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					                                                                                 Scope and Sequence
                                                       Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley
                                                                          Grade Four

Accelerated Math math management software
helps every student master every math objective,          Chapter              LEGEND
1st grade through calculus. This content library             Section
provides the Scope and Sequence of instruction                    Objective
for these Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley
Grade 4 objectives:

Chapter 1 – Place Value and Money                               Division Facts
   Place Value                                                  Special Quotients
       Numbers in the Thousands                                 Multiplication and Division Stories
       Understanding Greater Numbers                            P-S Skill: Multiple-Step Problems
       Place-Value Patterns                                 Algebra
   Building Number Sense                                        Writing and Evaluating Expressions
       Comparing and Ordering Numbers                           Find a Rule
       Rounding Numbers                                         Solving Multiplication and Division Equations
       The Size of Numbers
   Money and Decimals                                   Chapter 4 – Time, Data, and Graphs
       Using Money to Understand Decimals                  Time
       Counting Money                                           Telling Time
       Making Change                                            Units of Time
       More About Decimals                                      Elapsed Time
       P-S Skill: Look Back and Check                           Calendars
                                                           Reading and Making Graphs
Chapter 2 – Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers                Pictographs
            and Money                                           Line Plots
   Addition and Subtraction Number Sense                        Bar Graphs
       Estimating Sums and Differences                          Graphing Ordered Pairs
       Overestimates and Underestimates                         Line Graphs
   Adding and Subtracting                                       P-S Strategy: Make a Graph
       Adding Whole Numbers and Money                      Interpreting Data
       Column Addition                                          Median, Mode, and Range
       Subtracting Whole Numbers and Money                      Data from Surveys
       Choose a Computation Method (1)                          Misleading Graphs
       P-S Strategy: Look for a Pattern
   Algebra                                              Chapter 5 – Multiplying by One-Digit Numbers
       P-S Skill: Translating Words to Expressions         Multiplication Number Sense
       Matching Words and Number Expressions                   Multiplying by Multiples of 10, 100, or 1,000
       Evaluating Expressions                                  Estimating Products (1)
       Solving Addition and Subtraction Equations              Using Arrays to Multiply (1)
Chapter 3 – Multiplication and Division Concepts and           Multiplying Two-Digit and One-Digit Numbers
            Facts                                              Multiplying Three-Digit and One-Digit Numbers
   Multiplication Concepts and Facts                           P-S Strategy: Try, Check, and Revise
       Meanings for Multiplication                             Choose a Computation Method (2)
       Patterns in Multiplying by 0, 1, 2, 5, and 9        Applying Multiplication
       Using Known Facts to Find Unknown Facts                 Multiplying Money (1)
       Multiplying by 10, 11, and 12                           Multiplying Three Factors
       P-S Strategy: Make a Table                              P-S Skill: Choose an Operation
   Division Concepts and Facts
       Meanings for Division
       Relating Multiplication and Division

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                                                                             Scope and Sequence
                                                    Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley
                                                                       Grade Four

Chapter 6 – Multiplying by Two-Digit Numbers                 Parts of a Set
   Multiplication Number Sense                               Fractions, Length, and the Number Line
       Multiplying Multiples of Ten                          Estimating Fractional Parts
       Estimating Products (2)                               P-S Strategy: Draw a Picture
       Using Arrays to Multiply (2)                      Fraction Relationships
       P-S Strategy: Make an Organized List                  Equivalent Fractions
   Multiplying                                               Fractions in Simplest Form
       Multiplying Two-Digit Numbers                         Using Number Sense to Compare Fractions
       Multiplying Greater Numbers                           Comparing and Ordering Fractions
       Choose a Computation Method (3)                   Extending Fraction Concepts
       Multiplying Money (2)                                 Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions
                                                             Comparing Mixed Numbers
Chapter 7 – Dividing                                         Circle Graphs
   Division Number Sense
       Using Patterns to Divide Mentally             Chapter 10 – Fraction Operations and Customary
       Estimating Quotients                                       Measurement
       Dividing with Remainders                         Adding Fractions
       Two-Digit Quotients                                  Estimating Fraction Sums
   Dividing by One-Digit Divisors                           Adding Fractions with Like Denominators
       Dividing Two-Digit Numbers                           Adding Fractions with Unlike Denominators
       P-S Skill: Interpreting Remainders               Subtracting Fractions
       Dividing Three-Digit Numbers                         Subtracting Fractions with Like Denominators
       Zeros in the Quotient                                Subtracting Fractions with Unlike Denominators
       Dividing Money Amounts                               P-S Strategy: Use Logical Reasoning
       P-S Strategy: Write a Number Sentence            Customary Measurement
   Extending Division                                       Length and Customary Units
       Divisibility Rules                                   Fractions of an Inch
       Finding Averages                                     Capacity and Customary Units
       Dividing by Multiples of 10                          Weight and Customary Units
       Dividing with Two-Digit Divisors                     Changing Units and Comparing Measures (1)
                                                            P-S Skill: Exact Answer or Estimate
Chapter 8 – Geometry and Measurement
   Solids and Plane Figures                          Chapter 11 – Decimals and Metric Measurement
       Relating Solids and Plane Figures (1)            Understanding Decimals
       Relating Solids and Plane Figures (2)                Decimals and Fractions
       Polygons                                             Decimal Place Value
       Lines, Line Segments, Rays, and Angles (1)           Comparing and Ordering Decimals
       Lines, Line Segments, Rays, and Angles (2)           Rounding Decimals
       Triangles and Quadrilaterals                     Adding and Subtracting Decimals
       Circles                                              Estimating Decimal Sums and Differences
   Geometry and Transformations                             Using Grids to Add and Subtract Decimals
       Congruent Figures and Motions                        Adding and Subtracting Decimals
       Symmetry                                             P-S Strategy: Solve a Simpler Problem
       Similar Figures                                  Metric Measurements
   Perimeter, Area, and Volume                              Length and Metric Units
       Perimeter                                            Capacity and Metric Units
       Area                                                 Mass and Metric Units
       Volume                                               Changing Units and Comparing Measures (2)
Chapter 9 – Fraction Concepts
   Understanding Fractions
       Parts of a Region

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                                                                                        Scope and Sequence
                                                            Scott Foresman – Addison Wesley
                                                                               Grade Four

Chapter 12 –Graphing and Probability
       Inequalities on a Number Line
       Translating Words to Equations
       Equations and Graphs
       P-S Skill: Extra or Missing Information
       Understanding Probability
       Listing Outcomes
       Finding Probability
       Making Predictions
       P-S Strategy: Work Backward

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