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1. EXT. SPACE (FX) Title card: A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... A vast sea of stars serves as the backdrop for the main title (Star Wars logo), followed by a roll up, which crawls up into infinity. It is a time of relative peace. The JEDI KNIGHTS maintain order and justice in the galaxy, and very few challenge their authority. But on the haven planet of mysteriously disappearing. of Calvas III to CORUSCANT mercenaries. The status of CALVAS III, refugees are A ship carrying a representative was ambushed and destroyed by all who were aboard is unknown.

The GALACTIC SENATE has responded to the news by sending a small Jedi-led task force to protect the refugees from their certain annihilation... PAN DOWN to reveal a medium-sized troop transport heading TOWARD CAMERA at great speed. PAN with the cruiser as it heads toward the semi-urbanized planet of Calvas III.

INT. Transport PILOT adjusting controls, fiddling with knobs, etc... Adem is a young padawan, about 13-15 yrs old. Adem (youthful eagerness) Are we about to land? Pilot (chuckles softly) Patience young Jedi, we will reach the surface shortly. Adem (wistfully) I'm not a Jedi. Not yet anyway. I still need a lot of training before I will be ready for the trials. I haven't even completed my second lightsaber form yet. Master Bendu says I need to learn to quiet my inner voices, so I can hear the force speaking to me, but its just so...(voice trails off) Pilot Your father is a wise man. You should trust him. Now get back with the others and strap in, we're about to land. Adem (leaving) Yes sir...and may the force be with you. Pilot (nods) You just be careful down there, and listen to the soldiers. They know what they're doing.

2. EXT-SPACEPORT-DAY Transport lands. 3 Jedi emerge, including Adem, Lysera, a young female padawan, and Master Bendu. A small group of soldiers follow them off the ship. A number of humans are milling about the spaceport, eyeing the visitors curiously, but not in fear. CU Bendu Bendu glances around MS group Bendu and the leader of the soldiers (MAJOR THEED) make eye contact. CU MAJOR THEED MAJOR THEED nods head. Rear right shot of group walking to doorway.

3. EXT-REFUGEE CAMP- DAY Babies heard crying, various alien noises and human speech can be heard. People are standing near or at temporary shelters. They are looking at the task-force with hope, relief, and curiosity. Medium Shot of Adem and Lysera, looking around slightly amazed and bewildered at the poverty surrounding him. The people are dirty, hungry, and tired. They do not notice a disheveled looking man in his twenties watching them intently from a table. LYSERA How can we help all these people? There must be thousands. It will be impossible to give them all what they need. CU Adem ADEM I don't know. Just trust in the force. I'm sure Master Bendu will know what to do. MASTER BENDU It is not our job to feed these people, young padawans. They have come here to escape worse fates in their own systems. Civil war, famine, even the death of a star. Listen. What is the force telling you about them? ADEM They are...content. But they are also scared. Something has them all afraid, Master Bendu. What can it be? MASTER BENDU That, my son, is what we are trying to do here. Our job is to find out what is killing off these people, and put a stop to it. LYSERA I only hope we can figure it out before its too late. MASTER BENDU As do I, Lysera. As do I... CU table. The man is gone.

4.INT-Comm Center-Dusk OTS of Comm center, showing Disheveled man(COLE VANTOS), who is standing at parade rest in front of a communications center. O.S. VOICE Jedi? Here? This is unwelcome news. COLE VANTOS Yes sir. But we were expecting them. Our intelligence indicated that a task force entered the system yesterday. OTS of Vantos, showing comm center ERTHOR DASPIT is onscreen. ERTHOR DASPIT Yes, but not so soon. (pauses) Medium side shot of Vantos and comm center. ERTHOR DASPIT(con't) We will have to accelerate our plans. I trust your men are sufficiently prepared to deal with this interruption? COLE VANTOS (confident) Absolutely sir. They have been training for this mission for a long time. ERTHOR DASPIT Good. Eliminate the task-force. I trust you will not fail, Captain Vantos. CU Comm center. Daspit disappears from view Medium Side shot of Vantos. He snaps to attention, executes a perfect about face, and marches out of the room.

5. EXT- Refugee Camp-Night Pan up to show skyline dissolve into day Pan down to camp

6. EXT.-Refugee Camp-Day Master Bendu and Major Theed are conversing with refugees. Adem and Lysera are sitting down, whispering to each other, watching Bendu and Theed. The soldiers are milling about, talking amongst themselves, occasionally laughing out loud, getting ready for a long hike. AMBUSH!!! Battle sequence, squad of merc soldiers attack, killing one soldier, Adem can't get lightsaber, Lysera force-grabs it. Merc rushes out of dwelling carrying bundle, yelling. Theed (and other soldiers) and Bendu are busy fighting mercs, so Adem chases bundle carrier into forest, with Lysera holding some more mercs at bay, deflecting blaster bolts in an impressive show of Force control.

