HOA Websites + Good Communication = Happy Unit Owners

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					HOA Websites + Good Communication = Happy Unit Owners

Modern technology has completely transformed the way HOA board members and unit owners
communicate and operate today. The internet, in addition to communicative devices such as e-mail,
Skype, social networking and more has made it easier for Homeowner Associations to communicate
with those involved in the community. Many websites have been created exclusively to maintain a clear
line of communication within the Homeowner Associations community. The HOA industry has benefited
from advanced technology in areas such as property access and security, fees collection software,
advances in outdoor lighting as well as swimming pool safety and maintenance. Although all of these
technologies have greatly enhanced the general function of the condo community, the most important
use of technology has been toward bettering the communication between HOA board members and
unit owners.

One example of Homeowner Associations using technology to communicate better with unit owners is
the Quail Ridge Condominiums in Oceanside, California. The website is a great tool for informing
members of the community about important information, such as the court-ordered water regulation
the community is currently undergoing in order to protect the resource.

The website also includes a full list of contact information for unit owners to contact an HOA board
member in cases of an emergency or to question something on the website. The condo board of
directors also published a form for making direct payments, which is a great use of the website and
modern technology to make things easier on a condo manager.

Another example of HOA communities using modern technology to communicate is the Woodside Villas
Condo in Gainesville, Florida. This HOA uses the social networking site, Facebook, which connects both
unit owners and management of common interest properties in order to communicate quicker and
more effectively. For example, one user commented about a lost dog in the neighborhood and another
commented about the driving in the community. Social networking sites are effective tools for HOA
board members and unite owners because they eliminate the cost of communicating simply because
they don’t require use of the telephone, travel expenses or sacrifice of time away from other work-
related tasks. Through the use of e-mail and texting, unit owners are able to better communicate with
HOA board members and have urgent problems within the condominium community solved faster.

HOA board members use many advanced technologies to make life easier for unit owners in a
condominium community. These technologies help business run more smoothly and typically require
less interaction; however, HOA board members should be focusing on establishing a clear and direct line
ofcommunication with unit owners at all times. Websites with posted schedules, frequent blog updates
and a full list of contact options make this line ofcommunication much easier and avoids future conflicts
between condo managers and unit owners. The website helps everyone to better manage the events
within the condominium community and ensures that everything runs smoothly. Because advanced
technology such as smart phones, e-mailing, texting, Skyping and other devices makes communication
faster than ever, issues within the community can be addressed in a matter of minutes.

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