Prospectus - Otumoetai College by zhangsshaohui123


									      PROSPECTUS 2013

Doctrina            OTUMOETAI
  Vitam              COLLEGE

                    Le t l ea r ni ng en li gh te n l if e
                        H e akonga te or anga

   The College Motto
The motto was designed by Mr F Graham and embodies three concepts.

The silver torch with its red flame standing on a forest green background,
depicts the light of learning to be kept burning and handed on from
generation to generation.

The star beneath the torch is the heraldic recognition of Otumoetai as the

third college in the community.

The silver waves on the dark blue background represent the quiet waters of
the estuary near the college. In former years the Maori people of Matakana
Island regularly crossed the harbour to the estuary to set their nets and spend
a quiet day on the shore. The peaceful serenity of the area is implied in its

name, Otumoetai - “peaceful Waters”.

The motto ‘DOCTRINA VITAM ILLUMINET” ( Let learning enlighten life / He
Akonga te Oranga) reminds us that education is not merely a process of
obtaining qualifications for a job, but one which should bring us wisdom and
so improve the quality of our lives and of the world in which we live.

The college motto is therefore more than an adornment for clothing; it
embodies ideas which can be an inspiration to us now and in later life.

Our Vision
Create a united community of resilient lifelong learners
where knowledge, social skills and a culture of care are
valued and where all learners achieve their potential.

Hanga he häpori whakapai äkonga, mutunga kore,
Whai pükenga, möhiotanga mo ngä ahurea katoa
Kia eke panuku, eke tangaroa.

Mission Statement
Otumoetai College provides a quality, broad-based, education that
encourages high achievement, respects all cultures and leads all
students to experience personal and academic success.

The values encouraged by our College are:

             Belonging and Connecting
             Growing Strong Relationships
             Life long, life wide learning

      •      Promoting high expectations
      •      Serving our community

Tü pakaritia te Ao Hurihuri
Manaaki – Awhinatia kia pakari ai ngä hua whaipainga

    Illuminet                                                       1
Hauhaketia ngä Paetata
Rapua, whaia hoki ngä Pae tawhiti ö Te Mätauranga
Coeducation is a
quality education
Otumoetai College is a coeducational secondary school.

The Board and Management are committed to the belief that
coeducation best prepares students of both genders for adulthood.

They believe that the school is an ideal environment for learning
the skills and developing the attitudes which best serve the social
and educational development of both genders.

The Board and Management believe young men and women, who
relate well to each other, are equipped for success throughout life.

Growing the
Otumoetai Way
The Otumoetai Way is a carefully constructed initiative to foster
and bring to a reality the school values. Using student voice key
themes are developed at each year level to help students learn and
exhibit the behaviours associated with the values.

Year 9
Year 10
Year 11
             Identifying New Opportunities
             Making Positive Choices
             Taking Responsibility

Year 12      Developing Leadership
Year 13      Becoming Responsible Citizens

Commitment to the Otumoetai Way is an integral part of being a

member of our Otumoetai College Community.
Welcome to Otumoetai College                                                                           4

Personnel: Board of Trustees and Senior Staff                                                          5

Learning by creative performance                                                                     6-7

Learning to think and question                                                                       8-9

Curriculum Structure                                                                               10-11

Learning by participation in sport                                                                 12-13

Learning about future careers                                                                      14-15

Learning to lead and contribute                                                                    16-17

Uniform Code                                                                                       18-19

Current Information about the College can be located on the College

PO Box 8033, Cherrywood, Tauranga 3145, New Zealand.

Windsor Road, Bellevue. Phone 07 576 2316 Fax 07 576 8903
Email address:

Many of the photos used in this publication have been taken by Bay of Plenty Times photographers

and Bill Hodges – we are grateful for their support of Otumoetai College students and staff.

