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                                                                           n 2012
                                                                     u tum
                                                                 a                                                                 #65
Welcome to 2012! We hope you had a

                                                      Drug EffEcts… the series
wonderful time over the holidays, soaking up
all that sunshine. Here is an update from us.
Join us in helping young Australians                  chEck out our grEat nEw Drug EDucation matErials for EDucators EvErywhErE
affected by alcohol and subscribe to                  focusing on thE Drugs most commonly EncountErED by young pEoplE—
febfast in February                                   alcohol, cannabis, Ecstasy & tobacco. thEsE colourful postErs anD postcarDs
The Australian Drug Foundation invites all of         havE Easy-to-rEaD harm minimisation information to EncouragE young rEaDErs.
our customers to join the febfast campaign and
give up alcohol in February, the shortest month
of the year. Money raised from febfast goes to
community services throughout Australia who
provide support, mentoring, counselling and
training to young people. Take-up the febfast
challenge at
Order from our new online shop
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coming. We have tried to make your buying
experience as simple as possible with: bigger
product images; more product information;                                                                             NEW
an easy to use shopping cart; downloadable
catalogues; updated frequently asked questions;
and a new deals section for discounted                                                                             COmbINATION
products. We would love to know what you
think of our new website please email Anita at
                                                                                                                   POsTer PACk                                                                                                  (1 each of four a2 posters)
                                                                                                                   (cat no. 841) $20.00
New ways of communicating with you
This year the catalogue will be produced four times                                                                combination postcard pack
a year but in consideration of the environment we                                                                  (20 each of the
will only be printing and mailing out the                                                                          four postcards)
May (Winter) and November (Summer) editions.                                                                       (cat no. 842) $25.00
We will let you know when our catalogues come                                                                      combination alcohol
out via email and our enews DrugInfo (subscribe at                                                                 posters and postcards pack                                                                                         (1 each of four a2 posters
The shop is looking forward to another year of                                                                     and 80 postcards)
brining you the best and most relevant alcohol                                                                     (cat no. 843) $40.00
and other drug resources. Hope this year is a
great one for all.
                                  undation             To purchase individual posters and postcards please go to
                Australian Drug Fo
Everyone at the                                                   

                                Drugs and your body   Unhooked           Issues in society   The standard drinks        Parent guidelines for
                                page 3                page 6             page 10             magnet                     adolescent alcohol use
                                                                                             page 11                    page 15
  for people
  who use drugs

THe bIG bOOk serIes
By Moreland Hall
Harm minimisation information presented               THe WHOLe HOG                                       beWAre OF s.I.D
in an engaging cartoon style, suitable
for teenagers.                                        By Ground Up Comix                                  By Ground Up Comix
                                                      A non-threatening, full-colour, comic aimed         A handy, full-colour, relapse-prevention
thE big book on Drugs!
(cat no. 405) $3.85
                                                      at people who use alcohol or other drugs in         comic aimed at people who use alcohol or
                                                      the early stages of recovery. This comic looks      other drugs in the early stages of recovery.
thE big book on cannabis
(cat no. 558) $3.85                                   at dealing with the inevitable lapses and           This comic highlights ‘Seemingly Irrelevant
                                                      moving on.                                          Decisions’ (S.I.D) and the affect they have when
thE big book on party Drugs
(cat no. 572) $3.85                                   comic. aus. 2010. 4pp                               attempting to change entrenched behaviours.
                                                      (cat no. 820) $0.90                                 comic. aus. 2010 4pp
booklet. aus. 2000–09. 16–28pp
                                                                                                          (cat no. 821) $0.90

CANNAbIs DIArY &                                      DrUGs AND YOUr bODY
DrINkING DIArY                                        By Australian Drug Foundation
                                                      Easy to understand pamphlets with an illustration showing the effect of cannabis, alcohol, caffeine
                                                      or amphetamines on the human body. Perfect for young people and low literacy audiences.
                                                      Pamphlets fold out to eight pages.
                                                      anD your boDy
                                                      pamphlet. aus. 2011.
                                                      (cat no. 757) $0.55
                                                      cannabis anD your boDy
                                                      pamphlet. aus. 2011.
                                                      (cat no. 753) $0.55
By Australian Drug Foundation                         alcohol anD your boDy
                                                      pamphlet. aus. 2011.
These two great resources are key tools for people    (cat no. 694) $0.55
who want to quit or cut back on their alcohol         caffEinE anD your boDy
or cannabis intake. With strategies for reducing      pamphlet. aus. 2011.
use and a daily diary for tracking patterns and       (cat no. 840) $0.55
changing habits, these guides assist people as        alcohol anD your boDy
                                                                                                                       and your bo
they self-evaluate and make changes in their lives.   a3 poster. aus. 2008.
                                                      (cat no. 718) $3.50
cannabis Diary
booklet. aus. 2007. 44pp
(cat no. 743) $1.65
Drinking Diary
booklet. aus. 2009. 44pp
(cat no. 738) $1.65

 2        For information about alcohol and other drugs go to
By Australian Drug Foundation                                                                            information
     Easy to use • informative • effects of drugs •
                                                                                                         for people
             risks of use• latest statistics                                                             who use drugs
alcohol (cat no. 701)
amphEtaminEs (cat no. 702)
analgEsics (painkillErs)
(cat no. 713)
bEnZoDiaZEpinEs (cat no. 703)
caffEinE (cat no. 839)
cannabis (cat no. 704)
cocainE (cat no. 705)
Drugs anD thEir EffEcts
(cat no. 700)
Ecstasy (cat no. 706)
                                                                                                        How to order...
gamma hyDroxybutyratE (ghb)
(cat no. 707)
hallucinogEns (cat no. 708)
                                                                                                               order online
hEroin (cat no. 709)
icE (cat no. 714)                                                                                       Our new online shop
inhalants (cat no. 710)
kEtaminE (cat no. 711)                                                                                  now features:
tobacco (cat no. 712)
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pamphlet. aus. 2011.
12pp $0.50 each                                                                                         ✔ more product information

1 x all 16 hDay titlEs (cat no. 695) $8.00                                                              ✔ an easy to use shopping cart