7. EXT - Forest - Day Adem chases bundle carrier but can't catch up. Adem stops, whips out blaster, and scores a perfect shot. On stun. He runs up. Package is making noise and wiggling slightly, lying on the ground. Adem takes merc and ties him to tree, after removing weapons, etc. Adem picks up package, looks at it. Its a tiny green creature. He hurries back to base camp with it. Vantos, along with several mercs, escape. Locals don't want creature, says it prompts attacks. Bendu gets a feeling and agrees to take it with him.

8. INT - troop transport - evening Bendu is examining creature, who is examining him in return

9. Ext - Jedi Temple - Fly by, dawn

10. INT - Jedi temple - day High Council, Bendu are talking about baby yoda. decided to stay in Bendu's quarters, which is off the grounds.

11. INT - Jedi Cafeteria - lunch time. PADAWAN 1 (looking at food, complaining) Not this again. PADAWAN 2 Hey, it could be worse... Padawan 1 How could it be worse? Padawan 2 We could be having....meatball. Adem What is meatball? Padawan 1 Yeah, what is meatball? Padawan 2 (glances around conspiratorally) You really want to know? Padawans gather in close to Padawan 2 CUT TO: Different table at the same setting JEDI MASTER 1 I worry about your padawan, Master Bendu. He seems to be a bit behind his peers in his lightsaber skills. Bendu Adem is progressing slowly, but he is progressing. I have noticed much improvement this last year. JEDI MASTER 2 But lightsaber training is very important to a Jedi. He should be at least to his sixth form. JEDI MASTER 3 Yes look at young Kane, he's not much older than your son, yet he has already completed the required forms. Bendu Kane is a very talented young man, that much I know. The Force is very strong with him. I only worry that that the Dark Side will consume him, much like his mother before him. The force was strong with her also, but she got power hungry, and destroyed herself. Jedi master 2 You of all of us should best realize that no being should be judged by its ancestry and family history. CU Master Bendu, who doesn't look convinced

12.INT - Lightsaber training room-day Master Bendu is teaching lightsaber practice to a group of padawans, including Adem, Lysera, and KANE. Kane is the best student, masterful in all he tries, and only slightly cocky. Adem tries hard on everything. After the training, Kane is walking away. Adem runs at Kane, ignites lightsabe.r in jealous fury. Kane pivots quickly, knocks lightsaber away, and drops Adem to the ground in an impressive display of unarmed combat. Kane Control yourself Adem! Adem glares helplessly. Kane What are you trying to prove? That you have no self-discipline? A Jedi should be in control of himself at all times. Kane looks at Adem with a look of pity. He then extends his hand to help Adem up. Adem knocks it away, rolls over, gets up, and walks over to his lightsaber, which he picks up off the ground, and places it onto his belt. He then looks at Kane with frustration. Adem then walks away. Kane watches him for a moment and then walks away.

13. EXT-Coruscant- Night Two shady figures (Kane, and Cole Vantos) are seen conversing in low tones. One seems hesitant, then grabs something out of the other’s palm, and leaves.

14.INT- Bendu and Adems quarters- Night Baby Yoda is crying in Bendu room, so Adem takes him into his where he calms down. Bendu lays down in his bed. A shadowy figure is seen sneaking around Bendu's room, looking something. CU sleeping Bendu, whose eyes fly open at a slight noise. Shadowy figure, appearing frustrated after not finding what he looking for, throws something down lightly. Bendu jumps up, lightsaber in hand. Bendu Who are you and what are you doing in my quarters? Shadow man Where is the creature!? CU look of recognition in Benduts face. Bendu Kane? Is that you? Suddenly Kane uses the Force to throw Bendu back, and lights his lightsaber, The two duel for a moment, with Kane having the advantage. He cuts off the tip of Bendu lightsaber handle, and thrusts his lightsaber through Bendu chest! Bendu gasps, as he realizes he mortally wounded. CUT TO: Adem’s room Quick dolly in to bed where Adem springs up, eyes open wide in Adem Noooooooo! CUT TO: Bendu’s Room Bendu uses little remaining strength to use the Force to throw through the window, just as Adem rushes in. Adem runs to window. CU Kane falling. Kane Noooooooo! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! CU Adem’s look of horror from bedroom window. Kane shoots a cable out around an outcropping in the wall, and himself to safety. He then climbs through a window and disappears. Adem rushes to his dying father’s side.

Adem (weakly) Father... Bendu (Gasping, and struggling to breathe and talk) It’s over for me, my padawan. . .iny son. Adem But who? Why? I-I don’t understand. Bendu It was Kane. He was looking for the, for Yoda. I don’t know why. Adem I must tell the Council! Bendu No. They will not believe you. It would be your word against his. Adem Then what can I do? I can’t beat him. Bendu I need you to go to (INSERT PLANET NAME HERE). And find Master Obi, he can complete your training. Bring Yoda with you. You must keep him safe. He is a powerful conduit for the Force. Adem Master Obi? Bendu Yes, Ken Obi. I knew him years ago, before he was expelled from the Jedi order. They said he was a radical. He is the only one who can help you now. Adem Yes, father. Bendu I-Love-You, my son. May the Force be with you, always (eyes close) Adem bows his head and cries softly. Bendu (eyes open) Go! (in a what are you ti11 doing here exasperated tone) Adem pauses for a second, gathers his resolve, and leaves quickly carrying Yoda he is gone, Bendu’s eyes close, and he dies.

