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									Potential Employers:
Piedmont Triad
Counties: Alamance, Caswell, Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford,
Montgomery, Randolph, Rockingham, Stokes, Surry, Yadkin

A1-Laboratories offers a full line of DNA and drug testing products and services.

Algaen Corp.
Algaen makes high-quality protein and herbal products from algae.

AllPoints Research
Full-service marketing research firm that employs state-of-the-art quantitative and qualitative
techniques to deliver accurate, prompt and insightful results.

ALR Technologies Inc.
ALR Technologies designs and manufactures health management compliance products and monitoring
and intervention systems.

Altadonics Corp.
Altadonics is committed to provide dentists unique, cost effective solutions that meet their needs and
the needs of their patients. The company specializes in a denture molding technique that allows for
rapid denture replacement.

Andersen Products
Andersen Products provides low temperature sterilization equipment and services to health care
facilities and medical device manufacturers.

Andersen Scientific Inc.
Andersen Scientific provides custom sterilization services to the biotechnology, health care, research,
medical device and veterinary markets.

Aqualutions LLC
Aqualutions researches and develops products intended to increase the profitability of the aquaculture
industry through technological solutions that increase the health and quality of fish farm populations.

Arrow International Inc.
Arrow International develops, manufactures and markets disposable catheters and related products for
critical and cardiac care.

Asinex designs small molecule libraries, provides screening and chemistry services. The Winston-Salem
location is a sales and distribution site.
Automation Techniques Inc.
To improve and develop the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of clients' products and processes

Avid Solutions Inc. (Winston-Salem)
Avid Solutions provides industrial process controls, instrumentation and validation services.

Banner PharmaCaps Inc.
Banner manufactures gelatin-based drug delivery products. The company researches, develops and
produces unique oral dosage forms for the pharmaceutical industry.

BD Diagnostics, TriPath
BD Diagnostics, Tripath manufactures, assembles, and markets systems for improving cervical cancer
screening through advanced preparation techniques and computer-assisted screening technologies.

Biographics Inc.
Biographics Inc. develops, manufactures and markets microwire recording arrays for use
neurophysiology testing.

Carolina Biological Supply Company
Carolina Biological Supply sells biological specimens, experiment kits, lesson plans, workbooks and other
resources for science education.

Catalent Pharma Solutions
Catalent's Morrisville site provides analytical testing and other scientific services. This facility is
Catalent's primary location for inhalation product development.

Cathtek Inc.
Cathtek is a medical device development and manufacturing company with specialized experience
developing catheters and related accessories.

Cedarlane Laboratories Ltd.
Cedarlane Laboratories provides research reagents to the life science community.

Charter Medical Ltd.
Charter Medical manufactures products to facilitate the collection, separation, manipulation,
transportation, storage and administration of blood, blood components and vital fluids in the
biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

Ciba Specialty Chemicals Corp.
Ciba Specialty Chemicals' High Point facility manufactures chemicals for the company's home and
personal care division. Other departments at this site include IT, HR, supply chain logistics, etc.

Clean Earth Technologies LLC
Clean Earth Technologies' Winston-Salem facility is the company's Biodefense and Emerging Infectious
Disease Preparedness Center.
ConvaTec Inc.
Convatec develops products and product-related services for ostomy care, skin care and advanced
wound care.

Corn Products International
Corn Products International uses fermentation to produce high-fructose corn syrup and starch.

Device Partners International
Device Partners International is a medical device development company dedicated to the commercial
success of new devices and early stage companies within the healthcare industry.

DNA Security Inc.
DNA Security Inc. is a forensic laboratory that tests DNA specimens. DNA Security Inc. also sells DNA
testing kids and performs DNA paternity testing.

DOES Inc., previously known as Millenicon Inc., is developing an insulin inhaler. DOES Inc. develops
consumer and non-consumer products and provides testing and experimental services for new products.

EN-CAS Analytical Laboratories
EN-CAS is a GLP facility providing analytical chemistry contract services to the agrochemical, veterinary
and bioanalytical industries. EN-CAS has experience with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, insecticides
and veterinary drugs.

ENV Services Inc.
ENV offers testing, certification and calibration of contamination control equipment, laboratory
equipment and process control instrumentation.

Focus Forward Inc.
Focus Forward provides all types of qualitative research.