7.5% discount on orders of 500 or more                                                                  ✔ downloadable catalogues
15% discount on orders of 1000 or more
                                                                                           N            ✔ updated frequently asked
                                                                                                          questions, and
                                                                                                        ✔ a new deals section for
TAke IT AWAY HANDbOOks                                                                                    discounted products.
By Moreland Hall
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These Take it Away Handbooks, have been designed to assist people who wish to reduce or cease                  then send by post to:
their use of alcohol and other drugs or to find safer ways of using.
                                                                                                                     Australian Drug
Book 1: Planning for Change—is designed              Book 2: Keeping Going—helps people                                  Foundation
to be given to people preparing for change.          continue with and maintain change. It contains                      PO BOX 818
It takes the reader through a series of activities   activities to help with urges and cravings,                    North Melbourne
that will help them to clarify their thinking        high risk situations, responding to lapses and                        VIC 3051
about their drug use, and the changes they           relapses and finding alternatives to using drugs
want to make.                                        or alcohol.                                                           or by fax:
booklet. aus. 2009. 60pp                             booklet. aus. 2009. 56pp
(cat no. 788) $3.50                                  (cat no. 789) $3.50                                                03 9278 8165

           •          See our new online shop for more resources. Go to                                          3
                                                     ALCOHOL: THe FACTs
  information                                        By National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre

  for people                                         This updated booklet examines many issues around alcohol,
                                                     its misuse, the short and long term effects, safe drinking levels
  who use drugs                                      as recommended by the NHMRC alcohol guidelines, as well as
                                                     giving tips around celebrating safely. It also answers a range
                                                     of frequently asked questions. The booklet also has a fantastic
                                                     page on the number of standard drinks in various beverages.
                                                     booklet. aus. 2010. 20pp
                                                     (cat no. 812) $1.80

ALCOHOL, OTHer DrUGs                                YOUr GUIDe TO...
AND PreGNANCY                                       By Australian Drug Foundation & Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre

                                                                                                                    7.5% discount on orders of 500 or more
                                                                                                                    15% discount on orders of 1000 or more

                                                                                                         DrUG WITHDrAWAL
                                                   Out of print... will be available                     Answers basic questions about withdrawal,
                                                   in April 2012 with a new look
                                                   and new information                                   offers tips for getting through withdrawal
By Australian Drug Foundation                                                                            and explains the different withdrawal symptoms
                                                                                                         related to each drug.
This booklet aims to answer some questions
about the effects of drug and alcohol use before                                                         pamphlet. aus. 2007. 12pp
                                                     ALCOHOL AND OTHer                                   (cat no. 734) $0.60
and during pregnancy. Information provided           DrUG TreATmeNT
covers a variety of legal and illegal drugs,                                                             meNTAL HeALTH AND ALCOHOL
                                                     An easy overview of treatment for alcohol and
prescribed and over-the-counter medicines.                                                               AND OTHer DrUG PrObLems
                                                     drug problems, explaining aims of treatment,
Also discussed are concerns about withdrawal
                                                     terminology, types of treatment and when and        This pamphlet discusses the difficulty of
and drug use during breastfeeding.
                                                     why a person would consider treatment.              diagnosing and treating dual diagnosis.
booklet. aus. 2009. 32pp
                                                     pamphlet. aus. 2007. 12pp                           pamphlet. aus. 2007. 12pp
(cat no. 645) $1.80
                                                     (cat no. 733) $0.60                                 (cat no. 735) $0.60

THe mIx                                              THe meTHADONe                                         THe sAFer INJeCTING
By National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre           HANDbOOk                                              HANDbOOk
This fold-out pamphlet covers both alcohol           By Australian Drug Foundation                         By Jude Byrne, Jon Derricot & Andrew Preston
and cannabis, and discusses the effects and          This booklet includes information about use           This comprehensive handbook discusses
risks of using each separately and together.         and side effects of methadone, how to access          how needle and syringe programs work,
130 x 400mm foldout pamphlet                         treatment, pregnancy, hepatitis and withdrawal.       vein care, blood borne viruses, myths and
aus. 2007. 16pp (cat no. 717) $1.10                                                                        methadone treatment.
                                                     booklet. aus. 2012. 36pp
                                                     (cat no. 678) $3.00                                   booklet. aus. 2006. 38pp
                                                                                                           (cat no. 665) $3.00
Produced by Medinco
This handy pocket card includes a rotating
wheel by which you can get an indication of
blood alcohol content (BAC) by allowing for
your gender, weight, duration and number of
drinks consumed.
140mm x 90mm card with plastic wallet
(cat no. 744) $2.50

 4        For information about alcohol and other drugs go to
                                         DrUG Use & meNTAL HeALTH:
                                         TWO IssUes IN THe sAme bAG                                                       mental health
                                         By Moreland Hall
                                         This pamphlet looks at the relationship between the use of                           tools for
                                         various substances and their potential impacts on mental
                                         health. It provides strategies for people who use drugs to look
                                         after their own mental health and details for other sources of
                                                                                                                           workers and
                                         information and support. This pamphlet comes in its own clear
                                         zip lock bag and folds out into a poster.
                                         24cm(w) x 42.1cm(h) foldout pamphlet. aus. 2009. 16pp
                                         (cat no. 795) $0.95

Edited by Steve Allsop                                                                                              mIND YOUr HeAD
A large proportion of people who experience drug problems also experience                                           By Moreland Hall
a range of mental health problems. This textbook considers the evidence
base, clinical responses and the challenges of treatment, as well as personal
perspectives on drug use and mental health. Includes chapters from Tony
Trimingham, Richard Mattick, Louisa Degenhardt, Dan Lubman and many others.
book. aus. 2008. 360pp
(cat no. 762) $70.00

By Australian Drug Foundation & Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre
A convenient overview of the complications caused by having both a mental illness                                   A great handbook about mental health and
and alcohol or other drug problem.                                                                                  substance use for young people.
pamphlet. aus. 2007. 12pp                    7.5% discount on orders of 500 or more                                 booklet. aus. 2008. 56pp
(cat no. 735)                                15% discount on orders of 1000 or more                                 (cat no. 755) $6.00
$0.60 each

