Vol. V No. 10                                                                                       October 2012

                                                Runway construction project takes off
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• Flag Donation Program...........4
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              John Holic
             Vice Mayor
             Kit McKeon
          Council Members
             Jim Bennett
          Emilio Carlesimo                          Runway 4/22 at Venice Municipal Airport will not get any longer. It will
             Bob Daniels                        not accommodate large carrier airlines. But it will be much safer for the
           Jeanette Gates                       aircraft that currently use the local general aviation airport when its $8.4
           Dave Sherman                         million improvements are complete, probably in January 2013.
                                                    Most importantly, the improvement to the airport’s noise mitigation
                                                runway will make the airport a better neighbor to nearby residential
         Charter Officers                       areas.
 City Manager Edward Lavallee                       The runway, built during World War II, will be under construction this
      City Clerk Lori Stelzer                   month.
  City Attorney Bob Anderson                        Among the improvements are rehabilitating the 5,000-foot runway,
                                                adding LED runway and taxiway lights, realigning Taxiway E, replacing the
   For questions, or to be placed               rotating beacon, improving stormwater drainage, and modifying the
on the distribution list, call                  adjacent golf course by relocating a cart path, the driving range and seven
                                                holes to remove them from the runway safety area.
Marketing and Communications
                                                    A green feature of the construction will be the recycling of the exist-
Officer Pam Johnson:
                                                ing asphalt in place, eliminating about 3,000 trips by construction vehi-
(941) 486-2626, ext. 24005
                                                cles on the island.
or e-mail:
                                                    American Infrastructure Development Inc. of Tampa, FL was selected
                                                for project management administration and contractor Owen-Ames-
        www.venicegov.com                       Kimball Company of Fort Myers, FL will do the construction.
                                                    Ninety percent of the funding comes from the Federal Aviation
                                                Administration and Florida Transportation Department. No city general
                                                fund tax dollars will be spent on this project.
October 2012                                  Venice City E-News                                         Page 2

     • Special Government              Monday, Oct. 15, Parks and           Sunday, Oct. 28, Revolution 3
       Meetings                        Recreation Advisory Board, 3         Triathlon, all day. For informa-
     • Holidays                        p.m.                                 tion: www.rev3tri.com.
     • Special Events
                                       Tuesday, Oct. 16, Joint City         Wednesday, Oct. 31, Halloween
                                       Council and County Commis-           Kids Costume Parade and Trick
                                       sion meeting at Venice               or Treat, downtown, 4:30 p.m.
       COMING UP                       Community Center, 9 a .m.
                                       Planning Commission, 1:30 p.m.

                                       Wednesday, Oct. 17, Charter
                                       Review Committee, 9 a.m.

                                       Friday, Oct. 19, Historic Preser-
                                       vation Board, 9 a.m.
                                           Sun Fiesta, Centennial Park,
  All meeting and event dates and      5 p.m.
  times are subject to change.
  Government meetings take             Saturday, Oct. 20, Sun Fiesta,
  place at Venice City Hall, 401 W.    Centennial Park, 9 a.m. - 10 p.m.
  Venice Ave., unless otherwise
  stated.                              Sunday, Oct. 21, Sun Fiesta,           Venice Farmers Market takes
                                       Centennial Park, 9 a.m. - 7 p.m.       place every Saturday in the
  Tuesday, Oct. 2, Planning Com-                                              200 block of Tampa Avenue,
  mission, 1:30 p.m.                   Monday, Oct. 22 City Council           downtown, from 8 a.m. -
                                       Consent Agenda Workshop,               noon.
  Thursday, Oct. 4, Municipal          9 a.m.
  Code Enforcement Board,                                                       Lights out at the beach.
  9 a.m.                               Tuesday, Oct. 23, City Council, 9               Sea turtle hatchlings
                                       a.m.                                                           will be
  Sunday, Oct. 7, Venice Regional                                                                  emerging
  Antique Auto Car Show,               Thursday, Oct. 25, Architectural                           from their
  Centennial Park, 9 a.m. - 3 p.m.     Review Board, 9 a.m.                                       nests over
                                                                                                    the next
  Monday, Oct. 8, City Council         Friday, Oct. 26, Friday Night Live                                few
  Consent Agenda Workshop,             free concert in Centennial Park,                             months.
  9 a.m.                               7 p.m.                                   Sea turtle nesting season is
                                                                                            May 1 - Oct. 31.
  Tuesday, Oct. 9, City Council, 9     Saturday, Oct. 27, Howl'n
  a.m.                                 Halloween Canine Costume,
                                       Centennial Park, 9 a.m.               For agendas and more special
  Thursday, Oct. 11, Architectural        Halloween Movie Night,             events, see the calendars at:
  Review Board, 9 a.m.                 Centennial Park Gazebo, 6:30          www.venicegov.com. Audio of
                                       p.m.                                  the past two city council regu-
  Friday, Oct. 12, Friday Night Live                                         lar meetings are posted on the
  free concert by Kid Red,                                                   meetings calendar page under
  Centennial Park, 7 p.m.                                                    the corresponding meeting.
October 2012                                 Venice City E-News                                          Page 3

