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					     PTA   TGS PTA News                                                                       Term Dates 2010
           Just For You - Save the TGS Golf Day Date                                            2010 Term Dates
           Looking ahead, this is a call to save the date for the annual
                                                                                                Term 1         Tue 2 February - Thu 1 April
           TGS Golf Day. Played as an Ambrose tournament, which
           makes it suitable for the novice or a budding champion, it will                      Term 2         Mon19 April - Fri 2 July
           be held at Waitemata Golf Course on Thursday 28th October                            Term 3         Mon 19 July - Fri 24 September
           2010. Get together a team of four and start practising your                          Term 4         Mon 11 October - Thu 9 December
           swing. Team entry cost includes lunch, water and nibbles to
           sustain you round the course, an after-match function and
           dinner plus the opportunity to win some excellent prizes. It’s                       Belmont Park Racquets Club
           a great day out and, for businesses, an opportunity to network                       Squash Holiday Programme
           and promote your organisation.
                                                                                                First Week      Wed & Frid 7 & 9 April 2010
           Winter Ball Heading This Way                                                                         1.00 - 4.00 pm $30
           With last year’s event a sell-out, the 2010 Winter Ball at                           Second Week Wed & Fri 14 & 16 April 2010
           McHugh’s on August 14 looks set to be a stunner. Plans are                                           1.00 - 4.00 pm $30
           well underway for this signature event so save the date, book                        Contact Manu Yam
           your tickets - and look out for Ball updates on the TGS PTA                          021 886 583 – visit
           Facebook page.

           The Takapuna Grammar School PTA is currently fundraising for 2010 and will be selling the 2010-2011
               Entertainment Books (form enclosed). Should you wish to purchase an Entertainment Book,
                             please return this to the front office along with your payment.

                        Fine and                      Casual Restaurant                     Informal Dining                          Arts, Sports
                Contemporary Dining
                        Fine and                      and Family Dining
                                                      Casual Restaurant                      and Takeaway
                                                                                            Informal Dining                         and Attractions
                                                                                                                                     Arts, Sports
                Contemporary Dining
            • The Grove                               and Family Dining
                                                 • Wagamama                                  and
                                                                                      • McDonald’s Takeaway                         and Attractions
                                                                                                                            • Auckland Zoo
            • Vinnies
            • The Grove                          • Northern Steamship Co
                                                 • Wagamama                           • Oporto
                                                                                      • McDonald’s                          • Kelly Tarltons
                                                                                                                            • Auckland Zoo
            • Vinnies                            • Lone Star
            • Wildfire                           • Northern Steamship Co              • Burger King
                                                                                      • Oporto                              • SkyCity Cinemas
                                                                                                                            • Kelly Tarltons
            • Barolo                             • Nuffield Street Brew Bar
                                                 • Lone Star                          • Eves Pantry                         • Berkeley Cinemas
            • Wildfire                                                                • Burger King                         • SkyCity Cinemas
            • Iguacu                             • The Kingslander
                                                 • Nuffield Street Brew Bar                                                 • Rialto Cinemas
            • Barolo                                                                  • Esquires Coffee
                                                                                      • Eves Pantry                         • Berkeley Cinemas
            • Q Restaurant at The Westin         • Smith Champagne Bar
                                                 • The Kingslander                                                          • Hoyts Cinemas
            • Iguacu                             • Shaky Isles                        • Il Buco
                                                                                      • Esquires Coffee                     • Rialto Cinemas
            • Onion Johnny at The Westin
            • Q Restaurant                       • Smith Champagne Bar                                                      • Butterfly Creek
                                                                                                                            • Hoyts Cinemas
                                                 • Neighbourhood                      • Il Buco Delight
                                                                                      • Bakers
            • Prohibition
            • Onion Johnny                       • Shaky Isles                                                              • Motat
                                                                                                                            • Butterfly Creek
                                                 • The Flying Moa
                                                 • Neighbourhood                      • Rocket Kitchen
                                                                                      • Bakers Delight
            • White
            • Prohibition                                                             • Mövenpick                           • Snowplanet
                                                                                                                            • Motat
                                                 • The Copper Room
                                                 • The Flying Moa                     • Rocket Kitchen
            • GPK
            • White                                                                                                         • Snowplanet      and many more...
                                                 • Danny Doolans
                                                 • The Copper Room                    • Mövenpick Café
                                                                                      • On the Run
            • Kermadec
            • GPK                                • Squid Doolans                                                                              and many more...
            • Bracu                              • DannyRow                           • McCaféRun Café
                                                                                      • On the                                 Retail, Travel, Leisure
            • Kermadec                           • Valentines
                                                 • Squid Row                          • New Zealand Natural
            • Wine Chambers
            • Bracu                              • The Backyard
                                                                                      • McCafé                                 and Accommodation
                                                                                                                               Retail, Travel, Leisure
                                                 • Valentines                         • New Zealand Natural
                                                                                      • Brumby’s
            • Wine Chambers
            • Banque                             • Gina’s Pizza and Pasta
                                                 • The Backyard
                                                                                                                                and Accommodation
                                                                                                                            • Avis/Budget/Europcar/
            • Banque 5 Restaurant
            • Number                                                                  • Brumby’s Sushi
                                                                                      • St Pierre’s                           Hertz/Thrifty
                                                 • Gina’s Circus
                                                 • Circus Pizza and Pasta             • Robert Harris Café                  • Avis/Budget/Europcar/
            • Hammerheads                                                             • St Pierre’s Sushi
            • Number 5 Restaurant                • Circus Circus
                                                 • The Bog                                                                  • Hamilton Island
            • Soto
            • Hammerheads                        • Black Salt                         • Dunkin’ Donuts
                                                                                      • Robert Harris Café                  • QBE Travel Insurance
                                                 • The Bog                                                                  • Hamilton Island
            • Pure
            • Soto                               • Mexican Café                       • Hollywood Bakery
                                                                                      • Dunkin’ Donuts                      • Fantasea Cruises
                                                 • Black Salt                                                               • QBE Travel Insurance
            • Mikano
            • Pure                               • Cardrona Speight’s Ale House
                                                 • Mexican Café                       • Columbus Bakery
                                                                                      • Hollywood Coffees                   • Mantra/BreakFree
                                                                                                                            • Fantasea Cruises
            • La Zeppa                           • Frolic                             • The CoffeeCoffees
                                                                                      • Columbus Club
            • Mikano                             • Cardrona Speight’s Ale House                                               Hotels Resorts &
                                                                                                                            • Mantra/BreakFreeApartments
            • Toto                               • Grace
                                                 • Frolic                             • Gloria Jean’s Coffees               • ACP/News/PacificApartments
            • La Zeppa                                                                • The Coffee Club                       Hotels Resorts & Magazines
            • Bees Online                        • The Port Club                      • Altura Jean’s
            • Toto                               • Grace                              • Gloria Coffee Coffees               • Dreamworld/Whitewater World
                                                                                                                            • ACP/News/Pacific Magazines
            • Eight Point Two
            • Bees Online                        • The Port in the Bay
                                                 • Barefoot Club                      • Michel’s Patisseries
                                                                                      • Altura Coffee                       • Dreamworld/Whitewater World
            • Eight Point Two and many more...   • Barefoot in the Bay many more...
                                                                    and               • Michel’s Patisseries many more...
                                                                                                        and                                   and many more...
                              and many more...                   and many more...                       and many more...                      and many more...


