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									                                                                     2D CAD

 ID        Type       Version                                                   Description

 3224   Enhancement     17      Printing the limited area specified by two diagonal points
 3379   Enhancement     17      vertical dimension optional leader line
 5306      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 2390 - PRCAD2390
 5356      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 2442 - PRCAD2442
 5811      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 2903 - PRCAD2903
 5968      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 3060 - PRCAD3060
 6208      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 3302 - PRCAD3302
 8128   Enhancement     17      Printing to a scale - retain the scale - F00010886
10132      Defect       17      Not possible to print XYZ axes in wireframe shading F00013034
10505      Defect       17      Relative origin in scaled views error.
11286      Defect       17      Wrong tolerance values editing multi selected dims.
11401   Enhancement     17      Mask Data option
12939      Defect       17      Extra Field uneditable "-" char.
13656   Enhancement     17      automatic upfdate plot view
15137      Defect       17      Wrap Text position error using Parametric Point.
15312      Defect       17      Dissolved offsetted profile returns two arcs.
15484   Enhancement     17      Update all Masks in the plotview. F00015622
15494   Enhancement     17      Trim Crossing Lines opt on text bounding boxes.
15642   Enhancement     17      BALLOON 3D
15740      Defect       17      error when using tolerances on 4 sided ordiate aligned dimenension F00015800
15868      Defect       17      Engraving Singliline font doubles elements.
16374   Enhancement     17      Ext Dim : Edit single label position.
16438      Defect       17      Groove Gear Profile Pressure Angle issue.
16645   Enhancement     17      Ext Dim column width based on own text length.
16959      Defect       17      Trailing zeros does not work with Feature String.
16974      Defect       17      Wrap of a closed circle.
17304   Enhancement     17      Only path name without file name in the mask system fields.
17376   Enhancement     17      Ability topick the vertex of a profile to create the fillet.
17449      Defect       17      AREA hatch type error.
17684      Defect       17      Open Profile by only one element issue.
17930   Enhancement     17      Ability to configure the width of the column in Ext Dim.
18024   Enhancement     17      Ability to enter the ISO/ANSI opt in the UI.
18237   Enhancement     17      Ability to have the Numeric Label and the ability to skip concentric circles.

                                                                       Page 1
                                                                             2D CAD

18463      Defect         17       View Properties on Section problem.
18490      Defect         17       ##17071## : Error: Extended Ballon Dimension]
18509      Defect         17       ##17347## Error lines.
18638      Defect         17       Some hatch like Bronze, Steel, Rubber and Marbre does not work.
18653      Defect         17       ##18755## : Plotview] Error edit hatch
18682      Defect         17       "F5" shortcut for Point filters
18729      Defect         17       ##19172## error scale on views.
18744      Defect         17       Crash on Ellipse creation
 3530   Enhancement   The ability to create muti line text using the 'Create text as profiles' option
 8783   Enhancement   Use of Page Down in Cad - F0011626
 8983      Defect   Ordinate Positional Dimension leader line space - F00011800
10160   Enhancement   leader lines on single element dims F00013063
14629      Defect   Set of Points/Circle Centre reference circle problem.
16317      Defect   Chamfer dimension incorrect on scaled View F00016129
16947      Defect   Edit Dimensions Trailing Places
17542      Defect   Dialog box reordering in dynamic cmds.
18269    Regression   Impossible edit Decimal places on Ordinate Aligned/Positional by multisel.
18689      Defect   ##18858## :Error:Annotation:]
18802      Defect   ##19706## Error dimension
18901      Defect   Single dimension by Point in a near scaled area.
18950      Defect   Extended Circle Dim Symbol defect.
18958      Defect   The system does not load the "X distance ratio" parameter.
18989   Enhancement   Detail reference text in the main view management.
18998      Defect   Break direct cmd not working on lines in the PV.
19021      Defect   Copy Elements modelview/plotview defect.
19022      Defect   Line style creates Layer_Empty.
19026      Defect   Face Section Type error with line style.
19051      Defect   Single dimension feels adjacent dimension nodes.
19076      Defect   Edit extended circle dim error.
19133      Defect   Error Quadrant Pick Points
19140   Enhancement   Application point for multilines text.
19224      Defect   Error Wireframe Parallel Element
19362      Defect   Command Languages with texts does not work.
19407      Defect   Wireframe - Segments/Line - Parallel selection error.
19451      Defect   Going to the Plotview a redraw is missing.

                                                                              Page 2
                                                                           2D CAD

19456    Enhancement   Multiline text application point.
19457       Defect   After a symbol has been created the text is not visible.
19483       Defect   Add an hole on the un-associative Ext Dim error.
16783   Defect    Mask created in the PV and saved in a WKF goes to 3D.
18991   Defect    Diameter symbol setting error.
19571   Enhancement    Edit Ext Dim by Add a point msg.
19582   Defect    Update mask in all pages error
19649   Defect    Text Leader attached to a Dimension error.
19683   Defect    The save icon for local dimension parameters does not work when set to INCHES
19686   Enhancement    Opt to rotate the drawing
19754   Defect    Edit multiple dims on old WKFs error.
19755   Enhancement    Hot keys for linear dimension.
 3145    Enhancement   Balloons to work correctly with a grid.
 3299    Enhancement   Improved arrow configuration display inside "Config. dimension parameters" dialog box
 8450    Enhancement   New default "Italic " and "Bold" for Text.
14104    Enhancement   "Through" specification dimensioning tapping holes.
15158    Enhancement   Through Hole String in Features.cfg
18943       Defect   Text attributes lost during editing.
19800       Defect   Edit Curve -> Modify points error.
19811       Defect   Ext Dim Concentric Hole mistakes order
19838       Defect   Edit Dim loss attributes.
19865       Defect   Added Index to Ext Dim error during PV Update.
19950       Defect   ANSI Dim by horizontal text mistakes the leader lenght.
19842       Defect   Update Ordinate Positional on aligned holes error.
20083       Defect   Edit Ext Dim bug.
20134       Defect   Parametric point in edit curve cmd issue.
20260       Defect   Section view wrong application point

                                                                            Page 3
                                                                        3D CAD

 ID        Type       Version                                                     Description

 2233   Enhancement     17      Plot View - Ability to create a detail using something other than circle (square or polygon)
 2245   Enhancement     17      Plot View - Dymanic view creation by random direction
 2590   Enhancement     17      The ability to create the centre of gravity, weight & volume for the complete tool rather than just one body
 2790   Enhancement     17      Enlarge a detail from a view which has been scaled
 3122   Enhancement     17      Make the parameter "Add prefix" available as a configuration parameter inside the plotview.cfg
 3493   Enhancement     17      More intuitive workplane. Multiple delete, combine rotate, save, delete etc. in 1 dialogue with preview
 3601   Enhancement     17      Auto Display Origin on Single View
 5549      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 2638 - PRCAD2638
 5598      Defect       17      Bottom view incorrect in model space. It is OK in plot view - PRCAD2687
 5735   Enhancement     17      Copy elements from PV to 3D enhancements.
 5925      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 3017 - PRCAD3017
 6095      Defect       17      VISI CAD BUG 3188 - PRCAD3188
 6223      Defect       17      Hatching problems in the plotview when updating F00009498
 6225      Defect       17      Hatching problems when updating and editing views F00009498
 7521      Defect       17      Section text seperation distance-F00100191
 7527   Enhancement     17      Ability to create a Dynamic view from a direction.
 8329      Defect       17      Move face deletes some blends.
 8703      Defect       17      Saved absolute origin missing in the System/Set work plane dialog.
 9242   Enhancement     17      Reverse Z of a workplane with Y axis (Set work plane)
 9661   Enhancement     17      Ability to print workplane underneath a cube
11284   Enhancement     17      Ability to modify Solids Group attributes (colour and layer)
11440      Defect       17      Move a face removes blend F00014110
11456      Defect       17      Wrong direction of projection in Feature Manager
12950      Defect       17      Loading a solid grp on an existing layer he goes to working layer
13358   Enhancement     17      PV/Print/Force data extens to fit mask opt error.
13400   Enhancement     17      PV\Print ability to configure the application point by default
13532      Defect       17      'Label distance from section' parameter does not work.
13716   Enhancement     17      Select workplane limitation when relative WPL conflicts with ABS (Front or Side)
14662      Defect       17      Cut with a face
14888      Defect       17      Details coming from section converts hatches to segments.
14895      Defect       17      Mirroring some arcs becomes bsplines.
15184   Enhancement     17      Hide edges inside PV that are not returned when updating views
15346   Enhancement     17      Ability to add node points in to a variable section after it has been created F00015545

