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									                                    Institute of Higher Education in
                                          Marketing and Commerce

Paris - Founded in 1961 - Degree awarded after a 5-year course MASTER
Ambition for a prosperous future
ISTEC, an Institute of Higher Education in
Marketing and Commerce provides high-
level training courses focused on marketing    • Founded in 1961
products and services in an international      • Recognized by the French State
setting.                                       • Degree awarded after a 5-year
                                               course MASTER, certified by the
Since its foundation in 1961, ISTEC’s          French Ministry of Education
declared aim has been to train future high-
caliber managers in the areas of marketing,
sales and company management.                  Founded on the initiative of Pierre
                                               HAZEBROUCQ, founder and perma-
These basic pillars of the school’s mission    nent secretary of the Académie des
are today given an international and           Sciences Commerciales (Academy
intercultural dimension.
                                               of Commercial Sciences), ISTEC is
                                               today managed by a non-profit asso-
ISTEC’s final goal is to foster the develop-
                                               ciation, the ADEC - Association pour
ment of real professional intelligence for
a successful integration and career in the     le Développement de l’Enseignement
company.                                       Commercial et de la gestion (Asso-
                                               ciation for the Development of Sales
                                               and Management Training) - whose
                                               administrative body is mainly made
Benoît HERBERT                                 up of graduated from ISTEC.
                                               The Administrative Board is headed
                                               by Jean-Luc BRET. Graduated from
                                               ISTEC in 1968. Founder and CEO of
                                               « La Croissanterie ». President of
                                               PROCOS - Federation for urban
                                               development and the promotion of
                                               specialized commerce. Vice-President
                                               of the National Council of Shopping
                                               Malls in France.
L’ISTEC en chiffres


                                                Training and tutoring to cater for real-life needs of companies and to
       Innovative pedagogy, open-               anticipate those of the professionals
      minded and balanced, focused              Preparing young professionals for the responsibilities they will have to take,
            on the individual                   allowing them to acquire the skills required for their personal future and career
     In compliance with its historical          plan, enlarging the scope of their cultural references, and thus fostering their
     values, ISTEC strives for a balance        personal development, these are the main goals set by ISTEC. They are based
     between the acquisition of technical       on our belief that a sense of being is as important as professional know-how.
     skills (proficiency with methodological
     tools, the satisfaction of achievement,    Teaching staff
     corporate spirit) and the development
     of human qualities (ability to listen,     The school’s teaching staff with a group of multi-disciplinary professors in its
     cultural open-mindedness). Thus,           center, is made up of
     each student is expected to work out       • research professors or permanent teachers with a doctorate or degree of
     his/her career plan following a precise    higher education,
     and thorough guideline.                    • training professionals from the business world: experienced executives,
                                                consultants or company leaders.

                                                Research at ISTEC is coordinated and developed by the CERI - Centre d’Etudes
                                                et de Recherche de l’ISTEC (the ISTEC Study and Research Center).
                                                It forms the interface between the three areas of training, research and
                                                company needs. This position allows it to play a central role in the pedagogical
                                                organization of ISTEC.
                                                The CERI’s activities are based on an annual Research colloquium as well as
                                                thematic workshops for the members of the CERI and associated researchers.
                                                The teachers of the school or graduate students interested in the themes of the
                                                workshops may participate as auditors.
                                                The research professors, who are members of the CERI, participate in
                                                international colloquiums and some of their works are published.

                                                                                               3rd year - Bachelor
                                                2nd year - Bachelor                          Further understanding of the basics
                                                                                              and their relations to one another
          1st year - Bachelor                      Intercultural experience
                                                 Understanding of the company                   semester 5 semester 6
          Acquisition of basic knowledge
       Initialisation of personal career path    semester 3
                                                     in a
                                                             semester 4                                                      in
                                                  European                                     and
          semester 1 semester 2                   University            Internships                                      company
                                                                             in                   marketing survey –
                                  Internships    and                     company                       project
                                   company            market survey
                                                                                                         admission : after
                                                                                                         2 years of studies
                industry survey
                                                         admission : after first
                                                           year of studies
                     admission : after
                    High-School Degree
sional and personal building up of students’ project

               Majors and options of specialization in the Master’s Course (4th and 5th year):
  Marketing:                                                      International development of markets, entrepreneurship:
  International Marketing for the Luxury Goods Industry           Corporate international development, opening up of new markets
  Operational Marketing, Corporate Communication                  Development of operations, entrepreneurship and starting companies
  Business to Business Marketing                                  Business negotiation, running international projects
  Marketing and Event Management                                  Long lasting development

                  Degree awarded after MASTER
         ISTEC is recognized by the French State and the
         Degree awarded after MASTER, is certified by the
         French Ministry of Education.
         Created in 1961, ISTEC is one of the schools among
         the most experienced.