DUAL DIAGNOsIs:                                             A LIFeLONG JOUrNeY                                      sANe GUIDe FOr FAmILIes
COUNseLING THe meNTALLY ILL                                 By Sarah Russell                                        By SANE Australia
sUbsTANCe User                                              Many people with manic depression (bipolar              This guide supports parents, partners and
By Katie Evans & J Michael Sullivan                         disorder) are living happy, fulfilling lives. This      friends in caring for a person with a mental
                                                            book explores the strategies they use to stay well.     illness, by offering suggestions, case studies
Addresses the treatment of co-existing
                                                            book. aus. 2005. 141pp                                  and guidance. Encouraging a positive attitude.
conditions — chemical dependency coupled                    (cat no. 740) $21.95
with psychiatric disorder.                                                                                          This book also discusses the importance of
                                                            sANe GUIDe TO DrUGs                                     personal responsibility and stability.
book. us. 2000. 284pp
(cat no. 449) $48.95                                        By SANE Australia                                       book. aus. 2007. 65pp
                                                            Aids understanding about links between drug             (cat no. 750) $17.00
DUAL DIAGNOsIs:                                             use and mental health, and consequences of
INFOrmATION AND COPING                                      drug use by people who have a mental illness.
                                                                                                                    YOUNG PeOPLe, DrUGs
sTrATeGIes FOr FAmILIes                                     book. aus. 2004. 46pp
                                                                                                                    AND meNTAL HeALTH
By ARAFMI Qld                                               (cat no. 610) $17.00                                    By Sydney West Area Health Service
Handy booklet of constructive strategies for                sANe GUIDe TO meDICATIONs                               This harm reduction pamphlet covers alcohol,
those supporting people with drug and mental                AND OTHer TreATmeNTs                                    cannabis, ecstasy and methamphetamine
health concerns.                                                                                                    use, and the risks of developing mental illness.
                                                            By SANE Australia
booklet. aus. 2003. 53pp                                                                                            pamphlet. aus. 2007. 6pp
(cat no. 605) $7.00                                         A clear guide to treatments commonly used in
                                                            treating mental illness including the role of crisis    (cat no. 739) $0.85
                                                            teams, clinical staff and community support services.
                                                            book. aus. 2006. 50pp
                                                            (cat no. 685) $17.00

            •            See our new online shop for more resources. Go to                                                                    5
                                                   UNHOOkeD: HOW TO qUIT ANYTHING                                                         W
     tools for                                     By Dr Frederick Woolverton & Susan Shapiro
                                                   Unhooked is a smart, readable, and actionable guide to conquering any
     health &                                      addictive habit. Using real patient examples as well as research and
                                                   his own experience, Dr. Woolverton shows us how to thrive without

     treatment                                     self-medicating. His approach is an unorthodox blend of straight forward
                                                   changes to behavior and open and honest conversation with another

                                                   person. This book will cover everything from alcohol, drugs to gambling.
                                                   book. us. 2012. 232 pp
                                                   (cat no. 844) $19.95

                                                   TreATING ADDICTION: A GUIDe FOr PrOFessIONALs
ALCOHOL: NO OrDINArY                               By William R Miller et al
COmmODITY reseArCH AND                             This engaging book focuses on how to provide effective help to clients
PUbLIC POLICY                                      with substance use disorders. The authors, leading authorities on addiction
                                                   treatment, present a state-of-the-art framework for assessment and
By Thomas F. Babor et al
                                                   treatment. They describe and illustrate evidence-based treatment methods,
This second edition book provides an objective     including cognitive-behavioural, 12-step, motivational, pharmacological,
analytical basis on which to build relevant        and family approaches. Also addressed are such crucial clinical issues as
alcohol policies and informs policy-makers who     resistance, maintenance of change, and treating co-occurring disorders.
have direct responsibility for public health and
social welfare. The book reviews evidence in
seven areas of alcohol policy and is a must read
                                                   book. usa. 2011. 464pp
                                                   (cat no. 828) $75.00
for anyone involved in addiction research, drug
policy, public health or health policy.
book. usa. 2010. 360pp                             YArNIN’ AbOUT YArNDI                                   COUNseLLING FOr ALCOHOL
(cat no. 809) $57.95                               Produced by Moreland Hall & the Koori AOD Workers      PrObLems 3ed
                                                   Network Victoria
A PrImer OF DrUG ACTION 12eD                                                                              By Richard Velleman
                                                   This kit was developed
By Robert M Julien                                                                                        This book is a
                                                   to encourage discussion
Edition after edition, this book keeps pace                                                               practical and
                                                   around cannabis, and
with one of the most dynamic fields of             to assist people in the                                bestselling guide to
scientific inquiry, giving immediate access to     Indigenous community                                   working with people
the most current research and promising new        to cut back, give up or                                who have problems
directions in psychopharmacology. Rigorously       use more safely.                                       with their use of
updated throughout, the new edition again          The Yarnin’ about Yarndi                               alcohol. It is the key
takes its place as the definitive guide to the     kit contains:                                          book recommended
drugs that affect the mind and behaviour.          〉 a facilitators’ guide which explains how             by most alcohol
It is clear, comprehensive, objective, and             the DVD can be used and activity sheets            counselling courses
authoritative, spanning a wide variety of              designed to assist behaviour change.               in the UK. The book
drug types, including sedatives, depressants,      〉   a DVD in which community members talk              provides clear guidance for counsellors and
stimulants, analgesics, psychedelic                    about the effects of yarndi use and strategies     demonstrates the need to treat every client as
drugs, steroids, and drugs used to treat               that might help individuals stop, cut back, or     an individual. Attempting to understand and
psychological disorders.                               use more safely.                                   therefore enable the client to understand—
                                                   〉   ten workbooks for participants to record           what they are doing and why. This new edition
book. us. 2010. 704pp
                                                       their thoughts or responses to take away           includes: a wide range of case-studies, new
(cat no. 815) $97.00
                                                       with them.                                         ideas to help develop skills, strategies needed
reDUCING DrUG-reLATeD HArm                         〉   a CD-Rom with PDFs of all written materials        to work with clients and further guidance for
WHAT THe eVIDeNCe TeLLs Us                             so additional copies can be printed.               counsellors who face alcohol problems with
By Shelley Beatty & Steve Allsop                   〉   three message sticks—”Giving up” “Cutting          their clients.
This book explores how contemporary theories           back” “Using safer” designed to facilitate         book. uk. 2011. 208pp
and research can be used to guide effective            open conversations among participants.             (cat no. 822) $52.95
responses to alcohol, tobacco and other drug-      〉   the “Tree of life”—This exercise is adapted
related harm in a range of settings such as            from a technique used in narrative therapy
schools, workplaces, prisons and families.             which prioritises story telling.
book. aus. 2009. 264pp                             kit. aus. 2010.
(cat no. 790) $49.95                               (cat no. 813) $190.00