Ad Augusta                                        A N E W S L E T T E R O F TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

Top Scholar Katie Braatvedt
                                                                                                                              L      ast year Katie Braatvedt (Deputy
                                                                                                                                     Head Girl) won a top subject
                                                                                                                              scholarship award for her Art History
                                                                                                                              paper. She was the top student in
                                                                                                                              New Zealand for this subject. Katie
                                                                                                                              is one of only two North Shore
                                                                                                                              students to achieve the best in subject
                                                                                                                              national award. Katie’s mother, Rev
                                                                                                                              Charmaine Braatvedt, vicar of the
                                                                                                                              Holy Trinity Church, broke the good
                                                                                                                              news to Katie who was on safari in
                                                                                                                              South Africa with her brother and
                                                                                                                              former Head Boy, Julian.
                                                                                                                                 Katie managed to excel in her
                                                                                                                              studies while fitting in a burgeoning
                                                                                                                              international modelling career,
                                                                                                                              including an appearance on the cover
                                                                                                                              of Vogue. Charmaine Braatvedt said
                                                                                                                              Katie’s modelling agent in New York
                                                                                                                              had wanted her to spend a year in the
                                                                                                                              Big Apple developing her modelling
                                                                                                                              career, but after winning a University
                                                                                                                              of Auckland scholarship to pay her
                                                                                                                              undergraduate fees and securing a
                                                                                                                              place in the School of Architecture,
                                                                                                                              Katie has decided to put her studies

                                                                                                                             Katie Braatvedt with her art boards

CoNTeNTS                                                                                                                                     Issue 06 March 2010

Principal’s Report  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 2    Student Achievment .  .  .  .  .  .  . 7                             International  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 13
BOT Chairperson  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 3       Art  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 10   Sports  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 14
Scholarship Results  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 5         TGS Partner School  .  .  .  .  .  . 12                              PTA .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  . 16
                                                                                                                             Principal’s report
    Principal’s Report

