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									Ninth Grade Literature and Composition
Year-long Syllabus 2012-2013     Johns Creek High School
Theo Economos -,
Shawn Moore –,

        Text - Literature: Timeless Voices, Timeless Themes - replacement cost: market price

The Georgia Performance Standards for Language Arts may be found at Click English/Language Arts, scroll to Grades 9-12, and
choose the grade level.

All literary genres including novels, short stories, non-fiction, poetry and drama will be interwoven
throughout the different thematic units, drawing students attention to how literary themes can and do
connect to their real world experiences by revealing enduring understanding of universal themes. Major
works include but are not limited to:

        Animal Farm – George Orwell
        Edith Hamilton’s Mythology
        Fahrenheit 451~ Ray Bradbury
        The Pearl ~ John Steinbeck
        Romeo and Juliet ~ William Shakespeare
        100 Great Essays ~ Robert Diyanni
        Various Op/Ed articles

*The teacher reserves the right to alter the course of study and assignments as he deems necessary and
beneficial to the students. If changes occur, students will be notified in advanced during class. All
JCHS policies will be enforced within the classroom

Grading Policy:
       Major Assessments                60%
       Minor Assessments                20%
       Final Exam/EOCT                  20%
       (Second Semester the End of Course Test (EOCT) will count 20% of the student’s grade.)

Classroom Materials: Students are expected to have the relevant textbook(s) and/or novels for every class
period. In addition, students will need one notebook with several ORGANIZED sections, appropriate
paper for compositions, and a blue or black pen. I highly recommend a continuous supply of self-stick
notes. They are invaluable for a text in which students are not allowed to write, and they will be part of
some required assignments. High School-level students do not borrow self-stick notes, pens, pencils, or
paper from the teacher or a classmate.

Absences/Make-up Work: It is the student’s responsibility to complete all work within the prescribed time.
Please refer to the Student/Parent Handbook
These rules will be strictly enforced.
               1) Late homework will be accepted only in the case of an excused absence.
               2) Major assignments missed due to unexcused absences (other than homework) will be accepted with
                     a penalty of ten points per day late. Missed tests or presentations that were assigned before the
                 student was absent will be due the day the student returns to school. Assignments that were not
                 known will be due according to Fulton County policy - one day's grace for each day absent.
             3) Work missed due to an excused absence will have the same number of days absent to make up the
                 work. No penalties will be imposed. However, students present at school the day an assignment
                 is due but not in class, must still submit the assignment to the teacher before the start of the class
                 period. As stated above, missed tests or presentations that were assigned before the student was
                 absent will be due the day the student returns to school. Assignments that were not known will be
                 due according to Fulton County policy - one day's grace for each day absent.
              4) The instructor will NOT remind the student of work (including papers or tests) that needs to be
                 made up. It is the sole responsibility of the student to ask for make-up work and to provide
                 late or missing work to the instructor.

        I am available for conferences and extra help by appointment.

Honor Code
Remember our JCHS Core Value: INTEGRITY FIRST
Student assignments turned in for grading should be the sole work of that individual student. To prevent
plagiarism, students may not collaborate or work with other students or adults on their assignments unless
the teacher has given specific instructions to do so. This includes the sharing of information via personal
electronic devices, in person, or by any other method. In an effort to encourage good study habits, fair
competition, and positive development in the area of academics, the Johns Creek faculty supports a strong
policy against cheating. See student handbook for further information on cheating.

                            3 Essential Ground Rules

                        i. Arrive on time and be prepared
                       ii. Follow directions the first time they are given.
                      iii. Respect others as well as class materials

Signature Sheet (Return to Teacher)

This sheet should be signed and returned; it will then be kept on file in the classroom. The rest of the
syllabus should be kept at the front of your Language Arts notebook for the rest of the semester.

Acceptable Use Policy for Network and Internet Access
Students need to read and be familiar with the Technology Ethics Code, found on pages 34-36, in the
student handbook.

I understand the Acceptable Use Policy for Network and Internet Access

Parent Signature_________________________________

Student Signature________________________________

Language Arts Media Guidelines: Within the curriculum there poses the opportunity for teachers to
incorporate different forms of technology into the classroom. One of these forms of technology is the
showing of clips of related movies or related movies in their entirety. These films will be rated G, PG, PG-
13 or, in some cases, R. News programming and other television/internet broadcasts related to literature or
current events may also be viewed. If you have any concerns about video viewing, please indicate the
concern on this form. Please see below for a list of possible selections and ratings:

The Odyssey     (1997, PG-13)                                   Romeo and Juliet (1996, PG-13)
O Brother, Where Art Thou? (2000, PG-13)                        Animal Farm (1999, PG)
Apollo 13 (1999, PG)                                            Blood Diamond (2006, R)
Sliding Doors (1998, PG-13)                                     Various Documentaries
Romeo and Juliet (1968, PG)                                     Various Author Biographies

I give permission for my child to view media used in language arts if selected according to the
guidelines listed above.

Parent Signature__________________________________

Student Signature_________________________________

*I have read and understand Mr. Economos’ syllabus.

______________________________________                ____________
Student’s Signature                                   Date

______________________________ _______                ____________
Parent or Guardian’s Signature                        Date


Student Name

Parent Name

Best number to reach a parent during the school day                                          Victory Oath:
                                                                                      We, the students of
Home phone number                                                                      Johns Creek High
                                                                                    School, vow to uphold
                                                                                       our core values of
Parent cell phone number                                                             Integrity first, Service
        Parent email address                                                            before self, and
                                                                                    Excellence in all we do
                                                                                    by setting the example
                                                                                       for all who follow.

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