 6        For information about alcohol and other drugs go to
A PrACTICAL GUIDe 4ed                                                                              tools for
                                                                                                   health &
By Robert R Perkinson
This volume is the most comprehensive guide for counsellors
and front-line professionals who work with the chemically
dependent in a variety of settings. It is a very basic                                           treatment
introduction that guides the counsellor through treatment
from A to Z. Chapters cover the gamut of treatment issues,
including developing the therapeutic alliance, screening,
detoxification, biopsychosocial assessment, dual-diagnosis,
patient orientation, treatment planning, individual therapy,
group therapy, case management, crisis intervention,
record keeping, discharge planning, and referral. This book
provides case studies and step-by-step instructions with clear
explanations and procedures that counsellors need to use in                            sTePPING sTONes
all phases of patient care.

                                                                                       Published by Family Drug Support
book. usa. 2011. 880pp                                                                 & Australian Drug Foundation

(cat no. 829) $129.00
                                                                                       This is the essential
                                                                                       workbook for families
                                                                                       coping with problematic
mOTIVATIONAL INTerVIeWING WITH                                                         drug use by their loved
ADOLesCeNTs AND YOUNG ADULTs                                                           ones. Developed by

                                                                                       Family Drug Support,
By Sylvie Naar-King & Mariann Suarez
This guide spells out how to use motivational interviewing (MI)
                                                                          N            this workbook provides
                                                                                       a step-by-step guide to
to have productive conversations about behaviour change with                           help people turn crisis              winnEr 2009
adolescents and young adults in any clinical context. Filled with                      into coping.
examples, sample dialogues, and “dos and don’ts,” the book                             book. aus. 2009. 164pp                  DrUG
shows how conducting MI can help practitioners quickly build                                                                AND ALCOHOL
                                                                                       (cat no. 767) $55.00
rapport with young patients, enhance their motivation to make
healthy changes, and overcome self doubt. Experts on specific
adolescent problems describe MI applications in such key areas                         kNOW YOUr LImIT
as substance abuse, smoking, sexual risk taking, eating disorders,
obesity, chronic illness management, and externalising and
                                                                                       eDUCATIONAL kIT
internalising behaviour problems.                                                      By The Academy of Health Education
book. usa. 2011. 224pp                                                                 This unique
(cat no. 827) $45.95                                                                   educational kit has
                                                                                       been designed
                                                                                       to help you
CLINICAL TreATmeNT GUIDeLINes FOr ALCOHOL & DrUG CLINICIANs                            understand the
                                                                                       difference between
By Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre
                                                                                       Blood Alcohol
casE managEmEnt in alcohol anD                 rEDucing harm for cliEnts who           Concentration (BAC)
othEr Drug trEatmEnt sEttings                  continuE to usE Drugs                   versus drunkenness.
manual. aus. 2009. 78pp                        manual. aus. 2000. 22pp                 The kit comprises
(cat no. 803) $31.95                           (cat no. 648) $31.95
                                                                                       a BAC guide, 5 x
EffEctivE wEED control                         rElapsE prEvEntion
manual. aus. 2002. 76pp                        manual. aus. 2000. 44pp                 mouthpieces, digital
(cat no. 679) $31.95                           (cat no. 658) $31.95                    breathalyzer (up to 0.08), Know your limit
managing Difficult anD                         smoking cEssation                       DVD & standard drink measuring glass.
complEx bEhaviours                             manual. aus. 2005. 80pp
manual. aus. 2003. 56pp                        (cat no. 670) $31.95                    kit. aus. 2010
(cat no. 643) $31.95                           working with polyDrug usErs             (cat no. 807) $165.00
mEthamphEtaminE DEpEnDEncE                     manual. aus. 2001. 22pp
& trEatmEnt                                    (cat no. 649) $31.95                    know your limit
manual. aus. 2007. 130pp                       working with familiEs                   DvD. aus. 2005. 14mins
(cat no. 741) $31.95                           manual. aus. 2004. 52pp                 (cat no. 808) $77.00
prEscribing for Drug withDrawal                (cat no. 644) $31.95
handbook. aus. 2002. 100pp                     youth alcohol anD Drug outrEach
(cat no. 680) $31.95                           manual. aus. 2006. 52pp                       FOr CuStOMEr CONVENIENCE yOu CAN
                                               (cat no. 688) $31.95                          AlSO PurChASE thE DVD ON ItS OWN
  For further information on listed guidelines, please go to

           •            See our new online shop for more resources. Go to                                       7
                                                   ILLICIT DrUGs
      tools for                                    Produced by Centre for Customs and Excise Studies, University of Canberra
                                                   This DVD is relevant for anyone with a need to understand
      health &                                     more about illicit drugs and their effects. The key topic areas
                                                   include illicit drug identification, understanding drugs and their
      treatment                                    effects, cultivation, production & trafficking. It also looks at global
                                                   drug consumption and trends. The drugs covered in this DVD
      professionals                                are anabolic steroids, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy, GHB, heroin,
                                                   ketamine, mephedrone and methamphetamine.
                                                   DvD. aus. 2010 68mins
                                                   (cat no. 823) $140.00
sTreNGTHs-bAseD COUNseLING                         COUNseLLING OLDer PeOPLe WITH ALCOHOL PrObLems
By Michael Ungar                                   By Mike Fox & Lesley Wilson