    • Special Government              Thursday, Nov. 8, Architectural       Monday, Sept. 24, City Council
      Meetings                        Review Board, 9 a.m.                  Consent Agenda Workshop,
    • Holidays                                                              9 a.m.
    • Special Events                  Monday, Nov. 12, City Hall will       Tuesday, Nov. 27, City Council, 9
                                      be closed in observance of            a.m.
                                      Veterans Day. No garbage, recy-
       COMING UP                      cling or yard waste will be col-      Wednesday, Nov. 28, Environ-
                                      lected. All items will be collected   mental Advisory Board, 3:30
                                      Thursday, Nov. 15.

                                      Tuesday, Nov. 13, City Council,
                                      (rescheduled to Nov. 7)
                                                                              Venice Farmers Market
                                      Wednesday, Nov. 14, Swearing            takes place every Saturday
                                      in for Council Members Jim              in the 200 block of Tampa
                                      Bennett and Emilio Carlesimo,           Avenue, downtown, from 8
  All meeting and event dates and     11 a.m.
  times are subject to change.                                                a.m. - noon. The market will
                                         Economic Development                 not be open Oct. 20 and
  Government meetings take            Advisory Board, 3:30 p.m.
  place at Venice City Hall, 401 W.                                           Nov. 3.
  Venice Ave., unless otherwise       Friday, Nov. 16, Historic Preser-      City Council on TV
  stated.                             vation Board, 9 a.m.                       The city council meetings
                                                                             are aired on television.
  Thursday, Nov. 1, Municipal         Monday, Nov. 19, Parks and                 Comcast Channel 189 airs
  Code Enforcement Board, 9           Recreation Advisory Board, 3           the first four hours of the
  a.m.                                p.m.                                   meeting on the Saturday fol-
                                                                             lowing the meeting at 9:30
  Saturday, Nov. 3, Venice            Tuesday, Nov. 20, Planning             a.m. and about two weeks
  MainStreet Art Fest, downtown,      Commission, 1:30 p.m.                  later on the Wednesday that
  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.                                                           follows the next meeting.
                                      Thursday, Nov. 22, Thanksgiving            Sarasota County Access TV
  Sunday, Nov. 4, Venice              Day. City Hall is closed. No           airs the meeting during the
  MainStreet Art Fest, downtown,      garbage, recycling or yard waste       following week on Comcast
  10 a.m. - 4 p.m.                    collected. All items will be col-      Channel 19 and Verizon
     Daylight Saving Time ends.       lected Monday, Nov. 26.                Channel 32. This airing is the
  turn clocks back one hour and                                              entire meeting regardless of
  replace batteries in smoke          Friday, Nov. 23, Thanksgiving          its length and the time of the
  detectors.                          Holiday, City Hall is closed. No       airing is determined the Friday
                                      garbage, recycling or yard waste       before.
  Tuesday, Nov. 6, Election Day       collected. All items will be col-          Check:www.scgov.net.
  City Council Consent Agenda         lected Tuesday, Nov. 27.                   Click on Video Central,
  Workshop, 9 a.m.                                                           then click on Weekly TV
  Planning Commission, 1:30 p.m.      Saturday, Nov. 24, Holiday             Schedule.
                                      Parade, downtown at 7; prepa-
  Wednesday, Nov. 7, City             rade starts at 5 p.m.                     Venice     Views  airs
  Council, 9 a.m. (changed from                                              Wednesdays at 3 and 6:30
  Nov.13)                                                                    p.m. on Channel 189.
October 2012                                         Venice City E-News                                                                         Page 4

