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					                                myPublications: Adding patents

You can use myPublications to record details of all your different research outputs, including
patents. The system does not automatically search any patent databases so it is necessary for you to
enter them manually.
    1. On your home screen click on the Add new link for patents.

    2. Type in all available details (this helps to ensure accuracy). Make sure you click save after
       entering the details.
To maintain accuracy, all patents will be reviewed by R&IS. The status of your articles will change
from Pending/Unverified to Approved, Queried or Declined as this process takes place. You can see
the current status of your outputs by looking at the history tab within individual records. If the
patent application is several years old it may be hard to verify, so it will continue to appear as
unverified. Any extra details you can provide will help with the verification process.

When should I enter details of a patent?
If you would like myPublications to provide a full record of your research outputs then please do
include patents, but you should only include those in which you are a named inventor.

What details do I need to include?
Please ensure that you include, as a minimum: title, authors, patent/application number, patent
status, territory, filed date and publication date. If the publication has been granted also include
awarded date. If the patent has since be assigned to any company, please include this under the
Notes section.

If you need any assistance, please email

For more myPublications help guides see:

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