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School Life 2007-02 - Washington Local Schools


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									                                                                                   Vol. 38, No. 3
                      Washington Local                                             Winter, 2007


                                         Inside this issue...

  Board Elections & Schedule p.4       Career Tech Programs p.12          Kindergarten Registration p.8
   President Canales and V.P. Erme   Whitmer Offers 14 Training Options   Details for Fall, 2007 Kindergarten
                                            Quizbowl Champs

    Meadowvale’s team won the Washington Local Quiz Bowl Championship and represented the district at the county contest.
    Pictured are teacher Julie Hogan with fifth graders William Campey, Kaelyn Wood, Taylor Urbanski, and Mitchell Palmer.

    Academic Contest Winners
    District Winners Advance to Area Contests
    Congratulations to the school winners who
    represented Washington Local at the Lucas
    County Spelling Bee on Feb. 20:
    Greenwood      Jacob Kasparian, 6th grade
    Hiawatha       April Sunid, 5th grade
    Jackman        Zeinab Harb, 6th grade
    McGregor       Nolan Thomaswick, 6th grade
    Meadowvale     Samantha Bartolet, 5th grade
    Monac          Mandy Huang, 6th grade
    Shoreland      Dustin Jacobs, 5th grade
    Trilby         Brock Whalen, 6th grade
    Wernert        Larry Gray, 6th grade

    Jefferson      Alex Gillen, Ben Lewandowski,
                   Cierra Semelka, Andrew Stalker              Jefferson seventh grader Cierra Semelka and Wernert sixth
                                                               grader Larry Gray finished in the top 10 spellers at the Lucas
    Washington     Dave Carlson, Ariel Matthews,               County Spelling Bee (among 78 competitors) and will advance
                   Abigail Parker, Tiffany St. John            to the Toledo Blade Spelling Bee on Mar. 14.

Congressional Art Show               Whitmer artists created 16 of
                                     the 86 pieces at the 2007
                                     Congressional Art Show and
                                     received multiple accolades.
Whitmer Artists Receive Top Awards   Ninth District Congresswoman
                                     Marcy Kaptur presented the

                                     Blythe Worstell (top photo)
                                     was named Runner Up. Her
                                     self-portrait, “A Prayer for
                                     Peace,” will hang in Marcy
                                     Kaptur’s Toledo and D.C.
                                     offices for 6 months each.

                                     Kristin Stroud (center photo)
                                     and Katherine O’Brien
                                     (bottom photo) were the only
                                     two students at the show to
                                     receive the prestigious
                                     Commercial Design Award, a
                                     new award begun last year.
                                     Their designs will be replicated
                                     on glasses or plates by Libbey,
                                     Inc. Kristin’s design also
                                     received a special award from
                                     the Law Firm of Eastman and

                                     Mitchell Blackford received
                                     the University of Toledo Award.

                                     Erin Miller, Kaylin Schwartz,
                                     and Kristin Sanchez received
                                     3 of the 12 honorable mention
                                     awards given by the jurors.

                                     Kristin Sanchez, Kaylin
                                     Schwartz, and Blythe
                                     Worstell also received
                                     invitations to participate in a
                                     commercial design workshop
                                     sponsored by Libbey.

                                     Additional Whitmer artists
                                     featured in the show were:
                                     Ashlee Fox, Erica Gray,
                                     Holly Heyneman, Brett
                                     Keller, Airen Meyer, Candice
                                     Miller, Beau Norton, Danielle
                                     Pope, and Amanda

                                     The exhibition was on display
                                     in Toledo at One Seagate
                                     Gallery, Feb. 9 - 23, and may
                                     be viewed Mar. 2 - 23 at the
                                     Oberlin College Science Center
                                     in Oberlin, Ohio.

    2007 CALENDAR
    Board of Education
    Regular Board Meetings
       Wed.      Mar. 21    6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      Apr. 25    6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      May 16     6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      June 13    6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      Aug. 15    6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      Sept. 19   6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      Oct. 17    6:00 p.m.
       Tues.     Nov. 20    6:00 p.m.
       Wed.      Dec. 12    6:00 p.m.

    Closing Entries Meeting:
      Thurs.     June 28    6:00 p.m.

    Personnel Meetings: (If needed)
       Mon.      July 2     6:00 p.m.