                         Dear Parents and Guardians
                         Already nearing the end of Term 1, we are delighted            with success and loss, working collaboratively….the list
                         to have noticed the very settled nature of the students        goes on.
                         at Takapuna Grammar School again this year. They                   Students have available to them complete lists of
                         are obviously enjoying the programmes the school is            the co-curricular programmes of the school and we
                         presenting and appreciating the changes in the                 have also included this list in this newsletter for your
                         physical site, particularly the open spaces.                   information. We encourage you to have a discussion
                              Over the past year or more we have been working           with your son or daughter if he/she is not yet involved
                         on lifting our focus on individual student needs. Aside        in a co-curricular activity of the school. The school
                         from the range of subjects and options available to            expects that every student will be involved in at least
                         students, the pastoral systems we have in place provide        one co-curricular activity each year.
                         assistance to the individual student, enhancing their              The Takapuna Grammar School Board of Trustees
                         learning and engagement at school. There are plenty            elections, a tri-annual event for all state schools in the
                         of indications from past experience, research and our          country, are to be held this year. A number of our
                         own memories of school, to suggest that settled happy          current Board of Trustees members will be standing
                         students are settled learning students. We work hard to        down this year and this is a great opportunity for you to
                         ensure that students feel confident and comfortable at         become involved in the strategic future of the school.
                         Takapuna Grammar School.                                       You will see details of these elections featured in this
                              In light of this, we encourage parents, particularly      newsletter and we have already had some members of
                         those with students new to Takapuna Grammar School,            our community indicating an interest in standing for
                         to remain closely connected to the school. While some          the next three year term on the Board of Trustees.
                         teenagers may not encourage this connection, it is a           Anyone who would like to contact me or Jan Hill, our
                         key feature of a successful education. We actively             current Board of Trustees Chair, is welcome to do
                         encourage you to contact the school if you have any            so. This is an important role and we require another
                         concerns or questions in respect to the learning of your       highly skilled group of adults to progress our school
                         son and/or daughter. Your initial contact should be            beyond the exciting developments we have seen in the
                         with their form teacher and/or the dean of the year            past 6 years.
                         level of your son or daughter. If you would like to email          I look forward to updating you on the progress
                         a staff member directly the pattern is (first initial).(last   of our school and students again in the Term 2
                         name) We also encourage you to             newsletter.
                         contact staff by telephone, the main office number is
                         (09) 489 4167.                                                     Regards
                              Additionally, we have been encouraging all students
                         to be involved in the co-curricular programmes of
                         the school. We understand completely the impact
                         this experience has on the emotional intelligence of
2                        students. Of course, important life skills are also gained         Simon Lamb
                         through this involvement: working with others, coping              Principal
                      A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

                                                                                                                Board of Trustees
Changing of the Guard
for TGS Board Chairperson
J  an Hill, our current Chairperson on the Board of
   Trustees, has decided to stand down, so a fresh
face can take over the task. Jan has been a tireless
                                                        the current Board functions at TGS. This will be
                                                        followed by the monthly Board meeting which they
                                                        are welcome to attend, which generally happens
worker for the school for six years, and is extremely   nine to ten times during the year. Nomination
proud of the Board, the staff and students alike.       forms will be posted out to all parents on the 15th
Both Jan and the Board have been instrumental           of March, and close on the 23rd of April. On the
in the development of many different areas over         4th of May, an opportunity for parents and the
the past few years, including student achievement,      community to meet the candidates will be held in
strategic planning, setting up joint ventures with      the new school library. Voting closes on Friday 7th
our neighbouring school, Belmont Intermediate,          of May. The results will be publicised a week after
and systems for ongoing review. The Board’s             the poll closes.
most recent focus and success has been on the                Jan will miss the close association that she has
development of property within the school grounds.      had with the school, but is hoping to remain involved
The fabulous buildings around the campus such as        in other ways. Principal Simon Lamb would like to
the Sir Peter Blake block and the brand new Ralph       acknowledge the experience and collegiality that Jan
Roberts Student Services Centre are testament to        has brought to the school over the past six years as
the Board’s unfaltering hard work and tenacity.         Board Chair.
     Jan believes that there is no doubt that a good
Board can make a significant contribution to the
performance of a school by setting a clear strategic    Article written by Laura Eaton
direction and making wise governance decisions,
and encourages those who are interested in the role
of Board Chair to consider applying. On the 23rd
of March, prospective Trustees are invited to attend
a meeting in the Library if they are interested in                                                                                  3
learning more about the role of a Trustee, and how
    BOT Elections

                    Takapuna Grammar School
                    2010 – Board of Trustee elections

                    Nominations are invited for the election
                    of SIX (6) parent representatives to the
                    Board of Trustees, Takapuna Grammar
                    School, for a term of three years.
                    There will be an information meeting, immediately prior to the March Board of Trustees
                    Meeting, to be held at 6.00pm on Tuesday 23rd March 2010, in the Past Pupils Library, on the
                    First Floor of the Ralph Roberts Student Services Centre.
                    This will be an opportunity to meet with the current Board members who will communicate the
                    function of the Board of Trustees at Takapuna Grammar School.
                    A regular BOT Meeting will follow at 7.00pm and interested candidates are invited to attend.
                    A nomination form and a copy of this notice will be posted to all eligible voters by Monday 29th
                    March 2010. Nomination Forms can also be obtained from the reception office at Takapuna
                    Grammar School, or from the Returning Officer Mr Mike Barlow.
                    The Voting Roll will be open for inspection at the school from Wednesday 7th April 2010 and
                    may be viewed during normal school hours from 8.30am – 3.30pm.

                    Nominations will close at noon on Friday 23rd April 2010

                    Voting papers will be posted to all eligible voters by Wednesday 28th April

                    The poll will close at noon on Friday 7th May 2010.

