Causes of Civil War Day 2 by lizzy2008


									                                  UNIVERSITY OF MAINE AT FARMINGTON

                                     LESSON PLAN FORMAT

Teacher’s Name: Mr. Craig Pendleton                                 Date of Lesson: 2
Grade Level: 10                                              Topic: Causes of Civil War

Student will understand that major issues in the Civil War influenced the United States.
Student will know the reasons why the war began, and cause and effect of each.
Student will be able to tell a story about what caused the Civil War.

Maine Learning Results Alignment
 Social Studies E. History
E1 Historical knowledge, concepts, themes and patterns. Students will understand major eras, major
enduring themes, and historic influences in the United States and world history, including the roots of
democratic philosophy, ideals and institutions in the world.
9-Diploma (Civil War)
b. Identify and analyze major historical eras, major enduring themes, turning points, events,
consequences, and people in the history of Maine, the United States and various regions of the world.
Rationale- how does your lesson support the MLR? The lesson supports the MLR standard by
understanding the historical knowledge, concept, themes and patterns in which caused the Civil War.


Formative (Assessment for Learning)

• Students will write up what they think was the main cause of the Civil War. They will receive feedback
from me but will not be graded by whether it is right or wrong, but how much effort they put into it.

• Students will write a one-page blog entry discussing the class debate and write up about each different
cause talked about in the debate. This will be graded by using a checklist.

Summative (Assessment of Learning)

• Students will be split up into 3 groups based on their main cause of the Civil War, and combine their
thoughts to present them in a class debate. The debate will be graded using a rubric presented at the
beginning of the lesson.

Integration- Technology- Students will use technology by creating a blog in order to keep a journal on
their laptops.
English- Students will need to read informational texts and students will need to write up their ideas and a
Groupings- Students will be assigned to one of three groups based on what they were given for what
caused the Civil War. They will pick out of a hat. Each group will nominate a recorder, a lead
researcher, and a facilitator. Each group member needs to report out during the debate and do research for
their group.

Differentiated Instruction

Strategies- MI’s (list)-
        •Linguistic- Students will write reflections on the debate.
        • Logical- Students will use factual information to present their case
        •Interpersonal/Intrapersonal- Students will need to use intrapersonal and interpersonal
intelligence by working in groups on the debate and doing research on their topic on their own.
        •Spatial- During the debate students have the option of presenting photos and drawings to help
make their debate better.
        •Musical-There will be Civil War drummer boy music playing in the background.

       Modifications/Accommodations- I will review student’s IEP, 504 or ELLIDEP and make
appropriate modifications and accommodations. If a student is absent for the day of the debate, they will
have to write a two-page paper discussing what they believe was the main cause of the Civil War.

       Extensions: Students may create an interactive PowerPoint showing what they think is the main
cause of the start of the Civil War.

Materials, Resources and Technology

• Students will need their laptops to do research; also I will check out books from the library on the
subject matter, along with writing utensils if they do not wish to type up their information.

Source for Lesson Plan and Research


Maine Standards for Initial Teacher Certification and Rationale
Standard 3 - Demonstrates a knowledge of the diverse ways in which students learn and develop by
      providing learning opportunities that support their intellectual, physical, emotional, social, and
      cultural development.
Rationale: In this lesson, six different intelligences will be used to appeal to an array of learners.

•      Standard 4 - Plans instruction based upon knowledge of subject matter, students,
       curriculum goals, and learning and development theory.
Rationale: I will provide great knowledge of all of the causes of the Civil War so they will have prior
knowledge before the debate so when are given their topic on what caused the war they have background
information on it.

•       Standard 5 - Understands and uses a variety of instructional strategies and appropriate
        technology to meet students’ needs.
Rationale: I will engage my students in class lectures and discussions, and work with them to create a
debate. I will have them use technology by writing in their blogs, and I will allow them to use technology
if they would like during the debate.

•       Standard 8 - Understands and uses a variety of formal and informal assessment
        strategies to evaluate and support the development of the learner.
Rationale: For informal assessment I will have the students write up what they think was the main cause
of the Civil War. I will provide feedback and grade them by using a rubric. I will have them write a one-
page blog entry discussing the class debate and write up about each different view of the cause. I will
have my students assess by how they participate and how they present the factual information. A rubric
will be provided so that they know what they must do to receive full credit.

Teaching and Learning Sequence:
• Clip from Gettysburg
•Get into groups
•Research cause of war
        •Find 2 letters from soldiers to family members or vice versa, write a quick abstract
        •Write in journal

10 minutes: When students walk in there will be Civil War theme music playing and it will be played
throughout the class. Students will be shown a clip from “Gettysburg” showing that not all soldiers fought
to preserve slavery. The desks will be set up 3 groups based on and issue that could be viewed as a main
cause of the war. The issues will be taxes, states rights, and “Manifest Destiny.” Each group will have to
show how it was an issue for the Union and the Confederates. They want to be as spread out as possible
so that they can plan for their debate without giving away information to other groups. (Hook, Where,
Why, musical, interpersonal)
25 minutes: Once in groups they will share the research that they did the night before with each other.
The assignment from the night before is to research what they believed was the main cause of the Civil
War and find 4 resources to back them up. They will choose what they want to use and how they will
want to present it. Students will then do research more on their laptops and in the books that have been
checked out from the library to finalize their case. Students will have come prepared for this task so if
they have all of their research done they will have more time to plan how they want to plan the debate.
To do well in the debate, the must prove knowledge of their issue and what made that issue a key
component to the Civil War and proved key factual information. The goal is for each group to put forth
the best examples on how their issue was the main cause of the Civil War. (What, Equip, Explore,
Revise, Rehearse, Tailors: Interpersonal, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical, Logical)

30 Minutes: Students will now have a deep understanding of their issue through resources provided and
resources online and be ready to prove that their issue was the leading cause of the war and explain why.
Teams will take turns addressing their case. They will have 8 minutes each to show the other groups their
information. If they need to use their computers and a projector to present information they may do so.
After their 8 minutes is up, they must stop, sit back down, and listen. Students will want to takes notes of
what each group has to say because they will need to reflect on it later. After all 3 groups have gone they
will be given 2 more minutes for a rebuttal. This is where they will want to put their final touches on their
case. (Explore, Experience, Rethink, Revise, Tailors: Musical, Verbal, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Spatial,
Logical, Interpersonal.)

15 Minutes: While the judge (me) deliberates on the winner, students will blog a reflection on the debate
providing examples of all 3 groups issues. In their blogs they will also write what they thought of the
assignment and what should be changed, and what they think they’re group should receive for a grade.
They will have a rubric to follow. I will have been taking note throughout the debate with the same rubric
in front of me so that I am able to score them as well. At the end of the class I will announce who came up
with the best argument on what was the main cause of the war. (Rethink, Self Evaluate, Tailor:
Interpersonal, Verbal/Linguistic.)

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