                                        Board of Education Honored
       Jan. 31 & June 27 6:00 p.m.

       Feb. 28 & Aug. 22 6:00 p.m.
                                        District Celebrates School Board Recognition Month

                                        National School Board Recognition Month was celebrated in January. Special thanks
                                        are extended to the members of the WLS’ Board of Education for their time, interest,
                                        and dedication to the students and staff of Washington Local Schools.

                                        Officer elections were held at the Jan. 3rd Organizational Meeting. Congratulations
                                        are extended to the new officers: President Lisa Canales and Vice President
                                        Frank Erme (front row). The 2007 Board also includes John Adler, Steve Zuber,
                                        and David Hunter(back row). The Board established its 2007 calendar (at left). All
                                        meetings are held at the Administration Bldg. (3505 W. Lincolnshire) and are open
                                        to the public.

                                                                                A Timeless Tradition
                                                                                Turnabout Dance is
                                                                                a long-standing
                                                                                tradition. This year’s
                                                                                event was held on
                                                                                Feb. 24 and featured the         JIMMY BUEHLER
                                                                                theme “Fabulous Fifties.”            KING

                                                                                2007 TURNABOUT COURT
                                                                                (front) First Runner-Up T.J. Winkelman and Second
                                                                                Runner-Up Josh Bates; (back) Eric Abalos,
                                                                                Sophomore Attendant; Ryne Smith, Junior Attendant;
                                                                                Jordan Sparks, Freshman Attendant.

Whitmer Stadium Campaign:
You Can Count on Me!
The community is invited to join Washington Local students and staff in their
fundraising efforts to support the Whitmer Stadium Renovation Campaign.

Whitmer alumnus Brad Huebner has pledged $200,000 to help make the
Whitmer Stadium project a reality. Funds have also been pledged by area
businesses. Additional funds are now being sought from other businesses and
individuals throughout the community.

Please support the Whitmer Stadium project by participating in the “You Can
Count on Me” campaign, and making a donation of $99 or $49. Each contributor
will have his/her name etched on a nameplate which will be prominently
displayed in the new stadium. All contributions are tax deductible.
                                                                                    BUSINESS DONORS
If your business is interested in making a larger contribution, please
                                                                                To have your company name prominently
consider the options in the box, at the right, and contact                      displayed on a W pedestal in the stadium,
Whitmer Principal Brad Faust (419-473-8490                                      the following donor levels have been
or bfaust@washloc.k12.oh.us) or Athletic Director Tom Snook                     established:
(419-473-8382 or tsnook@washloc.k12.oh.us).                                              $1,000             Bronze W
                                                                                         $2,500             Silver W
To view the architectural rendering in color, visit the district website                 $5,000             Gold W
at: www.washloc.k12.oh.us/whitmer-stadium.htm

Name:                _________________________________________
Address:             _________________________________________
Phone:               _________________________________________

         My check made payable to Washington Local Schools in the amount of $49 is enclosed.
         One line of personalization (up to 20 characters per line) - cost: $49.
              J ___ __ i t _ Fa_ i l
         Ex: _ o h n _ S m _ _h _ _ _ m_ _y_ _ _ _

         My one line of personalization:          ____________________
         My check made payable to Washington Local Schools in the amount of $99 is enclosed.
         Two lines of personalization (up to 20 characters per line) - cost: $99.
              J ___ ___ J___ __ i t_
         Ex: _ o h n _ a n d _ _ a n e _ S m _ _ h _
             __            _ _ _
             J o e_y_ ,_ _ J a_m i_ e ,_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
                                           Jes s i ca