Visual representation of College vision and values by
Josh Piho, Angela Fearnley, Morgan-Leigh Lynds and Hannah Ouellett
                                                    Kia Ora.
 Board of Trustees                                  Greetings from the staff of Otumoetai College.               Our school continues to be redeveloped and this
                                                                                                                 development, along with future planning, has placed
 Chairperson                     Sharon Hitchcock   We trust that this will be the beginning of a happy and
                                                                                                                 the school at the forefront of educational facilities for
 Deputy Chairperson              John Paine         worthwhile association with the College for you and
                                                                                                                 the twenty-first century.
 Principal                       Dave Randell       your son or daughter.

 Staff Representative            Simon Wheatley                                                                  The school aims to ensure that all students are well
                                                    A successful secondary education is vital as a foundation
                                                                                                                 prepared to move on to further education or into the
 Student Representative (2012)   Daryl Jones        for life. The modern world is an exciting place for those
                                                                                                                 workforce. We trust that they will take with them a
                                                    who are well trained and educated, who have good
                                                                                                                 sense of purpose and self-worth, a love of learning, and
 Board Members                   Barry Benny        social and personal skills, who know the importance of
                                                                                                                 an understanding that learning will be life-long.      In
                                                    commitment and hard work, who are independent and
                                 Helen Neale                                                                     other words, they are in the best possible position to
                                                    responsible learners, who strive for excellence and who
                                 Jude Spicer                                                                     live up to our school motto:
                                                    work best in a co-operative environment.
                                                                                                                 Doctrina Vitam Illuminet,
 PTA Chairperson                 Toni de Rijk       These goals, clearly expressed in our school mission
                                                                                                                 He Akonga te Oranga,
                                                    statement, are for all our students regardless of their
                                                                                                                 Let Learning Enlighten Life.
                                                    background or abilities. Our records show that we are
                                                    highly successful in achieving these goals. There is an
                                                    expectation that our students will succeed.

                                                    Even though Otumoetai College is a large school, we
                                                                                                                 D.G. Randell
                                                    focus on the Otumoetai Way and organise the school
                                                    in such a way that we are able to focus on students
                                                    individually.     Our Form Teacher, Dean and Guidance
                                                    systems or pastoral care, the Learning Centre, the
                                                    Student Support and Peer Support programmes, our
                                                    Advanced Learner and Learning Support classes all make

                                                    it possible to work with, monitor and care for students
                                                    as individuals.

                                                    Information about students’ achievements and initiatives
                                                    is provided to parents / caregivers on the college website

                                                    and also through ‘Contact’ – the college newsletter which
                                                    is published three times per term and also available on
                                                    the College website. The Parent Teachers
                                                    Association holds monthly meetings
                                                    and gives direct support to a variety

                                                    of school events for example, the

 4                                                  international food festival and the
                                                    annual bookarama.
Senior Leadership
Principal                                   Dave Randell         Dip PE, Dip Ed, Dip Tch
Deputy Principal                            Bruce Farthing       MA(Hons), Dip Ed Admin, Adv Dip Tch, ATCL
Deputy Principal                            Ricky Feutz          MA(Hons), Dip Tch
Deputy Principal                            Pip Woodward         BEd, Dip Sport Mngmt, Dip Tch
Deputy Principal                            Jude Brown           BA, Dip Tch

