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									                  Mounted Mischief Meeting Minutes
                                 October 13th, 2011
Meeting began at 6:39 pm



VP Report- No report.

Treasurer’s Report- No report.

Reporters’ Report- No report.

Secretary Report- No report.

      We did a concession stand on October 1st at the Youth and Yearlings program
       show. Made about $160.

      Introductions for new members.
      Icebreaker activity.
      Planning Meeting – We handed out planners to help keep members organized
       this year. The meeting will be October 23rd starting at 1 pm at Children’s Therapy
      Rule Change Proposals are due on October 31st. Submit them to Kim Giglio or
       Tricia Williams.
      District Teen Rally – The event is on Orcas Island on 10/22. Check out the KC 4-
       H Horse website ( Also, the Mounted Mischief website
      KC Tack Sale – The flyer is on the KC 4-H Horse website. Check it out and
       spread it around! We need as many people as possible. There’s a facebook page
       as well. November 20th at the Washington Thoroughbred Breeders Association.
      We will be having a show clothing exchange night at the next meeting. If you
       have any show clothes you want to exchange, bring them.
      MM Judging – Our judging will be on May 20th, location TBA. (Subject to change
       if complications come up)
    MM Show – Our club show will be on June 23rd at Reber Ranch. We discussed
     judges for our show.
    KC Fair - Fair is in early August. We should have solid dates by the next meeting.
    MM is hoping to buy a projector to use for various purposes for our meetings. We
     motioned to allocate up to $500 for purchase of a projector.
    Nominations:
        o President: Jillian Schwisow and Johannah Van Vleet (Co Presidents),
           Desi Woodford
        o VP: Kelly Schwisow, Caitlyn McFarland, Shauna Fahley, Tessa Pariseau,
           Madison Etiz
        o Secretary: Kelly Schwisow, Desi Woodford, Cyra Christensen (Junior
        o Treasurer: Caitlyn McFarland, Desi Woodford, Lexie Adams, Allana
        o Reporter: Lexie Adams, Katie Rieger, Kelly Schwisow, Madison Etiz,
           Caitlyn M, Desi Woodford (Webmaster)

 Meeting was adjourned at 8:17 pm

    Jillian S
    Johannah V
    Kelly S
    Lexie A
    Allana B
    Madeline M
    Cassie C
    Bailey C
    Cyra C
    Desirae W
    Caitlyn M
    Katie R
    Katie H
    Amanda A
    Kayla K
    Tessa P
    Caitlyn P


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