                                                                         Page 4
                                                                   3D CAD

15533      Defect     17   Problem in FeatureManager with option "Use Colour" in Feature.cfg.
15988      Defect     17   Parasolid output from Electrode Manager does not manager current WPL
15994   Enhancement   17   Solid groups management
15997   Enhancement   17   Abilitu to update the Detail created on a section when the section is edit.
16023   Enhancement   17   Print the Grid
16527      Defect     17   Wrong result of EPX output F00016271
16550      Defect     17   Selection of Cicle Centre with Transparent Shading.
16648   Enhancement   17   Overlapping elements management also for edges.
16669      Defect     17   Undo function / graphics regen problem when changing to plotview F16401
16680   Enhancement   17   Align cylindrical face to two tangent faces
16737   Enhancement   17   Ability To allign a body to 2 reference faces F00016466
16781   Enhancement   17   Cylindrical face alignment
16960      Defect     17   Split plane system error sequence F00016612
17073   Enhancement   17   Section angle indicator position F00016702
17167   Enhancement   17   Ability to add/remove points (steps) during the editing of a variable section.
17208   Enhancement   17   Ability to output RGB face colour in surface analyser dialog box F000
17299   Enhancement   17   Maintain face colour during dynamic section
17300   Enhancement   17   Management of the reflection parameters inside CFG
17306   Enhancement   17   Piped surfaces - multiple element selection
17314   Enhancement   17   Edit viewing direction for a section view
17316   Enhancement   17   Plotting view page name to match the window name
17317   Enhancement   17   Plotview - Display the paper size next to the page title
17321      Defect     17   Wrong electrode editing
17325   Enhancement   17   Default setting for plotview 'print manager' tab
17386      Defect     17   Electrode stock for multiple electrodes & simulation error
17424      Defect     17   Detail circle disappears when updating properties
17670   Enhancement   17   Management of male thread in inches in FeatureManager.
17855   Enhancement   17   Enhancements on electrode Stock creation.
17864   Enhancement   17   Extended Circle Dimension
17929      Defect     17   Problem with size icons in Translation command.
17932      Defect     17   Wrong center of gravity computation using the Solids Group.
17934      Defect     17   Crash on Draft Faces command
17949   Enhancement   17   Improvement on Electrode report creation.
17988   Enhancement   17   Ability to create Origins automatically when a Point with Normal is created.
18044      Defect     17   Problem with selection inside window.

                                                                     Page 5
                                                                         3D CAD

18077      Defect         17       New default window not retained.
18215      Defect         17       Wrong msg editing cyl face.
18343      Defect         17       Project Points on Body is very slow in V16.
18372   Enhancement       17       Matching concept in Face selection.
18390      Defect         17       Picking issue during translation.
18424    Regression       17       Check solids interference problem during selection.
18429      Defect         17       Entity selection defect during transformations.
18444      Defect         17       Edit -> Translation destination point issue.
18455      Defect         17       Detail creation on current layer
18464      Defect         17       Operations in PlotView are very slow on the attached file.
18633      Defect         17       Dynamic Section dialog graphic defect.
18679      Defect         17       Repair Invalid Faces of Bodies gives wrong result.
18730      Defect         17       CAD-568 'Parametric point' window does not disappear.
18852   Enhancement       17       Split with bounds for the plotview
18853   Enhancement       17       Option to trim inside the Drape surface command.
18854   Enhancement       17       Simplify option for cut bodies command
18856   Enhancement       17       Ability to Mirror solids groups.
 7239      Defect   section arrows size change-f0009932
 7878      Defect   Plot View error after modification of the section text.
 8545      Defect   Wrong screw representation in Plot View.
10018      Defect   Toolbars not keeped after running registry.bat - F00012903
10298   Enhancement   drag along an edge a solid
16059   Enhancement   User field trasformed to system field unusable creating mask.
16277    Regression   Problem in Compare between a solid and a mesh.
16834      Defect   Profile Section of Detail in plotview F00016551
18225      Defect   AutoConstrained surface doesn't work in this case.
18904      Defect   eDrawings publish problem with Chinese characters.
19079      Defect   Position is lost when a new element is inserted.
19080      Defect   Print error.
19085      Defect   System crash in printing.
19150      Defect   Wrong thread representation in Top view when holes are inclined.
19297      Defect   Error Plotview Print Manager.
17303      Defect   Crash on Import Image.
19336      Defect   Wrong dimension on scaled view.
19364      Defect   Wrong thread representation in plotview

                                                                          Page 6
                                                                           3D CAD

19371      Defect   View disappears when it has been created by element.
19380   Enhancement   Ability to move control points of a curve on the plane normal to view direction.
19381      Defect   Not possible to create holes on existing features.
19442      Defect   WPLNs management coming from import processes.
19455      Defect   Problem on Weight application.
19458      Defect   Problem with filters after a sequence of commands
19302   Enhancement   Ability to confirm with OK the dialogue in Join Curves command
19489      Defect   Paper format is not retained.
19548      Defect   Problem on electrode collision check
19584      Defect   View disappearing using tmp files in plotview.
19586      Defect   Problem with Electrode origin manually created.
19589      Defect   Problem on Draft Analysis using DirectX driver.
19612   Enhancement   Request for Standard EPX V3 to manage the electrode position output
19627      Defect   Update Mask can cause corruption of Views in Plotview
19720      Defect   Electrode heel in wrong position
19748      Defect   Problems on Electrode management
19749      Defect   Problem on electrode report
19753      Defect   Export to EPX problem with option Relative to Origin
16228   Enhancement   Modify datum of electrode from EPX export - F00016092
16576      Defect   Decimal places on Dynamic cmd Dialog field.
19380   Enhancement   Ability to move control points of a curve on the plane normal to view direction.
19613      Defect   CAD view mode from the Table problem.
19798   Enhancement   Ability to retain the solid layer when editing a Pin inside the Feature Manager
19834      Defect   Feature Manager crashes the Cad.
20054      Defect   Two problems on Electrode
20063      Defect   Problem in loading files containing solid groups.
17390      Defect   Reset Chamfer values when creating new electrodes.
20126      Defect   Problem in collision detection in Electrode Manager
20259      Defect   Crash dragging surface.

