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Author: Mike Gentile, Brandon Minquez, Ngon “Moon” Nguyen, Taylor Shepley

        The American with Disabilities Act of 1990 is a law that ensures the civil rights to the

handicapped, by preventing discrimination against those with disabilities. The ADA also formed a

set of codes and standards for structures so they have access to the surroundings as those without

disabilities would. Two years ago, the “2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design” was published

stating what steps need to be taken to properly design a house to be handicap accessible. Accidents

occur frequently in the bathroom, and the ADA specifications make it capable of being safer in such

as dangerous place (United States Department of Justice). About 234,000 nonfatal accidents happen

in the bathroom each year by people over the age of 15. Of those 234,000, 81% of those are caused

by falls. 2/3 of the accidents happen in the bathtub/shower, and although only 1% of nonfatal

injuries happen in the bathroom, that percentage increases to 2.5% for those 65 and older


        The objective of this project is to design an Accessible Entrance, Kitchen, and Bathroom

with a total available space of approximately 16 feet by 24 feet; the space should meet or exceed the

specifications as in the 2010 ADA Standards. The space will be designed for wheelchair

                The space we have available to layout our kitchen and bathroom is approximately

16 feet by 24 feet; there is also a wall height of 8 feet as well as a wall thickness of 3 ½ inches. Our

door is located on the south wall of the design and leading up to the door is a ramp that has a

minimum width of 32 inches. Looking left when walking into the door, an occupant can expect to

see kitchen appliances as well as counter stop space. Starting from the right side of the west wall

there is a refrigerator followed by a counter space with a prep area and microwave. There is then a

stove and oven, a sink and in between the two is a clean-up area. Logically, there is then a

dishwasher touching the west and north walls. The height of the counter top is 24 inches with a

depth of 22.5 inches. Directly in the middle of the kitchen is a dining table with a seating of 6

people. The bathroom is approximately 7’ 3” by 8’. When walking through the bathroom door, the

roll-in shower will be directly in front. The sink is next to the roll-in shower on the north wall. On

the east wall, there is a water closet and bath tub.
Results and Discussion
        Designing a kitchen and bathroom is quite easy. Designing a kitchen and bathroom that is ADA

approved is a little more complicated. The specifications according to ADA Standards:

604.2            Water Closet              The centerline of the water closet shall be 16” minimum
                                            to 18” maximum from the side wall.
                                           Clearance around a water closet shall be 60” minimum
                                            measured perpendicular from the side wall and 56”
                                            minimum measured perpendicular from the rear wall.
                                           The seat height of a water closet above the finish floor
                                            shall be 17” minimum and 19” maximum measured to the
                                            top of the seat.
604.5             Grab Bars                The side wall grab bar shall be 42” long minimum, located
                (Water Closet)              12” maximum from the rear wall and extending 54”
                                            minimum from the rear wall.
                                           The rear wall grab bar shall be 36” long minimum and
                                            extend from the centerline of the water closet 12”
                                            minimum on one side and 24” minimum on the other
606.3              Lavatory                Lavatories and sinks shall be installed with the front of
                                            the higher of the rim or counter surface 34” maximum
                                            above the finish floor or ground.
607                Bathtub                 Clearance in front of bathtubs shall extend the length of
                                            the bathtub and shall be 30” wide minimum.
                                           Where a permanent seat is provided at the head end of
                                            the bathtub, the clearance shall extend 12” minimum
                                            beyond the wall at the head end of the bathtub.
607.4               Bathtub                A grab bar shall be located 8” minimum and 10”
                  (Grab bars)               maximum above the rim of the bathtub. Each grab bar
                                            shall be installed 15” maximum from the head end wall
                                            and 12” maximum from the control end wall.
                                           A grab bar 24” long minimum shall be installed on the
                                            control end wall at the front edge of the bathtub.
608             Roll-in Shower             Transfer type shower compartments shall be 36” by 36”
                                            clear inside dimensions measured at the center points of
                                            opposing sides and shall have a 36” wide minimum entry
                                            on the face of the shower compartment.
                                           Clearance of 36” wide minimum by 48” long minimum
                                            measured from the control wall shall be provided.

                                                            Figure 1 Roll-in Shower

405                 Ramps                  The clear width of a ramp run and, where handrails are
                                            provided, the clear width between handrails shall be 36”
                                           Cross slope of ramp runs shall not be steeper than 1:48.
404                 Doors                  Door openings shall provide a clear width of 32”
804            Kitchen Counter             The kitchen work surface shall be 34” maximum above
                                            the finish floor or ground.
804.6.6          Refrigerator               Combination refrigerators and freezers shall have at least
                                             50 percent of the freezer space 54” maximum above the
                                             finish floor or ground.
                          Table 1 Specifications According to ADA Standards

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