Heads of Faculties / Departments
Art                                         Colin Mossong        Dip. Fine Arts (Hons), Dip Tch
Business                                    Andrew Loader        BCom, BSc, Dip Tch
Careers/Gateway/Transition                  Kay Farthing         BEd, DipTch, ATCL
Computing                                   Alan Galletly        MA, Dip Ed
Drama                                       Mandy Rowe           BA (Hons), PGCE
English                                     David Shefferd       BA, Dip Tch
Guidance                                    Grant Nissen         Dip Tch, Dip Couns
Homerooms                                   Jan Miles            TTC
International Students                      Roy Ballantyne       BA, Dip Tch
Languages                                   Tina Marsh           IOL Diploma in Spanish, PGCE
Learning Centre                             Claire Lander        BA, Dip Tch
Library                                     Carolyn Harrowfield   NZLC
Maori                                       Hiriwa Curnow        B.M.Ed, Dip Tohu M M, Dip Tch, TTC
Mathematics                                 Jason Ellwood        BCom, Bsc, Dip Tch
Music                                       Vicky Jeffares       BMu Ed(Hons), LTCL, Dip Tch
Outdoor Education                           Barry Dick           BSc, Dip Tch
Physical Education/Health                   Jamie Davis          BPhEd, Dip Tch
Science                                     Jean Grattan         BSc, Dip Tch
Social Science                              Larry Dixon          MA(Hons), Dip Tch
Special Needs                               Caly Pillay          BEd, Dip Tch
Sports Manager                              Jenny Kirk           Diploma in Sport & Recreation
Technology (Hard Materials) & Graphics      Kevin Meyer          Dip Tch, Adv Trade Cert
Technology (Soft Materials) & Hospitality   Lois Jelley          TTC, Sec. Tchg. Dip

Year 9                                      Josephine Mawer      M Soc Sci (Hons), Dip Tch
                                            Andrew Rapley        Dip Tch
Year 10                                     Julie Leslie         BPhEd, Dip Tch
                                            Simon Wheatley       BSoc Sci, Btchg, MAppLing

Year 11                                     Yvonne Burmester     BSc, Dip Tch
                                            Richard Brown        B Ed
Year 12                                     Sandra Boubee        BPhEd, Dip Tch
                                            Simon Hayward        BSoc Sc, Dip Tch
Year 13                                     Kim Whyte            BA, Dip Tch
                                            Phil Newton          BA, Dip Tch

Senior Administrators                       Christine Pearson    Dip PE, Dip Tch
                                            Iain McGregor        BA, Dip Tch

