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									                                     HEART OF THE VALLEY QUILT SHOW
                                              JANUARY 27 & 28, 2007
                                   Country Crossroads Quilters, Modesto, California

Complete Entry Form, Label & Receipt. Quilts must have a 4 inch sleeve stitched across the top of the back of
the quilt. Sew the label to the lower right corner of the quilt back.

                                            Send to: CCQ c/o Marie Bairey                  DUE: JANUARY 5, 2007
                                                     3308 Worthington Drive
                                                     Modesto, CA 95350

Display Items must be delivered to the Modesto Centre Plaza, 10 th and K Streets, Modesto, Friday January 26 between 10am & 2pm.
They must be picked up between 5 & 6pm Sunday January 28. Questions? 209-523-0663 or gbandmb@sbcglobal.net.

RECEIPT – Present to deliver & claim item                             LABEL – (Sew in lower right corner of back)

EXHIBITOR ______________________________                              EXHIBITOR _______________________________
ADDRESS _______________________________                               ADDRESS ________________________________
PHONE _________________________________                               PHONE ___________________________________

        (Completed by person receiving item)                          NAME OF QUILT ___________________________
                                                                      Special handling required
Number _________________________________
                                                                      (Completed by person receiving the Item)
                                                                      Number _______________ Location ____________

Detach Here *******************************************************************************************

                                                     ENTRY FORM                                        FOR CCQ USE:
QUILT TITLE ___________________________________________                                                Quilt Number _________

QUILT EXHIBITOR ______________________________________                                                 Location ____________

QUILT MAKER _____________________________CHILD ______                                  Age ______

QUILTED BY ___________________________________________                                 Quilted by:   Machine ____        Hand _____

SIZE:       Width (inches) ______          Length (inches) _______                     Pieced by:    Machine ____        Hand ____

Appliqué ____       Pieced _____       First Quilt _____      Wearable _____       Art/Innovative Quilt _____     Needlework _____

Description (Color/Pattern) __________________________ CCQ Challenge: ____                                CCQ Workshop _____

INTERESTING FACTS: (Tell us about your quilt, history, inspired by, published design, class project, original design, gift for,
etc. This information will be added to the Quilt show Label as space allows) ____________________________________________
I agree to release the respective agents and members of Country Crossroads Quilters from all liability for any loss, damage, theft,
injury or destruction to any article entered by me in the CCQ Quilt Show January 26 – 28, 2007. I understand that I bear and agree to
assume the risk of loss to my property and that it is up to me to properly insure my property against any or all risks of loss.
SIGNATURE OF EXHIBITOR ________________________________________CCQ MEMBER? Yes / No
ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________ PHONE#____________

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