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					President                            First Vice President               Treasurer                         Director of Operations & Committees
 Shlomo Hochberg, Queens, NY          Yaakov Wasser, E. Brunswick, NJ    Steven Pruzansky, Teaneck, NJ       Barry Kornblau
                                                                                                          Director of GPS Conversions
Executive Vice President             Vice Presidents                    Financial Secretary                  Michoel Zylberman
 Basil Herring, Woodsburgh, NY        Efrem Goldberg, Boca Raton, FL     Elie Abadie, New York, NY        Director of Operations Technology
                                      Jerold Isenberg, Skokie IL                                             Shaul Hen
Honorary President                    Moshe Kletenik, Seattle WA        Recording Secretary               Controller
 Dale Polakoff, Great Neck, NY        Yaakov Lerner, Great Neck, NY      Barry Freundel, Washington, DC      Dov Levine

    Executive Committee                                                                                                             "
Daniel Alter, Denver, CO
Shalom Axelrod, Great Neck, NY                                                                                  March 30, 2009
Michael Azose, Chicago, IL
Hanan Balk, Cincinnati, OH
                                        Hon. Margaret M. Markey
David Berger, Queens, NY                New York State Assembly
Gedalyah Berger, Mt. Vernon, NY         Albany, New York 12248
Jack Bieler, Silver Spring, MD
Moshe Bomzer, Albany, NY
Asher Bush, Wesley Hills, NY            Dear Ms. Markey:
Daniel Cohen, Stamford, CT
Judah Dardik, Oakland, CA
Mark Dratch, West Hempstead, NY         The Rabbinical Council of America represents more than 1,000 modern and
Ira Ebbin, Stamford, CT                 centrist orthodox rabbis. We are the rabbinic arm of the Union of Orthodox
Joshua Fass
   Ramat Beit Shemesh, Israel
                                        Jewish Congregations of America.
Mordechai Feuerstein
   Livingston, NJ                       We support Bill No. A.02596, sponsored by you, which would extend the civil
Arie Folger, Basel, Switzerland
Daniel Friedman, Edmonton, AB           and criminal statutes of limitations for sex abuse victims.
Barry Gelman, Houston, TX
Shannan Gelman, Skokie, IL              Child sex abuse is a horrendous crime. Victims often bear the scars for entire
Aaron Goldscheider, Mt. Kisko, NY
Jonathan Gross, Omaha, NE               lifetimes. They are at higher risk for clinical depression, substance abuse, and
Shmuel Hain, Yonkers, NY                suicide.
Howard Joseph, Montreal QC
Daniel Korobkin, Los Angeles, CA
                                        Many victims are overcome by feelings of confusion, shame, and
Doniel Kramer, Brooklyn, NY             embarrassment. As children and teens, they are psychologically and
Ira Kronenberg, Passaic, NJ             emotionally unable to deal with the court system. Only later, as adults, and
Moshe Krupka, Passaic, NJ
Joel Landau                             often with therapy, do they feel comfortable in working with the judicial
   Beit Shemesh, Israel                 system. Unfortunately, arbitrary statutes of limitations stand in their way.
Chaim Marder, White Plains, NY
Bini Maryles, North Woodmere, NY
Jonathan Morgenstern,                   Jewish law and tradition recognize the need for our justice system to protect the
   Scarsdale, NY                        most vulnerable among us. Lowering the statute of limitations bar for child sex
Jonathan Muskat, Oceanside, NY
Shaul Robinson, New York, NY
                                        abuse victims would serve that purpose. Sexual predators are often recidivists
Larry Rothwachs, Teaneck, NY            and need to be incarcerated, and classified as convicted sex offenders, in order
Benjamin Samuels, Newton, MA            to assure public safety. Sex abuse victims deserve to be fairly compensated for
Zev Schostak, Queens, NY
Ronald Schwarzberg                      their grievous injuries. Your bill will assure these laudatory goals.
   Highland Park NJ
Moshe Shulman, St. Louis, MO            Sincerely yours,
Shmuel Silber, Baltimore, MD
Joel Tessler, Potomac, MD
Kalman Topp, Woodmere, NY
Mordechai Torczyner, Allentown, PA
Reuven Tradburks, Toronto, Ont
Richard Weiss, Queens, NY
Michael Whitman, Montreal, Que          Rabbi Basil Herring
Neil Winkler, Fort Lee, NJ
Howard Wolk, West Hartford, CT          Executive Vice-President
Jeffery Woolf, Efrat, Israel
Daniel Yolkut, Richmond, VA
Howard Zack, Columbus, OH
Elie Zwickler, West Orange, NJ
                 305 Seventh Avenue ▪ New York, NY 10001-6008 ▪ 212.807.9000 ▪ Fax: 212.727.8452 ▪

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