15.EXT - Adem ship- Space Adem is inside. He is flying the ship.

16. - ??? Adem meeting Master Obi, being trained, discovering himself in the Force

??. EXT - Obi’s Planet, day Several years later, Master Obi watches as Adem flies back to Coruscant to confront Kane. Master Obi I have a bad feeling about this.

??. INT- Jedi Temple- Morning Adem is going from room to room, putting people into trances, including Lysera. Adem Where is Kane? Lysera Adem? What are you doing here? Adem I need to find Kane. Lysera He’s in the abandoned hangar on level 94. Adem 94? Lysera Yes. Why? Adem I must confront him. He killed my father. Lysera But, We were told you killed him! Adem What?!! Why would I do that? Lysera Why else would you just leave all of a sudden? Why not just tell the council? They could have taken care of it. Adem No, they wouldn’t have believed me. I was younger then, and more foolish. I had just attacked Kane earlier that day out of petty jealousy. Why should they believe me? So I left. My father told me to go to (IPNH) and complete my training with Master Ken Obi. So I did. have learned so much from him. He taught me to quiet myself, and to not just try to do something, but instead, just do it. My eys have been awakened Lysera. I can do things now I never even envisioned. Lysera Like what? Adem Like this. Watch. Adem concentrates on the Force for a moment, and creates a small brilliant blue ball of lightning in the palm of his hand. Lysera is amazed. Adem That’s just the beginning. But I can show you more later. I must

confront Kane, and make him pay for his actions. Where did you say he was? Lysera The abandoned hanger on level 94. Its the only place big enough for him to... Adem For him to do what? Lysera Well, you’ll see. Adem, let me come with you! Adem No Lysera, I can’t risk you getting hurt. Or worse. You must stay here. Adem reaches over and puts his hand on her temples and puts her into a deep trance. He puts Yoda, by now toddling around, into the closet. Adem You stay here, too. Watch after her. Adem leaves the room.

2? INT - Jedi Temple Hangar- Morning CU Kane, obviously concentrating on something. Pull out to see him floating in mid air. CUT TO: Tight shot of bottom of door. Pan up with door opening, while simultaneously pulling out to frame entire door with Adem standing there. CUT TO: CU Kane, who looks shocked and confused. Adem reaches out his hand, pauses for a moment, and quickly drops his hand down. Kane rushes to the ground. CU Kane landing on his front and face in pain. Adem draws lightsaber Kane pushes up into a large, Force—assisted back flip. When he lands his lightsaber is out and on. Adem rushes Kane, swinging. Kane blocks, and the two duel.

2? INT-Jedi Temple-Lysera’s quarters-Day Yoda pushes open door and toddles over to Lysera, who is unconscious.

?? INT - Jedi Temple hangar, cont’d Kane seems to have an edge, forcing Adem back with each blow. Adem uses the Force to try to throw things at Kane’s head, but Kane ducks and bobs and weaves each one. Finally, Kanes lightsaber loses power. The two stare at each other for a moment, then Kane quickly punches Adem in the head, dropping him to the ground. Adem drops his lightsaber, which Kane Force retrieves. Kane points the lightsaber towards Adem’s throat. Kane You have improved immensely. But I am still better than you Adem. I always will be. I killed your father, and now I will kill you. I just hope it was worth it for you. A blaster tip enters frame at Kane’s temple. Lysera Dodge this. She pulls trigger. Kane dies instantly. Lysera crouches down to hold Adem, who is rather exhausted. Pull out to reveal all the Jedi, including Yoda.

??. INT - Jedi Council Room - Day Adem and Lysera are standing before the Council. Master 1 Although you have been cleared in your father’s death, you still broke the code. You used your lightsaber, and the Dark side, to attack, with an INTention to kill, a fellow Jedi. That is inexcusable. You must hand over your lightsaber, never again to draw it. And you are forever banished from the Jedi Temple. Master 2 You Lysera, on the other hand, acted in concern for the life of Adem. Yet you did kill Kane. You too must hand over your lightsaber, for a period of time to be determined by this council. You will be disciplined for this. Lysera No. You can have my lightsaber, but I will not stay here. I choose to go with Adem. I’m meant to be with with him. It is my destiny. Adem What is to become of Yoda? Master 1 He will stay here, under our watch, where, when he is of age, he shall be trained to be a Jedi. Adem I have forseen he will be among the most powerful of all Jedi. It is an unimaginable honor for you to train him. Do it well, and be certain you are worthy. Jedi Master 2 We will take much care. Now, your lightsabers? Adem and Lysera hand over their lightsabers and leave together.

??. EXT - Adem’s ship - Space (FX) Lysera is poking around the back of Adem’s ship and stumbles across several lightsabers. She looks in awe up towards the cockpit, where Adem senses what she has discovered. He smiles to himself. And then he makes the jump to lightspeed.

??. IRIS OUT Roll ending Credits.

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