                                                                            Page 7

 ID        Type       Version

 2832   Enhancement     17
 3291   Enhancement     17
 6600      Defect       17
 7124   Enhancement     17
 8477      Defect       17
10159   Enhancement     17
10928   Enhancement     17
13143      Defect       17
14293      Defect       17
14499   Enhancement     17
16568      Defect       17
16754      Defect       17
16766      Defect       17
17286   Enhancement     17
17361   Enhancement     17
17362   Enhancement     17
17453   Enhancement     17
17463       Task        17
17482   Enhancement     17
17486   Enhancement     17
17488   Enhancement     17
17489   Enhancement     17
17494   Enhancement     17
17496   Enhancement     17
17497   Enhancement     17
17524       Task        17
17739      Defect       17
17761      Defect       17
17890   Enhancement     17
17892      Defect       17
17893      Defect       17
17894   Enhancement     17
17896   Enhancement     17

                                    Page 8

17897      Defect         17
17901      Defect         17
17902      Defect         17
17937   Enhancement       17
18016   Enhancement       17
18071      Defect         17
18079   Enhancement       17
18107   Enhancement       17
18155      Defect         17
18202   Enhancement       17
18300      Defect         17
18307       Task          17
18525   Enhancement       17
18544      Defect         17
18556      Defect         17
18557      Defect         17
18579   Enhancement       17
18614      Defect         17
18642      Defect         17
18708      Defect         17
18772      Defect         17
18779      Defect         17
18781      Defect         17
18810      Defect         17
18849   Enhancement       17
18850   Enhancement       17
18851   Enhancement       17
18855      Defect         17
18861   Enhancement       17
 3103   Enhancement
 6443      Defect
 8359   Enhancement
 8612      Defect
 9730      Defect
15090   Enhancement

                                       Page 9

15244   Enhancement
16570      Defect
16578      Defect
16579      Defect
16863      Defect
16969      Defect
17675      Defect
17725      Defect
17900      Defect
18291   Enhancement
18503   Enhancement
18533   Enhancement
18632      Defect
18702      Defect
18966      Defect
18988      Defect
19017   Enhancement
19018      Defect
19020      Defect
19035      Defect
19045      Defect
19058      Defect
19078      Defect
19084      Defect
19088      Defect
19158   Enhancement
19162   Enhancement
19202      Defect
19222      Defect
19227      Defect
19232      Defect
19304      Defect
19313      Defect
19325      Defect
19351      Defect

                                      Page 10

19352      Defect
19382      Defect
19387      Defect
19467      Defect
19478      Defect
19475      Defect
19482      Defect
19570      Defect
19575      Defect
19576      Defect
19577      Defect
19611      Defect
19654      Defect
19703      Defect
19212   Enhancement
19593   Enhancement
19832      Defect
19870      Defect
19962      Defect
19988      Defect
20056      Defect
20111      Defect
20123      Defect
20144      Defect
20169      Defect
20199      Defect
20204      Defect

                                      Page 11


Cooling Channels Final Part - Different shapes
Unfolding for sheet metal - Sheet metal deformation tool
Software requests for the gates & runners
ParamNG problems
cylindrical drawing opening in wrong session
Request to link gates and runners to Visi-Flow
Subtract Element Cavities Visi crash F00014292
Problem creating a User Runner circuit
Request to add a "suspender" to the strip
Problem on plate F55 meusburger mould tool
Export the body transparency value in the param-ng cfg
Error in the file inserting parts on the strip
Option to modify the runner in reference to the selected destination point
Add Face Constrain possibility on Visi-Blank
Add the Binder selection on Visi-Blank
Reorganization of Visi Libraries that are linked to FTI interface
Rewrite the Gates & Runner management
Request to have the color mapping of the thickness
Request to show the Punch Force after Flange or Blank operation
Request to fix the Strip Width value on Nesting calculation
Request to save the Blank information on different solids
Request to set a draft face on Punch Hook
Request to increase the powerful of Nesting calculation
Request to have the middle fastening on Nesting
Parametric Strip - Request to modify the Punches automatically
Keep element data dialog box open after closing layer manager - F00017034
Review the Strip Simulation algorithms
Special visualization of strip solid with the transparent step before
Manage the Part Name setting during the substitution of parts in the strip
Manage different Strip color in order to the different Strip creation (Dynamic or Simulation)
Request to manage Shrinkage Material List directly from Visi Flow databases
Request to rewrite the Cylindrical Drawing management

                                                                                Page 12

This request is to use "Reset Edge Precision" command after the “Make Blank” operation
Request to set the holes to fill in the relative Visi-Blank function
Problem during the bend creation using "Linear Fold"
Request to allow the Hook fixing on not linear edges of the Punch
Request to manage No Std Plates in the Mould Tool function
Request to manage Elements Configuration without VB application
Request to save the Nesting Calculation table
Request to manage Pilots during the strip creation
Request to review the Visi-Blank interface
Request to create arc and segment using linear extension after/before bend
Problem on Blank Surface from Visi-Blank with circle
Request to rewrite the Repair function in Progress menu
Request to manage the Progress Material in new mode
Problem on cooling, when deleting channels axis and reopening the file the axis are built again
Problem on automatic unfolding selecting the part manually
Setting unfolding type the system doesn't remember it in step by step unfolding
Request to integrate Cadenas software in our application
Wrong tool height when the tool is build on a non absolute workplane
Problem Attribute definition PARTDATA
Problem on Part Study with step by step unfolding if the working layer is not active
Problem when changing Z value of cavity plate into mould tool
Element 2022_29 of Fibro progress catalog cant be edited
Problem editing some Assemblies
Final cutting punch error
Request to define a custom direction for Notches
Problem using undo function for Bend Punches
Problem on Dynamic and Simulation Strip creation
Problem defining solid origin in part study
Ability to read and merge the CADENAS-VISI files (CVF files)
Extrude by specifing start and end z
VISI Mould MLDPRM093 - Problem with mould cavities
VISI-Blank settings
Plotview Representation Incorrect F11476
Unfolded Flat Step with Inconsistent Z levels F00012635
auto tipping

                                                                              Page 13

Solid groups management into Progress/Mould tool
Problem on wrong unfolding dimensions
Problem on bend steps on the attached part not ok
Problem on multiple translation standard element
Problem rebuilding 3D part
Error in Progress Unfolding
Incorrect Angles obtained in Part Analysis F16994
Problem on Step by Step Unfolding - Bend to 0° not perfectly planar
Request to manage the Strip thickness value on Progress Tool
add the possibility to insert more than 20 digits in part name inside the part study.
Possibility to select solidgroups into the explode application
Request to disable the automatic orientation during sketching channels
Problem on Strip width
Problem on screws when editing and changing the end plate if cavities are subtracted
Element Z051 of Hasco catalog is wrong
Possility to have a clearance on guided part for ejectors
Request to manage a Description field on each Family Progress Material
Problem setting "Length Before Origin" value on strip management
Request to have the complete Tipco_I cataolgue
Problem changing page on Mould Tool mask
Error value of Strip thickness in Strip Report
Problem on meusburger mould tool layout large raiser system ask to select plates for some standard elements
Problem when inserting springs system load the wrong values of lenght
Problems on user elements cavites in different situations
Problems on Standard Punches Cavity when you insert a punch without head
Add the element 2020.62 to the fibro progress catalog
Add the elements E1715 and E1745 to the mould meusburger catalog
Problems on pedrotti bushes EBU-3 and EBU-3B with total lenghts
Problem when saving a template of a non standard mould tool
Crash when using function "Define Cutting Punch"
Problem on linear folding
Problem when inserting some Screws in a file
Problem with non standard tool cfg, problems with elements positions
Missing check "No Percent" in VISI Shrinkage Application
Part Study problem when changing thickness the part is not rebuilt

                                                                           Page 14

Part Study - Error modifying origin part. The other parts aren't rebuilt correctly
Problem on Visi Blank, blanking single surface
Possibility to set a bigger or smaller offset cavity on Punches Management
Problem with the mould tool Meusburger layout rotate
Wrong values of Thread pitch for elements Z35 and Z351 Hasco catalog
Possibility to move ball cage on bushes that contains it
Problem on progress tool when creating a new plate using cuboid function
Problem on strip definition, graphic issue
Error on meusburger locating rings E1367, E1362, E1377
Problem on cooling if you dont have General in the catalog list
Problem with change attribute icon when inserting a standard element
Error using Partial Blank in case of internal features
Error on layout Hasco special mould tool
Problems on cooling elements meusburger catalog with rules
Request to have a better Pilots definition on Strip Management
Request to show 3D part on Nesting Management
Problem defining a pilot from punch solid
Problem with element configuration when modifying a value nothing happen
Problem merging a progress tool file
Problem in some standard elements with a specific mould tool layout
Dimensions and code values of AM for standard elements dont set the right decimals number setted
Problem loading a progress tool template
Problem on builder SLDP1 inclined Pin, problems on cavity and construction
Problem modifying strip step with punches already extruded
Problem on Cylindrical Notches - Solid Blend not recognized
Problem creating cooling elements on cylindrical face
Problem inserting standard elements after mirroring it in special cases