                               Got a flag to donate?
by Edward Lavallee                       of American flags that citizens                                 This program provides mutual
City Manager                             have received as memorial gifts,                            benefit to donors and our city.
    The City of Venice has a proud       or others that individuals or                               Donors are given the opportunity
heritage of patriotism. The com-         organizations may wish to donate                            to enjoy the public display of their
munity is rich in organizations and      in recognition or memory of a per-                          donated flag. The city is privileged
individuals that contribute time         son or institution. The city will                           to participate in the recognition of
and energy to events recognizing         accept the flags with the                                   patriots and patriotic events that
the legacy of the courageous             expressed purpose of flying them                            stand for our liberty and freedom.
development and growth of our            on public grounds. The donor will                               Together all celebrate a part-
country, state, county, and city.        receive a commemorative letter                              nership in displaying our collective
    One of the most identifiable         of appreciation from the mayor                              tribute to America the beautiful.
symbols of patriotism is the flag.       and city council. With their per-                               For more information, call
At all levels of government we           mission, donors will also be pub-                           Public Works, (941) 486-2422,
define our civic commitment to           licly recognized for their civic con-                       ext. 30021.
the principles of freedom and            tribution by the city council.
democracy by proudly flying our
flags. Government institutions
lead the way in displaying our
                                                                             City of Venice
patriotic colors and at ceremonial
                                                                              Flag Donation Program
events we are proud to give
                                        The City of Venice in partnership with its residents is pleased to accept and fly American flags that are
prominence to this symbol of the        donated for public use. The City acknowledges the contribution and applauds the patriotic gift of the
sacrifices and achievements of          donor named herein:
historic and modern day patriotic
    As a feature of ceremonial
events, especially memorial cere-
                                        ________________________________________________________                        ___________________
monies, often an American flag is       Name                                                                               Date
presented to groups or individual
in recognition of patriotic service.
    Recipients of these ceremonial      Address
flags typically store them away as
keepsakes. While there is senti-        ______________________________________________    ______________________________________________________

ment attached to receiving the          Phone                                               E-Mail

gift in most cases the flags will not
                                        Given in the name of: ______________________________________________________________________________
again see the light of day, nor fly
proudly from a vaulted site.            ____________________________________________________________________________________________________
    The City of Venice is instituting
a flag donation program to pro-
vide an opportunity for those
proud symbols of patriotism to
once again fly in honor of our
country and those whose coura-
geous acts stand for a free United      Received By______________________________________________________________________
States of America.
    The city will accept donations
October 2012                                   Venice City E-News                                           Page 5