                    For any further information, please contact Michael Barlow JP, Returning
                    Officer on 09.489.4167 Ext 283

                               A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

  “42 students from 2009 were awarded scholarships as

                                                                                                                              Scholarship Results
              compared with 26 in 2008. “

Six of the seven English scholars, with Mrs. Holding

Scholarship Results 2009
T    akapuna Grammar School is proud of the 42 students who
     received Scholarship Awards last year. This is an increase
from 26 scholarships in 2008.
                                                                  Design - Scholarship
                                                                  Woo Min Lee, Graphics, Maths with Calculus - Scholarships
                                                                  Alice Hawkins, Physics - Scholarship
      Scholarship Award recognition is granted to students        Bafreen Sherif, English - Scholarship,
achieving in the top 3% of the country. Beyond this some          Bianca Wildish, Geography - Scholarship,
students received Outstanding Scholarships, placing them at the   David Bach, Geography - Scholarship
top of student performance in their respective subject.           Emily Draper, English - Scholarship
      Acknowledgement is given to Jennifer Matthews and           Grace Allum, Spanish - Scholarship
Dean Stroobant who each gained Scholarships in three of their     Heng Mei, Physics - Scholarship
subjects: Classical Studies, English and History.                 James McPherson, English - Outstanding Scholarship
      One student, Katie Braatvedt gained top place in Art        Ji Kim, Design - Schozlarship
History for New Zealand, as described in this newsletter.         Kate McRobie, Design - Scholarship
      Takapuna Grammar School students receiving the 42           Kuyul Jung, Statistics and Modelling - Scholarship
scholarships were:                                                Lauren Flaherty, Design - Scholarship
                                                                  Meg Cummins, Design - Scholarship
Jennifer Matthews, Classical Studies, English and History -       Menuka Pilapitiya, Design - Outstanding
Scholarships                                                      Meredith Hayward, Painting - Scholarship
Dean Stroobant, Classical Studies, English and History -          Nicholas Mead, Geography - Scholarship
Scholarships                                                      Odessa Coleman, Design - Scholarship
                                                                  Rinat Sadykov, Physics - Scholarship
Anna Love, French – Outstanding Scholarship,                      Ryan Kurte, Physics - Scholarship
English - Scholarship                                             Sasha Butler, Design - Scholarship
Hee Su Lim, Design and Graphics – Scholarships                    Shaun Van Riel, Design - Scholarship
Jack Parker, Classical Studies and English – Scholarships         Stephen Keeton, Physics - Scholarship                                             5
Jessica Hemmings, Design and Painting – Scholarship,              Sunny Ding, Statistics and Modelling - Scholarship
Katherine Braatvedt, Art History – Outstanding Scholarship,       Tamsyn Solomon, Design - Outstanding Scholarship
    Student Achievment   Student Achievement
                         Academic                                                               Timothy Williams, James Horner, Logan Dunning Beck, Joshua
                         The following students were awarded their Academic Excellence Badges   Dawes, Jodi Thomas, Emily Cayford, Gwan Ho Lee, Sidonie
                         at Year 13 assembly. Congratulations to the 29 Year 13 students who    Jago, Alyssa Stinson, Luke Carey, Samantha Gilmour, Milind
                         have received Excellence Endorsements for Level 2 NCEA in 2009.        Brambhatt, Jerry Yelich O’Connor, Yesle Cheon, Hannah
                         They are: Leisha Calder, Vladimir Kavrakovski, Sungyeon Kim,           Brightley, Jodie Chandler, Blake Rax and Harriet Robinson
                         Alice Denne, William Zhang, Amelia MacDonald, Dominic                  Chen.
                         Keall Grant, Matthew Hill, Avril Gillan, Laura Eaton, Ani              Co-curricular
                         McGahan, Rosemary Murphy, Rosemary Smith, Jordan Stent,                Congratulations to Ashleigh Coward and Holly Frankham in
                         Lucy Hawkins, Thomas Chiang, Alex Revell, Andrew Ranford,              Y12 who successfully auditioned and been offered places with Pointy
                         Tijana Ristovic, Kate Wanless, Lauren Bowler, Bennett Hume,            Dog Dance Company, the highly respected youth contemporary dance
                         Donna Lee, Margaret Palmer, Gareth Hemmings, Ji Min Jun,               company at the Performing Arts School of NZ. Admission into this
                         Chirag Udhani, Marina Narita and Kirsten Woodward.                     company is a huge achievement and a stepping stone to a career in
                         Sam Thompson, a former student, received an Excellence Endorsement     Dance.
                         also, and has returned to TGS for 2010.
                         A further 102 students were awarded Merit Endorsements for Level 2     Jacko Gill recently competed in a number of competitions in February.
                         NCEA in 2009.                                                          He threw the 1.5kg discus for the first time in competition against a
                                                                                                visiting French Team. He finished first with 54.20m and this distance
                         The following students were awarded their Academic Excellence          now leads NZ ranking list for U17. It was just 2.00m off the NZ record.
                         Badges at Year 12 assembly this morning. Congratulations to the 34     On 13/2/10 he competed at the Porritt Classic in Hamilton. He broke
                         Year 12 students who received Excellence Endorsements for Level 1      the NZ U18 and U17 records which he set at the NZ Secondary School
                         NCEA in 2009. They are: Te Apatu McCrea, Tessa Whittaker,              championships beating his previous mark of 20.42m with a throw of
                         Amy Jesensek, James Roberts, Soojin Lee, Natasha Thatcher,             20.66m. He is due to compete at Waitakere Stadium in the senior men’s shot
                         George Edgar, Sophie Hayman, Danielle Drummond, Victoria               put NZ versus Australia and will throw the 7.26kg shot. This will be his
                         Timmins, Gabrielle Miegeville-Little, Shiwei Zhou, Kevin               first comp. with this weight.
                         Khauv, James Churchill, Thomas Doolin, Isabelle Verney,
                                                                                                             Six students have been selected for the North Harbour
                                                                                                             Athletics team. This is the first time TGS have had 6
                                                                                                             or more competing. This team will represent the North
                                                                                                             Harbour region in athletics at the North Island Secondary
                                                                                                             Schools Athletics Championships in Wellington 20-21st
                                                                                                             March. Congratulations to;
                                                                                                             Luke Rundle – 800m and 1500m
                                                                                                             Luca Denee – 80m Hurdles
                                                                                                             Jacko Gill – 100m, Shotput, Discus and Javelin
                                                                                                             Andrew Coshen – 400m
                                                                                                             Eliza McCartney – High Jump
                                                                                                             Brook Cull – 100m and 200m