                                                                          Page 15

 ID        Type        Version                                                   Description

 7246   Enhancement       17       Enhanced STL Export
13227   Enhancement       17       UG import support for faceted solids.
14643   Enhancement       17       Import STP Ass'y Mngr data support
16094      Defect         17       DXF Import Text Defect. - Small slant angles not recognised
17380   Enhancement       17       Warning message when the "Working Library" is not assigned.
18259      Defect         17       Step file name of a 2-byte code cannot be imported.
18330   Enhancement       17       Solid Edge importer to assign face colours
18584    Regression       17       Batch Converter does not outputs STL files.
18613      Defect         17       Problem analyzing a part with VISI Blank with an imported Solid Works File
18677      Defect         17       IGES All arcs are inverted
18733      Defect         17       Some symbols comes wrong to Visi.
16557      Defect   Incorrect 2D IGES translation of Japanese characters
17104      Defect   Translate the CATIA V4 Unelectable entities.
18363      Defect   Import model file crashes the Cad.
18495    Regression   CAD-566 Problem about IGES import with Japanese text
18987   Enhancement   Pro-e threaded holes recognition.
19027   Enhancement   UG import assemblies attributes.
19090    Regression   IGES import entity colour mapping is incorrect in VISI 17
18654      Defect   ##18379## : Catia V5 Daten einlesen] Error Catia V5
18738      Defect   CATIA5 - Export Impor
19069      Defect   Import Catia V5 crashes Visi 16 but fails Visi 17.
19074   Enhancement   Add a button to apply or not the repairing procedure.
19086      Defect   Catia V5 colours issue.
19143      Defect   CATPart import defect.
19368      Defect   VDA Export does not respect the status of hidden entities
19412      Defect   IGS and DXF colour error.
10219   Enhancement   STEP export. Population of PRODUCT and MANIFOLD_SOLID_BREP fields from Assembly Manager
18050      Defect   UG : strange import result.
18782      Defect   STEP export. Incorrect mapping from Parasolid to STEP entities ##19541##
19090    Regression   IGES import entity colour mapping is incorrect in VISI 17
19119    Regression   Batch converter does not allow export of Unigraphics files
19746      Defect   STEP Exported STEP file fails to import with error - Conversion failed
19588      Defect   Catia V5 R17 crashes without any msg.

                                                                    Page 16

19751   Enhancement   Support for SolidWorks 2010.
19831      Defect   Step export crashes the Cad.
20011      Defect   Importing CATIA V5 files using Batch converter.
20201      Defect   Catproduct import process fails.
20214      Defect   Catia V5 locks the import process.

                                                                          Page 17
                                                                           2D CAM

 ID        Type        Version                                                          Description

18783       Task          17       General Drilling for the standard maintenaice
18784       Task          17       General Milling for the standard maintenaice
18785       Task          17       General HS Milling for the standard maintenaice
18788       Task          17       General 3+2 machining management for the standard maintenaice
18789       Task          17       General Template operation for the standard maintenaice
18790       Task          17       General Cam Report for the standard maintenaice
18791       Task          17       General Tool management for the standard maintenaice
18792       Task          17       General Vero Tools for the standard maintenaice
18793       Task          17       General AFR for the standard maintenaice
18794       Task          17       General Manual Features for the standard maintenaice
18795       Task          17       General Compass for the standard maintenaice
18796       Task          17       General Cam Navigator and Piece management for the standard maintenaice
18798       Task          17       General Operation interface for the standard maintenaice
18799       Task          17       General Tool-path laboratory for the standard maintenaice
18847       Task          17       General Cam Framework for the standard maintenaice
 7256      Defect   Helicoidal milling final contour U.S versionF0009954
 7672      Defect   cutter wipes through island F0010391
 8908      Defect   Visiedit problem crashing - F00011730
 9964      Defect   Sub-programs not output for Tapping cycles F00012831
12945   Enhancement   Associativity when translating profiles with toolpaths - F00014160
13537      Defect   wrong start /end point on Quick milling
13747      Defect   2D pocketing Spiral:not possible to compute toolpath
13900      Defect   Path and Post Processor Filename displayed in R14 - F0014762
13972      Defect   Temple file: Profile section: Fainal Z plane value is not stored
18791       Task   General Tools management
19229      Defect   Feature editing:group consistency
19234      Defect   Gun Drilling:problems after sorting
19267      Defect   Feature recognition: wrong result with hole recognition off
18382   Enhancement   Don't run the command "Move tool on point" in the toolpath laboratory
19225    Regression   Climb and conventional
19340    Regression   Wrong left overs generate in a Mill6 Pock operation.
19565      Defect   Wrong Hellix milling when is applicated on a Multi-step.
19572      Defect   Wrong automaticaly approch\retract point calculate by Chanfer mill operation.

                                                                           Page 18
                                                                            2D CAM

19579      Defect   Don't elaborate a Pock mill6
19624      Defect   Wrong thicknes set in a boss extract by a Pock.
19628      Defect   The commnad "WIREFRAME\Set of point\Copy on to Set" reset the CAM profile attributes.
19629      Defect   Wrong parameters read in a old V15 operation.
19632    Regression   Wrong tool-path calculate by a Chanfer 2D operation.
19636      Defect   Wrong tool-path generated by Chanfer operation.
19640    Regression   Wrong feed assigned in a Drill operation.
19687      Defect   Edit \ Dissolve aggregate on the CAM Profile don't update the CAM Navigator.
19692      Defect   Don't call the "Radial & Axial depth" in "Mill on hole" operation.
19735      Defect   Pock Mill6 operation destroy some part of piece.
19573      Defect   Wrong Zstep in a Helicoidal Milling with the bullnose or ballnose tools.
19660      Defect   We can't change the chordal tollerance in the HS pock operation.
19676      Defect   Wrong NC output file if customer run the Post processor by CAM Setup.
19687      Defect   Edit \ Dissolve aggregate on the CAM Profile don't update the CAM Navigator.
19752      Defect   Wrong pick in a Mill generate an inversion of the side material
19779      Defect   The Mill mill6 skipped an element in the exemple file.
19792      Defect   Wrong parameter read by a WKF file created in V15 (face mill operation)
19793      Defect   We can't selected 2 time a new start point in a Pock HS or Mill6
19794      Defect   Wrong management of the split tollerance.
19803      Defect   Don't elaborate a open pock with POCK mill6.
19843      Defect   Wrong feature's Z manage in a pock mill6
19847    Regression   Wring Z ramp start in the last Z step in a pock mill6 operation
19852      Defect   In a Pock mill6 don't execute the "StepDownlastPass"
19854      Defect   Customer can't add a boundary limitation in a HS operation if there is an 3D obstacole setted in the project.
19858      Defect   Error in a POCK mill6 geometry pick
19860      Defect   Don't elaborate the pock mill6 operation.
19869    Regression   Thread-mill mill6 start approch point generated in middle of the piece.
19921      Defect   Wrong tool-path generation with a Chamfer operation
19938      Defect   Wrong Z engage feed heigth
19939   Enhancement   Add a new parameters in the tool sheet
19981    Regression   Profile & section in visi 17 the area machining is too much big
20005      Defect   Thread mill operation - compatibility with old operation.
20019      Defect   Tool-Sheet don't correctly print a new tool material.
20242      Defect   HS thread mill - collision in the piece at the end of cut.
20245      Defect   Wrong re-build in a Mill operation, when we change the cut direction

