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					                                                    NEWS FROM            the                                VOLUME XLIII, NUMBER     40

                                                    KISHWAUKEE KIWANIS CLUB                            of DeKalb, Illinois

                                                   September 19, 2012   Editor: Amy Polzin (Yet again!)

LUNCH: Salad, Green Beans, Pasta, Desserts.
SONG: God Bless America led by Bill Cummings
INVOCATION: Jon Hutchison

                                                        ANNOUNCEMENTS, EVENTS
      Officers for 2011-2012                              and OPPORTUNITITES
President            Paul Stoddard
President Elect      Melissa Lenczewski   Sue Doubler reminded us that dues are due. Please pay in a timely fashion if you
Vice President       Greg Spears
Treasurer            Lisa Small           have not done so, yet. Also, remember that if you bring a guest and that guest is
Asst. Treasurers     Sue Doubler          not a prospective member, you owe $10.00 for that guest (payable to Sue).
Secretary            Ken Doubler
Asst. Secretary      Jerry Wahlstrom
    Past President   Amy Polzin
                                          Ken Doubler wants us all to know that September 28 and 29 is/are
Lt. Governor         Bob Hadley           Peanut Day(s). Start gearing up now. He is intending on us having
District Governor    John Vanderheyden
                                          a record-breaking year! Peanuts are available now and Ken will
         ********************             have the sign-up sheet going around in the next couple of weeks.
   Kishwaukee Kiwanis Meetings
                                          We will post the schedule as soon as the clip board shows up.
 2nd, 3rd, 4th, (and 5th) Wednesday at    Herb has peanuts so if you want to start to distribute them to those
                11:45 a.m
   Hopkins Park Community Room            who have purchased boxes …
      K-Family Events/Meetings            John Smith of the DeKalb Club presented our first program. Just Make It Happen,
Circle K   Tuesday nights at 9:00         Inc. is presenting a holiday-themed ball. John is also billing it as a HUGE no-
           p.m. in DuSable 427.           agenda party on November 10-11 called “November Splendor.” According to
           Hint: To stay young,
           attend one of their            John, they are going to “do something like the Duke would do (it’s being held in the
                                          Duke Ellington Ballroom on NIU’s campus). For more information and registration
AKtion Club – First Wednesday of the      forms, go to Get your groove on! Is it true that the
          month at 2:30 p.m. at
          Opportunity House (202          exotic Debbie Mandalay will make an appearance?!
          Lucas St.) in Sycamore.

           ********************           Ride Like an Egyptian is this Saturday and I’m sure they could use some help.
        Defining Statement                Please go to for more information
Kiwanis is a global organization of       or e-mail They’ll be happy to answer your questions and let
volunteers dedicated to changing          you know what they need for Saturday.
   the world, one child and one
       community at a time.
                                          Brat Party – Yep. To kick off Peanut Day, Abby is hosting this year’s brat party on
             Flag Salute
                                          September 27. Please bring a dish to pass (and also pay $5.00 since we didn’t
                                          have left-over brats this year). Desserts are generally plentiful so a non-dessert is
As our flag signifies purity, valor,      ALWAYS appreciated.
   and justice, may we as true
Kiwanians exemplify these virtues
 as we serve the children of the                              Did you know that Saturday, September 29 is Faculty and Staff
              world.                                          Appreciation Day at beautiful Huskie Stadium? This could be a
                                                              great social sports event. The Huskies are playing Central
                                                              Michigan and faculty/staff (which our club has a few) receive
                                                              four free tickets for this game. If they could get tickets, we
                                                              could distribute them to anyone interested in attending – and
                                                              possibly getting together beforehand or after-wards. Is there