         My two lines of personalization:         ____________________
Forms and checks should be sent to: Carma Donati, Whitmer High School, 5601 Clegg Dr., Toledo, OH 43613.
For questions, contact Carma at 419-473-8433 or cdonati@washloc.k12.oh.us
    Promises Made, Promises Kept
    District Projects Completed With PI Funds
    PROJECTS - 2005 • 2006
    WHITMER                                   THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT...
                                              Washington Local residents approved a
    • Auditorium Renovation                   3.9-mill dual-purpose levy in November, 2004.
    • New Auxiliary Gym
    • New Fitness Center                          2.9 mills are used for day-to-day
    • Expanded Field House Lobby                  operating expenses.
    • Windows (in progress)
    • Science Wing Elevator                       1.0 mill generates
    • Stadium Pressbox / P.A. System              $1.1 million per year
    • Ceilings                                    for improvements to
                                                  buildings and grounds.
    • Renovations to CTC 203
     (division into individual classrooms)
                                             GREENWOOD               SHORELAND
                                             • Building Addition -   • Restrooms
                                               Six new classrooms    • Paving
    • Telephone / Voicemail System
                                                                     • Generator
    • Security Cameras
                                             HIAWATHA                                    TAX
    • Carpeting                                                                        DOLLARS
                                             • Paving                TRILBY
    • Sidewalks                                                                           AT
                                                                     • Paving
    • Fences                                                                            WORK
    • Painting
                                             • Modular Classrooms    WERNERT
                                             • Paving                • Doors
                                                                     • Gym Floor
    • Flooring
                                             McGREGOR                • Lighting Repairs
    • Ceilings
                                             • Doors
                                             • Gym Lights            LINCOLNSHIRE
                                                                     • Asbestos Removal
    • Library Air Conditioning
    • Doors
                                             • Gym Lights        Thank you for investing
    • Paving
                                             • Paving            in Washington Local.


                                          JACKMAN MODULARS

                                MAJOR PROJECTS
                                  2005 - 2006


                                                WASHINGTON DOORS


                                       EXPANDED FIELD HOUSE LOBBY
                                     TESTING &

                                     MAY 7 - 17

                                     Call for an
                                     after Apr. 1

      Child’s birth certificate

      Child’s Social Security card

      Proof of residency
      (2 documents required)

      Immunization records

      Custody papers-court stamped
      (if applicable)

   The Washington Local School District provides elementary and
   secondary education (grades kindergarten through twelve) for            Acceptable documents for
   children meeting residency requirements. In order to be eligible to     proof of residency (2 required):
   receive educational services, a student must be in legally recognized      a sales agreement for a house
   custody of a resident or government agency within the district.
                                                                              an official lease or rental
   Children who will be five years old on or before Sept. 30 should           contract
   enroll in kindergarten. Kindergarten is mandatory in the state of          a current utility bill listing
   Ohio; any child entering first grade must have successfully                parent or guardian’s name
   completed kindergarten.                                                    and address

                                                                              government payment
                                                                              (ie. Wick, Healthy Kids,
                                                                              child support payments)

                                                                           Immunization requirements
                                                                           according to Ohio Revised Code:
                                                                           5 diphtheria, pertussis, &
                                                                           tetanus (DPT)

                                                                           4 poliomyelitis (polio)
   Washington Local has been proudly providing all-day
   kindergarten districtwide since Fall, 2002.                             3 hepatitis B

                                                                           2 rubeoloa (measles), mumps, and
   The all-day format (9 am - 3:15 pm) offers additional opportunities     rubella (German Measles) (MMR)
   for development of academic and socialization skills. The increased
   contact time also enables teachers to provide more individualized       1 varicella (chicken pox)
   instruction as students move among educational centers.

          Registration for Fall, 2007

Parents of entering kindergarten             Area code: 419
students (Fall, 2007) are asked to call   Greenwood     473-8263
their home elementary school after
April 1, to make an appointment for       Hiawatha      473-8268
their child’s assessment.                 Jackman       473-8274
                                          McGregor      473-8279
Kindergarten Assessment will take
place May 7 - 17, and will include        Meadowvale    473-8284
vision, hearing, and readiness            Monac         473-8289
assessments. Registration will be         Shoreland     473-8294
completed at the assessment and
parents are asked to bring the            Trilby        473-8299
documents listed at the left.             Wernert       473-8218

     IN BRIEF...
                                          Career Technology Month:
     These changes were made after
     the district calendar was printed:

     The Orchestra Concert (for
     grades 6-8), which was originally
     scheduled Mar. 27, has been

     The Whitmer Spring Musical
     (Beauty and the Beast) has been
     DELAYED, as a result of snow
     days impacting rehearsal time.
     The new dates are: Apr. 19, 20,
     21, 27 and 28. All shows begin
     at 8 p.m. Tickets ($7-students,
     $8-adults) go on sale Apr. 1. Call

     Adult Education classes begin at
     various times throughout the         Front: Brittani Wasielewski, Medical Technology I; Lauren McLaughlin, Medical Technology
     spring semester. Registration is     II; Nichole Manders, Medical Office Management II.
     continuous through May. For          Back: Aaron Hughes, Criminal Science I; Patrick Hickey, Assistant Superintendent; Debra
     information on available courses,    Heban, CTC Director; Jessica Russell, Criminal Science II.
     call 419-473-8439, or visit us at:   Not pictured: Danielle Rygalski, Medical Office Management I.