                                                                             Page 19
                                                                       3D CAM

 ID        Type        Version                                                        Description

17274   Enhancement       17       Passes & linking: split the computation
18786       Task          17       General 3D Machining for the standard maintenaice
 4324      Defect   Toolpath Trimming - PRCAM603
 4660      Defect   Wrong Holes recognition - PRCAM939
 4710      Defect   Wrong holes recognition - PRCAM989
 4737      Defect   Rest Material Contours - PRCAM1016
 7383      Defect   MACHINE MANAGER: number of position not respected
 7502   Enhancement   Disable copy geometry default in operation man
 8509   Enhancement   rest material of more operations
 8635      Defect   Toolpath Gouge
 8956      Defect   excessive lifts from 12.2>13.0 using same toolpath F00011764
 9013      Defect   Toolpath mirroring: generate " error getting data from CAM database"
 9047      Defect   Entry point not respected on first pass F00011904
 9101      Defect   Toolpath Transformtaion: wrong icons management
 9172      Defect   Tool length checking problems
 9314      Defect   ISO Machining, long time to compute - F00012204
 9447      Defect   Wrong Origin creation ?? for 5 AXIS positioning post processor
 9538      Defect   Sub path Trimming: generates collision between rapid movement and model
10252      Defect   error is generated by Edit toolpath function F00013143
10271       Task   Process manager: manage the synchronisation between the process
13036   Enhancement   set by default the max. number of concurrent processes.
13273      Defect   Tool Editing Error Message F14374
13466      Defect   Corner Rest Machining Gouge F14474
13754      Defect   Problem with the surface quality option F00014664
13760      Defect   Surface quality option in 3D machining F000142
13799      Defect   Pencil Machining Error Message When Surface Quality Medium F14684
13806      Defect   Corner Rest Machining: some areas not machined completely
13840      Defect   Through holes recognised as blind
14742      Defect   Kinematic sim: it's about 10 time slower than the old version 14
15204      Defect   Kinematic Simulation: wrong simulation if 3 axis is set
15217      Defect   Corner Rest Machining goes through part F00015478
18979      Defect   Stock Settings: Pass Extension
19238   Enhancement   CAM navigator: add Tool information on the operation tool tip

                                                                        Page 20
                                                                          3D CAM

19247      Defect   Kinematic simulation too slow
19251      Defect   Compass: on Attribute association the thread type button is not working
19255   Enhancement   CAM navigator: extend the Hot keys
19259      Defect   Vero Tools<-> CAM: Tools Cutting condition are not liked to Machine duty
19228      Defect   Process manager: multi process is not working properly
19243      Defect   Toolpath build: support the batch processing on multiple projects
19249   Enhancement   CAM navigator:add dependences information
19263      Defect   Vero Tools:Force the input for R, SF, F in the Cutting condition
19269   Enhancement   NC machine: check the maximum allowed feed
19316      Defect   VI Tools:copied cutter lost specific cutting condition
19333      Defect   - Vero tools - disable the icon or the command "Edit specific cutting conditions" from the multi-selection.
19334   Enhancement   Vero Tools:assembly definition improve the overhang length setting
19339      Defect   Vero Tools: cutting condition for Tapp and Mill thread tools type
19348   Enhancement   Vero Tools:in the assembly window add the gouge length information
19377   Enhancement   Vero Tools: add "import tools from cam" command
19393   Enhancement   CAM navigator: display if a tool has the tool holder (assembly)
19395   Enhancement   CAM navigator: display piece material on the project branch
19404      Defect   3D CAM dialogue boxes: Safety distance value is not used when transition mode is set to "safety distance"
19425      Defect   not possible to set a 2D operation as reference for a 3D "rest" operation
19427      Defect   3+2 management: the option "based on the kinematic" create a wrong cam-setup
15123   Enhancement   Toolsheets improvement
18916   Enhancement   Improvement in the Toolsheet the 5axis and ISO-Macining operations.
19663      Defect   Path lab: find passes does not work with window selection
19631      Defect   Vero Tools: holder components: problems to insert values after the 10th slice
19702      Defect   Vero Tools: aborts when entering 11th line of Vc in generic C.C.
19844      Defect   Constant Z finishing: wrong result using drive curve on rotate cam-setup
 8257   Enhancement   disable the relation between "Stock oversize"& "Machining Tolerance" F00011106

                                                                           Page 21

Page 22

Page 23

Page 24

Page 25
                                                                   5 Axis

 ID        Type        Version                                              Description

18787      Task           17       General 5axis for the standard maintenaice
 9932   Enhancement   Report files to be available for 5 axis operations F00012794

                                                                  Page 26

 ID         Type         Version                                                   Description

18780      Task             17       General Vero Post Processor for the standard maintenaice
18846      Task             17       General NC Optimizer for the standard maintenaice
10350   Enhancement   Feed-rate in table.
18780      Task
                                     General Vero Post Processor for the standard maintenaice
                                     - Bug-fixing on the variables TMC that don't run.
                                     - Improvement the advanced sub program management for the duplicate operation
                                     without geometry on the cam setup.
                                     - Add a new section $REMARK to print the PP REMARK insert in the tool path.
                                     - Added a new variable TLMES (TooL MESsage) same to "ALFA" to print the description of the tool.
                                     - Bug-fixing in NC-Optimizer configuration management files.
                                     - Add a new option in the macrolanguage to generate in the NC file an empity
                                     - Add a new configuration set to choose the editor for the log file different from VISIEDIT, that can't
                                     open the log
                                     - Feed-rate in table, improvement a check to identify the approch\retract feed in Z.
                                     - Feed-rate in table, improvement the ability to set a customer's value for the number of variables in
                                     NC file.
                                     - Bug-fixing of a false feed type mark in a tool-path of a circle profile machinig by mill.
                                     - Changed the Japanese characters in Asci characters into the remark of NC files.
19265   Enhancement   add new variable if ""output without angle"" is switched on
19504   Medium Defect   Wrong block generated in NC file, if we set "splith=0" and elaborate an Helicoidal mill.
19544   Low Defected   (NC OPTIMIZER) - Lost the name of the default wizard file.
19620   High Defected   From Visi 16 the Vero Post processor can't assign a value to the variables NBPTS.
19690   Enhancement   Add a new variable in the macro-language
19765        Def   Don't print the X Y coordinate in a Helix approch.
19799        Def   Wrong value in the Feed Table in an helix approch.
19830       Reg   Don't run the variables NSTA
19873        Def   Wrong Z tool change sended to the vero post.
19881        Def   Wrong Feed table setted in a 3D FINISH PLANE.
19910        Def   Vero-Post don't check the unit "inch".
19915       Enh   Add in the section $STARTOOL the value TYPM

                                                            Page 27

20023   Def   Don't correctly Post processed a trimmed 2D operation.
19878   Enh   Add a new variable in the macro-language to print the Bounding Box of the stock piece.
19985   Reg   Don't display all NC files created in the edit list.
20012   Enh   Add a new free variables series
20017   Def   Wrong feed table found when the operation is applicate on a cam setup.
20079   Enh   Improvement for a special cases of gundrilling.
20276   Def   The mill Macro don't found the diameter of second step of multi step.