Today’s Program: Boy Scouts of America Tribute to Heroes
Ken Doubler and Amy Polzin presented today’s program. Ken spoke to the history of the event – this is the 10th
Annual Tribute to Heroes! Back in 2003, Ken (back in his newspaper days) was approached by David Juday
(from Ideal Industries) about establishing something meaningful to honor folks in DeKalb County in a meaningful
way. Hence the Boy Scouts of America Tribute to Heroes was born. The proceeds from this event benefit the
DeKalb County Scouting programs of Three Fires Council, Boy Scouts of America, which provides services to
over 1,000 families throughout DeKalb County including disadvantaged and at-risk youth. The very first honorees
of this award in 2003 were Reverend Robert Dell, David Juday, Karen Sepaniak, First Lieutenant Brian Slavenas,
Ging Palma Smith, Chris Spartz, and Representative David A. Wirsing. Several of our Kishwaukee Kiwanians
have also been honored. Jerry Smith was awarded this high honor in 2005 followed by Mike Mooney in 2008.
We are very excited that we will now have the trifecta of honorees. This year,
the committee, in addition to Bob Coulter, Mike and Jenelle Muzzillo, and
Denny Rehn, has selected Ken Doubler as one of the heroes. From
Sheffield, Illinois, to DeKalb and a 38-year career in Advertising, Marketing
and Printing, and along the way growing up on the farm where he gained his
work ethic on the old Allis Chalmers tractor, to today being retired and still
using that work ethic part time on a John Deere at River Heights Golf Course.
He pursued a college education in journalism at Northern Illinois University,
graduating in 1969, followed by 38 years in the advertising/printing business.
Prioritizing his career, he took local employment from 1970 to 1981 at Ideal
Industries, Inc. in Sycamore, 1981 to 1996 with Johnson Press in Rockford
and was responsible for day-to-day operations at Johnson Printing in DeKalb
with a brief year in 1997 at an advertising agency in the suburbs, 1998 to
2000 with Castle PrinTech in DeKalb, and finally 2000 to 2007 with the Daily
Chronicle/MidWeek. He had direct responsibility for The MidWeek his last
five years. Community Service was always a priority. He has been a member
of Kishwaukee Kiwanis since 1986, where he has served as Past-President in 1995, as assistant Secretary from
1997 to 2007, and since 2010 holds the office of Secretary. The Peanut Day fund-raiser has been his favorite
activity, having co-chaired the event for the past five years. Kiwanis isn’t just a service to Ken…more of his first
“Feel-Good” commitment. The Boy Scouts of America came to the newspaper in 2003 wanting to start a new
DeKalb County fund-raising event. Chris Doyle, publisher of the Daily Chronicle offered his team’s effort in
support, and that assignment fell to MidWeek General Manager Ken. Chris, Ken and local resident Joe Bussone
established the first “Tribute to Heroes” event in 2003 honoring seven military and community “Heroes”. It
blossomed into an annual event and Ken continued to lead as committee chair until 2008, stepping back to add
committee support and serve as Master of Ceremonies at the event each year. Other activities include serving on
the Ben Gordon Center Foundation from 2008 to 2012 … having received the Outstanding Community Service
Support Award in 2012, and working with the beginnings of the Kishwaukee Education Consortium back in 1985
to serving in official and ex-officio steering committee capacity until 2006.

For more information on how to get your tickets to this event, see the last page of this newsletter.

Quote for the Day:
I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold,
service was joy.         -- Rabindranath Tagore

UPCOMING PROGRAMS: (Why not invite a guest? – that could also mean prospective member!)

       September 26 – THE CHANGING OF THE GUARD!

Today’s Attendance:
      41 Kishwaukee Kiwanians
       2 Guests (Debbie Madley a.k.a. Debbie Mandalay and John Smith)
      43 Total

                                        THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD
                                                   Three Fires Council
                                                  Boy Scouts of America

                                    10th Annual DeKalb County
                                         Tribute to Heroes
This event is to honor local individuals for heroic actions and/or exceptional, selfless community service.
                                           Please join us to honor:
        Robert Coulter, Ken Doubler, Michael & Jenelle Muzzillo, and Dennis Rehn
  Heavy appetizers beginning at 5:30 p.m.                                                    Program beginning at 6:30 p.m.
As the Scouting program enters its 102nd year, your tax-deductible donation goes to support the Three Fires Council,
especially the CAMPING AND YOUTH program in which disadvantaged youth receive support to be able to attend this Boy
Scouts of America program.
                                                             Sponsorship Levels
                         Distinguished Eagle Sponsorship - $2,500 and above
                                You will receive:
                                         Recognition plaque
                                         Membership and recognition in Scouting's Guardian Fellowship
                                         Recognition in the program for the ceremony
                                         10 tickets to the ceremony

                         Guardian Sponsorship - $1,500 - $2,499.99
                                You will receive:
                                         Membership and recognition in Scouting's Guardian Fellowship
                                         Recognition in the program for the ceremony
                                         10 tickets to the ceremony

                         Heroes Sponsorship - $750 – $1,499.00
                                You will receive:
                                         Recognition in the program for the ceremony                                     Please make checks
                                         10 tickets to the ceremony                                                           payable to:
                                                                                                                         Three Fires Council,
                         Friends of Scouting Sponsorship - $75 – $749.99                                               Boy Scouts of America
                                You will receive:                                                                      Tribute to Heroes Event
                                         Recognition in the program for the ceremony                                    415 North Second St.
                                         1 ticket to the ceremony                                                       St. Charles, IL 60174
                                                                                                                        Phone: 630-584-9250
                         Individual Admission - $50 per ticket                                                            Fax: 630-584-8598
                                       Please indicate # of tickets desired                                 x
$50 = $
Name as you would like it to appear for recognition as noted above:

Payment Options
    Bill me $         (total amount)
                                     Name                                   Address                                    City, State, Zip
       My check is enclosed                            Debit my credit card for $                   Type of card:               Visa      Master
                                             Card #:                                    Exp. Date:

                              All contributions are tax deductible. We thank you for your support and participation.

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