This book aims to provide tools to help those      Alcohol misuse is becoming an increasingly significant issue for
working with young people to understand            people aged 55 and over. Providing effective counselling services to
and access strengths buried beneath                this growing client group requires a unique and specialised approach.
problem behaviours.                                This book explores the influences, patterns and triggers that affect
book. us. 2006. 130pp                              the development and progression of alcohol dependency in this age
(cat no. 698) $39.95                               group. It also provides a detailed description of a theoretical model
                                                   and therapeutic process that has proved successful in practice. This
TAke CONTrOL OF YOUr DrINkING…                     book will prove an invaluable resource for counsellors and other
AND YOU mAY NOT NeeD TO qUIT                       healthcare professionals who encounter alcohol problems in their
By Michael Levy                                    clinical practice, including clinical psychologists, social workers,
This helpful text aids individuals who are         occupational therapists and community psychiatric nurses.
experiencing negative effects from their           book. uk. 2011. 224pp
drinking, and want to consider their options for   (cat no. 816) $35.95
moderation and abstinence. It includes a set of
self-assessments, guidelines for choosing a path
forward and advice for dealing with slip-ups.
book. us. 2007. 248pp
(cat no. 765) $34.95
                                                   DO I DrINk TOO mUCH? (HOrIZON)
THe reLAxATION & sTress                            Addiction expert Dr John Marsden comments and experiments on
reDUCTION WOrkbOOk                                 what makes people drink. Combining his powerful, personal story
By Martha Davis et al                              with his specialist knowledge, Dr Marsden witnesses psychological
An expanded edition of the key text on stress      and neurological experiments, meets cutting edge scientists and
reduction. Featuring a reader-friendly format,     undergoes a rigorous medical analysis to discover the effects of
photocopiable pages and examples.                  drinking on his own health, all in search of the truth about alcohol.
book. us. 2008. 276pp                              DvD. uk. 2009. 50 mins
(cat no. 625) $31.95                               (cat no. 805) $165.00

Edited by John Saunders & Joseph Rey
                                                   bODY HITs DOCUmeNTArIes                                 CANNAbIs: WHAT TeeNAGers
This book is a practical and comprehensive         These documentaries discuss what drugs do               NeeD TO kNOW
reference for professionals and researchers in     to your body, why people like them, and why             This British documentary is a powerful
the field of alcohol misuse, who work with         people continue to use them despite the costs.          investigation into the links between young
the people aged 12 to 25 years. It contains        on thE lash (alcohol)                                   people’s use of cannabis and mental illness,
authoritative and up to date information about     DvD. uk. 2004. 30mins                                   in particular, psychosis.
the effects of alcohol use in the young, with an   (cat no. 620a) $110.00
                                                                                                           DvD. uk. 2005. 60mins
emphasis on effective interventions.               wEEkEnD JunkiEs                                         (cat no. 656) $137.50
                                                   (cannabis, cocaine and ecstasy)
book. aus. 2011. 384pp                             DvD. uk. 2004. 30mins                                   Due to licensing arrangements, schools and public libraries are
(cat no. 817) $79.95                               (cat no. 621a) $110.00                                  advised to contact the BBC on (02) 9454 2390 to order their copy.

  8        For information about alcohol and other drugs go to
Produced by City Of Melville                                                                                resources
                                                                                                             for drug
The language in this DVD is real; however, it may offend some
students. Teachers need to preview the DVD to ascertain if
it is appropriate for their students and also warn students in
advance of the strong language and adult themes. This DVD                                                  education
is suitable for students in Year 10 and above.
The Gathering looks at a group of friends who organise a party                                             in schools
while their parents are away on the weekend and highlights
the potentially devastating consequences of excessive alcohol
consumption. The DVD explores the impact of common social and
cultural norms around alcohol use; the impact of popular culture
on health behaviours; sexual health; and communication skills
required to manage group dynamics such as negotiation, decision
making, assertiveness and supporting others. Accompanied with                              COmmUNITIes OFFerING
teacher’s resource material and interactive student activities and
assessment tasks, this DVD shows ways to prevent and minimise                              DrUG eDUCATION
alcohol related harm and assists in making                                 WArNING:        Published by Australian                  spECIAl
                                                                                           Drug Foundation & Knox                    prICE
the decision not to drink alcohol easier.                              CONtAINS FrEquENt
                                                                        COArSE lANGuAGE    Community Health Service
The DVD can also be used to facilitate discussion with the
                                                                       AND ADult thEMES    This practical workshop
community to discourage secondary supply of alcohol to minors.
                                                                                           guide is a great start for any
DvD. aus. 2011. 27 mins                                                                    facilitator wanting to inform
(cat no. 818) $59.95                                                                       community groups about
                                                                                           alcohol and other drugs
                                                                                           with ‘ready-to-go’ slides
                                                                                           and notes linked to the National Drug Strategy.
                                                                                           Also includes ‘What Drug is That?’
                                                                                           poster, brochure and CD-ROM.
By City of Melville, Western Australia                                                     kit. aus. 2007. 124pp
                                                                                           (cat no. 737) normally $80.00... now $50.00
This magazine was developed during a program involving young
males aged between 15 and 22 from various schools and youth
groups. All the subjects dealt with in this magazine were identified
                                                                                           A YOUNG LADY’s GUIDe
as being issues that are important to young men and include the
topics they wanted to read more about. Some of the topics covered
                                                                                           TO ALCOHOL & A YOUNG
are self-esteem, suicide, bullying and alcohol and other drugs.                            GeNTLemAN’s GUIDe TO ALCOHOL
The quotes, thoughts, visuals, stories and poems throughout this                           By Australian Drug Foundation
magazine have been produced by the young men. This magazine
provides services and agencies within WA and a list of websites for
further information and help nationally.
magazine. aus. 2010
(cat no. 814) $6.45

THe bIG NIGHT OUT                                                                          These two little guides provide a fresh take on
                                                                                           delivering alcohol information to young people.
Produced by Stride Foundation Inc
                                                                                           Eye-catching illustrations, and straight-forward
This board game is an educational resource that                                            harm reduction information about standard
encourages safe choices through lively discussion.                                         drinks, binge-drinking and the different risks of
Through a set of real scenarios the game explores the                                      drinking for young men and women.
risks and responsibilities of young people on a night
out. Players are challenged to make decisions such                                         a young laDy’s guiDE to alcohol
                                                                                           (cat no. 760) $0.55
as do they follow their friends or make up their own
                                                                                           a young gEntlEman’s guiDE
minds? It can be played in small groups within the
                                                                                           to alcohol
classroom or with older students as peer mentors.                                          (cat no. 761) $0.55
game. aus. 2009.                                                                           foldout pamphlets. 8pp
(cat no. 604) $94.00                                                                       aus. 2008.