                                                 Page 28

 ID     Type      Version

18800    Task        17
18801    Task        17
20025   Defect

                              Page 29


General Visi Wire for the standard maintenaice
General Visi Wire Post Processor for the standard maintenaice
Don't display in correct scale the tool-path in INCH system

                                                                       Page 30

 ID        Type        Version

 3524   Enhancement       17
 3579   Enhancement       17
10390      Defect         17
17445   Enhancement       17
17819   Enhancement       17
18001   Enhancement       17
18224   Enhancement       17
18379   Enhancement       17
18742      Defect         17
 7968      Defect
14947   Enhancement
18458   Enhancement
19581       Task

                                   Page 31


Increase the number of characters for the workplane name
Take features from "Detect Seed surface" to be used for the 5 axis surface selection
Unable to open file with large file name F00013323
Change directory where veromesh temporary file is written
VeroMesh Query - incorrect information display
Ability to define a default icon for the Pick Point.
Reverse direction with space bar in pick direction.
Enable the SSE2 enhanced instruction set for VISI
Problem when the net falls down during saving.
Icons group lose the ordering.
Browse button to search System Settings destination folders
WKF Viewer to expose VISI Profile through user interface
Ability to resize the VISI status bar boxes

                                                                             Page 32

 ID        Type       Version                                          Description

17061      Defect     10.0.311   Rest machining not working to full depth
17769      Defect     10.0.311   WaterLine Linking Uses Too Much Memory
17940      Defect     10.0.311   Area clearance linking out of memory
17948      Defect     10.0.311   Macro Parsing Fails
17959      Defect     10.0.311   Raster Linking Crash
17964      Defect     10.0.311   Incorrect Editing to Boundary
18222      Defect     10.0.312   STL Loading Fails
18275      Defect     10.0.312   Axis Labels Missing
18365      Defect     10.0.312   Toolsheet image layout F00017516
18500      Defect     10.0.312   Error on Chinese version when editing to toolholder
18547   Enhancement   10.0.312   Write a log file during distributed testing
 1008      Defect     11.0.314   Rest Roughing Missed Some Areas
 1028      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail
 1053      Defect     11.0.314   Waterline Passes Missing in Narrow Slot
 1123      Defect     11.0.314   Area Clearance Passes Go Outside Boundary
 1140      Defect     11.0.314   Poor Quality Waterline Passes
 1190      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fails with an Exception
 1394      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes From 2D Boundaries Throws Exception
 1467      Defect     11.0.314   Access Violation Making Constant Stepover Passes 0x0055030a
 1814   Enhancement   11.0.314   Integrated Rest Roughing of Horizontal Area Passes Is Incorrect
 1981      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail With Generic Algorithm Failure
 2006      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail With Generic Algorithm Failure
 2016      Defect     11.0.314   Access Violation in Constant Stepover Passes 0x0055030a
 2031      Defect     11.0.314   Access Violation in Constant Stepover Passes 0x0055030a
 2033      Defect     11.0.314   Access Violation in CThinSequence::SelfIntersection
 2072      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail
 7609      Defect     11.0.314   Flute length / Corner rad wrong passes F00010311
 7922      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover not possible to compute
 8062      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail with Generic Algorithm Failure F00010821
 8182      Defect     11.0.314   Access Violation in Constant Stepover Passes
 8766      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Surface Stepover causes Structured Exception error F0011610 0x0055030a
10640      Defect     11.0.314   Planar triangulated Surface Fails at Higher Tolerance F13437
10699      Defect     11.0.314   Exporting Post Processors
13247      Defect     11.0.314   Constant stepover fails from 2D boundaries
13820      Defect     11.0.314   Combined waterline fails F00014709


13898      Defect     11.0.314   Combined waterline fails F00014763
14388      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail
14667      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Failure from 2D Boundaries
14877      Defect     11.0.314   Combined waterline toolpath failure F00015258
15006      Defect     11.0.314   Planar face machining Outer passes are not generated F00015343
15386      Defect     11.0.314   error1 gouging problem
16045      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail with Generic Algorithm Failure
16359      Defect     11.0.314   Rest Machining Linking Gouges
16390      Defect     11.0.314   Linking area clearance - Access violation
16561      Defect     11.0.314   Combined Waterline passes failure F16316
16601      Defect     11.0.314   Area Clearance Linking Order Wrong
16733      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes From 2D Boundaries Failure F16460
16812      Defect     11.0.314   Incorrect Feedrate Output
16818      Defect     11.0.314   Calculation error in Constant Surface Stepover F16528
16943      Defect     11.0.314   Duplicate Shells Loading Catia5 Parts
17151   Enhancement   11.0.314   Allow subfolders of repository
17173      Defect     11.0.314   Edit to Stock Considers Toolholder
17384   Enhancement   11.0.314   2D Stock Model From Adaptive Clearance
17385   Enhancement   11.0.314   2D Stock Model as Adaptive Clearance Stock
17408      Defect     11.0.314   Crash Using 2D Stock Model
17420   Enhancement   11.0.314   Search for non-standard validations
17430   Enhancement   11.0.314   Improve Speed of Editing Raster Clearance Passes to Surfaces
17466      Defect     11.0.314   Minor formatting issues
17484      Defect     11.0.314   Editing / launching macro removes results
17501      Defect     11.0.314   Sort by calculation time not working
17518      Defect     11.0.314   Pencil linking stuck
17529      Defect     11.0.314   MS User Interface Locks Up
17530      Defect     11.0.314   Compile results not counting "Not Run" units correctly
17545      Defect     11.0.314   Combined waterline linking lifting
17551   Enhancement   11.0.314   Copying / Moving files
17560      Defect     11.0.314   Combined Waterline Generic Algorithm Failure - line 37
17586      Defect     11.0.314   Macro parser scientific notation
17588      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail
17673   Enhancement   11.0.314   Loading VISI 16 Meshes
17737      Defect     11.0.314   Editing macro - not responding
17746      Defect     11.0.314   MSA Failure
17822      Defect     11.0.314   Broken surface not indicated in DLL callback


17823      Defect     11.0.314   Incorrect Editing to Toolholder
17832      Defect     11.0.314   Invalid cutter definition resulting in access violation creating stock model
17845   Enhancement   11.0.314   Calculation time
17849   Enhancement   11.0.314   Double Trimming of Passes
17863      Defect     11.0.314   Incorrect Editing to Boundary
17879   Enhancement   11.0.314   Load results - load calculation time and tidy up comments
17887   Enhancement   11.0.314   Sort by calculation time too slow
17904   Enhancement   11.0.314   Catia v5 R19
17914      Defect     11.0.314   Area Clearance Linking Fails
17915      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail
17916      Defect     11.0.314   Constant Stepover Passes Fail
17961      Defect     11.0.314   Raster Toolpath Bad Arc
17966      Defect     11.0.314   Constant stepover - generic algorithm failure
17977      Defect     11.0.314   Horizontal Area Passes Leave Stock
17995   Enhancement   11.0.314   UnionResultCombinedWaterline Inefficiencies
18023      Defect     11.0.314   Incorrect Code
18032      Defect     11.0.314   Error Loading Old MSA File
18037      Defect     11.0.314   Regression in Edit To Stock
18039      Defect     11.0.314   Area Clearance Linking Move gouges
18049      Defect     11.0.314   Edit To ToolHolder Problems
18074      Defect     11.0.314   Toolpath Checker Fails To Run
18089      Defect     11.0.314   Passes Edited To ToolHolder Gouge
18099      Defect     11.0.314   Macro editing not correctly formatted
18101      Defect     11.0.314   Edit To ToolHolder Problems
18143   Enhancement   11.0.314   Retriangulation
18151      Defect     11.0.314   Toolpath loader not picking up files
18236   Enhancement   11.0.314   Add the machining time to the CSV output
18246      Defect     11.0.314   EntityPageFile Scaling
18267   Enhancement   11.0.314   Siemens CIP Support
18268   Enhancement   11.0.314   Compare results enhancments.
18329      Defect     11.0.314   Offset Boundary - stack overflow - MS.exe disappears
18334      Defect     11.0.314   Boundary Offset Distance
18340      Defect     11.0.314   Linking Instability
18357      Defect     11.0.314   Adaptive Clearance Does Not Cut All Stock
18359      Defect     11.0.314   Area Clearance Passes slower
18377      Defect     11.0.314   Combined waterline generic algorithm failure
18381      Defect     11.0.314   Raster linker discontinuities and invalid arcs