Reduced assessed value of property prompts budget decisions                                       Message
                                                                                                  from the
    For the second year in a row,      hard work are second to none.         should have           Mayor
City Council was presented a bal-          There is only one large expense   approxi-
anced budget without the use of        that will continue to be addressed    m a t e l y
reserves and without a revenue         over the next few years: the pen-     $20,530,208
tax increase. In both years, Council   sion plans for police and fire per-   in income.
decided upon a "rollback” millage      sonnel.                                   If the city
rate, which is the minimum                 The past 10--year performance     ad valorem
amount of increase in millage nec-     of the stock markets may have         tax and vari-
essary to keep the revenue of the      been unprecedented, but it has        ous other
city the same, even though the         shown us that the current plans       fees provide
assessed value of many properties      are not sustainable. Council must     the      tradi-    John W. Holic
within the city is less.               look for a long term solution.        tional rev-
    This year, the millage rate for    Without an economically viable        enue, then
the City of Venice will increase       solution to the inherent problems     we must start looking in nontradi-
from 2.9350 to 2.9653.                 of a defined benefit pension plan,    tional areas to ensure we are get-
    For the past several years, most   not only the city, but the employ-    ting the correct amount of goods
of the work of balancing the budg-     ees, will continue to live under a    and services for the dollars we pay.
et has been through cost cutting       dark cloud of uncertainty. A long-    The city should get the same level
on the expense side. We have           term resolution to the defined        of service from the county, state
gone from 354 employees in 2004        benefit pension plans is a top pri-   and federal governments as any
to 272 employees for Fiscal Year       ority of the council.                 other city or locality within our
2012-2013 without much de-                 As with all budgets, the city’s   state or county gets.
crease in service. Our employees       budget has to be approached from          The federal government is
have not had a raise for the past      the income side, as well as the       funded largely through our
four years and will be receiving a     expense side, to make sure noth-      income taxes, the state govern-
small one-time payment this year       ing is overlooked.                    ment through sales taxes and the
in lieu of a raise.                        The ad valorem portion of the     county and city through property
    Property taxes are one of the      General Fund traditionally is the     taxes. Each of these taxing units is
funding components of the              only portion of income the council    responsible for distinct services
General Fund. The cost per resi-       has any control over. In 2007, the    outlined in various charters,
dent per year from the General         taxable value of all real estate in   codes, ordinances and laws.
Fund operations has gone from a        Venice was $4.135 billion and the         The federal tax is based upon
high of $1,413 per resident in 2007    millage rate was 3.129 producing      what we earn, the state tax upon
to a projection of $979 per resi-      revenue of $12,938,415. For 2013,     what we spend, but the county
dent in this budget, a 30 percent      the taxable value of Venice is        and city is based upon where we
decrease in operational costs. In      $2.701 billion with a millage rate    live.
the business world, this would be      of 2.9653 that will produce               We should expect a reasonable
considered exceptional. In govern-     $8,009,275, a decrease of 38 per-     amount of service for the county
ment, I think it was long overdue.     cent in ad valorem taxes since        and city taxes we pay.
    Our employees continue to          2007.                                     Sarasota County has a millage
work hard for the city and the             Examples of other sources of      rate of 3.0744 for its General Fund.
wages they make. Now it can be         income include electric and cable     Within the city, with our taxable
shown they are doing it with little    franchise fees, local 1-cent sales    value at $2.701 billion, the county
to no waste. I am proud of our city    tax, and rent from the Venice Pier    collects $8,303,954 that goes to
employees - their dedication and       Group. In total, the General Fund     the county's General Fund.
                                                                                      Continued on Page 6
October 2012                                    Venice City E-News                                           Page 6
Continued from Page 5
    Our next focus as a city council        Your elected officials must             As we enter autumn of 2012
is going to shift from the expense      assure residents of our city that        and our busy season begins, I
side of the budget to the income        we are getting all we are paying         want to take a moment to thank
side and we will begin examining        for, not only at the city level, but     the residents of Venice for giving
where the county and city have          the county, state and federal lev-       me the honor and distinction to
overlapping services. We must           els, as well. I am sure this will be a   serve as your mayor. I can think of
determine where we are able to          topic of discussion for many meet-       no place I would rather live, work
use the income received from            ings to come as some of the over-        and play and I truly feel blessed
each tax more prudently so that         lapping services have been going         each and every day.
we are not paying twice for the         on for years and may never have
same services.                          been questioned.