                                                                                                             The following students were the Overall Winners at the
                                                                                                             2010 Takapuna Grammar School swimming sports day;
                                                                                                             Jnr Girls - Claudia Brick, Jnr Boys - Jonathan Ranford
                         Year 12 students                                                                    Int Girls - Aless Smith, Int Boys - Noah Orr
                                                                                                             Snr Girls - Megan Fenton, Snr Boys - Oscar Cornfield

                                                                                                             There were several records also broken on the day;:
                                                                                                             Int Boys 3x Backstroke – Noah Orr, Snr Boys 3x Backstroke
                                                                                                             – Oscar Cornfield
                                                                                                             Int Boys 3x Breaststroke – Noah Orr, Snr Girls 3x
                                                                                                             Breaststroke – Megan Fenton
                                                                                                             Open Girls 6x Butterfly – Lana Kennett, Open Girls
                                                                                                             Medley – Alice Smith
                                                                                                             Open Boys 6x Breaststroke – Noah Orr , Open Boys 6x
                                                                                                             Backstroke – Oscar Cornfield
                                                                                                             Surf Life Saving
                                                                                                             Claudia Brick recently competed in the Auckland District
                                                                                                             Championships Carnival held at Orewa on 5 February.
                                                                                                             Claudia came out with a close 4th on the paddle board, and
6                                                                                                            then went on to win golds for both the sea swim event, and
                                                                                                             the diamond event (swim then paddle race).
                         Year 13 students
                                A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

 Windsurfing Nationals                                        Takapuna Girls Rowing
 Tom Ashley, Hamish and Izzy

