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									XXVII]                                 STANDING ORDERS                                   211

     These rules shall be called the "Service Rules" and shall apply to the clerical staff
and other servants of the University other than the teachers of the University. These
Rules are framed by the Syndicate under the powers vested in it under Section 22 (c) of
the Act.
     Unless there be something repugnant in the subject or text, the terms defined in
this Chapter are used in the rules in the sense here explained.
     a)   The 'Rules' means the 'Service Rules'.
    b)    'Cadre' means the sanctioned strength of a service or of an establishment.
     c)   'Duty' includes service as a probationer or apprentice, provided that such
          service is followed by confirmation.
    d)    'Pay' means the amount drawn monthly by a servant as pay, other than
          special pay or pay granted in view of his personal qualifications which has
          been sanctioned for a post held by him substantively or in an officiating
     e)   'Permanent Post' means a post carrying a definite scale of pay sanctioned
          without limit of time.
     f)   'Personal Pay' means additional pay granted to a servant in exceptional
          circumstances on personal consideration.
     g)   'Special Pay' means addition of the nature of pay granted in consideration of
          the specially arduous nature of his duties or of a specific addition to the work
          of responsibility.
    h)  'Time-scale Pay' means pay which rises by periodical increments from a
        minimum to a maximum.
     2. The Syndicate shall have the power to fix the clerical and last grade staff
establishments and the scales of salaries and allowances payable to them, to grant
them leave and leave allowances in accordance with the provisions of the leave rules
framed separately in this behalf and to grant compassionate allowance and gratuities in
accordance with the rules framed therefore.
     *2. (a) Re-employed persons Pay be fixed according to Rule 44 of the Tamil Nadu
Pension Rules, 78.
      3. No change, temporary or permanent, shall be made in the scale of pay of an
establishment and no additional establishment shall be entertained except with the
sanction of the Syndicate. The officer applying for such previous sanction shall submit
a statement showing the present and the proposed scale and explaining the reason for
revision, provided that to meet a special emergency the Vice-Chancellor may permit the
employment of temporary assistants for a period not exceeding a month on salary not
exceeding the minimum of the grade provided for the appointment, and report such
employment to the Syndicate.
     Provided further that the Vice-Chancellor may appoint temporarily clerks not
exceeding three in number in the months of May to August every year, if in his opinion
the work relating to admission to courses of study in the University required that such
appointments be made.

* Syndicate Res.No.31/9.1.1985
212                                LAWS OF THE UNIVERSITY                              [CHAP.

     4. Temporary appointments in the clerical and last grade staff establishment of the
University carrying definite rates of pay may be sanctioned by the Syndicate, ordinarily
for not more than six months at a time.
     5. The power of creating and abolishing appointments, temporary or permanent, in
the clerical and other establishment of the University shall be vested in the Syndicate.
     Appointments to clerical posts shall ordinarily be made from among the candidates
whose age do not exceed *30 at the time of appointment. **The Syndicate, however,
shall have the power to grant exemption from the age limit in special cases. *The
maximum age limit for recruitment to Technical Staff in University Service and that of
Class IV employees (Attender, Watchman, Sweeper, Gardener etc) is fixed as 30* years.
     6. All appointments to the ministerial establishments shall be made by
advertisement signed by the Registrar.
       The sanctioned strength of the several departments is indicated below:

                                EACH OF THE DEPARTMENTS
                                    (Vide Appendix -'C')


S.No.             Designation                         Qualifications Prescribed
  1.     ASSISTANT REGISTRAR            : Non-graduates with a minimum total
         (for Non-Graduates)              administrative service of 30 years in an
                                          University of which atleast 10 years of service
                                          in the cadre of Superintendent.
                                          (Res.No.47 of the Syndicate Dt.24.06.97)
                                          Non-graduates with a minimum total
                                          administrative service of 35 years in an
                                          University of which atleast 7 years of service in
                                          the cadre of Superintendent
                                          (Res.No. 38 of the Syndicate dated 03.06.99)
         (Graduates)                      First Class graduate or II Class Post Graduate
                                          with a minimum total administrative service of
                                          30 years in an University of which atleast 7
                                          years in the cadre of Superintendent
                                          (Res.No.47 of the Syndicate dated 24-06-1997).
  2.     SPECIAL OFFICER                : P.G. with II Class
  3.     PUB. RELATIONS OFFICER         : P.G in Social Works / P.G. in Public Relation
                                          with 5 years experience in Public Relation in
                                          institutions either Central/State Govt. Public
                                          Sector undertaking. (Syndicate Res.No.79
                                          dated 22.11.92).

* Syndicate Resolution No. 48 dated 29.1.86 and 35 dated 25.3.1986. and No.77 dated 29.5.1989
** As amended in Syn. Res. No. 16 dated 24.1.1965
XXVII]                             STANDING ORDERS                                    213

   4.    ASST. WORKS MANAGER         : A Pass in B.E.
   5.    ASSISTANT ENGINEER          : A pass in B.E.
   6.    GEO-CHEMICAL ANALYIST       : A Pass in M.Sc. Geology
   7.    DEPUTY FARM                 : A Pass in B.Sc. Agriculture (Syn.Res.No.75
         SUPERINTENDENT                Dt.28.12.82)
   8.    ORCHARD MANAGER             : A Pass in B.Sc. Agriculture (Syn.Res.No.75
   9.    HORTICULTURIST              : A Pass in B.Sc.Horticulture (Syn.Res.No.75
  10.    INSTRUCTOR SPL. GRADE       : B.E with I Class (Syn. Res. No. 57 dated 26-07-
  11.    JUNIOR ENGINEER             : Diploma in concerned discipline.
  12.    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT (LIB) : Any Degree with B.L.I.S.
  13.    GLASS BLOWER                : A Pass in Diploma in Glass Blowering
  14.    LAB. TECHNICIAN             : Faculty of Science : P.G. Degree in concerned
                                       Faculty of Engineering & Technology : B.E.
                                       I Class in Concerned discipline.
                                       (Syn. Res. No. 117 dated 12-03-1994)
  15.    ASSISTANT PROGRAMMER        : B.Sc. (Computer Science) with 2 Years
                                       experience in Programming or M.Sc. Computer
                                       Science or M.C.A.
                                       (Syndicate Res.No.54 Dt.16.10.97)
  16.    MANAGER (AUTO GARAGE)       : Diploma in Automobile Engg.
  17.    TECHNICAL ASSISTANT         : A Pass in Diploma in Civil/ Electrical/
                                       Mechanical/ Chemical Engineering
  18.    LAB. TECHNICIAN (U.G.)      : Graduate / Diploma in concerned discipline.
                                       (Syn. Res.No. 57 dated 26-07-1993)
  19.    LAB. ASSISTANT CUM          : A Pass in B.Sc.
  20.    LAB. TECHNICIAN(UG)         : Diploma in Computer Technology / Computer
         (Computer)                    Science with experience in Computer Hardware
                                       Trouble Shooting and Network Maintenance
                                       under different operating system environment.
  21.    SANITARY INSPECTOR          : S.S.L.C. with Certificate Course in Paramedical
  22.    COMPUTER                    : A Pass in Diploma in Paper Technology (Syn.
                                       Res. No.35 dated 15-09-1975)
  23.    SECTION CUTTER              : S.S.L.C. with Experience in Section Cutting.
  24.    INSTRUCTOR                  : A pass in Diploma in Mechanical Engg.
  25.    A/C MECHANIC                : Diploma in A.C & Refrigeration with two years
                                       experience (or) I.T.I.(A.C.) with 5 years

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