               Budget Highlights for Fiscal Year 2012-2013
                         beginning Oct. 1, 2012

  Total:                   $74.3 million
     General Fund:         $20.5 million
                           General Fund Reserves: $2.4 million                         Bring your Smart
  Enterprise Funds:                                                                    Phone and join us at
     Utilities:          $31.2 million, with $17.6 million for                         the Venice City App
                          capital improvement projects;                                Launch, Friday, Oct.
     Airport Fund:       $2.7 million, with $1.1 million for capi-
                          tal improvement projects;
                                                                                       19 at 10 a.m. at
     Solid Waste:        $5.3 million, with $1 million for capital                     Community Hall at
                          improvement projects;                                        Venice City Hall, 401
     Stormwater Utility: $2.3 million, with $1 million for capi-                       W. Venice Ave.
                           tal improvement projects.

       For more detailed information about the budget, see:

                           This ‘n’ That
    • Through a partnership of the City of Venice, Venice Area
Chamber of Commerce and Venice MainStreet, Visit Florida is fund-
ing a 12-part video series, “Venice: A Snapshot in Time.” The 30-
minute videos will be aired as Venice Views on Comcast Channel 189
on Wednesdays at 3 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. During October, long-time
resident Bob Briner will be the subject of the program about Venice
    • Fred Lugar was appointed to the Fire Pension Board of Trustees
to complete the term of Thomas Gavlick until Sept. 30, 2015.
    • The SCAT bus stop at Venice Public Library will soon have a per-
manent shelter. The city council voted to grant a permanent right-of-
way easement to Sarasota County to place a shelter at the location
of 300 S. Nokomis Ave.
October2012   Venice City E-News   Page 7
October2012   Venice City E-News   Page 8
October 2012                                      Venice City E-News                                                Page 9

Public Works building is dedicated to the epitome of a devoted city worker
                                         Nat (pronounced “Nate”) Burns
                                     never missed a day of work for the
                                     first 36 years he worked for the City of
                                     Venice as a solid waste equipment
                                         Then his wife, Wanda, became ill
                                     and he took a few days off to help
                                     her. Burns worked for the city collect-
                                     ing dumpster garbage for more than
                                     40 years before passing away in 2011.
                                     His dedication, work ethic and exam-
                                     ple set for other city employees was
                                     rewarded with the respect and love
                                     of his supervisors and fellow employ-
                                         The city dedicated the existing
                                     public works building at 221
                                     Seaboard Ave. in the Industrial
                                     Section on Sept. 10, naming it the Nat Nat Burns daughter, Jackie Pollard, remem-
                                     Burns Public Works Complex.              bers her father as a devoted and hard-work-
                                                                                  ing city employee.

         A crowd of city employees, Nat Burns’ family members, city council members and other residents gather to dedi-
         cate the Nat Burns Public Works Complex.
October 2012                               Venice City E-News                                        Page 10

News from the                          The Virtuoso of Venice,
Lord-Higel House                   Jazz Artistry of Dick Hyman
                                                                         At the Triangle Inn
                                   exhibit continues through
                                   Nov. 21 at the Venice Museum
                                   and Archives located in the
                                   Triangle Inn.
                                       Hyman is a renowned jazz
                                   pianist, particularly famous
                                   for his New York concerts that
                                   draw an international audience.
                                       The Triangle Inn is open Monday - Wednesday, 10 a.m. - 4 p.m.
        Here are some ways         or at other times by appointment. For information, call (941) 486-
you can help Venice Heritage       2487.
Inc. restore the city’s oldest         For more information about the history of Venice, visit the web
existing house.                    site: http://venicefl.pastperfect-online.com.
    Dine at DQ Grill and Chill,
1465 E. Venice Ave., on Oct.
10, Nov. 14, and Dec. 12
from 5 - 8 p.m., and 10 per-
cent of your bill will be con-
tributed to the restoration of
                                  How did the Civil War affect Floridians?
the Lord-Higel House.                 Jon Wilson, a St. Petersburg journalist, will present “Tales of Spies,
                                  Secrets and Smugglers” at the Venice Area Historical Society meeting
    Buy a gift. Venice            on Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 7 p.m. The meeting takes place at Village on the
Heritage Inc. continues to        Isle, Mark Manor Building, 930 S. Tamiami Trail. The event is the first
sell quality 100 percent          of a two-year series of lectures about the Civil War as it pertained to
preshrunk cotton t-shirts for     Florida. The public is welcome. There is no charge and reservations are
$15 and collectible wooden        not needed. For information, call (941) 412-0151 and leave your name
house miniatures for $20.         and phone number for a return call.
Call Judie Bauer, (941) 488-
    The Lord-Higel House was
built by pioneer Joseph Lord
in 1896 in his citrus grove he
called Stone Grove on
Roberts Bay. George Higel,
the son of pioneer, Frank
Higel, and his family lived in
the house for several years. It
was spared demolition in
2005 and moved to its cur-
rent location, 409 Granada
October 2012                                    Venice City E-News                                        Page 11