Pou-Herenga Mätauranga Mäori
                                            Hiriwa Curnow        B.M.Ed, Dip Tohu M M, Dip Tch, TTC          Painted by Reuben Anderson
 LEARNING by Creative Performance
The College has a well deserved                                                                     students to use and develop their creative skills.
                                                                                                    Considerable prestige is associated with
reputation for excellence in its diverse                                                            representing the college in these events and
programme of Performing Arts.                                                                       this is reflected in the strong competition to be
                                                                                                    awarded this honour.
Creative expression is explored across the
                                                                                                    The school provides various opportunities
curriculum through studies in Visual Arts,
                                                                                                    during the year for students to see performances
Music, Performing Arts and Drama. While many
                                                                                                    or attend workshops taken by touring drama
students avail themselves of these options, the
                                                                                                    groups, poets, writers and musicians.
majority of students express their interest in
creative arts as a co-curricular activity.
                                                                                                    Performances at assemblies provide an
                                                                                                    opportunity for the school community to come
The Music department caters for musical                                                             together and celebrate student’s creative
interests and talents from beginners to very                                                        talents. There are also a number of occasions
able musicians. The school has various choirs,                                                      held throughout the year for parents to come
barbershop quartets, chamber groups, jazz                                                           and celebrate the creative talents of our
ensembles, rock bands and two symphonic                                                             students.
bands. Groups meet and perform regularly
and have enjoyed success at both local,
regional, national and international level of      The school community supports an enthusiastic
competition.                                       and highly disciplined Kapa Haka group
                                                   which frequently receives recognition for both
Students   are    engaged in many stage            group and individual performances in regional
productions each year ranging from classic         competitions and festivals. Over the years the
drama through to modern day large cast             group has had a high profile within the school.
musicals. Participation is encouraged in a range
        of ways including lighting, sound, set     Public speaking, debating and mooting
6       construction, as well as on-stage roles.   competitions are further opportunities for
  LEARNING t o T h i n k a n d Q u e s t i o n
                                                             The college offers multi-level studies which means,          learning focus on the Maori Education Strategy,
Student learning is the paramount                            where appropriate, students select courses for NCEA          Ka Hikitia – Managing for Success.
focus of all classroom and                                   at any level (1 through 3) within a calendar year.
                                                                                                                          This approach is on lifting the performance of the
                                                             Considerable effort goes into helping students make
associated school activities.                                the most appropriate course choices. A Subject Choice        education system for Maori students through the
                                                             Week is held each year in Term 3 with a focus on             involvement of the whole school community. Ka Hikitia
                                                             planning future courses.                                     focuses on stepping up to build strong foundations.
The college’s learning programmes are secured in
proven pedagogy and aligned to the New Zealand                                                                            The school is proud of its examination results.
curriculum. The students develop skills for an unknown       The college has put in place a number of targeted            However, above all, the school seeks to give students
world – to question, to research, to think creatively,       programmes to support learning:                              the confidence to become the best they can; to become
to evaluate, to process data and outcomes. Students                                                                       learners for life with a strong desire to continue moving
learn to empathise and appreciate the viewpoints of          • Students identified as advanced learners are grouped        forward into the unknown world of the future.
others and to challenge, so as to find their own way in         together in classes with a focus on higher order
the world ahead.                                               thinking. These students are invited to attend a
                                                               learning retreat and will be given an opportunity
Students are grouped according to ability within each          to explore areas of personal interest through the
subject to best advantage their progress. Classroom            college’s mentoring programmes.
learning and all extra curricula and co-curricula            • The Learning Centre and the Direction Programme
activities serve to further advance learning.                  cater for specific learning needs.
                                                             • Assisted learning classes cater for students who find
Our students are encouraged to enter a range of                learning in mainstream classes difficult.
national competitions and to avail themselves of all
the field trip opportunities which aim to put the theory      • The special needs unit caters for students at all levels
learned in class into practice.                                who have identified significant needs. The unit is
                                                               staffed by specialist teachers.
Although all students study a compulsory programme in        • A Poutama class operates at years 10 and 11 to
year 9, the course structure allows the choice of a second     enhance opportunities for Maori learners.
language. In year 10, English, Mathematics, Science,
Social Science and Physical Education are compulsory         • International student language support is provided
with students choosing from a range of other subjects.         for students who are learning English as a second
English and Mathematics are compulsory in year 11. In          language. There is programmed curriculum support
Year 12 and Year 13 there are no compulsory subjects.          at every level for as many hours as are considered
The College is committed to the National Certificate            necessary on an individual basis.
of Educational Achievement NCEA Level 1, Level 2 and
          Level 3. The college also prepares students for    Otumoetai College is committed to raising the
                                                             achievement of all students with a specific focus on

          the scholarship examination and for a range
          of other National Certificates.                     our Maori learners. We have a targeted professional
YEAR 9                                                                                         YEAR 11 - 13 COURSES
Full Year                                                                                      The multi-level senior school timetable evolves in response to student choice
English, Mathematics, Physical Education & Health, Science and Social Science                  and student demand. At a point in late January it becomes fixed and students
                                                                                               have to accept a fixed timetable structure. Students may also not get their first
One Term                                                                                       preference as class size becomes a significant factor.
Drama, Music, Visual Art, Digital Business, Graphics/Design and Visual                         Entry into courses is determined by subject prerequisites and/or Head of
Communication, Materials Technology, Food Technology/Nutrition                                 Department approval.
                                                                                               Students need to access the Subject Selection Booklet (available on the College
Language Option                                                                                website) to select a programme of study. All Year 11 students study 6 subjects,
Te Reo Maori (half year), Spanish (10 weeks), Japanese (10 weeks)
                                                                                               Year 12 students study 5 subjects. If they wish to study a 6th subject students
Students who select half year Te Reo Maori will have Music included in the
                                                                                               must make an application which will be negotiated with their Deans. All Year
course. Access to these courses is available in Year 10 with no Year 9 prerequisite.
                                                                                               13 students study 5 subjects.
Language Option Selected
 First Choice:                              Second Choice:
                                                                                               LEVEL 1                                        Japanese
                                                                                                Accounting                                    Mathematics
                                                                                                Art Visual                                    Maths Advanced Learners
YEAR 10                                                                                         Building, Construction & Allied Trades        Maths Alternate
Full Year                                                                                       Business                                      Maths Modular
English, Mathematics, Physical Education & Health, Science and Social Science                   Computer Skills                               Maths Numeracy
                                                                                                Computing (National Certificate)               Mechanical Engineering
Optional Subjects                                                                               Digital Media                                 Media Studies
Plus a selection of the following, amounting to two full year equivalent courses. To
                                                                                                Digital Science                               Music
fit with Ministry of Education regulations, the only restriction is that students must
                                                                                                Drama                                         Music Contemporary
choose at least one course (full or half year) from both Columns One and Two.
                                                                                                Economics                                     Musicianship
     Column One                  Column Two             Other Courses offered:                  Electronics                                   Office Skills

