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									C ARLOS A. M ONTANO
Cell. No.: (+63) 9174106770 Telephone: (+632) 371-9996
Email Address:;
124 (atm) Tolentino St. San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City Philippines, 1105

       Strategist, Resourceful, Willing to learn, has Strong interpersonal skills,
        Self-motivated, Productive, Supportive, has Analytical Planning Skills, and has efficient work
        habits. With 5 years of workers/laborers supervisory experience. Strong strategic-planning and
        worker-management skills, with strong leadership and relationship-building skills.

       Has Background in Interior/Construction Design firm abroad (Brunei Darussalam) with vast
        knowledge in reading and executing construction floor plans, installation of Glass or Dry Wall
        partition, Carpets, Suspended ceilings and the like. Knowledgeable in the use sandblasting
        equipments (used for Glass or Marble finish designs).

       Demonstrated success in managing worker's relations, developing teambuilding programs between
        workers of different nationality (Indonesian, Thailander, Malaysian and Bruneian), writing
        personnel manuals, job descriptions and management reports.

                                                           SKILL SETS

         With Philippines Professional Driver's License                Knows BahasaMelayu of both Brunei and Malaysia,
          (Restrictions 1,2,3)                                           Bahasa Indonesia and a little bit of the Thai
       Had Driver's License from Brunei Darussalam                     Can troubleshoot minor problems of Konica Minolta
    Able to Drive Right hand and Left hand Drive vehicles                Copiers machines such as Dialta DI152 & DI183
    HR                                             FINANCE                              ADMINISTRATION
       Employment Law                              Payroll Management &                 Worker’s Supervision and
       Construction Project Management               Collections                          Management
       Labor Relations                             Bank Transactions                    Execution
                                                                                           of plansand functional operations
       Training & Development of workers                                                  for an efficient output program
       Performance Management
    SECRETARIAT                                                                         INTERIOR DESIGN
     Schedule of Work                             Customer Service Relations            Stage Design, Space Planning &
                                                   Corel Draw(for Designs),               Design Executions, Able to read
     Coordination and Communications             MS Office Word, MS Excel                 plans and execute designs.
     Email, Web surfing, Electronic               Basic Photoshop
        Research Procedures

                                         P R O F E S S I O N A L E X P ER I E N C E
Family Business (May 2, 2008 – Present)
   I have indulged myself in my own family business which is having a School Supply Trading and
   Photocopy Center having three (3) units of Konica Minolta Photocopier machines, offered Rush
   ID services and Data encoding of Teachers Reports and other Document requirements,
   Photocopier Technician of Konica Minolta DI183, DI152, Digital Photo Printing, Tarpaulin
   making, School Graduation Photo requirements, Wedding and Birthday Invitation making,
   School Program making (such as Graduation and Commencement Exercises), Cellphone
   Prepaid Card selling, Backyard Gardening, Hog and Horse Raising. Whatever the client needs,
   we can provide.

IMG Company, Brunei Darussalam - Site Manager (May 2, 2004 – November 2, 2008)
   Places Workers in specific tasks during a job, determines which worker should be placed in what
   area to ensure the efficient completion of the project, evaluate workers and determine how each of
   them can help accomplish the job of completing a construction project as efficient as possible, read
   Floor plans and be familiar with building codes to ensure that the project is done correctly,
   efficiently and within quality standards, Schedule and supervise workers on site to work on regular
   hours and also during overtime, reports to the superiors on the progress of the job and the
     estimated time left to complete the job or ahead             of the scheduled time frame, responsible for
     ordering materials of each construction job on site

        Provided and delivered quality office interiors and workspace design that can be a highly influential
         determinant in business success, making an effective contribution to the overall performance in
         marketing Shell products and the edge to streamline business processes, improve productivity and
         give the right impression to their clients.
2.   BAIDURI BANK BHD Branches in Brunei Darussalam
        Delivered specialized design and costume-made furniture to renovated Banks to cater the ever
         changing needs of the banking systems clientele.
        We provided Sandblasting design to the Hotel’s lobby, prayer rooms, walls and other client’s
         requirements to add to the sophisticated and cozy ambiance of an international hotel at its best.
4.   BMW and PORSCHE SHOWROOMS, Brunei Darussalam
        We deliver high integrity and quality craftsmanship and capable of undertaking external as well as
         interior renovation works from conceptual planning design to project management to product
         sourcing based on client’s requirements and specifications. This showrooms showcases the state-of-
         the-art luxury vehicles from BMW and Porsche.
5.   OIL and GAS DISCOVERY CENTER (OGDC), Brunei Darussalam
        Provided and delivered state-of-the art interior design which aims to encourage learners both young
         and old to appreciate and understand the Oil and Gas industry which is the lifeblood of Brunei
         Darussalam’s economy. Our design further enhances the promotion of learning and exploration of
         science, engineering and technology education.
6.   MILLENIUM RESTAURANT, Brunei Darussalam
        We are also able to deliver the interior renovation based on the client’ requirements and specification
         for a fine dining restaurant from its counters, tables, chairs, space-saving kitchen designs to the
         tiniest details that the client might need. These projects were done with the highest standard of
         quality and craftsmanship.

Operations Manager (April 2002 – April 2003)
   Managing daily operations, and organizing the use of materials and employee resources, responsible
   for generally managing the facility, ensuring that all materials used in food preparation and serving
   are working properly, plays an active role in marketing the restaurant and devising promotional
   programs, interacts with customers and vendors and ensure that the needs of the establishment are
   met in a timely and satisfactory manner, responsible for managing inventory and keeping financial
   records of purchases and sales and work with the human resources department to train, develop,
   hire, retain and fire employees.


    Post Graduate: Bachelor of Laws(Undergraduate),FEU Manila and PCU Manila                     -------1997 to 2003
    College:National University, Manila, Philippines – AB Political Science                      -------1994 to 1997
    Secondary: Zambales National High School, Iba, Zambales, Philippines                         -------1988 to 1992
     -   Graduated with Fourth Honorable Mention
    Primary: Dirita-BaloguenElementary School, Iba, Zambales, Philippines                        -------1982 to 1988
     -   Graduated Salutatorian and a consistent Second Honors pupil from Grades I to V

                                           PERSONAL DATA

     Nickname         :   Carl          Birthplace          :    La Carlota City, Negros Occidental, Philippines
     Civil Status     :   Married       Age                 :    36                Birthday         :   March 21, 1976
     Height           :   170 cm        Weight              :    150lbs            Citizenship      :   Filipino
     Religion         :   Methodist     Passport holder :       EB5160033          Skype name       :   carlos76321

     *** Reference upon request.
CARLOS A. MONTANO Cel:(+63) 917-4106770Tel:(+632)3719996 Email:; 124(atm) Tolentino St. San Francisco Del Monte, Quezon City, Philippines, 1105

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