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									                               Forest Hill School Council
                             Minutes of Meeting held February 12, 2007

       Agenda                     Topic/Leader/Update/Information                              Action Required
Welcome & Attendance     Introduction of, and welcome to, the new principal, Mr. Doug
                         In attendance: Sue Anderson, Nancy Bailey, Nadine Carr,
                         Jane Hay, Elaine Bursztyn, Laurie Crosson, Emily McMillin,
                         Michele Tkachenko, Barb White, Janine Peck, Anthony
                         Rauws, Doug Paul, Manuela Lord, Wendy Young-Greig
                         Regrets: Jen Watson

Acceptance of Previous   The minutes of the December 4, 2006 meeting were
Meeting Minutes          reviewed and accepted as presented. Motion by Barb
                         White, seconded by Sue Anderson. Carried.

General Information      The Chair’s Mail – no new mail has been received.
                         Parents Reaching Out Grants-Forest Hill PS was declined
                         on our applications for these grants. Thank you, again to
                         Emily, Michelle and Sue for the effort put into the

Principal’s Report       Doug asked whether there was a member of the council
                         who headed up the grade 8 Graduation committee. The
                         answer was “No.”

                         Doug received an e-mail from a group called Ball Room
                         Glitz who recycle prom dresses. More information will be in
                         the next newsletter.

                         Doug brought up the issue of school closures happening in
                         many areas of the county. This isn’t affecting our school but    .
                         you can forward your feedback on the Pupil Accommodation
                         Review Policy to your school at the S.C.D.S.B. Education
                         Centre by Feb. 23.

                         Math Conference for Parents – Sat. May 5. More info in the
                         next newsletter.

                         Anthony asked about the location of the hockey uniforms,         Doug to check on location of
                         sponsored by Jeff White, which had been loaned to another        hockey uniforms.
                         school. Elaine thought they were back at our school and
                         Doug said he would look into their location.

                         The Finance Report was reviewed in detail,
                         Grade 8 Quebec Trip Account - still to be decided whether
                         money left over from last year’s trip will be refunded to last   Monies still to be balanced out
                         year’s grade 8 parents.                                          from Grade 8 account
                         Sue Anderson made a motion that the surplus money over
                         and above $2,000.00 for the grade 8 trip account be moved
                         to the general school needs account. Seconded by Janine
                         This year’s trip to Ottawa would cost $320.00 per student
                         with the $85.00deduction from sub fundraising.
                         Emily noted that we have $2,668.51 in the Classroom fund.
                         It was decided to move that money to the General School
                         Needs Fund.
                         It was suggested that extra money should be spent on the
                         teacher’s wish list such as 2 new robotics kits
                        Discussion on old motion about moving Student Council
                        Account to Agenda Account was brought up and Doug said
                        we could do that.
                        It was noted that we have $775.00 in the communication
                        Doug said he would be in touch with Rick at the board office
                        about giving him the money to go ahead with the track
                        Elaine noted a letter would be going home to parents in
                        regards to a survey on bullying, achievement…for students
                        in Grade 4-12.

Teacher’s Report        There was no Teacher’s Report at this meeting. It was           The teachers were asked to put
                        proposed that Jen look into a news reporter for our school      together a “Wish List” for review
                        newsletter and the Midhurst newsletter, and update the web      by Council for future fundraising
                        site which has not been updated since Sept. Teacher’s           initiatives.
                        “Wish List” remains outstanding.

Communications Update   Sue Anderson will look into electronic signage for outside of
                        school like Mapleview PS has.

Track Update            Doug said he will e-mail Rick at the board office to be sure    Doug will Email Rick at the
                        we are on the project list and to move ahead with the track     board office and will call
                        plans. He will also call Darpak in regards to a new quote.      Darpak.

                        There will be no rentals of our field during the summer
                        months due to impending construction.

Fundraising Update      Barb White reported that the QSP update is in the Feb.
                        newsletter. We are on board for next year again. We should
                        get a Bonus cheque in June as well.
                        A suggestion was made that new grade 8 parents coming in
                        for next year have a meeting in May to ease the transition of
                        the grade 8 fundraiser.

“For Profit” School     Janine Peck reported that the “For Profit” school activities
Activities              issue is HUGE and being looked into in all schools in the
                        county. As of now, no new programs may start up in the
                        school but existing programs may continue. Current “For
                        Profit” programs running in the school are not paying rental

New Business            Janine Peck suggested we nominate a teacher each year
                        for “teacher of the year” or “lifetime achievement” award.

                        Michelle mentioned that in the Fraser report, ranking
                        schools, Forest Hill P.S. ranked 1,838 out of 2,812 schools
                        in the EQAO results.

Agenda Items for next   Items should be emailed to Nancy or Emily prior to March
Council meeting         29, 2007.

Adjournment             Next Meeting is scheduled for Monday, April 2 at 7:00 pm in
                        the Library. No meeting will be held in March due to March

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