                                                                                                Employment Skills                             Performing Arts
         ARTS                    TECHNOLOGY                       Business **                                                                 Physical Education
       Drama**               Food and Nutrition*                   Japanese                     English / Literacy                            Science
 Drama/Performing Arts      Hard Materials – Wood*                  Spanish                     Geography                                     Social Science
        Music*              Hard Materials – Metal*              Te Reo Maori                   Graphics & Design & Visual Communication      Spanish

     Visual Arts*               Soft Materials*                                                 Health & PE                                   Sports Science
                                Digital Design*        * Available as full year or half year    History                                       Te Reo Maori
                                Digital Science*                                                Horticulture – NCEA                           Technology - Food
                                                       ** Available as half year course only
                           Graphics/Design & Visual*                                            Horticulture – Industry Based                 Technology Metal
                                                       Subjects without an asterisk are
                                Communication          available as full year courses only.     Hospitality                                   Technology Soft Materials

                                                                                                International English                         Technology Wood

LEVEL 2                                                                  LEVEL 3
Accounting                              Hospitality                      Accounting                        Making Music
Art Design                              International English            Art Design                        Marine Studies
Art Exploration                         Japanese                         Art History                       Maths – Calculus
Automotive Studies                      Marine Studies                   Biology
                                                                                                           Maths – Statistics & Modelling
Biology                                 Mathematics                      Business
                                                                                                           Media Studies
Building/Construction & Allied Trades   Maths Alternate                  Chemistry
Business                                Maths Modular                                                      Music Studies
                                                                         Classical Studies
Chemistry                               Maths - Statistics               Computer Media                    Office Administration
Classical Studies                       Mechanical Engineering           Computing (National Certificate)   Outdoor Education
Computer Media                          Media Studies
                                                                         Digital Science                   Painting
Computing (National Certificate)         Music
                                                                         Directions                        Performing Arts
Digital Media                           Music Contemporary
                                                                         Drama                             Photography
Digital Science                         Musicianship
                                                                         Early Childhood Studies
Directions                              Office Administration                                               Physics
Drama                                   Outdoor Education                                                  Science
Early Childhood Studies                 Performing Arts                                                    Sociology
                                                                         Elite Sports Programme
Economics                               Physical Education (Practical)
                                                                         English                           Spanish
Electronics                             Photography
                                                                         English – Literacy                Sports Science
Employment Skills                       Physics
                                                                         English – University Entrance     Te Reo Maori
English                                 Science

Fashion & Design                        Sociology                        Fashion & Design                  Technical Skills
Gateway                                 Spanish                          Gateway                           Technology Food
Geography                               Sports Science                   Geography
                                                                                                           Technology – Product Development
Graphics/Design & Visual                Te Reo Maori                     Graphics/Design & Visual
                                                                                                              Design – Metal

