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					National Chiao Tung University

 2013 NCTU Taiwan Elite
   Internship Program
        Office of International Affairs
                        NCTU at a Glance
   Started as Nanyang College in Shanghai in 1896
   Shares the origin and name of “交通” (“Chiao Tung”or
   “Jiaotong”) with 4 universities in China: Shanghai,
     Beijing, Xi’an and Southwest
   Re-established as NCTU in 1958 in Hsinchu, Taiwan,
      focusing on electrical and computer engineering
   Evolved into a comprehensive university of 9 colleges
      (19 depts and 32 graduate institutes)

  National Chiao Tung University has been the cradle
  for the nation’s high-tech industry leaders as well as
  for innovation and research. Currently more than
  65% of the chairpersons, CEOs and general
  managers at Hsinchu Science Park companies are
  NCTU’s alumni.
                     Facts about NCTU
Students and Faculty staff of 2012
    A research oriented university with 5,527 undergraduates and 9,097 postgraduates
    973 teaching and research faculty
    264 research staff
    1,107administrative and support staff
    International students from over 60 countries

Research – 8 Top Research Centers Focusing on Interdisciplinary Approach
 to Develop Cutting-edge Technology
    The Nanoelectronics and Infotronics System Research Center
    Intelligent Information Communications Research Center
    Frontier Photonics Research Center
    Biomedical Electronics Center for Translational Research
    Center for Interdisciplinary Science
    Center for Bioinformatics Research
    Brain Research Center
    Disaster Prevention and Water Environment Research Center                          2
                  Program Arrangement
NCTU provide opportunities for outstanding students from our partner universities
 to do research in our celebrated laboratories which have strong links to local
 enterprises located in Hsinchu Science Park (the Silicon Valley of Asia), such as
 TSMC, CHIMEI, Realtek, Wintek Corp. ...etc.

NCTU Laboratories provide internship in the fields of:
    Engineering
    Life Science
    Computer Science
    Biological Science
    Electrical and Computer Science

Students will be conducting research on either a small independent project or
 assisting an ongoing project in the host laboratories.

At the end of the internship, students will be asked to submit a report regarding their
 research work at NCTU.
                 Program Arrangement
Student Selection
  At least 3 students from TUM will be selected to participate the laboratory research at
  Students and labs will be matched according to students’ research interest.

Financial Support
  NCTU will offer a FREE round-trip economy class flight ticket from their home
   country to Taiwan for the admitted students.

Program Length
  At least 2 months
  Official starting date of the program will be 1st May, 2013. Students should arrive at
   NCTU no later than 1st September, 2013. Official closing date will be 31st October, 2013
  Actual research period may vary depending on individual circumstances

                Application Procedure
All applicants are to firstly identify a professor at NCTU to be their internship advisor.

Students would send the complete application package with all the required documents
 in hard copies by registered express mail to NCTU before 28th February, 2013.

The results will be announced on 31st March, 2013

OIA would provide Letter of Acceptance for admitted students.

 The Center of International Service (CIS) will assist admitted students in terms of on-
  campus accommodation, insurance, visa, registration and other further needs.

                    Useful Information
Student Accommodation
   •Accommodation feature: Shared room
   •About USD$ 150 per month

   There are many apartments and houses available in
   Hsinchu. Common price for off-campus
   accommodation ranges from USD$170 to
   USD$400 per month

Affordable Living Cost
    From USD$ 400 to USD$500 per month

                  NCTU Faculty
       Name & Title                  Research Subjects                       Enterprise Partners

                                                                     Taiwan Semiconductor
                            Design and analysis of high speed,
                                                                    Manufacturing Company (TSMC)
                           low power
Shyh-Jye, Jou                mixed-signal integrated circuits
Professor, Department of                                              Industrial Technology Research
Electronics Engineering     Communication
                                                                     Institute (ITRI)
                            Bio-Electronics integrated circuits and
                                                                      Chip Implementation Center (CIC)

                            GaAs & InP Based High Frequency
Yi, Chang                  Devices
Professor, Department of     (HEMT, HBT)
Materials Science           Flip chip package
                            Solar Cells

                            MEMS
Yu-Ting, Cheng              Nanotechnology
Professor, Department of
Electronics Engineering     Microsystems Packaging
                            SOP Design and Fabrication
       Name & Title
                    NCTU Faculty
                               Research Subjects          Enterprise Partners

Hsin-Fei, Meng              Condensed Matter
Professor, Institute of    Physics
Physics                     Organic semiconductor

                            Thin-film transistor (TFT)
                           fabrication and
Horng-Chih, Lin               characterization
Professor, Department of    Reliability of CMOS
Electronics Engineering    devices
                            Novel SOI device

                            Growth of ZnO related
                             compounds by
                             molecular beam epitaxy
Wu-Qing, Zhou               Cothodo-luminescence
Professor, Department of
Electrophysics               study of semiconductor
                  NCTU Faculty
      Name & Title                   Research Subjects                       Enterprise Partners

Wei-Zen , Chen                                                       • TSMC
                            Mixed signal integrated circuits
Professor, Department of                                             • Faraday
Electronics Engineering     Wireless/Wireline communication ICs
                                                                     • Realtek

                            Three-dimensional integrated circuits
Kuan-Neng, Chen            (3D IC)
Professor, Department of     through-silicon via (TSV) technology
Electronics Engineering     Wafer bonding technology
                            Nano devices

                            VLSI algorithms and architectures for
                             high-throughput DSP applications
Chen-Yi, Lee                Very low bit coding
Professor, Department of
Electronics Engineering     Multi-media signal processing
                            High-speed networking
                            System-on-chip design technology
                 NCTU Faculty
      Name & Title                   Research Subjects              Enterprise Partners

Hsiao -Wen, Zan            Device physics
Associate Prof, Deparment
                           Novel processing
of Photonics and Display
Institute                  Bio-electronics

Pei -Chen, Yu
Associate Prof, Deparment    Solar cells
                                                           Arima
of Photonics and Display     Photonic crystals OPC/DFM

Yi-Pai, Huang              Display Optics                • AU Optronics
Associate Prof, Deparment
                           3D Display                    • Chimei-Innolux
of Photonics and Display
Institute                  Micro-Optics                   Wintek Corp.
       3D IC Research Laboratory in NCTU
Principal Investigator: Prof. Kuan-Neng, Chen
 Research Interests             Overall Research Achievements
        3D IC
        TSV
        Bonding Technology
        Wafer Thinning
        Heterogeneous

 International Collaboration      Industry and Institute Cooperation
  Prof. Shyh-Jye, Jou’s researches group

• Gbps serial link
   – All digital PLL, clock data recovery
   – Adaptive equalizer
• Wireless communication
   – 60Ghz transceiver platform and chip design
   – IEEE802.16e/m baseband
• Hearing Aids
   – Noise reduction and acoustic feedback cancellation
   – Binaural hearing aids design
• Embedded SRAM
   – Ultra-low-power sub-threshold SRAM design in
     40/28nm COMS technology
Nano-structured & Hybrid Solar Cell
                  IV measurement system   QE measurement system

                  Integrating sphere 1    Integrating sphere 2

                   Glove box

                   Prof. Yu, Pei -Chen :
Contact Information
Coordinator: Ms. Katie LAI
Tel : +886-3-571-2121#50665
Fax: +886-3-513-1473

Thank You for your
  Kind Attention


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