 Venice Museum and Archives features talent of Dick Hyman
   World renowned composer and jazz pianist Dick Hyman was the
guest of honor at the grand opening of a show that celebrates his life.
The Venice resident, and his wife, Julia, a sculptor, enjoyed the compa-
ny of many friends and some new acquaintances at the Triangle Inn
Sept. 20. The exhibit includes posters, albums and other memorabilia
surrounding his life-long work as a musician. The show, “The Virtuoso of
Venice: The Jazz Artistry of Dick Hyman,” continues through Nov. 21.
See Page 10 for museum days and hours.

                                                                           Dick Hyman poses in front of several of
                                                                           his musical albums on display at the
                                                                           Venice Museum and Archives.

                                 Celebrating Venice Heritage
                                                                                The Venice Historic Society
                                                                            unveiled an historic marker at the
                                                                            former San Marco Hotel and
                                                                            Kentucky Military Institute, now
                                                                            the Venice Center Mall Sept. 13.
                                                                            The 1926 structure originally
                                                                            housed one of the first hotels in the
                                                                            city. Later, after it was abandoned
                                                                            during the Great Depression, it was
                                                                            brought back to life when the
                                                                            Kentucky Military Institute restored
                                                                            it for use as classrooms and dormi-
                                                                            tory from 1932 - 1970. Once again,
                                                                            it remained empty and deteriorat-
                                                                            ing until it was restored to its cur-
                                                                            rent condition. Several interesting
                                                                            shops and a restaurant are on the
                                                                            first floor, while the upper levels
                                                                            have been converted to condomini-
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               Bulletin Board
October 2012    Venice City E-News   Page 13

October 2012   Venice City E-News   Page 14

October 2012   Venice City E-News   Page 15

October 2012   Venice City E-News   Page 16
October 2012               Venice City E-News                                        Page 17

                   BOARD                                             Ghost
                                                   As part of the city’s year-long celebra-
                                                tion of its 85th anniversary of incorpora-
                                                tion, ghost story writer Kim Cool will show
                                                you where all the bodies are hidden when
                                                she leads you on a merry Halloween chase
                                                around downtown Venice to hunt for
                                                specters from the past who still haunt
                                                   Ghost Tours take place Monday, Oct.
                                                29 at 3 p.m., 4 p.m. and 5 p.m.; and
                                                Tuesday, Oct. 30 at 3 p.m. and 4 p.m. The
                                                tour takes place downtown and the cost is
                                                $15 per person. Tickets are limited and
                                                reservations are required. To reserve a
                                                spot, call Pam Johnson, 486-2626, ext.
October 2012                                     Venice City E-News                                      Page 18

Boy Scout Troop 77 is taking orders for Christmas trees, door wreaths and poinsettias. To place your order, print
and fill out the following form and then print a second form to fill out and keep as your receipt. Send order and
check to the address on the order form. Then bring your receipt to Grace United Methodist Church, 400 Field
Ave., Venice, to pick up your order Friday, Nov. 23. from noon - 7 p.m.; or Sat. Nov. 24, from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Orders for more than $150 are eligible for free delivery. For more information, call Matt Rich, (941) 716-3586.
October 2012       Venice City E-News   Page 19

               BULLETIN BOARD
October 2012       Venice City E-News   Page 20

               The Green Scene

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