            Dr. and Mrs. Mark Dover           Mr. Roger Greenberg and            	           Tuesday	June	
             Phil Rimer            Mr. and Mrs. Allan Baker           Mr. & Mrs. Robin Dow                  Ms.Cindy Feingold
         Howard Yegendorf          Mr. Henri Balter                   Mrs. Anita Dubinsky               Mr. and Mrs. Sydney Greenberg      	        Agudath	Israel	
           Richard Zuker           Dr. and Mrs. Norman Barwin         Mrs. Shirley Dubinsky             Ms. Lynn Greenblatt
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Barwin          Mrs. Beatrice Dubinsky            Mr. Ira Greenblatt and             	         6:30		Business	
        Executive Director         Mr. and Mrs. Roy Bassett           Mr. and Mrs. David Dubrofsky          Ms. Danielle Dugas             	 7:30		Year	in	Review	
            Mark Palmer            Mr. George Baumgarten              Ms. Eileen Dubrovsky              Dr. and Mrs. I.G. Gross
                                   Mrs. Debbie Baylin                 Mr. and Mrs. Dunkelman            Dr. and Mrs. Sol Gunner
                                                                                                                                                  Come learn more
         Past Presidents           Ms. Sheila Beck                    Mrs. Helen Eisen                  Ms. Jean Gurevitch
            Lily Penso             Mr. and Mrs. Horace Beilin         Mr. and Mrs. Seymour Eisenberg    Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gussman
                                   Dr. and Mrs. Allan Bellack         Dr. and Ms. Eric Elkin            Mrs. Patricia Guthrie
           Hilary Ingre            Mrs. Lois Bellman                  Dr. and Mrs. Andre Engel          Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Guttman
          Noreen Bosloy            Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Belsey          Mr. Josh Engel                    Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Halpern      Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kerzner
        Maggie Lederman            Mr. Reg Bennett                    Mrs. Frances English              Mr. Alan Halpren and             Mrs. Christine Kessler
           Eric Weiner             Dr. and Mrs. Mortimer Bercovitch   Mr. and Mrs. Fred Essner              Ms. Lynda Conway             Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Kimmel
    Rona Shaffran-Tannenbaum       Rabbi and Mrs. Mordecai Berger     Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Fainer        Ms. Shelley Harris               Ms. Edith Kizell
            Ron Stein              Mrs. Jeannette Berlin              Mr. and Mrs. Irving Farber        Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Harris      Dr. and Mrs. Jack Klein
                                   Mrs. Ann Bernick                   Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fathi            Mrs. Elaine Hauptman             Dr. Howard Schwartz and
           Gilda Good              Mr. Bill Berthiaume                Mr. and Mrs. Eli Fathi            Ms. Bonnie Hebert                    Dr. Peggy Kleinplatz
          Lew Auerbach             Ms. Anna Bilsky                    Mrs. Lily Feig                    Mrs. Anna Heilman                Mrs. Freda Klug
           Zelda Shore             Dr. and Mrs. David Binder          Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Feinstein    Mr. Sye Mincoff and              Mr. and Mrs. Bert Knoll
        Esther Tarasofsky          Mr. Stephen Bindman and            Mr. and Mrs.Michael Feldman           Ms. Susan Heisel             Mr. and Mrs. Bert Koenig
          Richard Zuker                Ms. Dahlia Stein               Mr. and Mrs. Mark Feldstein       Dr. and Mrs. Walter Hendelman    Mrs. Fay Koffman
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Blackstein     Mrs. Shirley Feller               Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hershorn   Mr. and Mrs. Morris Konick
                                   Dr. Arthur Blank                   Mr. and Mrs. Norm Ferkin          Dr. Roger and                    Mrs. Mary Kovats
    Tamir Members                  Dr. and Mrs. Bert Blevis
                                   Mr. William Bloom
                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fiksel
                                                                      Rabbi and Mrs. Arnold Fine
                                                                                                            Mrs. Eliane Herz-Fischler
                                                                                                        Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Hoffman
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Wendy Kramer
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Evelyn Krane
    enjoy:                         Ms. Elly Bollegraaf
                                   Dr. and Mrs. Gary Bonn
                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Finkelman
                                                                      Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Finkelstein
                                                                                                        Mr. Irvin Hoffman
                                                                                                        Ms. Barbara Hollander
                                                                                                                                         Mrs. Clair Krantzberg
                                                                                                                                         Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Krichew
    • Voting rights at the         Mrs. Betsy Borden                  Mrs. Doris Finn                   Mrs. Rita Hornstein              Mr. and Mrs. Akiva Kriger
      Annual General Meeting       Mr. Milton Borenstein              Mr. and Mrs. Paul Finn            Ms. Lisa Horwitz                 Mr. and Mrs. David Kriger
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Syd Bosloy            Dr. Gretl Fischer                 Ms. Sheila Howard                Dr. Sydney Kronick
