How to remove branches from felled trees by gcneophil9


									How to remove branches from felled trees

Make sure that the tree is stable before de-branching it. Always stand in a well-balanced
position and where the ground is not slippery. Never stand on the log when sawing,
you may slip off or the log may move or roll. For those lower branches, bend your
knees, not your back. Do not let the tip   of the guide bar (kickback zone) touch any
branches or logs. Start taking ott branches from the upper part of the tree so the lower
branches can help balance it. Cut limbs on the tar side first, then the near side. Be
aware of branches or undergrowth that are under tension and watch out for branches
springing back when cut. Do not reach over the guide bar to remove any loose

Next, look at the trunk of the tree. lf it is leaning one way, it will be very hard to make
it fall another way. Also look at which way most of the limbs and branches are
growing. Trees do not always grow in a symmetrical pattern. lf there is an abundance
of limbs on one side, they will add weight to that side of the tree and likely cause it to
fall that way.

Once you have determined the path of the tree to the ground it is time to perform the
cut. lf your tree is located close to a house or any other structure, be very cautious. lf
you don’t feel comfortable, rather ask an expert to help. You can take out
insurance if there is potential risk of damaging something. Smaller trees are easier to
fell in one go if you guide the fall.

Use a ladder and begin as close to the top of the tree as possible. Cut branches
extending over structures in blocked sections, starting at the tip of the branch and
moving in toward the trunk. Do the same for sections of the trunk as you clear the
branches from each section until you have taken it all down to the ground.

Remember that resting a ladder up against a branch of which you are cutting sections
off from can cause the branch to suddenly lift higher once some of its weight is cut off
and leave you hanging in the air juggling with a chainsaw. Work your way down,
moving around the tree to avoid removing too much weight from any one side.

Cut branches that haxe and open area beneath them from the top of the branch so
that it naturally swings downward before the cut is complete. Be cautious that the
branch does not swing clown and slap the ladder from underneath you, again leaving
you hanging in mid~air. Make sure there is no one below you and finish the cut,
allowing the branch to fall straight down. To make things easier, tie one encl of a rope
to the end section of the branch to be cut, beyond the cutting site.

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