ForTe bv
ForTe bv provides product development and consultancy services to the food, pharma, OTC,
veterinarian & cosmetic industries. ForTe bv's Greensboro office handles the company's global business

FORTUNE Personnel Consultants of Greensboro Inc.
FPC of Greensboro is a staffing company in the fields of materials, purchasing, plant management,
quality management, six sigma project managers, engineering management and logistics professionals.

GBF Medical Group
GBF Medical Group manufactures toxicology kits and specializes in clinical trials and diagnostic medical

Gen Trak Inc.
GenTrak manufactures HLA serology trays, frozen cell trays, and BAG molecular products including SSP,
DNA Isolation and Cycler check.
Gene Smart Health
Pilot Therapeutics develops over-the-counter medical food designed to reduce the production of
leukotrienes, substances known to play a significant role in asthma and allergy attacks.

Geodax Imaging LLC
Geodax Imaging develops diagnostic imaging solutions using Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in
nuclear medicine through the application of Fused PET/CT and Fused PET/MRI.

GT Callison LLC
GT Callison researches and develops novel diagnostic tests for animal pathogens.

Helical Sciences Inc.

IDEXX Pharmaceuticals Inc.
IDEXX Pharmaceuticals develops pharmaceutical and biotechnology products for the veterinary market.

Jordan Process Solutions
Jordan Process Solutions is a manufacturer's representative specializing in pharmaceutical processing
equipment with focus on NC, SC, GA, FL and Puerto Rico.

Kelly Scientific Resources
Scientific and clinical research staffing solutions

Laboratory Corporation of America
LabCorp provides clinical and anatomical laboratory services, including clinical trials testing services, and
offers a broad range of genomic/esoteric tests.

Mediwave Star Technology Inc.
Mediwave Star Technology Inc. is developing technologies which allow quantitative prediction of cardiac
ischemia and risk for ventricular arrhythmia.

MEDTOX Diagnostics Inc.
MEDTOX Diagnostics manufactures diagnostic drug screening devices. MEDTOX Diagnostics’ parent
company, MEDTOX Scientific, provides specialized laboratory testing services and on-site/point-of-
collection testing devices.

Mercodia Inc.
Mercodia develops, manufactures and markets in vitro immunological diagnostic kits. Mercodia's office
in Winston-Salem is primarily responsible for the company's sales and customer-support services.

Merz Pharmaceuticals LLC
Merz Pharmaceuticals, the US subsidiary of Merz GmbH & Co., develops and distributes high quality
dermatology and podiatry products to the medical community. The Greensboro office is a sales and
distribution office.
MRI Biotech
MRI Biotech is executive search firm focused on biotechnology, drug discovery, diagnostics,
therapeutics, molecular biology, genetics, genomics and proteomics.

Mulberry Search Inc.
Mulberry Search is a professional placement firm.

Muscadine Naturals
Muscadine Naturals produces nutritional products from the muscadine grape.

MWG Biotech Inc.
MWG Biotech provides genomic products and services. The company provides a complementary
product portfolio of oligonucleotides, siRNA and DNA Sequencing.

Mycorrhiza Biotech LLC
Mycorrhiza Biotech is a science and technology company specializing in the research, development and
application of biotechnology associated with the use of mycorrhizal fungi and allied organisms.

Mylan Laboratories Inc.
Mylan Laboratories specializes in the development and marketing of generic and branded
pharmaceutical products. Mylan's national distribution center is in Greensboro.

NanoMed Corporation Inc.
NanoMed is developing technologies that will provide a reliable, portable and efficient method for the
detection of pathogens, chemicals and biological markers at the point-of-care and point-of-test.

North Carolina Eye Bank
North Carolina Eye Bank procures, processes and distributes ocular tissue for the restoration of sight
through corneal transplantation and related medical therapy and research.

Novartis Animal Health US Inc.
Novartis Animal Health's Greensboro location serves as the U.S. headquarters for the company's
livestock business and pet wellness division.

Nutraceutical Life Sciences Inc.
Nutraceutical Life Sciences' facility in Lexington manufactures nutritional supplements.

Ocular Systems Inc.
Ocular Systems is an opthalmic services company assisting surgeons in the care of their patients. The
company specializes in cornea transplant services with an emphasis on preparing donor corneal tissue
for DSEK/endothelial keratoplasty.