18387      Defect     11.0.314   Catia v4 Incorrect Colours
18394      Defect     11.0.314   Thinning of Rapid Moves
18403      Defect     11.0.314   Mechanism to stop distributed testing
18413      Defect     11.0.314   Linking: Protect Surfaces Overridden
18459      Defect     11.0.314   Area clearance linking locks the system up
18496      Defect     11.0.314   Converting Boundary Lines to Arcs
 9557      Defect     11.0.315   Rest Machining: does not respect the programmed limits
13562      Defect     11.0.315   Rest area failure with boundary offset value 5.0mm F14537
17180      Defect     11.0.315   Waterline Machining Difference
18038      Defect     11.0.315   Missing Area Clearance Passes
18102      Defect     11.0.315   Passes Export / Import Problems
18171      Defect     11.0.315   minimal vertical retract ignoring "Clear surface by" value
18248      Defect     11.0.315   Gouge caused in waterline toolpath F00017427
 8087      Defect     11.0.316   Rest Machining Misses Some Areas
13909      Defect     11.0.316   Area Clearance Passes Gouge Due To Undercut Removal
15385      Defect     11.0.316   Test2 passes are gouging
18559      Defect     11.0.316   Exception linking area clearance
18560      Defect     11.0.316   Horizontal area linking - not helix ramping
18598      Defect     11.0.316   Information on Empty Toolpaths
18600      Defect     11.0.316   Heidenhain Q203 Values Wrong
18606      Defect     11.0.316   Search Failure
18607      Defect     11.0.316   Search for PassArchiver
17660      Defect     11.0.317   Rest Machining Passes Miss Material
18578      Defect     11.0.317   Linking Zero Length Grids
 1902   Enhancement   11.0.318   Option Reset Plan Dialog To System Defaults
10133   Enhancement   11.0.318   File open dialogs to show parasolid x_t files
10263      Defect     11.0.318   User Variables not saved with defaults
12922   Enhancement   11.0.318   Process Manager Minimum Size
16479      Defect     11.0.318   Area Clearance Passes Gouge Due To Undercut Removal
17802      Defect     11.0.318   Roughing Spiral: using tool holder the toolpath destroy the model
18076      Defect     11.0.318   Edit To ToolHolder Overthickness
18610      Defect     11.0.318   Profile ramping is not smooth in Z
18675      Defect     11.0.318   Shaft profile analysis - problem with large cutter
18701      Defect     11.0.318   Speed
18713      Defect     11.0.318   Incorrect Boundaries for Const Stepover From 2D Boundaries
  722      Defect     11.0.321   Fillet Surfaces are Not Produced
 7288      Defect     11.0.321   Incorrect Trim To 3D Boundaries F00009970


 7733   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Spiral Link Goes Wrong Way
 7794   Defect   11.0.321   Rest material combi not possible to compute
 7838   Defect   11.0.321   Error Linking Area Clearance Passes F00010087
 7932   Defect   11.0.321   Strange Rest Machining Passes
 7970   Defect   11.0.321   Strange Rest Machining Passes
 8223   Defect   11.0.321   Corner area not machined
 8319   Defect   11.0.321   Toolpath not complete on vertical faces
 8353   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Does Not Reach Required Z Depth
 8640   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Misses Corner Area
 8862   Defect   11.0.321   Gap in Rest Machining
 9061   Defect   11.0.321   Poor Rest Machining Pass Quality
 9340   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining problems F00012249
10599   Defect   11.0.321   Edited helical passes are not correct F00013475
13194   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining gaps / jagged bits
13339   Defect   11.0.321   Curvature Visualisation Division by Zero
13706   Defect   11.0.321   Edit Passes to 3D Boundaries Incorrect
13745   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining: steep areas "climb milling" is not respected
14707   Defect   11.0.321   Exception linking area clearance
15418   Defect   11.0.321   error0107 gouging on part
15427   Defect   11.0.321   Rest machining goes through the part F00015595
15750   Defect   11.0.321   Curvature Visualisation Division by Zero
16055   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Passes Gouge Badly
16086   Defect   11.0.321   Rest machining issues with mirage
16202   Defect   11.0.321   Edit passes to 3d boundaries - exception access violation
16677   Defect   11.0.321   Calculation error during Rest Machining Passes F0016407
16838   Defect   11.0.321   Regression: Incorrect Rest Machining Passes
17119   Defect   11.0.321   Incorrect Rest Machining Passes
17125   Defect   11.0.321   Rest machining spiral passes gouge
17145   Defect   11.0.321   Poor quality rest machining passes
17192   Defect   11.0.321   Curvature visualisation exception
17433   Defect   11.0.321   No Test Unit for Transform3DBoundaries Plan
17578   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Passes Collapsed
17582   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Passes Are Wrong Shape
17661   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Misses Corner
17683   Defect   11.0.321   Height offsett is not correct for the tool orientation
17817   Defect   11.0.321   Rest Machining Misses Corner
17943   Defect   11.0.321   Wobbly Rest machining passes


17979      Defect     11.0.321   Editing waterline passes to theoretical rest areas - no output
17981      Defect     11.0.321   Crash in Edit to 3D Boundaries
17982      Defect     11.0.321   Rest Machining Hangs
17990      Defect     11.0.321   Crash in mirage.exe
18025      Defect     11.0.321   Rest machining: some shallow passes gouges in the model
18205      Defect     11.0.321   generic algorithm failure in rest machining
18235      Defect     11.0.321   Regression in Rest Machining Passes
18457      Defect     11.0.321   Very Big Gouge in Rest Machining
18625      Defect     11.0.321   Problem selecting passes
18630    Regression   11.0.321   Raster linking: minimise trimming is not working properly
18647      Defect     11.0.321   Crash in mirage.exe
18652      Defect     11.0.321   smoothing tolerances
18655      Defect     11.0.321   Discontinuity linking constant stepover
18656      Defect     11.0.321   Overthickness should be < Stepdown
18695      Defect     11.0.321   Exception saving vps file
18699      Defect     11.0.321   Rest machining - serious gouge
18714      Defect     11.0.321   Wrong Link Order
18715      Defect     11.0.321   Area Clearance Stock Slices
18717   Enhancement   11.0.321   OutToolpath to TFrag
18724      Defect     11.0.321   Area Clearance Linking Machined Areas
18737      Defect     11.0.321   Convex Hull Boundary error
18750      Defect     11.0.321   Detecting Invalid Plan Parameters
18760      Defect     11.0.321   Linking Varies
18769      Defect     11.0.321   TessTooplath exception line 86 - invalid grid type
18825      Defect     11.0.321   Option to Output Rapids as G1
18871      Defect     11.0.321   Auto Save to .msa
18890      Defect     11.0.321   WKF Import Error
18905      Defect     11.0.321   Add control for Max Concurrent Processes
18910      Defect     11.0.321   Check MS_TOOLPATH_INFO Counts
18917      Defect     11.0.321   Add NumberOfPasses to MS_MACHININGPASSSET_INFO
18937      Defect     11.0.321   Waterline Passes Fail
18949   Enhancement   11.0.321   Sort by calculation time - option for wall-clock time
 8936      Defect     11.0.322   Toolholder stops the passes from working trip F0011747
16496      Defect     11.0.322   Combined Waterline access violation
18446      Defect     11.0.322   Lead out missing
18770      Defect     11.0.322   Rest Roughing Zigzag: wrong passes ordering
18867      Defect     11.0.322   Adaptive Clearance Misses Flat Area