Rowing                                                                                              James Kang, Ahmed Al-Rikabi, Mario Parussini, Rohan Krishnan and Imogen
At the recent Head of Harbour regatta at Lake Pupuke, TGS Rowing won overall points on              Ling, Boys U16 Coxed Quad, placed 3rd division 2
the day for girls with the boys placing 3rd overall on points. The combined girls and boys points   Boys Under 17
secured a resounding overall point’s victory, 56 points clear of their nearest rivals. This was a   Jackson Living, Boys U17 Singles, placed 3rd division 1
first for the club, who has never previously won overall pints at Head of Harbour.                  Liam Berryman and Alex Speck, Boys U17 Doubles, placed 1st division 1
Winning performances on the day were achieved by the following crews:                               James Horner and Michael Beaumont, Boys U17 Doubles, placed
                                                                                                    2nd division 3
Girls Under 15                                                                                      Hamza Al-Rikabi and Jarryd Walker, Boys U17 Doubles, placed 1st division 3
Rebecca Haeger and Grace Living, Girls U15 Doubles, place 1st division 3                            Jackson Living, Jonathan Tait, Jarryd Walker, Hamza Al-Rikabi and Miles Ganley,
Alison Tubby and Autumn Lenzie, Girls U15 Doubles, placed 1st division 4                            Boys U17 Coxed Quad, placed 2nd division 1
Danielle Peffers, Maja Molloy, Hanna Longley, Amber Peffers and Molly Parker,                       Liam Berryman, Alex Speck, James Horner, Michael Beaumont and Joshua
Girls U15 Coxed Quad, placed 3rd division 1                                                         Schmidt, Boys U17 Coxed Quad, placed 1st division 2
Alison Tubby, Autumn Lenzie, Hannan Zaoloum, Hanna Spurdle and Imogen                               Boys Under 18
Ling, Girls U15 Coxed Quad, placed 1st division 2                                                   William Rawlinson, Boys U18 Singles, placed 3rd division 2
Rebecca Haeger, Grace Living, Autumn Lenzie, Alison Tubby and Molly Parker,                         Liam Ryan, Boys U18 Singles, placed 3rd division 2
Girls U15 Coxed Quad, placed 3rd division 2                                                         William Rawlinson and Liam Ryan, Boys U18 Doubles, placed 2nd division 3
Jamie Shearer and Jessica Gillies, Girls U16 Doubles, placed 2nd division 1                         Bennet Hume and Thomo Hume, Boys U18 Doubles, placed 2nd division 1
Lydia Twohill and Courney Sheehan, Girls U16 Doubles, placed 2nd division 2                         Liam Ryan, Thomo Hume, Bennet Hume, Myles Durrant and Joshua Schmidt,
Jamie Shearer, Courtney Sheehan, Alahna Walker, Lydia Twohill and Imogan Ling,                      Boys U18 Coxed Quad, placed 3rd division 1
Girls U16 Coxed Quad, placed 1st division 1                                                         Liam Berryman, Johnathan Tait, William Rawlinson, Alex Speck and Miles Ganley, Boys U18
Girls Under 16                                                                                      Coxed, placed 2nd division 1
Rosie Crooks Girls U17 Single Scull, placed 1st division 1
Melissa Niemandt Girls U17 Single Scull, placed 1st division 2                                      Jackson Living, Hamza Al-Rikabi, Liam Berryman, Jonathan Tait, Jarryd Walker,
Harriet Moore, Girls U17 Single Scull, placed 2nd division 2                                        Alex Speck, James Horner, Michael Beaumont and Miles Ganley, Boys U18 8+,
Rosie Crooks and Melissa Niemandt, Girls U17 Doubles, placed 1st division 1                         placed 3rd division 1
Harriet Moore & Charlotte Gibson, Girls U17 Doubles, placed 2nd division 2                          Jackson Living, Hamza Al-Rikabi, Jarryd Walker, James Horner and Daniel
Rosie Crooks, Melissa Niemandt, Charlotte Gibson, Harriete Moore and Miles                          Tidbury, Boys U18 Coxed Quad, placed 1st division 1
Ganley, Girls U17 Coxed Quad, placed 1st division 1                                                 Jackson Living, Hamza Al-Rikabi, Liam Berryman and Jonathan Tait, Boys U18 8+,
Girls Under 18                                                                                      placed 5th division 1
Rosie Crooks Girls U18 Single Scull, placed 1st division 1                                          Rosie Crooks accepted the rowing trophy for the Girls overall points for the day.
Rebecca Nolan, Girls U18 Single Scull, placed 4th division 1
Monique Davis, Girls U18 Single Scull, placed 3rd division 1                                        Windsurfing
Rebecca Nolan and Katie Philp, Girls U18 Doubles, placed 3rd division 2                             Isobel Hawkins placed 8th overall and was 1st NZ U17 Girls in the RSX & Techno
Rachael Beaumont and Monique Davis, Girls U18 Doubles, placed                                       Windsurfing National Championships.
1st division 2
Rebecca Nolan, Katie Philp, Rachael Beaumont, Monique Davis and Joshua                              Hamish Dunning Beck was 4th on countback overall and the first New Zealander overall
Schmidt, Girls U18 Coxed Quad, placed 2nd division 1                                                won the national tital at the RSX & Techno Windsurfing National Championships.
Rosie Crooks, Melissa Niemandt, Charlotte Gibson, Harriett Moore and Miles
Ganley, Girls U18 Coxed Quad placed 1st division 1                                                  Snowboarding
Rebecca Haeger, Grace Living, Brianna Wood, Michelle Petricevich, Alana Walker,                     Bea Moss was placed 2nd in the Open Womens (16+) freestyle Snowboard competition as
Sara Pilkington, Lucia McEwan, Lydia Twohill and Imogen Ling, Girls U18 8+, placed 3rd              part of the Snowplanet Mini Winter Olympics Series.
division 2
Boys Under 15                                                                                       Past Pupils
Misaki Kato, Joshua Clarke, Thomas Fraser, Jackson Power and Daniel Tidbury,                        Alisha McLennan, a former Takapuna Grammar student who has been a dancer
Boys U15 Coxed Quad, placed 3rd division 3
Boys Under 16
                                                                                                    with Touch Compass Dance Company for 11 years, is coming back to choreograph
                                                                                                    a group dance for the Special Ed class to be performed at the Dance Evening in
Reuben McMahon, Jack Blathwayt, Thomas Shaw, George Stafford and Daniel,                            Term 3.
Boys U16 Coxed Quad, placed 2nd division 2
    Student Achievment

                         Bring Back Buck
                         Students recently had the opportunity to attend the first Achievers Breakfast for Term 1. Our guest speaker was
                         Wayne (Buck) Shelford who spoke of his life-time achievements. The Achievers’ Breakfast is designed to celebrate
                         the successes of our students who continue to excel in a wide range of academic and co-curricular activities.
                         We encourage parents and caregivers to send through all student achievement and photos to;
                         (Photo L/R: Zac Johnson, ChunLin Lee, Buck Shelford, Toby Hawkins and Marion Hubbard)

