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					`                        BRADBURY PUBLIC SCHOOL
                                P&C ASSOCIATION
                  Minutes of the meeting held on 10th October 2012

Jo Stewart                 Hazel Delves              Margaret Webb
Belinda Trudgen            Donna La Rue              Brenda Dean
Denni Green                Aaron Hawker              Valerie Moszt
Tricia Coombs

Financial Members for 2012
Jo Stewart                 Hazel Delves              Belinda Trudgen
Donna La Rue               Brenda Dean               Denni Green (Life Member)
Aaron Hawker               Tricia Coombs
Margaret Webb (Principal)
Valerie Moszt (Vice Principal)


Meeting opened 7.22 pm


   Donna – nothing heard from Polly as yet re the samples of shirts. Tricia and
     Donna went along to the Co-op and spoke to P&C Federation Rep who
     encouraged us to join. Donna will call tomorrow regarding samples. Margaret
     advised she has found another contact for uniforms but asked if we would like
     to proceed. Hazel advised she is somewhat anxious about costs of the
     uniforms if we proceed with this company but is happy for us to look at shirts
     only at this stage. Margaret is concerned with the quality of the material.
     Brenda will make enquiries about the company who make the uniforms for
     Ruse Public School. Margaret will also enquire about blazers to be
     purchased and held by the school to be used for school representatives.
     Denni suggested advertising for a sub-committee.

                                                                     Belinda / Hazel
   Numbers have dropped off again but it is the time of year, and will hopefully
    pick up again soon. (Belinda)
                                                                 Donna / Jo
Balance as at 01/09/2012                  $26,637.19
Income                                    $ 6,301.44
Expenses                                 -$10,204.31
Total Income – Expenses                  -$ 3,902.87
Total funds as at 31/08/2012              $22,734.32
                                                               Jo / Aaron

President’s Report
No report

Stewart House bags have arrived and will be distributed

   NAPLAN results are out and results are good. Impressed with growth. An
     area of interest to be looked at next year is writing. Additional work this year
     has paid off. An increase in growth in the top children is obvious.
   Staffing - Miss Taylor married last week now Mrs. Stuart. Mrs. Dawson and
     Mrs. Trevascus will be back next Monday if all goes well. Mr. Davies is on light
     duties and additional GAs are working in the school.
   Parent Workshop will be held on Friday 12th, discipline and reward system will
     be discussed. Monday week 4 (29th) at TAFF a parent forum is to be
     organised. A speaker will talk on resilience and all are welcome. Please bring
     the surveys back in time for the forum.
   Kindergarten Orientation – starts on Tuesday and to date we have four
     classes. Mrs. Milne to organise.
   Softball knockout – with a trip to Orange.
   State Reps - three of our boys have made state in athletics and Margaret has
     asked for the $100.00 P&C contribution. (Margaret)
                                                                         Belinda / Donna
    Price list is under review.
    Deleting jelly sticks.
    Have deleted Macaroni cheese and lasagne. Trialling fish bites (halal, gluten,
      yeast and dairy free), chicken snack wraps and making our own pizzas.
    Brought back jelly cups and ovalteenies and will trial boxes of sultanas.
    Need to know what we can and cannot sell at recess. Margaret advised all
      recess items and iceblocks and drinks during the warmer weather. Margaret
      advised the auditor has recommended full opening until recess every day and
      the canteen must be profitable. Canteen to start recess in week 3 and to be
      trialled until the end of the term to see if it is viable. It was suggested we ask
      parents for ideas for recess. Various menu items were discussed and other
      school menus examined. We have found most schools are not complying
      with the healthy canteen policies and it was suggested that is why they make
      a high profit. Again discussion regarding tendering the school canteen.
    A canteen committee was suggested and named:
      Margaret Webb, Denni Green, Belinda Trudgen, Brenda Dean, Jo Stewart
       and Hazel Delves (Denni)
                                                            Tricia / Hazel

   September banking was $483.00 with no invoices to be paid.
   Further to your suggestion to open two days a week, Tricia has offered to help
     and Thursday and Friday mornings are probably the best with most people
     getting paid on these days. (Cheryl written report).
   A Uniform committee was suggested and named:
   Valerie Moszt, Cheryl Neale, Donna LaRue, Tricia Coombs and Hazel Delves
   A reminder to go into the newsletter that uniform items can be ordered paid
     for and picked up from the canteen.
                                                                  Jo / Brenda

    Calendar orders close on Friday 19th October.
    Fun Day 2nd November. All classes on board. Currently in the process of
      arranging prizes and stall costs (50c - $3.00). Taking show bag orders and
      tokens go on sale on Monday 22nd October. Receipts will be given and
      tokens will be handed out on the day. Canteen will sell fairy floss, teachers’
      baby ‘photos guessing competition, ‘photos with your favourite character.
      Sausage sizzle for lunch - $2.50.
    Is staff able to advertise for their stalls? Denni to contact them to discuss.
    Disco will be organised for 6th December and we are going with a beach
      theme. Josh Steven has agreed to host the night.
    Mufti day – we had a good response for hamper donations.
    Monster Christmas raffle – prizes will be hamper baskets and Good Guy
      purchases. Jo and I will go shopping.
    Cake day – can the school please organise cake days again to contribute
      towards the Infants lollies, drinks and ice – blocks for end of year parties?
      Margaret to see Kerrie Milne.(Denni)
                                                                       Belinda / Aaron
Not advised

Not advised
   P&C Co-op – Donna advised the co-op is willing to come and give a workshop
    for new members and have offered free training. Donna to organise.
   Aaron made the suggestion that the P&C AGM be moved after kindergarten
    orientation to give new families the opportunity to join. Margaret suggested a
    survey be given out to new families on transition day asking what areas of the
    school they can assist in.
   Mental Health Conference - hosted by Co-op on 22 and 23 November in their
    rooms opposite the Ingleburn rail station and all welcome/
   Hazel is selling bandanas for cancer again in the canteen and discussion on
    what days they can be worn – in the week on 22 – 26 October

Meeting closed 9.03pm

      Next P&C General meeting and the AGM will be Wednesday 14th November
      at 7pm in the staffroom.

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