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									This is Marshall County
Newcomer’s and Visitor’s Guide

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The Belfast Publishing Company



M A R C H 8)

Newcomer and Visitor’s Guide Information
Who will see your advertisement? People interested in relocating and visiting Marshall County, from new teachers to large industries to tour bus companies. The guide will be seen from Singapore to Detroit and many places in between. The visitor’s guide will contain everything a local directory would contain and a lot more.
Distribution: 5,000 print run initially, repeat print run when requested
Chamber of Commerce City of Lewisburg Recruiter and City Hall Marshall County Mayor’s office JECDB director’s office Richland Inn Celebration Inn Walking Horse Inn Walking Horse Breeder’s and Exhibitor’s Association. Post Offices Welcome Centers Local businesses/interested parties Bed and Breakfasts Tourism Associations

Advertising Contacts:
Leslie Karban (931) 359-7542 Fern Greenbank (931) 276-2595

Preliminary outline of guide contents
Overview and demographic data Business directory Healthcare and directory Education Recreation Walking Horses Fainting Goats Local festivals and events Industry Real estate (city/country) Retail Historical sites Agritourism Proximity to shopping, services, healthcare, education, recreational facilities Photos, photos, photos

Not one of those glossy cover over newsprint guides. This Is Marshall County will be an 8 1/2 x 11 50# gloss publication, saddle stitch, 60 pages, full color processing on heat offset press.

Narrative and photographic profiles interspersed with fact boxes and summaries including contact numbers for critical services. In depth feature stories written by Post staff will be included in the guide, from profiles of backroad communities to photo essays reflecting community life. The guide will include a business directory by category. Advertising Rates Back cover full color: $1, 500 Help us spread the word Inside full page: 850 about the place Inside half page: 475 we call home Inside 1/3 page: 300 Inside 1/4 page: 275
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