   Communication                        Technology Food
                                                                                                           Technology – Product Development
Health & Nutrition                      Technology Metal                 Health
                                                                         History                              Design - Wood
Health & PE                             Technology Soft Materials
History                                 Technology Wood                  Hospitality                       Technology Soft Materials
Horticulture (Practical)                Tourism & Travel                 Japanese                          Tourism & Travel

 LEARNING by Participation in Sport
If you think sport can play a big part in           Maybe you have aspirations of making a             mean you will already be familiar with the
developing your life skills then Otumoetai          career in sport as an athlete or perhaps one       college facilities and sport staff making that
College can offer you the right environment.        of the many supporting roles that make sport       transition easier for all.
Supported by the Sports Foundation, made            happen on a worldwide occurrence everyday.
up of community members and key College             Otumoetai College sport can provide a good         Attending BOP Secondary School events are
staff, every effort is made to provide a quality    quality platform.                                  of high priority with many sports choosing to
                                                                                                       advance to a National Tournament. We have
sporting experience for everyone. A wide range
                                                                                                       a significant number of athletes who have
of sport is encouraged and managed by the
                                                                                                       achieved representative status with a number
Sports Office.
                                                                                                       reaching age group world championship
The general philosophy of making sport
accessible for all is complimented by encouraging
excellence in achieving Regional, National and
International recognition. The natural co-ed
environment provides a very life-like platform
and is proven to support a longer involvement
with student sporting activity.
                                                    The school has excellent sporting facilities,
Participation, excellence, coach                    which include gymnasiums, sports pavilion,
                                                    astroturf surface, mountain bike track and
development and the resourcing of
                                                    top class playing fields. Staff members, along
sport are the key objectives of the                 with many community coaches and managers
Sports Office.                                       provide a strong sporting network for our
                                                    students. An onsite physio service can encourage
Life long career choices are a real option          independent injury management.
        for students with the increasing
        development of professionalism in           A good working partnership with the
12      sport.                                      neighbouring Intermediate School can often
  LEARNING a b o u t F u t u r e C a r e e r s
Pathways to the next phase                          are well catered for by the Careers Department.    programme is tailored to meet individual
                                                    There      are    specific     transition-to-work   student needs.
of life, be it tertiary study or
                                                    programmes, which include work experience          Gateway
employment, is viewed as a key                      in the business community. Otumoetai College       Otumoetai College now runs the structured
responsibility of the College.                      has three structured work based programmes         work based learning programme Gateway.
                                                    – Work Linx, Job Search and Gateway. Each          This enables students to be placed into the
A     purpose built facility, incorporating a
                                                                                                       work environment while continuing to pursue
computer suite, display area and resource centre,
                                                                                                       their NCEA qualifications, thus gaining valuable
enables students to access information on
                                                                                                       real life experiences in association with their
careers and tertiary study. The careers advisors
                                                                                                       academic programmes.
have a wealth of experience and encourage
students to further develop their knowledge,
                                                                                                       Subject areas such as Travel and Tourism,
by using a variety of computer programmes and
                                                                                                       Hospitality, Automotive Studies, Business and
websites, in addition to the written material
                                                                                                       Technology programmes, all work directly
available and individual career counselling. The
                                                                                                       with Tertiary Institutions through the STAR
department carries up to date information on                                                           programme (Secondary Tertiary Alignment
all tertiary providers in New Zealand and liaises                                                      Resource). This funding enables a wider range
with Universities, Polytechnics, Local Industries                                                      of material to be included in their course as
and ITOs, all of whom are available to speak                                                           well as linking their school course to a tertiary
and work with students.                                                                                provider. This gives students the chance to
The College has close links with local industries                                                      experience tertiary styled education.
and businesses. One such link is INSTEP. This
initiative links local businesses, schools, staff
and pupils, aiming to enhance insight into the
opportunities for work / training within the
Tauranga / Bay of Plenty region.
Vocational Experience
        Senior students, for whom a full