    • Eligibility to become        Dr and Mrs. Jean Boulakia          Mr. and Mrs.Jonathan Fisher       Ms. Dorene Hurtig                Mr. and Mrs.Irving Kulik
      a member of the Board        Mr. and Mrs. Hyman Braiter         Mrs. Lois Flansbury               Mr. and Mrs. Avraham Iny         Dr. and Mrs. David Kwavnick
      of Directors                 Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Breiner        Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Fleming       Dr. and Mrs. Jonathan Isserlin   Mr. Bernard Lacey
                                   Dr. and Mrs.Irwin Brodo            Dr. George Fodor                  Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Jacobsen   Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Laks
    • Invitations to Tamir         Mr. and Mrs. Marten Brodsky        Dr. and Mrs.Gordon Fogel          Ms. Cheryl Jaffee                Mrs. Edith Landau
      special events               Mr. and Mrs.Phil Bronsther         Mrs. Barbara Fradkin              Mr. T.A. Johnston                Dr. Michael Landau and
                                   Dr. Seymour Brownstein             Mr. Alan Freed                    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Kader           Dr. Faye Goldman
    • Knowing that you are         Rabbi and Mrs. Reuven Bulka        Mrs. Lianne Freedman              Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Kaiman      Mr. & Mrs. Dan Landen
      making a difference in       Dr. Allan Bultz                    Dr. and Mrs. Charles Freedman     Dr. and Mrs. Murray Kaiserman    Mrs. Barbara Larocque
                                   Mrs. Marlene Burack                Mr. and Mrs. Jack Freedman        Dr. and Mrs.David Kalin          Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lawrence
      the lives of people with     Mr. Hal Burnham                    Mr. and Mrs. David Freeman        Mr. and Mrs. Aryeh Kamil         Mr. Norman Leckie and
      developmental disabilities   Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Cammy          Mr. and Mrs. Mark Friedman        Mr. Bob Kaminsky and                 Ms. Robin Chernick
      in our community!            Mr. and Mrs. Barry Cantor          Ms. Sylvia Friedman                   Ms. Lynn Gillman             Mrs. Doris Leibovitch
                                   Mrs. Goldie Cantor                 Ms. Nancy Fryer                   Dr. and Mrs. Joel Kanigsberg     Ms. Annetta Leighton
                                   Mr. and Mrs. Michael Caplan        Dr. Ely Garfinkle and             Dr. and Mrs. Nordau Kanigsberg   Mr. and Mrs. Jack Lerman
                                   Dr. and Mrs. Usher Caplan              Dr. Linda Dansky              Mr. and Mrs. David Kardish       Mr. George Lesh
6                                  Ms. Sue Caplan                     Mr. and Mrs. Howard Geller        Mr. and Mrs. David Kardish       Mrs. Ida Lesh
to our tamir members of 2007.
welcomed. All Tamir members are acknowledged in this newsletter.                                                                                             tamir
program and fundraising events will be recognized elsewhere.                                                                                               Volunteers
apologize for any errors or omissions.                                                                                                                            Ian Appel
                                                                                                                                                                Ilana Belfer
  Mr. and Mrs. Norman Lesh           Mrs. Deirdre Neuss                    Ms. Cheryl Seville                  Mr. and Mrs. Jack Weinman                 Michael & Sylvia Caplan
  Mr. and Mrs. Morey Lesser          Mrs. Daphne Noonan                    Mr. and Mrs. Shaffer                Mrs. Mildred Weinstein                       Donna Cummings
  Ms. Marlene Levine                 Mrs. Alma Norman                      Rabbi and Mrs. Zischa Shaps         Mr. and Mrs. David Weinstein                    Tess Fischer
  Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Levitan        Dr. David Nozick                      Mr. and Mrs. Michael Shaver         Mr. and Mrs. Jay Weiss
                                                                                                                                                            Teena Hendelman
  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Levitan         Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Nudelman           Dr. Harry Sheffer                   Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Weiss
  Mr. Martin Levitt                  Mr. and Mrs. Nussbaum                 Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Sheffield       Mrs. Molly Wex
                                                                                                                                                             Amanda Horwitz
  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Levitz         Mr. and Mrs. Odinocki                 Mr. and Mrs.Edward Sheinfield       Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wexler                   Jessica Horwitz
  Dr. and Mrs Samuel Lewinshtein     Ms. Ellen Osterer                     Mr. and Mrs. Ian Sherman            Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Wigle                     Daniel Krantzberg
  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lichtenstein   Dr. and Mrs. Ostrega                  Dr. and Mrs. Shiff                  Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Wilder                   Aviva Lightstone
  Mrs. Dorothy Lieff                 Mr. and Mrs. Ostroff                  Mr. Harold Shizgal                  Mr. and Mrs. Eric Wilner                       Leo Lightstone
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    Tamir’s Judaic Corner
                                            hk hn 'hk hbt ot – Im ani Li, Mi Li
                                        “If I am not for myself, who will be for me
                                         and if I am only for myself, who am I?”

