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					Cabela’s to open first Canadian retail store in Montreal

The Lac Mirabel development, which will encompass more than 14 million square-feet and
include 2.2 million square-feet of retail space, will be located on Autoroute 15, just north of

The project also will include man-made lakes, a sports complex, a 100,000 square-foot Caldea
Therapeutic Spa from Andora in Europe, a 70,000 square-foot Kid Tropolis educational indoor
city for children, a 140,000 square-foot Montreal Aquarium, hotel facilities, a conference center,
and additional entertainment and shopping.

"Their customers in Canada have been asking for a store of their own for many years, and they're
very excited to announce this new Cabela's location, which will be built and stocked with
merchandise specifically for their Montreal and Canadian customers," said Cabela's President
and Chief Executive Officer Dennis Highby.

"The Lac Mirabel project is a world-class shopping and entertainment development that will draw
visitors from hundreds of miles, and they look forward to serving their Cabela's customers in
Montreal and all of Quebec with this new location."

To operate their first store in Canada, Cabela's expects to employ several hundred locals from
the surrounding area. Cabela's first Canadian employees will join the Cabela's family of
employees in the United States who are famous for delivering excellent customer service, living
the outdoor lifestyle and possessing an in-depth knowledge of outdoor gear.

Product offerings would include a special assortment of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, boating
and wildlife watching gear tailored to the Canadian market, as well as outdoor clothing and
outdoors-styled gifts and furnishings.

The Cabela's Montreal store would be outfitted in Cabela's trademark style that evokes the
feeling of the outdoors. Cabela's stores are known as top-notch educational and entertainment
attractions, mixing a decor of museum-quality animal displays with colorful dioramas, huge
aquariums stocked with native fish and a centerpiece indoor mountain displaying trophy animals
in realistic re-creations of their natural habitats.

Extraordinary in design and showcasing thousands of products from Cabela's world-famous
catalog, the stores are known as shopping and tourism destinations, drawing customers not only
from the local area, but also from hundreds of miles away.

Many traveling sportsmen and women are also attracted by the familiar Cabela's script logo and
the company's world-famous reputation for quality merchandise, value and extraordinary
customer service.

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