     DEADLINE - MAR. 28
     The registration deadline for the
     Advanced Placement (AP) tests
     given in May is Mar. 28. Students
     must register in advance by
     paying $75 per test to Maralee
     Demorest in the Counseling
     Center. Checks should be made
     payable to Whitmer High School.
     Students do not have to take an
     AP class to be eligible to take an
     AP test.

     FOOTBALL - FALL, 2007
     Season tickets for the Whitmer
     Panther 2007 Football season
     are now on sale. The cost is $30
                                          Front: Sydney Sawkins, Environmental Systems I; Nicole Chandler, Environmental Systems II;
     for the set of five games. Reserve
                                          Rebecca Monroe, Cosmetology I; Lauryn Ritenour, Cosmetology II.
     tickets purchased at the gate are
     $7 each. Contact Carma Donati,       Back: Sidney Sobecki, Exploring Careers in Education I; John Adler and Frank Erme, WLS’
     ticket manager (419-473-8433 or      Board of Education; Ashley Vierling, Family and Consumer Sciences.
     cdonati@washloc.k12.oh.us ).         Not pictured: Ashley Murphy, Exploring Careers in Education II.

Luncheon Honors Top CTC Students
 Whitmer’s Career & Technology
 Center celebrated Career and
 Technical Education Month in
 February. The 2007 theme was
 Career Tech: Today an
 Education, Tomorrow a Career.

 Each year, a luncheon is held to
 honor one junior and one
 senior from each career training
 program. The 2007 honorees
 are pictured here, on pages 10                Front: Karin Cassavar, Digital Graphic Design I; Erika Jones, Digital Graphic Design II; David
                                               Zawistowski, Computer Networking Technology I; Hayley Simmons, Marketing Fundamentals.
 and 11. The CTC programs are
 highlighted in this issue, on                 Back: John Adler and Frank Erme, WLS’ Board of Education.
 pages 12 and 13.                              Not pictured: Kevin Stykemain, Computer Networking Technology II; Juanita Juszcak, Marketing
                                               Management & Research.

                                                                                                                    CAREER and
                                                                                                                    Contact Numbers:

                                                                                                                    Deb Heban

                                                                                                                    Jim Kieper
                                                                                                                    Associate Principal
Front: Nick Conrad, Welding I; Tom West, Welding II; Jon Fisher, Construction Technology I; Joshua                  419-473-8338
Zaborski, Manufacturing Engineering I; Alexander Henry, Manufacturing Engineering II.
Back: Alan Osborne, Automotive Technology I; Patrick Hickey, Assistant Superintendent; Debra Heban,                 careertech.html
CTC Director; Hussien Younes, Automotive Technology II.
Not pictured: Justin Kluck, Construction Technology II.

     what if you could?
     protect your nation • teach a child to read • save the planet
     design video games • market dreams • own a salon • save a life
     network a city • weld an aircraft • manage medical records
     manufacture ideas • rebuild engines • build a community

                                     Every year students at
                                     Whitmer High School
                                     gain a head start on their
                                     future by enrolling in a
                                     program at the Career
                                     and Technology Center.
                                    The Career & Technology Center offers 14 two-year
                                    training programs. Eleven of these programs are
                                    certified college tech-prep programs (*) that provide
                                    students with college-level academics and advanced
                                    technology in preparation for entering a two- or four-
                                    year post secondary institution.

                                    Culinary Arts - NEW for 2007-08!

                                    Culinary Arts is designed to prepare students for
                                    successful employment in the food service industry.
                                    The school-operated restaurant will give students an
                                    opportunity to plan, prepare and evaluate nutritious
                                    meals according to established health standards.