       Organization of the ISTEC Syllabus:
       Organization of the ISTEC Syllabus: In compliance with the
       European and international standards of higher education:
       organization of the courses in 10 semesters. Granting of
       “credits” (ECTS – European Credit Transfert System). A
       total of 300 credits over the 5-year period, 60 credits per
       year.                                                                                 5th year - Master
                                                                                     Finalisation of project and acquired personal
                        4th year - Master                                                        and professional skills
                                                                                                Option of specialization
           Further understanding of management concepts
                       Major of specialization
                                                                                                                            semester 10
                                                                                         semester 9
                                semester 8
             semester 7         in a foreign        Internships                                                             Internships
                                University               in                                                                      in
                                                     company                                                                 company

                                   research assignment                                                research assignment

                  admission : after undergraduate diploma
                            (3 years of studies)
                                     ISTEC, a natural way to combine education and the corporate world
                                     Throughout the syllabus the students carry out work placements in companies (in
                                     France or abroad), as well as market or marketing surveys and hear a number of
                                     testimonials from professionals.

                                     A network of partner companies
                                     Thanks to its strategic location in one of Europe’s major economic sites, Paris and
                                     its region, ISTEC has developed a network of partner companies which are involved
                                     in the life and development of the school.

                                     These companies are part of ISTEC’s Club of partner companies. This Club reflects
                                     the school’s willingness to place its pedagogy in the real world of companies.
                                     Adult education
                                     ISTEC makes pedagocical resources accessible to companies and their staff
                                     by providing them with training courses in its fields of expertise: marketing and
                                     The commitment of the alumni
                                     As it was founded in 1961, ISTEC now has a considerable network of alumni
                                     who are particularly active in supporting the school and its students.
                                     ISTEC is one of the very few schools where alumni play such an essential
                                     role in its managing and strategic bodies. They therefore contribute to the
                                     quality of the students’ training and to the development of the school’s
     I nternati                      International orientation, an essential dimension
                 n, an
                                     Our international orientation is particularly shown by:
                   ension            • the opportunity given to students to study two semesters in a foreign university.

   esse  ntial dim                   • the number of training courses dealing with the international development of
                                     • the acquisition of intercultural skills.
                                     • the opportunity to carry out all their work placements abroad.

n South Africa n Germany n
Great Britain n Argentina n
Australia n Austria n Belgium
n Canada n Chile n China n
Denmark n Spain n United
States n Finland n India n
Ireland n Israel n Italy n Morocco
n Mexique n Netherlands n

                                     The means to succeed in your studies
                                     ISTEC is located on a Campus in central PARIS and benefits from a nice working
                                     environment and modern infrastructures adapted to the technological requirements
                                     of the 21st century.

                                     In the heart of a major European economic site
                                     Its location in a major European economic site, Paris and its region, has allowed ISTEC
                                     to develop a network of partner companies involved in the life and development of
                                     the school. The students directly benefit from this strategic location for their work
                                     placements and assignments in companies.
Our main contacts:

Director of Studies

Company relations
Marie-Laurence DUTARTRE

Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche de l’Istec - CERI
(ISTEC Study and Reserch Center)

Bureau Des Associations étudiantes - BDA
(Student Association Office)

AISTEC - Association des Diplômés
(Association of Graduates)
General Representative:
(33) 1 40 40 20 26

Institute of Higher Education in Marketing and Commerce
Founded in 1961

Institut supérieur des Sciences, Techniques et Economie Commerciales
Private institute for higher education recognized by the French state
managed by a non-profit organization

12, rue Alexandre Parodi 75010 Paris - France
Tel. (33)1 40 03 15 68 - Fax (33)1 40 03 15 89 - e-mail : -

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