         Did You
                                            ✡ All Tamir homes and program locations adhere to the laws of Kashrut.
                                            ✡ At Tamir we celebrate Shabbat with candle lighting, challah, a home cooked
                                              meal and services.                                                                            contact Us:

           Know                             ✡ Tamir’s weekly Judaic Outreach Programs include music, art, Torah stories,                    11 Nadolny Sachs Private
                                              and Jewish rituals.                                                                                  Suite 218
                                                                                                                                                  Ottawa, ON
                                            ✡ Community vounteers are welcome to join in the Judaic Outreach Programs.

                                                                                                                                                   K2A 1R9
                                            ✡ Participants look forward to Jewish Holiday celebrations at Tamir.
                                            ✡ Tamir developed a Shabbat Guide which is used in our residences and in many                        613-725-3519
                                              private homes.
                                            ✡ Tamir provides staff with ongoing training in Jewish practices to help participants                613-725-6045
                                              live a Jewish life.
                                            ✡ Through Yad B’Yad high school students can volunteer in Tamir programs to               
                                              fulfill their community service hours.
                                            ✡ Each year a student is chosen to receive the Norm Potechin Student
                                              Volunteer Award.
                                                                                                                                             taMIr’s annUaL
    The Tamir Choir

                                                                                                                                              and Beer

    FOR MORE INFORMATION ON TAMIR JUDAIC ACTIVITIES CONTACT:                                                                                     Come Join
    Leah Smith, Judaic Supervisor at 613-266-0544                                                                                                  the Fun!

    The Human Touch at Tamir
                                                  he first time he saw    her legal guardian, says the difference in her treatment
                                                  his cousin Nancy at     since coming to Tamir has been “like night and day.”             Monday August 11, 2008
                                                  the Rideau Regional                                                                         Rideau View Golf and
                                            Centre, Barry Benevoy         Nancy requires a wheelchair and cannot sit upright for
                                                                                                                                                     Country Club
                                            was shocked. “When they       long. Physiotherapy is part of her daily routine, and she
                                            wheeled her out, attached     feels most comfortable when seen by the same staff           Golf, dinner, drinks and fun!
                                            to her wheelchair,” he        every day. Still having very challenging needs, she                  For more info, call
                                            recalls, “she was wearing a   receives constant attention.                                Norm Ferkin at 613-825-6560
                                            football helmet and boxing    Barry, who sees his cousin every week or two,
                                            gloves, apparently for her    is enthusiastic about her new environment.
                                            own protection.”              “Thank God for Tamir,” he says. “Tamir was
                                            In contrast, he says, “The    a lifesaver for Nancy. They are more                    VIsIt Us on-LIne!
          Nancy Benevoy, left, and friend   people at Tamir treat her     human and don’t treat her like a thing
              Debbie Wasserman              like a princess.”             on a schedule. Their outlook is                           Renew your membership,
                                                                          not to warehouse people                       support our Golf Fun-raiser, purchase
    After 18 months at Tamir, Nancy is one of the residents               but to care for them.”
    scheduled to move into the home on Riddell Avenue when                                                      tribute cards, buy a Tamir Choir CD and more!
    it opens, sharing one of the higher support units. Barry, now                                         Go to for Tamir news and services!


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