18976      Defect     11.0.322   Missing lead out moves
18981      Defect     11.0.322   Roughing Link Move Plunges
19299      Defect     11.0.322   Area Clearance Linking Move Gouges
19357      Defect     11.0.322   Linking Horizontal Area - start position too high
19452      Defect     11.0.322   Area Clearance Linking Fails
17469      Defect     11.0.323   Out of Memory Linking Combined Waterline
19111      Defect     11.0.323   Area Clearance Linker - Invalid arcs
19149      Defect     11.0.323   Discontinuous Raster machining error stopping posting F00018234
19363      Defect     11.0.323   Constant stepover: linking movement collides in to the model
19388      Defect     11.0.323   Incorrect Compensated Points Output
19591      Defect     11.0.323   Left Hand Tap Cycle Not Working
19695      Defect     11.0.323   Adaptive Clearance Shaft Diameter Wrong
19698      Defect     11.0.323   Korean Process Manager Problem
19713      Defect     11.0.323   Support Windows 7
19724      Defect     11.0.323   Helical finishing: edit with stock seems not working
19727      Defect     11.0.323   Linking Horizontal Area - out of memory / stuck
19729      Defect     11.0.323   Linking rest machining - out of memory
19766   Enhancement   11.0.323   Area Clearance Linker - Invalid arcs
17469      Defect     11.0.323   Out of Memory Linking Combined Waterline
19111      Defect     11.0.323   Area Clearance Linker - Invalid arcs
19149      Defect     11.0.323   Linking rest machining - out of memory
19363      Defect     11.0.323   Helical finishing: edit with stock seems not working
19388      Defect     11.0.323   Discontinuous Raster machining error stopping posting F00018234
19591      Defect     11.0.323   Linking Horizontal Area - out of memory / stuck
19695      Defect     11.0.323   Incorrect Compensated Points Output
19698      Defect     11.0.323   Constant stepover: linking movement collides in to the model
19713      Defect     11.0.323   Area Clearance Linker - Invalid arcs
19724      Defect     11.0.323   Left Hand Tap Cycle Not Working
19727      Defect     11.0.323   Adaptive Clearance Shaft Diameter Wrong
19729      Defect     11.0.323   Korean Process Manager Problem
19766   Enhancement   11.0.323   Support Windows 7
 1735      Defect     11.0.324   Constant Stepover Passes Fail with Generic Algorithm Failure
17227      Defect     11.0.324   Calculation error in Constant Surface Stepover F00016770
18757      Defect     11.0.324   Profile slices differ significantly to passes
19101      Defect     11.0.324   Linking horizontal area - not helical ramping
19772      Defect     11.0.324   Validate Parameters - Inconsistent State
19775      Defect     11.0.324   IGES file fails to load on the Portuguese version


19788      Defect     11.0.324   CombinedWaterlineLinking: Max Stock Thickness
19791      Defect     11.0.324   Home Point Move Hits Protect Surfaces
19812      Defect     11.0.324   Core roughing linking order wrong
19815      Defect     11.0.324   Problem loading STL or VDA file in 64bit
19829      Defect     11.0.324   Ramp in/out extensions ignored for Basic Horizontal Approaches
19963      Defect     11.0.324   Wrong Area Clearance Linking Order
19980   Enhancement   11.0.324   Enhancement Option to Override Tool Number
 1735      Defect     11.0.324   Constant Stepover Passes Fail with Generic Algorithm Failure
17227      Defect     11.0.324   Calculation error in Constant Surface Stepover F00016770
18757      Defect     11.0.324   Profile slices differ significantly to passes
19101      Defect     11.0.324   Linking horizontal area - not helical ramping
19772      Defect     11.0.324   Validate Parameters - Inconsistent State
19775      Defect     11.0.324   IGES file fails to load on the Portuguese version
19788      Defect     11.0.324   CombinedWaterlineLinking: Max Stock Thickness
19791      Defect     11.0.324   Home Point Move Hits Protect Surfaces
19795      Defect     11.0.324   Post processor file name not correctly sanitised
19812      Defect     11.0.324   Core roughing linking order wrong
19815      Defect     11.0.324   Problem loading STL or VDA file in 64bit
19829      Defect     11.0.324   Ramp in/out extensions ignored for Basic Horizontal Approaches
19922      Defect     11.0.324   Drag and drop operations lead to grapics corruption
19980   Enhancement   11.0.324   Option to Override Tool Number


 ID        Type        Version                                                        Description

10574      Defect         17       Update Spaceball Driver
11278   Enhancement       17       Provide the ability to print the image plane from within VISI
17369   Enhancement       17       VeroMesh Import Fails - Caution needed in stl_write_opti in VSTLDLL
17531   Enhancement       17       ReadWkf utility does not read the VeroMesh
17816       Task          17       Implementation of SafeNet 32 & 64 bit libraries
18133      Defect         17       ReadWkf Utility does not return the correct layer for symbol instances
18277      Patch          17       Prevent one time save after cracked VISI version detected.
18620      Defect         17       Installer UAC Issue
18621      Defect         17       VISI 17 Q2 Installer - Incorrect text display of installation information
18623      Defect         17       Licence Manager Window Too Large
18624      Defect         17       VISI 17 Install Part 2
18626      Defect         17       Running the most recently installed MS From VISI
18806   Enhancement       17       Extend warning of failing VI_APPLICATION licence to 10 days
13402   Enhancement   Retain the column wide in the Docket window.

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Page 42

 ID        Type        Version                                               Description

18636    Regression       17       The method SolidFactory.CreateDrapeSurface doesn't create a sheet body.
19000      Defect   Slow SetVisibleEntities
19157      Defect   Drag end point with coords
18471   Enhancement   Isocline curves by SDK
19513      Defect   Workplane strange characters
18471   Enhancement   Isocline curves by SDK

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 ID       Version     Description                                        Description                           (Module)

13091   Enhancement       17        Suggested Injection Time                                                   Visualizer
13145      Defect         17        V/P setting for sequential                                                 Visualizer
13243   Enhancement       17        Automatic selection of constrains                                           Shape
13319   Enhancement       17        Verify procedure                                                           Modeller
15586       Task          17        Simulation of Overmolding process                                            Other
17217   Enhancement       17        Translation of Visualiser, input data, in VISI C++ enviroment              Visualizer
18085      Defect         17        Thermoplastic gas filling - one spill over not filled                         Gas
18098       Task          17        Thermoset & Rubber                                                           Filling
18122      Defect         17        Detach curve from the project                                              Modeller
18862   Enhancement       17        Increase up to 250 constraints for shape analysis                          Modeller
13383   Enhancement    Flow Rate and Fluid Temp. Modification                                     Visualizer
13396      Defect    Traced entity with thermal integration                                     Visualizer
18553       Task    HRFill Interface                                                             HRFill
18922      Defect    Accept “long” file name (up to 512 char)                                   Visualizer
18923      Defect    Error reading/writing old version of .sha file                             Visualizer
18924   Enhancement    Weld Line detection for Sequential Moulding                                Visualizer
18926   Enhancement    Independent meshing                                                        Modeller
18965      Defect    Filling with GAS assisted module remains fo a long time at 26% of volume      Gas
19075      Defect    Linked Circuits with elements not used                                     Thermal
17878      Defect    Shape error with Thermoplastic GAS module                                   Shape
18551       Task    Solid Hot tip pressure drops vs monodimensional hot tip + HRfill             Filling
18627      Defect    HRFill Calculation                                                           HRFill
19369       Task    Viscosity Interpolation                                                      Other
15235      Defect    Reynold with parallel circuits                                             Thermal
16816      Defect    Therma parallel circuit                                                    Thermal
17878      Defect    Shape error with Thermoplastic GAS module                                   Shape
18969      Defect    Calculated vs experimental warpage                                          Shape
19448   Enhancement    Hot Element after Hot Tip                                                    Filling
19696   Enhancement    Sequential molding shape calculation                                        Shape
18973      Defect    Gas Shape with Melt Spill Over                                                Gas

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