How to tame your email by gcneophil9


									How to tame your email

Although the web may be the lnternet’s sexy front-end, its true value lies in e-mail. lt
has quickly become the method of communication of choice - more so than any other
method, be it fax, phone or snail mail.

However, the current reality is that, for every minute you save by using e-mail, you
probably waste many more just managing your e-mail; dealing . with the avalanche of
messages you receive every day. lf your have hundreds or thousands of messages in
your lnbox, you know what we mean. lt doesn’t have to be this way, and if you follow
the tips and tricks we’ve assembled here, you won’t be working for your e-mail any
longer; instead, it'll be working for you.

ln general, e-mail is a medium much better suited to today’s technical living
environment. Previously, what occupied so much real estate on your desk with
Post-lt notes serving to remind you of birthdays and holidays, directions and minutes
from various meetings, e-mail allows you to store and retrieve these reminders

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