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					                                                   Updates & Additions

                                                                                   Chapter 5
                New to This Edition                                                   ■   New vignette, “Donating Tissue for Research,” offers
                                                                                          compelling examples of people whose biological
                Overview                                                                  donations were used for profit.
                ■       Learning Outcomes          open the chapters, and             ■   New Clinical Connection on tissue engineering tells
                                                                                          how to build a bladder.
                        are closely linked to Chapter Assessments and
                        Integrated Assessments/Critical Thinking questions         Chapter 6
                        at each chapter’s end      . Many new questions.
                                                                                      ■   New small box describes tattoos.
                ■       A new Chapter Preview—Foundations for
                        Success—not only provides valuable study tips for          Chapter 7
                        students but also outlines how the students and               ■   New vignette, “Preventing Fragility Fractures,”
                        instructors can utilize the pedagogical features of               stresses the importance of attaining maximal bone
                        the text. Be sure to check it out on page xx.                     density by age 30.
                ■       Many legends have been rewritten to more                      ■   Added bone classification at the start of the chapter.
                        completely reflect text content, improving the                 ■   New figure 7.6 is a radiograph of epiphyseal plates,
                        pedagogical content of the figures.                                supplementing the illustration in figure 7.5.
                ■       Added many new vignettes.                                     ■   Coverage of factors affecting bone development,
                                                                                          growth, and repair.
                                                                                      ■   New figure 7.37 illustrates all six types of synovial
                                                                                          joints in place of detailed figures of shoulder, hip,
                                                                                          and elbow.
             Chapter 1                                                                ■   The Topic of Interest on repair of bone fractures now
                    ■      Improved figure 1.4 on internal environment.                    includes a list and figure showing types of fractures.
                    ■      New figure 1.13 on directional terms.
                    ■      Improved figure 1.14 on anatomical planes.               Chapter 8
                    ■      Greater emphasis on positive feedback.                     ■   New vignette, “Double the Muscle,” describes a
                                                                                          mutation that made a newborn look like a weight-
             Chapter 2                                                                    lifter—and is also found in chickens and cattle.
                    ■      New vignette tells the medical detective story of          ■   Clearer explanation of events at the neuromuscular
                           tracing a copper deficiency to zinc excess.                     junction, including the muscle impulse.
                    ■      Clarification that ionic bonds form crystals that           ■   Improved explanation of the sliding filament model
                           dissociate in water.                                           and the sarcomere as the functional unit of muscle
                    ■      Explanation of buffers.                                        contraction.
                    ■      Significant modification of figures 2.17 and 2.18, on         ■   Improved Table 8.1 summarizes the steps of muscle
                           amino acid and protein structure.                              contraction.
                                                                                      ■   Updated discussion of control of contractile force of
             Chapter 3                                                                    a whole muscle.
                    ■      New vignette, “Watching Cells Specialize,” explains        ■   Improved explanation of how the relationship of
                           derivation of human embryonic stem cells from                  synergistic versus antagonistic muscles may change
                           8-celled embryos.                                              depending on the action.
                    ■      The Genetics Connection presents extreme and
                           absent pain syndromes.                                  Chapter 9
                                                                                      ■   New vignette, “Islands of Awareness in the
             Chapter 4                                                                    Vegetative Brain,” describes the surprising results
                    ■      The rewritten vignette focuses on solving the arsenic          of functional MRI on a woman thought to be
                           problem in India and Bangladesh.                               unresponsive.
                    ■      A new Topic of Interest, “Beyond the Human                 ■   Discussion of synapse earlier in chapter.
                           Genome Project: Personalizing Medicine,” stresses          ■   New figure 9.12 of the resting potential and 9.13 of
                           the many variations on “normal.”                               the action potential.


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                                                                                                                                    Updates & Additions      xv

                               ■   Updated discussion of resting potential, synaptic        Chapter 15
                                   potentials, threshold potentials, and the role of
                                                                                               ■   New Vignette, “Microbes Are Us,” describes the
                                                                                                   astonishing fact that most of the cells in the body
                               ■   New figure 9.18 illustrates the components of a
                                                                                                   (counting the gastrointestinal tract) are not our own.
                                   reflex arc.
                                                                                               ■   Segmentation and mixing movements added to
                                                                                                   discussion of small intestine.
                      Chapter 10                                                               ■   Topic of Interest on Inflammatory Bowel Disease
                               ■   Chapter renamed “The Senses.”                                   replaces constipation.
                               ■   New vignette explores how the brain processes               ■   Figure 15.33 is the 2005 FDA food pyramid.
                                   music.                                                      ■   Figure 15.34 is a new easy-to-use BMI table.
                               ■   Updated figure 9.28 and discussion of Broca’s area           ■   New Topic of Interest on eating extremes discusses
                                   and Wernicke’s area.                                            the paradox of eating disorders and obesity rampant
                               ■   Updated discussion of the five primary taste                     in the same society.
                                   sensations.                                                 ■   A new small box introduces stem cells harvested
                                                                                                   from teeth.
                      Chapter 11
                               ■   Simplified figure 11.3 on the mechanism of non-
                                                                                            Chapter 16
                                   steroid hormone action.                                     ■   New vignette on “The Dangers of Secondhand Smoke.”
                               ■   Clarification of function of the intermediate lobe of        ■   Updated figure 16.17 and description of respiratory
                                   the pituitary.                                                  control.
                               ■   The Topic of Interest on diabetes mellitus updates
                                   setback in islet transplants.                            Chapter 17
                                                                                               ■   Vignette on E. coli food poisoning updated with
                      Chapter 12                                                                   recent spinach cases.
                                                                                               ■   Box on gout rewritten to discuss post-mortem
                               ■   New vignette, “Universal Precautions” in a Marburg              diagnosis from little finger of King Charles I of Spain.
                                   fever outbreak.                                             ■   Urethral differences in males and females added.
                               ■   Bands and segs distinction added to neutrophil
                                   discussion.                                              Chapter 18
                               ■   New micrographs of white blood cells.
                               ■   New Topic of Interest on leukemia chronicles a              ■   Treatment for heatstroke added to opening vignette.
                                   young magazine editor whose life was saved with a
                                   new drug.
                                                                                            Chapter 19
                               ■   Explanation for dissolving clots and box on tPA             ■   New Vignette on “Selling Eggs.”
                                   added.                                                      ■   New breast cancer tests added to Topic of Interest.
                               ■   Immune thrombocytopenic purpura added to
                                   Genetics Connection.                                     Chapter 20
                                                                                               ■   New vignette, “Do Premature Babies Feel Pain?”
                      Chapter 13                                                               ■   Update on egg freezing added to Topic of Interest.
                                                                                               ■   Small box on ectopic pregnancy added.
                               ■   Small box on aneurysms added.
                                                                                               ■   Teratogens added to text to complement Topic of
                               ■   Figure on changes in the left ventricle during cardiac
                                   cycle moved to Appendix C.
                                                                                               ■   New small box on morning sickness.
                               ■   A schematic of a general reflex arc has been added
                                                                                               ■   Human milk is contrasted with that of cows and seals.
                                   to figure 13.16 for clarification.
                                                                                               ■   Small box on premature birth survival statistics added.
                                                                                               ■   Using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select
                      Chapter 14                                                                   against future cancer added to Genetics Connection.
                               ■   Complement and natural killer cells added to the            ■   Biochemical excess and deficiency associated with
                                   discussion of innate defenses.                                  preeclampsia added to Clinical Connection.

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