Causes of the Civil War 2 by lizzy2008



                                         Civil War

List 2-3 facts about the civil war that you already know.

What is Sectionalism?

List 4-5 characteristics of each region. Include at least one illustration for each region.

North                                  South                                          West
                     Causes of the Civil War

Directions: Complete the timeline by explaining the event and describe how you think it
led to the war.

1850: Fugitive Slave Act?

       *Whom does this event anger and why?

1852: Uncle Toms Cabin?

       *Whom does this book anger and why?

1854: Kansas-Nebraska Act?

       *Popular Sovereignty

1855: Bleeding Kansas?

1860: Election of 1860?

       *Whom does it anger and why?

1861: Fort Sumter?

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