14      academic programme is inappropriate,
  LEARNING to Lead and Contribute
While at College students will                       Many become peer support leaders. Peer support         Appropriate leadership training opportunities are

develop the ability to manage                        contributes      to     a      positive       school   available and continue to be developed at each
                                                     environment      by   encouraging    strong    links   level. These may take the form of camps, forums
themselves, relate positively to
                                                     between senior and junior students. It builds          and one day programmes. Student support is a
others and contribute towards their
                                                     relationships that help Year 9 students through        group of senior students selected and trained by
society.                                             the transition to secondary school. The programme      the Guidance staff. This group supports students
Students who follow the Otumoetai Way and            gives senior students real responsibility in caring    from across all levels who are new to the school,
contribute within the college community will learn   and leading others, it equips them with leadership     and also students who prefer to share their
to grow a sense of pride and belonging and the       skills that are a major benefit to themselves, their    personal concerns with a peer rather than, or in
confidence to participate in the wider community      school and society. Peer support leaders also          addition to, staff members.
upon leaving school.                                 assist international students and special needs
                                                                                                            We hope students will stay at Otumoetai until
                                                                                                            they complete Year 13 and that during this time
While students are under our care they will be
                                                     Four   head      students   and     the   students’    they will make significant contributions to the
given as much help as possible by teachers, deans,
                                                     representative to the Board of Trustees lead the       lives of others, through both formal and informal
guidance    counsellors,   whanau   support   and
                                                     Senior Executive, which is made up of leaders          leadership.
school managers to become responsible, active
                                                     of the following subcommittees; Creative Arts,
citizens with a positive attitude. Specific help is
                                                     Special Events, Wellbeing/Environment, Sports
given to groups and individuals to form positive
                                                     and Publicity.
relationships with their peers. This help aims to
develop a mature attitude towards authority          Year level 9-12 councils are made up of
and promote values which are crucial to good
                                                     representatives from each form class. The councils
citizenship, such as honesty and a concern for the
                                                     take responsibility for planning and organising
welfare of others.
                                                     various events such as the World Vision Famine,
Otumoetai College provides student leadership        the World Smoke Free Day, Zespri Youth Bank,
opportunities at all levels. Students from Year
                                                     Students against Drink Driving (SADD), Maori
           13 may become senior leaders in a
                                                     Careers Expo, and the Anti Harassment Student
16         variety of formal and informal ways.
                                                     Focus group.
             Head Students for 2012 are (pictured from left to right)
Baillie Malbon, Craig Tims, BOT Rep Daryl Jones, Josephine Shum, Shane Murphy   17
Uniform Code
All students must wear school uniform                                                         Correct uniform and tidy grooming is required when students are travel-
This encourages a sense of identity with the school and it also provides                      ling to and from college as well as during the school day. This also applies
a measure of security by identifying any non-students on school property.                     to trips away from school, unless students are otherwise instructed.