            •           See our new online shop for more resources. Go to                                            9
                                                 IssUes IN sOCIeTY
   resources                                     Edited by Justin Healey
                                                 This series of books is a unique and invaluable
   for drug                                      resource for those who need up to date
                                                 information on contemporary social issues. Each
   education                                     book in the series is a thoroughly researched
                                                 compilation of the latest news, facts, opinions
   in schools                                    and statistics from a range of sources which
                                                 provides the reader with a concise overview of
                                                 the topic. We have chosen three books from the
                                                 series that we believe will help with alcohol &
                                                 drug education in your school.
                                                 cannabis usE: volume 311
                                                 book.aus. 2010. 44pp
                                                 (cat no. 830) $20.95
                                                 tobacco smoking: volume 329
Produced by 3Dme for the Australian Lions Drug   book. aus. 2011.60pp
Awareness Foundation
                                                 (cat no. 831) $24.00
This DVD covers
                                                 alcohol anD bingE Drinking: volume 334
a large number
                                                 book. aus. 2011. 60pp
of facts about
                                                 (cat no. 832). $24.00
alcohol, explaining
what BAC means,
how long it takes
for alcohol to
leave the system,
                                                 YOUr sHOUT: AN HONesT DIsCUssION AbOUT ALCOHOL bY
the effects on                                   YOUNG PeOPLe FOr YOUNG PeOPLe
the body when                                    Produced by Australian Drug Foundation
drinking and, in particular, focuses on the
effects alcohol can have on various parts of     Your Shout is an initiative of the Australian Drug Foundation’s youth
the brain. It is important to understand the     division. It has been created by young people for young people.
impact alcohol has on the developing brain       Your Shout is an educational DVD that features a group of young
and that alcohol can have an effect that may
                                                 people talking openly and honestly about their experiences with,
last a lifetime. Using the simple statement
                                                 and thoughts about, alcohol. Their discussion is complemented by
“Your body belongs to you” this DVD
                                                 comments from professionals in the health field. It is designed to
is essential viewing for all.
                                                 work as an icebreaker; to promote discussion, stimulate debate, and
DvD. aus. 2010. 7 mins
                                                 foster thinking about alcohol consumption, and the impact it can
(cat no. 810) $19.95
                                                 have on our physical, mental and social wellbeing.

ICe—YOUr bODY beLONGs                            Your Shout encourages young people to:
TO YOU                                           〉  think about Australia’s drinking culture
                                                 〉  to voice their opinions and experiences on drinking, in a safe and supported manner
Produced by 3Dme
                                                 〉  be aware of the choices they have when it comes to drinking alcohol
                            This DVD takes
                            a look inside the
                                                 〉  be mindful of and resistant to harmful peer pressure
                            human body           〉  support and look after each other
                            to demonstrate       〉  reduce drinking at harmful levels.
                            in a clear &         DvD and booklet. aus. 2010. 24 mins
                            concise manner,      (cat no. 811) $95.00
                            the complex
& psychological effects of the drug ICE/         PrImArY PATHWAYs
Crystal Meth. Utilising state of the art 3D
                                                 By Emily Chen & Australian Drug Foundation
visualisation & multimedia techniques makes
this presentation captivating & easy to          This manual offers an integrated approach to drug education, linking ideas
understand, yet informative.                     such as self-esteem, identity and responsibility with drug education and
                                                 primary school curriculum, in line with Principles for Effective Drug Education.
DvD. aus. 2010 10mins
(cat no. 804) $22.95                             manual. aus. 2005. 200pp
                                                 (cat no. 634) normally $71.50... now $35.00                special

10       For information about alcohol and other drugs go to
Produced by the Australian Drug Foundation                                            resources
This new kit has been designed                                                         for drug
                                                            NE                       education
to help understand how much
alcohol is in different drinks and the

                                                                                     in schools
potential short and long term affects
of alcohol.

The two kit options are:

kIT 1
– Learning about standard drinks
  manual & CD-Rom.
– 5 Alcocups.
– 1 each of the standard drinks,                                      WHAT DrUG Is THAT?
  low risk drinking & alcohol and the
                                                                      This poster
  body posters.
                                                                      and pamphlet
– 20 of each of the low risk drinking                                 have the latest
  & standard drinks postcards.
– 20 of the alcohol and the body                                      about the most
  pamphlets.                                                          commonly used
kit. aus. 2011.                                                       legal and illegal drugs.
(cat no. 824) $55.00
                                                                      Information on alcohol, analgesics,
kIT 2                                                                 amphetamines, benzodiazepines, cannabis,
All of the above resources plus the                                   cocaine, ecstasy, GHB, heroin, ketamine,
Your Shout DVD, which features a                                      LSD and tobacco and are illustrated
group of young people talking openly                                  with a full colour picture.
and honestly about their thoughts and
                                                                      what drug is that? poster
experiences with alcohol.
                                                                      a1 laminated poster. aus. 2009.
kit. aus. 2011.                                                       (cat no. 800) $12.00
(cat no. 825) $125.00                                                 what drug is that? pamphlet
                                                                      pamphlet. aus. 2009. 12pp
                                                                      (cat no. 801) $1.90
Produced by AlcoCups—Alcohol & Drug Education Specialists
The Alcocup is an educational resource designed to
                                                                      WHAT DrUG Is THAT?:
increase awareness of standard drinks. Each cup contains              A GUIDe TO DrUGs AND
measurements for different alcoholic beverages. The                   THeIr eFFeCTs
cups are reusable, made from the highest quality plastic,             Produced by Australian Drug Foundation
dishwasher friendly and shatter proof.
aus. 2011. (cat no. 833) $2.95

