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									                                                                                         In Memoriam

                                         Ericka Chambers Norman
                                         1968 – 2010

Ericka Chambers Norman, a national of the United                                                   Ericka’s colleague remembered that “she always made
States, was serving as a Board of Inquiry Officer for the                                          an effort to take care of others in the office in ways big
UN Stabilization Mission in Haiti (MINUSTAH).                                                      and small, whether that meant lending us movies from her
                                                                                                   extensive DVD collection or making sure that a cab driver
After graduating from Pomona High School in Los
                                                                                                   whom she befriended drove a number of us home safely
Angeles, California, Ericka studied at Smith College in
                                                                                                   during a night of rioting in Kosovo in March 2004.”
Northampton, Massachusetts, where she received a law
degree in 1991.                                                                                    “Ericka’s strong spiritual faith, determination, her voice
                                                                                                   speaking out against injustice, her belief in dreams, her
Ericka’s interest in the UN started when she visited a close
                                                                                                   refusal to accept defeat, and her good-heartedness will
friend working in Kosovo in 2000. She secured a post
                                                                                                   always live in our memories,” said another. Many others
in Kosovo with the UN Human Settlements Programme
                                                                                                   who knew her said “they were very lucky to have been
(UN-HABITAT) in 2001 before joining the UN Interim
                                                                                                   touched by her smile, her laughter and her presence.”
Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) in 2003 as
a Legal Officer. There, Ericka met her future Liberian                                             Said a colleague: “She balanced her spiritual faith
husband, Alvin (Curthis Alvin Norman) who also worked                                              effortlessly with her logical lawyer’s mind. She was a smart,
in UNMIK. They married in 2004 and relocated to Haiti                                              practical professional with integrity and dedication who
where they had a baby daughter. Her friends described                                              looked at issues from a solution-oriented perspective.”
Ericka as “a devoted wife and mother who passionately
                                                                                                   Colleagues and friends always felt like they could go to
embraced and celebrated both roles.”
                                                                                                   Ericka to seek advice because she was empathetic and
One of her colleagues said, “Throughout her time working                                           kind-hearted and, regardless of the situation, she always
for the UN, Ericka befriended many colleagues from                                                 tried to help in whatever way she could and often came
various parts of the world. She took delight in learning                                           up with creative solutions to problems.
about their home countries, their particular culture and
                                                                                                   “She was a smart, bright shining light. She loved this world
food and traveling to many places around the globe
                                                                                                   that she gave her gift of care, concern and commitment
including Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Thailand and Dubai,
                                                                                                   to,” described a colleague.
to name a few. She enjoyed cooking and would re-create
dishes from different parts of the world to the delight of                                         Ericka is survived by her husband Alvin and her
her friends and family.”                                                                           daughter.

These tributes were prepared based on information gathered from a number of sources, both within and outside the United Nations. They were drafted in the weeks that followed the Haiti
earthquake of 12 January 2010, in order to pay tribute to UN personnel who were killed. The tributes were intended for an internal audience of UN staff, and as such were published on
the UN Secretariat’s intranet called iSeek. As a courtesy to family members and friends of the victims, and at the request of several UN Member States, they are republished in their entirety
on this public page. They are not intended to be, nor should they be construed as, an official record of the United Nations. They should not be attributed any official status as to documenting
the situation of the individuals mentioned or not mentioned.

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