Girls                                                                                         Boys
Skirt           Black Watch Tartan wool/terylene regulation skirt                             Shorts          Mid-grey wool ‘Zealon’ shorts or ‘Grey Clan Gunn/Milton’ style
                Years 11, 12 & 13 option                                                                      polycotton shorts
                Regulation green skirt                                                        Top             Grey short-sleeved polo shirt with green Otumoetai College crest
Top             White short-sleeved polo-style shirt with green Otumoetai College Crest                       Year 11, 12 & 13 option
                Years 11, 12 & 13 option                                                                      White short-sleeved polo-style shirt with green Otumoetai College crest
                White shaped, short-sleeved blouse with green piping on sleeve                Jersey          Bottle green V-necked jersey with or without striped neckline
Jersey          Bottle green V-necked jersey with or without striped neckline                                 Year 13 option
                Year 13 option                                                                                Approved Year 13 jersey
                Approved Year 13 jersey                                                       Footwear        Plain, enclosed, flat, black shoes (no boots / ankle boots) with Otumoetai
Footwear        Plain, enclosed, flat, black shoes (no boots / ankle boots) with plain                         College socks (mid grey with 2.5 cm bottle green band). Brown sandals
                white socks or pantyhose (natural or black) or brown sandals with front                       with front and back straps, worn with backs up and without socks.
                and single back straps, worn with backs up and without socks (no slave        PE Uniform      Yr 9 - 12 – T-shirt – forest green with black side panels, forest green or
                sandals).                                                                                     black shorts in nylon, taslon or cotton
PE Uniform      Yr 9 - 12 – T-shirt – forest green with black side panels, forest green or                    Winter only: Forest green or black tracksuit pants
                black shorts in nylon, taslon or cotton                                                       Optional: Rugby-style jersey:
                Winter only: Forest green or black tracksuit pants                                            Monogrammed forest green with black stripe
                Optional: Rugby-style jersey:                                                 Dress Uniform   White long-sleeved, collared shirt with school tie; plain black
                Monogrammed forest green with black stripe                                                    regulation polyester/viscose trousers; plain, enclosed, flat, black leather
Dress Uniform   White long-sleeved, collared shirt with school tie; regulation senior green                   lace up shoes and socks; school blazer
                skirt or regulation black skirt (polyviscose) plain, enclosed, flat, black
                leather shoes with pantyhose (natural or black); school blazer

Sports Uniforms                                                                               Jewellery / Scarf
Most teams have uniforms that have been supplied by the school for the playing                Students may wear a wrist watch, one small nose stud, one small plain stud or
season. Otumoetai College tracksuits are available for hire from the school, by               sleeper in each ear or small spacer less than 10mm, one necklet which can be
teams representing the college at special events.                                             either a plain chain or leather thong, with or without one small attachment.

                                                                                              Scarfs can be either of the following:
                                                                                              Plain bottle green; plain black; plain white.
Optional items
•    A plain black or white singlet/T-shirt under tops, visible only at neckline (no long sleeves).
•    Regulation Otumoetai College jacket or blazer or Elite Sports or Music Jacket (by invitation);
     plain black raincoat (no sweatshirts or hoodies).
•    Caps must be plain black.
•    Regulation black dress trousers available from Active Outdoor or Postie Plus (trousers that
     are very similar are appropriate) to be worn only in terms 2 and 3. They must not be tight,
     low slung, or made from heavy cotton fabric, jean design as with external pockets studs etc.,
     no track pants. Year 13 students may wear black trousers all year.
•    Forest green Fashion Biz/Ocean Blue zip, long-sleeve anti-pill polar fleece, with embroidered
     Otumoetai College crest.
•    Year 13 only can wear a long sleeved black undergarment under the Year 13 jersey.
•    Regulation College raincoat / jacket.

Uniform Regulations
•    The uniform is to be worn to, at and from school and at all school functions and trips unless
     otherwise directed.

•    Items of clothing that are not listed in the code may not be worn as part of the uniform.

•    Skirts must be a reasonable length.

•    No boots or other footwear not fitting the descriptions given are to be worn. Shoes must
     be completely black with no other visible colour (includes laces, logos, uppers and soles).

•    For safety reasons, students must wear shoes (not sandals) in workshops and have hair tied
     back in technology classes and science laboratories.

•    Undergarments must not be visible at sleeve or waist.

•    Garments must not be over-large for the student.

•    Heavy make-up, (including coloured nail polish) and unnatural coloured hair-dye are not al-

•    Hair must be clean and tidy.

•    Boys must be clean shaven.

•    All items of clothing, including footwear, must be clearly marked with the owner’s name.

•    No other visible facial jewellery (with the exception of one small nose stud) is permitted, i.e.

     studs, eye or lip piercings (includes metal / plastic etc).

We have a uniform as we have a sense of pride in who we are.

Suppliers of the Otumoetai College uniform are listed on the College web site
or contact the College Office for details.
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