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2009 MTHS Summer Volleyball Camp - Elk Grove Unified School by wangnianwu


									Monterey Trail High School Women’s Volleyball                                                                   2009 Summer Camp Registration Form
sponsored by                                                                                                       Mustang Trail Blazers Volleyball Club

                             2009 MTHS Summer Volleyball Camp
                                                         An annual program fundraiser

                                      Dates: Monday – Friday, July 6th – July 24th
      Beginner/Int. Wave                          High School Comp Wave                                                Details
•   12:00n – 2:00p                      •   9:00a – 12:00n                                        • MTHS Main and Small Gym
•   Coed (Boys welcome!)                •   Girls only/Int. & Advanced Level                      • Registration is:
•   Individual skill focus              •   MTHS HS Team or by invitation only.                     o $50.00 (registered AAU players)
•   5th – 10th Grade                    •   Plyometrics & Weight Training!                          o $65.00 (non-AAU players)
• 1st time players encouraged!          •   Individual skill and Team focus.                       • Early registration includes camp t-shirt!
                                        •   Preparation for high school competition                • Register Early! T-shirt supplies are limited.
                                                                   Please cut here.
                                   2009 MTHS Summer Volleyball Camp Registration Form
       Player Name                 Player Cell            Home Phone                    Player e-mail                   Age          Grade         D.O.B.

    Parent’s/Guardian 1            Parent Cell            Home Phone                    Parent e-mail                             Street Address

    Parent’s/Guardian 2            Parent Cell            Home Phone                    Parent e-mail

Emerg. Contact/Tel

                                        Beg/Int                check       Adv. Comp.         check           T-Shirt Size – please check one below
Camp Session                        12:00n – 2:00p              here     9:00a – 12:00p        here
                                                                                                         S          M         L         XL          XXL
 Make checks payable to:                                                          Or mail checks and registration to:
 MONTEREY TRAIL ATHLETIC BOOSTERS                                                 Monterey Trail Women’s Volleyball
                                                                                  Attn: Scott Ellison
 Deliver checks to:
 @ MTHS • Coach Doss at MTHS - Student Store
                                                                                  8661 Power Inn Road
                                                                                  Elk Grove, CA 95624
                                        PARTICIPANT MEDICAL INFORMATION AND RELEASE:

Name of Doctor                                                                                          Phone #

Medical Insurance Carrier                                                                               Policy #
Please list any medical information pertaining to your son/daughter’s physical abilities:

 I give permission for my son/daughter to participate in this program and certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, he/she is in good physical
 condition and hereby release the Elk Grove Unified School District, MTHS Athletic Boosters and the volunteers of Monterey Trail HS Volleyball of any
 liability. I understand that appropriate steps will be taken to protect my child from injury but this agreement DOES NOT provide accident medical insurance
 for this program. Therefore, in case of injury or illness, please indicate action to be taken. Choose A) or B) only:

        A.            here    I authorize Monterey Trail Volleyball providers to make arrangements for my child to receive medical care.
        B.            here    I choose only the following action to be taken:

Signature of Parent/Guardian                                                                                    Date

                                        For more information please contact Coach Ellison at

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