Onconix Inc.
Onconix identifies diagnostic tests that, having completed research and development, are poised for
commercialization. Onconix markets a highly accurate blood test for cervical cancer, the CSATM
(Cervical Specific Antigen).
OptiVia Medical LLC
Optivia Medical is developing and commercializing unique patented products for the practice of
endoscopic medicine.

Otothera Inc.
Otothera is developing therapeutic and diagnostic devices for the management of tinnitus.

Pharma Core Inc.
Pharma Core provides custom organic synthesis and GMP scale-up for drug discovery and development.

labeling & packaging for pharmaceutical materials

Physicians Laboratories
Physicians Laboratories produces and distributes Revival Soy protein products.

Piedmont Medical Research Associates Inc.
Piedmont Medical Research conducts Phase II, III and IV clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic
areas. The company has also participated in numerous trials involving OTC switch products and

Piedmont Pharmaceuticals
Piedmont Pharmaceuticals is a specialty pharmaceutical company focused on human and animal health
therapeutics in such select areas as parasitology and the treatment of infection.

Plureon Corp.
Plureon is developing its technology platform focused on stem cells. Plureon’s technology is based on
“pluripotent” stem cells extracted from amniotic fluid and placenta.

Proactive Genomics LLC
Proactive Genomics specializes in the genetics of common diseases and the study of the human
genome. The company's first project is the research and development of a genetic test for men to
assess their genetic risk for prostate cancer

Prosperon Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Prosperon discovers and develops drugs for degenerative diseases.

Provagen Inc.
Provagen plans to commercialize a technology that uses "Protein V" to purify and isolate antibodies that
can be used in a number of disease treatment and diagnostic applications.

Qualicaps Inc.
Qualicaps manufactures empty two-piece capsules (gelatin and HPMC) and encapsulation equipment.

QuarTek Corp.
QuarTek is conducting research and developing processes to produce nano-sized materials, devices and
Salzburg Therapeutics Inc.
Salzburg Therapeutics is developing Cytotoxamer technology for the treatment of prostate cancer and
other malignancies.

Sapona Plastics LLC
Sapona Plastics is an injection molding and assembly company that produces plastic products for the
personal care, consumer goods, housewares, veterinary and automotive markets. The company is
ISO13485 certified for medical device manufacturing.

Select Diagnostics Inc.
Select Diagnostics provides diagnostic laboratory testing services.

SellScience LLC
Assist in the developing a business plan, in securing start-up funding and others

Shoaf Scientific Consultants Inc.
Shoaf Scientific Consultants is an independent chemical, biochemical and toxicological consulting and
research company.

Smart Perfusion LLC
Smart Perfusion designs and manufactures life saving and enabling organ perfusion and transport
systems to support transplant procedures.

Spectrum Laboratory Network
Spectrum Laboratory Network is a regional medical laboratory network that provides laboratory testing
services to hospitals, nursing homes, home health, clinics, urgent care facilities and other businesses
across the southeastern U.S.

Stovall Life Science Inc.
Stovall manufactures products for the molecular and cell biology research marketplace.

Suncare Research Laboratories LLC
Suncare Research Laboratories provides services to sunscreen and dermatological product

Syngenta Crop Protection Inc.
Syngenta Crop Protection is an agribusiness that develops and markets weed, insect and disease control

Synomics Pharma
Synomics Pharma offers research services to support the development and manufacture of
pharmaceutical, biotechnology and consumer healthcare products.

Targacept Inc.
Targacept designs, discovers and develops NNR Therapeutics, a new class of drugs for the treatment of
multiple diseases and disorders of the central nervous system.
Technology Crops International
Technology Crops International designs, evaluates and produces specialty crop-derived material for the
biotechnology industry.

Tengion Inc.
Tengion is developing autologous neo-organs and tissues, such as bladders, that are derived from the
patient's own cells.

TransTech Pharma Inc.
TransTech Pharma develops and commercializes human therapeutics used for the treatment of a wide
range of human diseases including central nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disorders, type I/II
diabetes, obesity and cancer.

UniSyn Technologies
Unisyn provides strategically sound and effective marketing solutions to the biotech and pharmaceutical
industries within the Southeast.

Vascular Pharmaceuticals
Vascular Pharmaceuticals is focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutic
products for the treatment of secondary complications of diabetes.

Webster & Associates Inc.
Webster and Associates provides group purchasing programs tailored to sectors such as research and
laboratories, blood, physicians, plasma, and tissue, as well as to hospitals and surgical centers.

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