                                                            N EW

Produced by Alcocups—Alcohol & Drug Education Specialists
This magnet displays different standard drinks for beer,    NEW       A fantastic DVD for young people about legal
                                                                      and illegal drugs and their effects. Crammed
wine and spirits in a visually appealing format. It aims              with interviews with experts and down-to-
to increase sustainability of information regarding                   earth harm minimisation information, this
standard drinks.                                                      DVD covers alcohol, amphetamines, ecstasy,
magnet size 75mm x 150mm                                              cannabis, cocaine, heroin, GHB, LSD and
aus. 2011 (cat no. 834) $1.00                                         ketamine. Comes with support booklet for
(cat no. 835) $23.75 a bundle of 25                                   group leaders or educators.
(cat no. 836) $47.50 a bundle of 50                                   DvD & booklet. aus. 2010. 30mins
(cat no. 837) $80.00 a bundle of 100                                  (cat no. 687) $95.00

           •          See our new online shop for more resources. Go to                    11
                                              ALCOHOL POsTers AND POsTCArDs
  resources                                   Published by Australian Drug Foundation

  for drug                                    Our posters and postcards have been designed to visually communicate the new NHMRC
                                              alcohol guidelines. The four posters and postcards look at low risk drinking, standard drinks,

                                              pregnancy and alcohol, and young people and alcohol. The postcards also have more relevant
                                              and helpful information on the back.

  in schools

smOkING POsTers

                                              low risk drinking poster                                alcohol and young people poster
                                              (cat no. 778) a2 $6.00                                  (cat no. 784) a2 $6.00
                                              low risk drinking postcards                             alcohol and young people postcards
                                              (cat no. 779) $7.00 a bundle of 20                      (cat no. 785) $7.00 a bundle of 20
                                              standard drinks poster                                  combination alcohol poster pack
                                              (cat no. 780) a2 $6.00                                  (1 each of 4 a2 posters)
                                              standard drinks postcard                                (cat no. 786) $20.00
                                              (cat no. 781) $7.00 a bundle of 20                      combination alcohol posters
                                              alcohol and pregnancy poster                            and postcard pack
                                              (cat no. 782) a2 $6.00                                  (1 each of 4 a2 posters and 80 postcards)
                                                                                                      (cat no. 787) $45.00
                                              alcohol and pregnancy postcards
                                              (cat no. 783) $7.00 a bundle of 20                      aus. 2009.

                                              THe sTrAIGHT TALk mANUAL
                                              By Diane Brokenshire
                                              Designed for people who work with 9–14 year olds, this fully illustrated
                                              CD-ROM offers over 200 pages of reproducible activities, quizzes,
                                              information and tips on issues relevant to young people. Topics include
                                              friendship, values, health, stress, self-esteem, body image, bullying,
thE EffEcts of alcohol postEr                 disabilities, feelings, communication and sensitive family issues. It also
Covers what alcohol is and how it affects     includes two new chapters on basic counselling skills and mental health.
the body, including central nervous system,   cD-rom. aus. 2009.
kidneys, liver and heart, foetal alcohol      (cat no. 796). $55.00
syndrome and intoxication.
                                                                              THe sTrAIGHT TALk GAme
a2 poster. us. 2004.
(cat no. 675) $24.00                                                          By Diane Brokenshire

thE EffEcts of smoking postEr                                                 This fun and friendly card game for young people invites players to
Covers the dangers of smoking and effects                                     explore their life experiences, feelings and relationships. It’s a great
on the body including lung, stomach,                                          activity for improving communication and empathy skills.
oral and bladder cancers, as well as heart                                    game. aus.
disease and stroke.                                                           (cat no. 396). $25.00

a2 poster. us. 2004.
(cat no. 676) $24.00

12      For information about alcohol and other drugs go to
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           New Teen Drinking Law has been introduced.
           In November 2011, the law changed to make it illegal to serve or supply alcohol in a
           private home to anyone under 18, unless their parent or guardian has given permission.
           Our webinars, podcasts and community forums offer detail about the new law, and tips
           for dealing with alcohol and young people.

           Parenting strategies to prevent alcohol misuse
           featuring Michael Carr-Gregg, Child Psychologist and Professor John Toumbourou.
           22 February 2012 1–1.45 pm

           Issues and questions around the secondary supply legislation
           featuring Sondra Davoren, public health lawyer, and Sergeant Wendy Cowling.
           6 March 2012        1–1.45 pm

           •	 	 ondra Davoren,	a	public	health	lawyer,	explaining	the	secondary	supply	legislation	in	
              Victoria,	including	the	issues	of	permission	and	enforcement.
           •	 Michael Carr-Gregg,	child	and	adolescent	psychologist,	talking	about	how	to	
              communicate	effectively	with	young	people	about	alcohol.
           •	 	 ergeant Wendy Cowling	talking	about	safe	parties.
           •	 	 lcohol	and	other	drug	expert	Geoff Munro talking	about	alcohol	and	young	people.

           Community forums
           Wed	14	Mar	Forum:	 South Metro
           Wed	28	Mar	Forum:	 Geelong
           Wed	18	Apr	Forum:		 North Metro
           Mon	23	Apr	Forum:	    Portland
           Wed	2	May	Forum:		    West Metro
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           Wed	16	May	Forum:		 Horsham
           Tue	22	May	Forum:		 Shepparton
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           Find out more with the Teen Drinking Law App or go to

                                A	joint	information	and	education	campaign	by:

14   Purchase at our new online shop:
By Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre                                                                       materials for
This booklet contains a general set of practical
recommendations regarding how to delay or                                                                  support people
                                                                                                              and families
reduce a young person’s alcohol consumption.
Accompanying the guidelines is a website, This website gives
parents the opportunity to assess their current
approaches via a survey and parenting program,
which provides them with immediate personalised
feedback on how they might manage the issues of
alcohol use in their child. It also helps to apply the
recommended tips and troubleshoot the common
challenges that might arise.
booklet. aus. 2011. 36pp
                                                                                                         WHeN sOmeONe CLOse TO YOU
(cat no. 838). $2.50
                                                                                                         HAs A DrINkING PrObLem
                                                                                                         WHeN sOmeONe CLOse TO YOU
         NEW                                                                                             HAs A DrUG PrObLem
                                                                                                         YOUNG PeOPLe AND DrUGs:
                                                                                                         WHAT PAreNTs NeeD TO kNOW
                                                                                                         By Australian Drug Foundation
DrUGs IN FOCUs                                                                                           Having a close
By Australian Drug Foundation                                                                            relationship with
                                                                                                         someone with an
                                                                                                         alcohol and other
                                                                                                         drug problem can
                                                                                                         be difficult. While
                                                                                                         there are no simple
                                                                                                         answers, these
                                                                                                         pamphlets provide
                                                                                                         helpful information
                                                                                                         for identifying a problem, understanding the
                                                                                                         situation, maintaining open communication
                                                                                                         and taking care of yourself. Contact details for
                                                                                                         support and information are also included.

