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					                                         INDOOR AIR QUALITY IS OUR
Florida State Contractor # CBC 057705    MAIN OBJECTIVE.
Home Inspector # HI2827
Mold Assessor # MRSA1191                 MOLD ASSESSMENT AND
                                         REMEDIATION IS OUR
Mold Remediator # MRSR1120

                                         TOXIC MOLD REMOVAL IS OUR
  WHO WE ARE=General                     PRIORITY.
  Contractors, Home Inspectors
                                         WE WARRANTY OUR WORK
  Mold Assessors and Remediator.
  With the future in mind, we cater      FROM ONE TO FIVE YEARS.
  to the Residential and                 BEST IN SOUTH FLORIDA.
  Commercial market. New                 MONTHLY SPECIAL
  Construction, Additions,                      MOLD INSPECTION $275.00 -
  Remodel, Storm Damage, Mold
                                                 INCLUDES INSPECTION AND 3
  and Air Pollution, Land
  Development, Demolitions,
  Roofs, Pools, Window, Doors,                  MOLD TREATMENT - STARTING AT
  Installation all types of Flooring,            $500.00 & FULL HOUSE $2,500.00.
  Fence, Shutters, Window Film,                  COMPLEMENTARY MOLD
  Security Window Film, Interior                 INSPECTION 6 MONTH AFTER
                                                                                                          CAN text and place photo here.
                                                                                                      HOWDelete MOLD AFFECT YOUR
  Remodel, Bathrooms, Kitchens,                  TREATMENT AS PER WARRANTY                            HEALTH?
  Soffits, Insurance Restorations,               POLICY OF ONE YEAR AND FIVE                          EXPOSURE TO MOLD IS NOT HEALTHY FOR
  Electrical, Mechanical and                                                                          ANYONE BUT THE FOLLOWING INDIVIDUALS
                                                 YEARS                                                ARE AT A HIGHER RISK FOR ADVERSE HEALTH
  Plumbing Services.                            ASSESSMENT REPORT $1000.OO                           EFFECTS: INFANTS, CHILDREN, ELDERLY,
  We are a Lead Safe Certified Firm                                                                   IMMUNE COMPROMISED PATIENTS,
                                                BEDBUG INSPECTION $100.00                            PREGNANT WOMEN, AND INDIVIDUALS WITH
                                                                                                      EXISTING RESPIRATORY CONDITIONS. WHEN
                                                                                                      INHALED, EVEN IN SMALL AMOUNTS, MOLD
                                                                                                      CAN CAUSE A WIDE RANGE OF HEALTH
                                                                                                      PROBLEMS INCLUDING RESPIRATORY
                                                                                                      PROBLEMS (WHEEZING), NASAL AND SINUS
                                                                                                      CONGESTION, WATERY AND RED EYES, NOSE
                                                                                                      AND THROAT IRRITATION, SKIN IRRITATION,
                                                                                                      ACHES AND PAINS, FEVERS, ASTHMA,
                                                                                                      EMPHYSEMA AND IN SOME CASES EVEN

 WE CANNOT SOLVE PROBLEMS BY USING             Miami / Broward / Palm Beach /Port St Lucie / Stuart
THE SAME KIND OF THINKING WE USED TO              /Melbourne /Naples / Ft Myers/ Monroe county
   CREATE THEM. ALBERT EINSTEIN                            754-2247945 office
                                                LINK TO HOW MOLD AFFECTS YOUR HEALTH VIDEO
What is mold and how do I know if I have
             it in my home?
 Mold is a tiny living organism which
 is natural part of our environment.
 Outdoors, it plays a beneficial role in
 the ecosystem breaking down dead
 organic material and recycling it.         REMEDIATION & TESTING
 Molds come in many colors – green,         The actual process of mold remediation depends on the
 white and black molds being the            type of mold and the extent of its contamination. Mold
 most common. Molds reproduce by            remediation can be dangerous and if there is toxic black
 emitting tiny spores which float           mold present it should be removed by professionals
 through the air indoors and                using approved protection devices to prevent exposure.
 outdoors. When the mold spores             The contaminated materials also need to be disposed of
 land on any damp spot, they grow           in a prescribed manner. Mold Testing is performed in
 and digest the material. There are         two ways: Air Quality Testing and Surface Swab Samples.
 molds which grow on food, carpets,         When mold testing is necessitated by health issues, or for
 paper products, and wood. Many             legal purposes it would be advisable to take at least one
 natural materials such as fabrics and      surface swab sample and two air samples. This is done
 leather can host mold growth as            because you may have mold growing on a surface that is
 well. Though beneficial in the             not yet releasing enough mold spores into the air to
 natural environment, mold growth           cause a problem. In such a case, air sampling alone would
                                            provide results that did not accurately reflect the extent
 in the home can cause health
                                            of Mold Growth. Visual inspections may not be enough to
 problems and damage. Mold spores           accurately ascertain the extent of mold.
 in concentration can exacerbate the                  Discoloration or black mold on baseboards,
                                                                                                              Places Mold is found
 symptoms of asthma and other                          wallboards, or wallpaper.                         Mold are microscopic organisms that
 respiratory ailments. There is no                    Cracks in shower tile, lack of caulking, loose    produce spores and are found virtually
 way to eliminate spores from the air,                 toilet seal, leaks under sink.                    everywhere, indoors and outdoors. Mold
 however elimination of the moist                     Carpet and padding in direct contact with         can be found on plants, foods, dry leaves,
 areas in which they grow is key to                    concrete slab.                                    and other organic material. Also susceptible
 stopping the spread of growth                        Poorly maintained or dirty air
                                                                                                         to mold growth are cellulose materials, such
 within the home. To eliminate                         .conditioning/heating vents and filters
                                                                                                         as, cardboard, paper, ceiling tiles, and sheet
 moisture: Fix water leaks like leaky                 Damp basement or crawl space.
                                                                                                         rock. Mold spores are easily detached and
 plumbing       immediately.    Ensure                Water penetration (water marks on walls,
                                                                                                         made airborne by vacuuming, walking on a
 adequate ventilation. Ensure that                     mold spots on walls).
                                                                                                         carpet or sitting on a couch. In indoor
 HVAC drip pans are clean flowing.                    Musty/ moldy odor.
                                                                                                         environments, mold can grow in air
 Keep indoor humidity below 60%
                                                                                                         conditioning ducts, carpets, pots of
 (RH) Do not leave wet or damp
                                                                                                         houseplants, etc.
 spots un-cleaned for long. If you
 have extensive mold or toxic black
 mold growth within the home
 professional mold remediation will
 be necessary                                We pride ourselves on our professionalism, standard of excellence, and personal
                                           service. Building new homes, remodeling and restoration of properties specializing
                                            in mold Remediation and treatment. Using (Green) bactericide, virucide, fungicide
                                              and disinfectant product for mold removal and prevention. Use in commercial,
                                                              industrial, maritime and residential buildings.

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