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					Biomass Pelleting

Biomass pelleting
                                                                                            Raw materials

                                                                                            Wood sawdust


                                                                                            Wood chips


Bioenergy results from converting            biomass fuel market as well as the wood        Raw material sources from:
biomass into useful forms of energy,         grinding market, which supplies wood           •   Timber industry
most commonly by burning wood to             powder to power stations. The amount of        •   Sawmills
gain heat. By using renewable forms of       CO2 neutral fuel produced on equipment         •   Paper industry
energy from local sources, it is possible    from ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL replaces           •   Furniture industry
to reduce the dependence on fossil           almost three million tons of oil and gas per   •   Building industry
fuels, protect industries from electricity   year.                                          •   Agricultural by-products
shortage and reduce carbon emissions
at the same time.                            Key processing machinery                       Scopes of application
                                             ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL designs                 • Wood pellets
Increasing need for environmentally          solutions based on highly advanced key         • Wood powder
friendly fuel                                machinery for wood grinding and pelleting,     • Other biomass pellets
The private market as well as the market     inclusive of chippers and dryers for the
for large-scale power stations is growing    processing of wet and/or green wood prior      Advantages of pelleting
rapidly. This is mainly a consequence of     to the pelleting process. Compression by       • Reduced transport costs
the Kyoto Protocol, which covers more        means of biomass pelleting provides a          • Simple handling
than 160 countries, representing over 55%    substantial density increase. By converting    • CO2 neutral fuel
of the global greenhouse gas emissions.      wood chips into compressed wood                • Homogeneous and
                                             pellets, the increase in density typically       manageable fuel
Leading market share                         corresponds to a rise from 150 kg/m3 to        • Environmental
ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL is a major            650 kg/cm3, which generates significant            considerations
player in supplying and supporting wood      transport, storage and handling savings
pellet producers all over the world and      as well as various other environmental
holds a share of more than 50% of the        advantages.
Supplier of key machinery and complete pro
Process flow for
wood pellets

Raw material intake                  Pre-grinding           Raw material intake
- wood chips                                                - sawdust

Process flow for wood chips
                                                            Process flow for sawdust

Pre-grinding size reduction          Drying                                Fine-grinding                          Pelleting
Raw material: Wood chips             Raw material: Sawdust                 It is recommended to grind raw         The pellet mill ensures a high
Raw material supplied as wooden      The drum drying system dries          materials in a hammer mill to          output and an efficient control of
chips in sizes of approx. 100+       the raw material before the fine-     achieve homogeneous pellets. The       the pellet quality. The pellet mill
mm requires a size reduction in a    grinding process. To ensure an        large surface and open fibres of       is dimensioned for large forces
chipper and a hammer mill prior to   evenly dried product, the raw         ground products facilitate the steam   and provided with exchangeable
the subsequent drying process.       material is conveyed pneumatically    absorption in the cascade mixer.       wear parts. The efficient process
The Optimill hammer mill is          by a stream of hot gases and          Steam and high temperature in the      control ensures high flexibility
intended for high-capacity and       dried in a convective process until   cascade mixer soften the lignin in     and optimum energy utilization.
optimum particle size distribution   reaching an amount of residual        the wood, after which the pelleting    The energy consumed to operate
by means of an energy-efficient      moisture of approx. 10%.              can take place without addition of     the pellet mill and heat the steam
rotor design and replaceable wear                                          binders.                               corresponds to 2.5-3% of the wood
liners in the grinding chamber.                                            The Multimill hammer mill works        energy content.
                                                                           with an airflow that optimizes the
                                                                           grinding process and carries the       ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL offers
                                                                           wood meal on to the separation in a    two types of biomass pellet mills:
                                                                           cyclone or a filter.
ocessing plants

                                                                                                                              Bagging and
                    Loading                         Fine-grinding           Pelleting          Cooling Sifting

 Pellet mill PM30                      Cooling                             Air cleaning filter                     Process control
 Sturdy PM30 pellet mill with          Cooler for wood pellets prior       EFF filter for efficient dust           ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL offers
 highly efficient double-reduction     to packing and storage. The         separation at low working               modularly designed computerized
 gearbox for optimum die speed.        friction generated in the die       costs, including advanced               controls for individual key
 High-speed belt drive and heavy-      during the pelleting process        cleaning nozzle with optimum            machines, complete processing
 duty pellet chamber for optimum       develops additional heat in the     flow and unmatched low energy           channels and complete plant
 and safe production.                  pellets, which has to be removed    consumption for compressed air          controls.
                                       before sifting and storing the      cleaning of filter bags.
 Pellet mill LM26                      pellets. The pellets are cooled
 Strong LM26 pellet mill with          by air taken from the surrounding   Final sifting
 highly efficient and reliable         area, and therefore the pellet      Finally the pellets pass a sifter for
 single-belt drive. Resilient V-belt   temperature will always be 5-10°    removal of crumbles and dust,
 drive for protection against          C above room temperature.           which are reused in the process.
 severe shock loads. The flywheel      The cooler retention time and
 effect of the mill sheave dampens     the wood pellet diameter
 pelleting surges.                     are decisive for the cooler
Efficient pellet production

The production of wood pellets    The one-stop-shop concept                Wear-resistant and environmentally
is influenced by various          ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL is a              friendly equipment
physical properties, such as      unique company with the ability to       All conveyors and processing
moisture content, particle size   manufacture and supply each and          equipment are made of corrosion-
distribution, bulk density and    every key-processing machine in          resistant steel to withstand the tannic
operating parameters, including   the pellet production line. With an      acid liberated from heated wood, etc.
die shape specifications,         extensive knowledge of each key          The process line is working at under-
operating temperature and power   process, we are able to provide a        pressure to minimize dust escape and
requirements.                     compatible and homogeneous solution      improve the working environment.
                                  from start to finish.                    The biomass equipment from
                                  Our concept is simple and effective.     ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL has been
                                  We strive to be a “one-stop” all-round   adapted to the functions and strength
                                  supplier for all pelleting needs. Our    especially required for biomass
                                  packages are customized to suit          products. With the combination of
                                  specific requirements, whether it be     quality machinery, process know-how
                                  know-how, engineering, individual        and general experience in the project
                                  machines, complete processing lines      supply, we offer optimum solutions
                                  or spare parts and service.              for any kind of biomass grinding and
Original spare parts, service support

          Being able to supply equipment for an entire wood pellet production is
          one thing, but being able to serve customers after the installation in terms
          of support and supply of spare and wear parts is yet another essential
          ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL competence.
          Our worldwide presence is implemented through regional service centres,
          which guarantee highly reliable process operations by means of close contact
          and support. ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL engineers are available for plant
          audits in order to assist the customer in identifying and ensuring a production
          increase, locating cost-saving opportunities and fine-tuning the production
          High-quality parts and consumables generate long life and good economy to
          the process plant. Please contact our local service team and learn how we
          can assist you in improving the production process.

          Supply and repair of
          dies and rolls
                                           ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL is the worldwide largest
                                                  and most advanced manufacturer and supplier of
                                                     dies and rolls for all kinds of pellet mills.
                                                                           ANDRITZ FEED & BIOFUEL
                                                                             complies with special customer
                                                                             requests by offering excellent
                                                                             quality of spare and wear parts,
                                                                            which are manufactured of top-
                                                                            quality heat-treated alloy steels in
                                                                                    up-to-date machines on the
                                                                                      basis of expert knowledge.

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