5-Day Notice to Quit

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									This 5 Day Notice to Quit is used by a landlord to terminate a tenancy for violation of the
lease agreement or to inform the tenant that the lease has expired. The notice provides
that the tenant has five (5) days from receipt of the notice to deliver vacant possession
of the rental premises to the landlord. This document is useful for a landlord who
wishes to evict a tenant for failing to pay rent or violation of the lease agreement.
            (____ (_) DAY EVICTION NOTICE)
                                              (BY LANDLORD OF PREMISES)


Dear [Tenant’s Name and Address]:

With reference to your above tenancy, [I][We], [as] [on behalf of] your landlord[s], give you
NOTICE TO QUIT and deliver up possession to me [them] on [______, 201_], or [the day on
which a complete period of your tenancy expires next after the end of four weeks from the
service of this notice].

As per the Tenancy Agreement, please note that on the day you vacate the property it will be
necessary for [me][us] to undertake an initial inspection, check the inventory and its condition,
and record the utility meter readings. [I][We] therefore require you to contact our office, in
advance of this date, to book an appointment.

If your account is up-to-date, the property is not damaged or destroyed beyond normal wear and
tear, and you have complied with all the terms of the Tenancy Agreement, the deposit will be
sent to your forwarding address (you must provide us with such an address on the day you vacate
the property). Please note we do attempt to return all deposits within _____ (__) days. This,
however, may be subject to obtaining final consent from [me][us][the landlord(s)].

[I][We] trust the above-mentioned arrangement is satisfactory. Should you require any further
assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

[I][We] look forward to hearing from you soon.

Date of notice:
Dated _________ 201_____

Name and Address of Agent if Agent Serves Notice:

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