                                    Engineering Technology*

                                    This intense program prepares students for technical
                                    positions related to manufacturing engineering.
                                    Students will learn design processes, manufacturing
                                    processes, quality assurance, robotics, fluid systems,
                                    electrical systems, thermal systems, design structures,
                                    mechanical systems, and plastics technology.

     you can.
Automotive Technology*

Advanced skill areas include
electrical, fuel, electronic fuel
injection, steering/suspension,
computer and engine testing,
automatic transmissions, four
wheel alignment, drive systems
and air conditioning.

Computer Networking

The class prepares students to
take the Cisco, Microsoft, and
A+ certification exams, with
project-based training in
network design, set-up,
maintenance, troubleshooting,
and administration.

Construction Technology*

The program gives students
hands-on experience in safe
job-site practices, blueprint
reading, structural design,
home building and remodeling,
and building code basics.

Cosmetology                         Exploring Careers                   Medical Technology*
                                    in Education*
Students learn and become                                               Juniors enroll in one of 3 career
proficient in the necessary         Students explore career             path classes: dental care,
competencies in order to take       options in the fields of early      patient care, or medical
the Ohio State Board of             childhood, special education,       diagnostics. Seniors have the
Cosmetology Examination.            secondary, gifted/talented,         opportunity to job-shadow
The class beauty salon offers       counseling, administration, and     healthcare professionals at local
real-world experience.              media specialist.                   hospitals, offices, and clinics.

Criminal Science*
                *                   Environmental Systems*
                                                         *              Medical Office Mgmt.*

This tech-prep class covers laws,   Students raise fish, monitor        Students are introduced to
ethics, CPR, first aid, incident    water quality, use forestry tools   medical document formatting,
command, crime scene                and global positioning systems,     spreadsheet applications, office
investigation, communication        and study soil, land, natural       procedures, accounting,
technology, psychology of           resources, fire management,         transcription, medical records,
stress, hazardous materials, and    global environmental changes,       database management, patient
terrorist assessment training.      and hazardous waste disposal.       billing, and medical coding.

Digital Graphic Design*
                      *             Marketing Management                Welding
                                    and Research*
The program covers the                                                  The program develops skills in
principles of design, utilizing     The program covers sales,           all welding processes including
industry software--Illustrator,     advertising, promotion,             SMAW, GMAW, GTAW, FCAW,
Photoshop, InDesign, Flash,         entrepreneurship, logistics,        and oxy-fuel welding and
and Freehand. Seniors focus         marketing research, and             cutting. Students will prepare
on animation, web design,           product design, culminating in      welds for qualification tests to
and interactive media.              a capstone project.                 enable them to be certified.

                                                                                     NEXT year’s calendar is provided here
                                                                                     to assist you in making your vacation plans.

                                                                                                     2007 - 2008
                                                                              FIRST QUARTER: AUGUST 27 to NOVEMBER 1

                                                                              Mon., Aug. 27        Teachers' Work Day / Inservice
                                                                              Tues., Aug. 28 Schools Open.
                                                                                             Classes in session a full day
                                                                              Mon., Sept. 3        Labor Day Observance / Schools Closed
                                                                              Tues., Oct. 9        Delayed Start - Students report 2 hours late
                                                                              Thurs., Nov. 1       End of First Quarter

                                                                              SECOND QUARTER: NOVEMBER 2 to JAN. 17

     ANTI-BULLYING WORKSHOPS                                                  Fri., Nov. 2         Teachers' Work Day / Schools Closed [K-12]
                                                                              Thurs., Nov. 15 Parent-Teacher Conferences /
     Joseph Savage from Soul Shoppe presented high-energy,                                    Schools Closed [K-6 only]
     interactive assemblies at elementary schools and led small-group
                                                                              Fri., Nov. 16        Parent-Teacher Conferences /
     student workshops with an anti-bullying message. He shared
                                                                                                   Schools Closed [K-8 only]
     underlying motives for bullying and strategies to discourage
     bullying behavior in peers. Mr. Savage encouraged students to            Thurs., Nov. 22 Thanksgiving Day / Schools Closed
     support each other and to work together to make their schools            Fri., Nov. 23        Schools Closed
     safe. Group activities helped promote positive character traits and      Wed., Dec. 5         Delayed Start - Students report 2 hours late
     can-do attitudes.
                                                                              Fri., Dec. 21        Last Day of Class Before Winter Break
                                                                              Wed., Jan. 2         Classes Resume
                                                                              Thurs., Jan. 17 End of First Semester