                                                                                             Past Pupils
                                                                                             Former leaders Betje Hurikino and Joanne Waa,
                                                                                             2007 alumni, visited recently before returning to
                                                                                             their respective universities. Betje is in her third
                                                                                             year studying architecture at Victoria University
                                                                                             in Wellington and Joanne is doing a conjoint
                                                                                             bachelor’s degree in law and social work at Waikato
                                                                                             University. Both recommended to students to “stay
                                                                                             in school, get as prepared as you can before you
                         Student Achievement                                                 leave and visit Mrs Stainton in CATS, because she
                         Congratulations to Olivia Stacy who has been selected to go to      has great information and advice about courses
                         Gallipoli by the New Zealand Cadet Forces. Oliva was one of         and universities.”
                         only three Sea Cadets selected out of the whole of New Zealand
8                        to attend the 95th Gallipoli Landings Commemorations in
                         Turkey over the period of 19 April - 30 April as a representative
                         of the New Zealand Cadet Forces.
                               A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

Takapuna Grammar School

                                                                                                                                        Taking Initiative
Taking Initiative
T     hese past holidays, I replaced the normal pre-Christmas
      relaxation with an exciting trip across the world to
                                                                    and-mouse with 700 primary school students, and sharing
                                                                    coconuts with locals. They shared with us their amazing life
                                                                    stories and hopes and plans for the future, made real by the
     Earlier in 2009, I was lucky enough to be one of               hope brought by World Vision.
five students nationwide chosen as World Vision Youth                    I was really struck by the sense of hope in the Cambodian
Ambassadors. As a part of this, Sanitarium sponsored us to          people and the empowerment World Vision gives to them.
spend two weeks travelling around Cambodia, visiting the            After being shown a dirty stinky pond hundreds drink from
villages and projects (as well as a few amazing days sightseeing    and dire living conditions faced by so many, it brought huge
at Angkor Wat) and seeing exactly where our hard-earned 40          grins to my face to hear the people talk about their plans
Hour Famine funds go!                                                                                         and dreams, and to
     We stepped off the                                                                                       see what an amazing
plane at Phnom Penh,                                                                                          effect our 40 Hour
the capital city, to an                                                                                       Famine funds have
extreme heat wave and                                                                                         made by equipping
the heavy sound of a                                                                                          villages and schools
few million motorbikes                                                                                        with clean water,
zooming around the                                                                                            food,       healthcare
hectic      city,   which                                                                                     and         sanitation.
we soon saw had no                                                                                            Heartbreaking
apparent road rules… or                                                                                       situations        were
motorbike seating limits.                                                                                     starkly     contrasted
I discovered on the first                                                                                     with the nature of the
day that a rusty old                                                                                          people themselves.
scooter can indeed hold                                                                                       The people, despite
4 people, a sack of beans,                                                                                    horrific pasts, were
and an air-conditioning                                                                                       truly      welcoming,
unit. Our first few days                                                                                      funny, hardworking,
in the city were filled with once in a lifetime experiences         and full of smiles. It was amazing to see what a difference
such as spending time at Bringing Hope - a project providing        World Vision’s help makes in ways that I had never dreamed.
opportunities for young disabled Cambodians, and a                  I feel honoured to have met these people and been welcomed
beautiful, unforgettable night with a group of street children,     into their homes, and now realize how deserving they are of
playing and laughing.                                               our help and support.
     After the city we continued our journey, spending                   It has been a strange culture shock returning home, and
the next ten days travelling to three out of the four Area          I think about Cambodia all the time! I can’t say I miss the
Development Programmes funded by World Vision New                   constant sweat, but am very excited to share the stories of
Zealand. It was a real privilege to be able to see the projects     the people I met. I hope to inspire many more people to
funded by my friends and peers, and to be able to meet the          sponsor children, and bring on Takapuna Grammar’s 40
people whose lives have been directly affected. Amongst             Hour Famine for 2010!
meals of rice (grown and harvested in the fields outside),
vegetables, and the odd chicken’s foot (delicious), our days        Article written by Amelia MacDonald, Head Girl
were filled with experiences I can truly say I will never forget.
These included harvesting rice in the sweltering paddies
with wizened old women armed with machetes, playing cat-

                                             Ji Yeon Kim                  Lauren Flaherty

           Menuka Pilapitiya
           (outstanding scholarship)

                                                           Jessica Hemmings
                                       Odessa Coleman

                              A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

09 Scholarships:
Visual Art Students
A   selection of work from some of our 2009
    Design and Painting Scholarship recipients.