parEnt focus                                        tEEnagE Drinking                                     whEn somEonE closE to you
Aiming to support and encourage parents to be       This guide examines the links between early          has a Drinking problEm
confident in discussing alcohol and other drugs     alcohol consumption, brain impairment and            pamphlet. aus. 2008. 12pp
with their 9 to 14 year old children.               mental illness. It also provides useful guidelines   (cat no. 748) $0.35
booklet. aus. 2006. 28pp (cat no. 481)              for parents concerning teenage drinking              whEn somEonE closE to you
$2.00 each or for 50 or more $1.65 each             and discusses aggressive alcohol marketing           has a Drug problEm
riDing thE wavEs                                    and promotion.                                       pamphlet. aus. 2008. 12pp
This guide brings together current research         booklet. aus. 2008. 20pp (cat no. 756)               (cat no. 749) $0.35
and practice about resilience to assist teachers,   $2.00 each or for 50 or more $1.65
                                                                                                                          young pEoplE anD
parents and carers to build each child’s                                                                                  Drugs: what parEnts
protective factors and diminish risk factors.       young pEoplE anD Drugs
                                                                                                                          nEED to know
                                                    An easy-to-read discussion about young
booklet. aus. 2006. 32pp (cat no. 664)              people’s use of legal and illegal drugs, why                         Includes basic information
$2.00 each or for 50 or more $1.65 each                                                                                  about drugs, common myths
                                                    young people use, drugs and the law and
safEty first                                        drug-related terminology and myths.                                  about drug use and what to
Handy booklet for parents to help primary           booklet. aus. 2009. 28pp (cat no. 768)                              do if you suspect your child is
school-aged children stay safe, covers: building    $2.00 each or for 50 or more $1.65                                  using drugs.
resilience, road safety, internet safety,                                                                              pamphlet. aus. 2008. 12pp
safety at home, poisons and medicines.                                                                                 (cat no. 759) $0.35
booklet. aus. 2004. 36pp (cat no. 598)
$2.00 each or for 50 or more $1.65

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                                                               UNDer THe INFLUeNCe: A HIsTOrY OF ALCOHOL IN AUsTrALIA
     materials for                                             By Ross Fitzgerald & Trevor L Jordan
                                                               This book takes a unique look at alcohol and Australia’s history with
     support people                                            drinking. Extremely readable and well researched this book shows how the
                                                               patterns for alcohol use (and abuse) can be traced from early settlement to
     and families                                              present day issues such as teenage drinking, alcohol-fuelled violence and
                                                               the alcohol industry. Along the way we learn of the social, political and
                                                               cultural facets of alcohol and discover what our attitude to alcohol says
                                                               about who we are, who we care about, and what we care about.
                                                               book. aus. 2009. 336pp
                                                               (cat no. 798) $35.00

                                                               TeeNAGers, ALCOHOL AND DrUGs:
 GIrL sTUFF                                                    WHAT YOUr kIDs reALLY WANT AND
 By Kaz Cooke                                                  NeeD TO kNOW AbOUT ALCOHOL AND DrUGs
 Divided into three key sections (Body, Head and               By Paul Dillon
 Heart) this book aims to inform and entertain
 young girls about the multitude of issues facing              This book shows parents how to talk to their children about alcohol
 them — body image, sex, work, school, drugs,                  and drugs in a way that is respectful and reasonable, non-threatening
 confidence, family and much more.                             and non-judgemental. It will help parents understand the issues their
 book. aus. 2007. 608pp                                        children are facing, and show them how to help their children negotiate
 (cat no. 746) $39.95                                          a minefield of misinformation and social pressure in a calm and
                                                               sensible way.
                                                               book. aus. 2009. 224 pp
 By Family Drug Support & QuIHN                                (cat no. 793) $29.95
 This book is packed with information about
 drug dependence and harm reduction,
 personal stories from families and people who
 use drugs, and support for families facing                    FAmILY DrUG HeLP bOOkLeTs                                     NOT mY FAmILY,
 problematic drug use.                                         By Family Drug Help                                           NeVer mY CHILD
 book. aus. 2008. 94pp                                         These handy guides for families and friends                   By Tony Trimingham
 (cat no. 752) $15.00                                          coping with a problem drinker, or someone using               Drawing on the tragic
                                                               other drugs, are an excellent starting point.
                                                                                                                             loss of his son to a
                                                               thE mErry-go-rounD of aDDiction                               heroin overdose and
 By Dr Michael Carr-Gregg
                                                               booklet. aus. 2008. 29pp                                      over 20 years working
 Common sense strategies to assist parents                                                                                   as a counsellor, Tony
                                                               (cat no. 773) $1.50
 living with young people by one of Australia’s                                                                              Trimingham addresses
 leading authorities on teenage behaviour.                     is somEonE you carE about
                                                               using Drugs?                                                  the real issues facing
 Covers difficult topics such as sexuality, risky
                                                               booklet. aus. 2003. 28pp                                      the families and friends
 behaviour, laziness and study problems as well
                                                               (cat no. 589) $1.50                                           of anyone struggling with drug problems. The
 as how to defuse conflicts and set limits.
                                                               myth busting alcohol                                          book provides support, advice and guidance
 book. aus. 2005. 168pp
 (cat no. 715) $19.95                                          booklet. aus. 2007. 36pp                                      to the parents, siblings, loved ones and the
                                                               (cat no. 731) $1.50                                           users themselves through the difficult journey
                                                               why can’t thEy Just stop?                                     of drug dependency.
                                                               booklet. aus. 2004. 32pp                                      book. aus. 2009. 228 pp
                                                               (cat no. 624) $1.50                                           (cat no. 792) $24.95

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