                                                                              THIRD QUARTER: JANUARY 18 to APRIL 4

                                                                              Fri., Jan. 18        Teachers' Work Day / Schools Closed [K-12]
                                                                              Mon., Jan. 21        Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance /
                                                                                                   Schools Closed
                                                                              Mon., Feb. 19        Presidents' Day / Schools Closed
                                                                              Fri., Feb. 22        Parent-Teacher Conferences /
                                                                                                   Schools Closed [K-8 only]
                                                                              Thurs., Feb. 28 Delayed Start - Students report 2 hours late
                                                                              Thurs., Mar. 20 Last Day of Class Before Spring Break
                                                                              Mon., Mar. 31        Classes Resume
                                                                              Fri., Apr. 4         End of Third Quarter
                                                                              FOURTH QUARTER: APRIL 5 to JUNE 6
                                                                              Tues., Apr. 22       Delayed Start - Students report 2 hours late
                                                                              Mon., May 26         Memorial Day Observance /
     8TH GRADE ENGINEERING DAY                                                                     Schools Closed

     Students in Accelerated 8th Grade Math and 8th Grade Integrated          Thurs., June 5 Last Day of Instruction [K-12]
     Math I participated in an Engineering Day led by WLS’ math teachers      Fri., June 6         Teachers' Work Day [K-12]
     Dana Edmonds, Mary Ann Nowacki, and Mark Jakubowski, and
                                     faculty and staff from the University    Contingency Plan / Calamity Make-up Days *
                                     of Toledo. The day was designed for      Fri.     June   6        * In the event that 1 or more calamity
                                     students to explore careers requiring    Mon.     June   9        days are required, Teachers' Work Day
                                     advanced math classes, and               Tues.    June   10       will be re-scheduled onto the weekday
                                     included a presentation about            Wed.     June   11       following the last calamity make-up day
                                     Whitmer’s Project Lead the Way.          Thurs.   June   12       used.
                                     Students faced three hands-on
                                     challenges: the Egg Drop, the Softball                                               Approved 12/14/05
                                     Tower, and Bracket Design.

                                                                                     Reunions &
                                                                                     Alumni Events
                                                                                     (Left) Alumni cheerleaders showed they still
                                                                                     have spirit, as they cheered during Whitmer’s
                                                                                     2006 Homecoming Game against St. John’s.

                                                                                                CLASS of 1997
                                                                                      10-Year Reunion
     CLASS of 1952                          CLASS of 1977                             Fri. & Sat., Aug. 24 & 25, 2007

 55-Year Reunion                        30-Year Reunion                               For more information, please visit the
 Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007               Saturday, Sept. 15, 2007                      class website at: whitmer97.com
                                        Six Pack Bar & Grill on the River
 A missing classmate list is            2605 Broadway
 posted on the district website:
                                        The reunion committee will send
                                        a mailing in June and is in the
                                                                                       CLASS of 1950              - Girls Group
                                        process of verifying current
 If your name is on the list or you     addresses. To ensure that you                 Luncheon Meetings, alternate months
 have contact information for           are included, please send the                 Al Smith’s Family Restaurant
 someone listed, please                 following info to:                            1917 W. Alexis Rd.
                                        Lee Anne Grundish                             The Whitmer Girls Class of 1950 meets
 Bonnie (Spalding) Taylor               2419 Evergreen Rd.                            at 11:30 a.m. on the 2nd Thursday of
 05530 County Rd. 10                    Ottawa Hills, OH                              each even-numbered month at
 Bryan, OH 43506                        (419) 474-3136                                Al Smith’s Family Restaurant.
 (419) 636-3256                         WhitmerClassof77@aol.com
 bmtaylor35@williams-net.com                                                          Upcoming 2007 meeting dates are:
                                         • Name (maiden & married, spouse’s first)    Apr. 12, June 14, Aug. 9, Oct. 11, Dec. 13.
                                         • Address
                                         • Phone Number                               For additional information, contact:

     CLASS of 1962                       • E-mail Address
                                                                                      Nancy (Ray) Striggow
                                                                                      (734) 854-2558 or
 45-Year Reunion                                                                      anstriggow@msn.com
 Fri. & Sat., Aug. 10 & 11, 2007
 Carranor Hunt and Polo Club                CLASS of 1987                             Charlotte (Weatherford) Bomar
 Perrysburg, Ohio                                                                     (419) 472-1071
                                        20-Year Reunion
 The reunion committee for              Saturday, July 14, 2007
 Whitmer’s Class of 1962 is             Wyndham Hotel
 looking for classmates so we           2 SeaGate, Toledo, OH
 can contact you about our 45th                                                              MONTHLY LUNCH
 reunion in 2007.                       The reunion committee for
                                        Whitmer’s Class of 1987 is                    Alumni from ANY Whitmer class are
 Class contacts are:                    looking for classmates so we                  invited to join an alumni group that
                                        can contact you about our 20th                meets for lunch the first Wednesday of
 Sharon Yuill Krueger                   reunion in 2007. Please send                  every month at 11:30 a.m.
 (419) 345-3338                         the following information to:
 SLY928@aol.com                                                                       The group meets at a DIFFERENT
                                        Penny (Whitacre) Breines                      restaurant each month.
 Jack Hammon                            1226 Prairie Trail
 (419) 874-2178                         Grayslake, Illinois 60030                     To find out the location of the next
 jackhammon43551@                       (847) 548-6587                                luncheon OR for more information,
 accesstoledo.com                       pennybreines@yahoo.com                        please contact:

 A confirmation card and                 • Name (maiden & married, if applicable)     Alvin & Nancy (Ray) Striggow
 questionnaire are posted at             • Address                                    (734) 854-2558
 www.washloc.k12.oh.us/                  • Phone Number                               anstriggow@msn.com
 alumni-1962.htm                         • E-mail Address

Reunions are listed on the district website. To add your event, call 419-473-8237 or email: wfarran@washloc.k12.oh.us

PSO MEETING          •   MAR. 20
                                               WHITMER SPRING MUSICAL:
                                               Beauty & The Beast
A make-up Post Secondary Options
Meeting will be held Tuesday, Mar. 20,
at 8 a.m. in Whitmer’s Science Lecture
Hall. Students and their parents who
missed the mandatory Feb. 20 meeting
MUST attend the Mar. 20 make-up                Whitmer Drama will present Beauty & The Beast in
meeting if they wish to participate in PSO
for the 2007-08 school year.                   the school’s newly renovated Nightingale Center for
                                               Performing Arts. The musical is under the direction
The PSO Program allows qualified high          of Whitmer Principal Brad Faust.
school students to take college
courses, while earning both high school
and college credit. Students must notify       Performances are scheduled Thursday, Apr. 19 -
their counselors of their intent to            Saturday, April 21, and Friday and Saturday, Apr. 27
participate in PSO by Mar. 30.                 and 28. All shows will begin at 8 p.m.

                                               Tickets will go on sale Apr. 1: $7 for students, $8 for
                                               adults. Call 419-473-8433.

                                               Show Dates:
REVERSE RAFFLE • MAR. 24                       Thursday, Apr. 19
Tickets are sold in advance for the            Friday, Apr. 20
Whitmer Athletic Club Reverse Raffle,          Saturday, Apr. 21
where, as the name suggests, the LAST
name drawn is the big winner. A dinner
and other games throughout the                 Friday, Apr. 27
evening add to the fun and excitement.
The Reverse Raffle will be held on
                                               Saturday, Apr. 28
Saturday, Mar. 24 at 6 p.m. at Cambridge
Place on Alexis. For tickets, or additional
information, contact the Whitmer Athletic
Office at 419-473-8382.
                                              Washington Local Schools                        Non-Profit Org.
TAX ID NUMBER - 4808                          3505 W. Lincolnshire Blvd.                       U.S. Postage
Washington Local’s school district            Toledo, Ohio 43606                                   PAID
                                                                                               Toledo, Ohio
number, as requested on your income
                                                                                              Permit No. 530
tax form, is 4808.

      2007 Board of Education
     Ms. Lisa Canales • President
    Mr. Frank Erme • Vice President
             Mr. John Adler
           Mr. David Hunter
            Mr. Steve Zuber

Michael W. Carmean • Superintendent

     Jeffery S. Fouke • Treasurer

Wendy Farran • Editor / 419-473-8237


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