                                                  Katie Braatvedt

                                                                                          Meredith Hayward                       Meredith Hayward

Kate Mcrobie                                Tamsyn Solomon (outstanding scholarship)

                                                                                                             Menuka Pilapitiya

                                                                                       Meg Cumins
                                                                                                Meg Cumins                           Meg Cumins

                                              Jessica Lim

 Shaun Van Riel
     TGS Partner School

                                                             “All 3 students found the generosity of the Goethe
                                                           Institute amazing and were inspired by the chance to
                                                                       make international friendships. “

                          Takapuna Grammar Partner School
                          Initiative Goethe Institute
                             T      akapuna Grammar is privileged to belong to
                                    the Partner School Initiative run by Germany’s
                          Goethe Institute. Our students and staff have greatly
                                                                                           teachers from Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe did
                                                                                           on-line presentations and shared comments and ideas. In
                                                                                           August this year Mrs Avram will do a German pedagogical
                          benefited from this. Three students of German - Talya            course in Berlin, also courtesy of the Goethe Institute.
                          Avram, Alex Revell and Tim Williams - have just spent
                          3 weeks as guests of the Goethe Institute in the beautiful
                          south German city of Freiburg, with students from
                          countries around the world, studying German language
                          and culture and sharing one another’s cultures. They stayed
                          in the local Youth Hostel, attending classes at the Goethe
                          Institute and going on outings in the afternoons to beautiful
                          destinations such as the Titisee Lake in the Black Forest, the
                          baths and casino town of Baden Baden and the Alsatian
                          town of Colmar across the border in France. All 3 students
                          found the generosity of the Goethe Institute amazing
                          and were inspired by the chance to make international
12                             Last September to December Mr Barrowman
                          completed a 4-month on-line ICT course for Partner School        Above: Talya, Tim and Alex with international friends.
                          German teachers in which he and a group of German                Top: Preparing a Haka for a party evening
                              A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L


Students from Kyung Bock High School

Kyung Bock High School
T     akapuna Grammar School was pleased to welcome
      back students from Kyung Bock High School in
Seoul, South Korea taking part in our annual exchange.
                                                                Takapuna students .The exchange was organised by
                                                            Mr Andrew Park, our Korean Counsellor.
                                                                The International Department would like to thank
The boys and staff, including the Principal Mr Jeong Min    the families who generously hosted the students from
Lee, were welcomed with a powhiri and then attended         Kyung Bock High School.
classes with prefect”buddies” and played sport against

  Chinese New Year
  T     he International Department celebrated Chinese
        New Year with a morning tea of dumplings and
  traditional food.
                                                                 The morning tea not only recognises the importance
                                                            of Chinese New Year in the Lunar Calendar, but also
                                                            that it is traditionally a time for families to get together
       It was attended by students from China, Hong Kong,   and to look forward to happiness, health and longevity.
  Taiwan and Korea and was organised by Ms Lijun Qiu,
  our Chinese Counsellor.

                                Sir edmund Hillary
     Co-curricular Activities
                                outdoor Pursuit
                                    I   n the school holidays ten Year 11 and 12
                                        students attended the Sir Edmund Hillary
                                Outdoor Pursuit Centre in the Tongariro National
                                Park. It was a fantastic trip which gave students the
                                opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe
                                and enjoyable environment. Students jumped at
                                the opportunity to challenge themselves at activities
                                such as tubing down the Mangatepopo River, high
                                ropes, the big swing, team building activities, caving,
                                Canadian canoes and using a compass to bush bash
                                their way to find a place to sleep in the outdoors. We
                                look forward to next year being bigger and better.
                                Also a big thanks to Miss Sladen for her assistance
                                with the smooth running of camp.

                                                                                          Peer Support
                                                                                              I  nvolves all year 9 students during term 1 working in
                                                                                                 small groups with trained student senior Peer Support
                                                                                          leaders. The aim of the programme is to forge lasting links
                                                                                          between junior students and positive senior role models; to
                                                                                          assist with orientation; and to address issues of common
                                                                                          concern such as friendship, communication, problem-solving,
14                                                                                        and trust. The programme is discussion based with a lot of
                                                                                          games and fun activities.
                          A D AU G U S TA - TA K A P U N A G R A M M A R S C H O O L

                                                                                                                            Swimming Sports
           “We all got to see a team of Taka House leaders take out
                           the teachers by a whisker”

Grammar Students Take to the Pool
Around 300 Takapuna Grammar students risked missing a              Throughout the day there were house points up for
day of school last week in order to compete in the annual    grabs for individual success and participation. As well as
Swimming Sports competition. It was a chance to compete      this, the more successful swimmers gained the opportunity
in something, perhaps, less competitive than the upcoming    to compete in the upcoming Interschool Competition and
nationals.                                                   we witnessed some school records being broken in several
     The divisions were split into 6 groups. junior,         of the divisions.
intermediate and senior, boys and girls. The champions are         On a lighter note we all got to see a team of Taka
as follows:                                                  House leaders take out the teachers by a whisker, as well as
     Junior Girls - Claudia Brick.                           an aqua jogging relay race.
     Junior Boys - Jonathan Ranford                                At the end of the day the swimming sports were
     Intermediate Girls - Aless Smith                        a great opportunity for both those who were up at 5am
     Intermediate Boys - Noah Orr                            every morning to train and those who limit themselves to
     Senior Girls - Megan Fenton                             splashing about at the beach
     Senior Boys - Oscar Cornfield

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