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					List of free Minecraft Servers

We have tested most of the Free Minecraft Server Websites on the
Internet. These sites
offer Minecraft Servers completely free of cost. However, during our
testing we
discovered that not every provider deliver what they advertise. For
example, some sites
only want to gather email addresses for marketing proposes and basically
never give you
the free minecraft hosting they promise, all you get in the end is a
inbox full of spam.

During the testing period we've found only one site that we can recommand
and that does
really give you a free minecraft server, moreover they offer awesome
support and their
free servers are highly customizable.

Winner of our free Minecraft Server test therefore is:

Sites we cannot recommend due to various reasons (avoid these):            SPAM, NO SERVER PROVIDED    SURVEY SCAM, NO SERVER PROVIDED   NO SERVER PROVIDED    SCAM, SURVEY SCAM, NO SERVER

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