“Suicide Bombings The Ultimate Weapon by chenboying


									“Suicide Bombings: The Ultimate Weapon?” by Yoram Schweitzer
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. What is the author’s thesis? What is Schweitzer’s definition of a suicide attack? a) Describe the ‘modern’ suicide bomber. b) Modern suicide bombings were introduced by whom, when and where? What is the primary condition to define a suicide attack? a) According to this article, who are the leading terrorist organizations? b) How many suicide attacks have been carried out by these groups? a) Which is the most prominent terrorist group? b) When did they begin to use suicide bombings as a means of terrorism? c) How many have been carried out? d) Who are their targets? Have they been successful with this goal? What are the motives for these attacks? List the ways in which the explosives may be concealed by the terrorist groups. How can countries be successful when coping with suicide terrorism?

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