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									                                                     Address: No 6 - kasravi Ave -   Phone: +982188269464
                                                     11 (Sobhani) Ave - Gisha        Mobile: +989123181638
                                                     Tehran – Iran                   Born Place: Iran / Tehran
                                                                                     19/9/1980 (1359/6/28)

             Reza Maghsoudi

Summary                    Over six years as a senior Web application designer and software consultant,
                           three years working as Manager of five members software development team
                           in Omigaman (British company)

Education:                 September 1998 (1377) - September 2002 (1381) Polytechnic University Of Tehran In
                           Applied Mathematics (MS)

                            Member of Polytechnic Fractal Group (Analysis, Computer Presentation)

Marital status:            Married.

Languages:                 Farsi, English

Skills:                    Areas of expertise: XHTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, AJAX Technologies, JavaScript,
                           JSON, PHP, MySQL, MSSQL, SQL, Wireless Networks.

Professional experience:
                           1379 -1380 Yeka Pardaz Emrooz (+98216035960) Tehran/Iran
                           Tehran Azadi Ave. (circuit Design)
                            IC Programming with c++.
                            Board Assembling.
                            Computer software and hardware support.

                           1380 -1381 Arian ISP (+989121397430 Mr. Baghaee) Tehran/Iran
                           Ozgol Arian ISP (www.arian.net)

                            ASP Programming.
                            SQL Programming.
                            Database Designing.
                            VB Programming.
                            Network maintenance.
                            Accounting system maintenance.
1381 personal online photo album websites (ASP/MS Access).

1381 -1381 (Project) Najva ISP (+989121482601 Mr. Hashemi Golpayegani)
Jalale ale ahmad, Karegar. (www.Najva.net)

 Database Converting (Accounting System NTTac plus To another).

1380 -1383 (Project Working) IranEstatitra (+98218006705) Tehran/Iran
Kordestan Autobahn. www.ie24.ir
 ASP Programming.
 SQL Programming.
 Database Designing.
 VB Programming.

1382 Programming web sites for network marketing companies like
My7diamonds, Rubbylimited, …(ASP/SQL Server)

1382-1382 (Project Working) Idehnegar ISP (+988776700 Mr. Jadidi)
No 2.16 Gandi, Vanak Square. www.icdc.net.ir

 Database Converting (Accounting System NTTac (MIM) plus To ISPUtil ).

1383 Partowdadeh Sadeghieh

 Mehrabad International Airport Website Programming (www.mehrabad-
  airport.org) (ASP/SQL Server)

1382 -1383 (Project Working) SISCO (+98218734637) Tehran/Iran
No 18, Alley 2, Koohe Noor, Motahhari Ave www.sisco.ws
 ASP Programming.
 SQL Programming.
 Database designing.
 Domain Registration and Hosting.

1883 UNRC (Anjomane kolieh va majari Iran) official website programming
www.unrc.org ASP/MS Access.

1382 Jaber ebne hayan SQL Server management and maintenance.

1383 Iran army "samaneh daneshpajooh" project for institute of AMAD
(logistic) maraposh Tehran.(VB/MS Access)

1383 Iran army "DETKA" purchase and order system from costumer to stock
for institute of AMAD (logistic) maraposh Tehran.(VB/ASP/SQL Server)

1383 Azad university of Tehran (oloom va tahghi) "Vorood va khorooj"
system from logging entrance and exiting to salary calculating (VB/ASP/MS

1383 Elmosanat Virtual University, www.elearning-iust.com
Website programming and designing for registration and user management.
1383 Multimedia CD programming for Zahesh (Chiller Company)

1383 FMEA & PM Project for sherkate palayesh naft o gaz sorkhoon va
gheshm (Bandarabbas local network) for RWTÜV (Mr. Maddah +98-
9121246816 or +98-88502757)

1383-1386 Working for Omigaman ( www.omigaman.com ) English
company as MANAGER with five employees (outsourcing).
Making web application for:
Gepo - Gardner & Co construction company (Purchase and order application).
Proman - (Purchase and order application).
eCon - (Electronic convenience).
Tactic - software for CVShealth hospital - From making project for patients
to sending their invoices and receiving their payments online with timetable
and availability for Doctors and booking system, Chat and Messaging
system with AJAX technology)
Time scheduling project for Aviation Club in London. Online booking
system for CVS company.

1384 Designing and programming website for abadgaran www.abad.ir .official
website of president of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (PHP/MySQL)
1384 Programming & Designing website for Zakkieh Co. www.surprise.ir
1385 Payment system for www.esteeman.com Pager system in Iran.
1385 Editing www.kayson-ir.com website.
1386 Working with Click and Buy and txtNation Payment companies.
1386 Designing and programming forms for Attack.ir (Shimi ghahreman)
1386 Designing and programming partner of Surprise.ir
1386 Designing and programming website for Department of Mathematics and
Computer Science of Amirkabir University of technology.
1386 Designing and programming website for KNTU university (Sandoghe
Refah) www.srefah.ir
1386 Designing and programming for Shimi ghahreman www.attack.ir
1386 Designing website for DASSCO, Australian based company:
1386 Programming and designing shopping basket website for
completebannerservices.com.au Australian advertising company at
1386 Designing and programming for www.Allsortsaustralia.com.au
1386 Designing and programming for http://www.dassco.com.au/pricelist-
1386 Programming for Football betting and sending football result via SMS in
Tehran www.scoressms.com
1386 designing and programming for Aria gas sooz khodro company (Car CNG
/ LPG company) www.ariacnglpg.com
1386 programming and designing for T.P.G domestic express www.tpg.ir
And tracing system (not yet uploaded)
1387 Designing and programming for www.ezyinternetsolutions.com.au and
Australian based software company.
1387 Designing and programming for Yarrambat golf club in Australia
www.yarrambatleisure.com.au .
1387 Designing and programming for Wodonga eye care in Australia.
1387 Designing and programming for Sandoghe Zemanate sarmayeh gozari
haye sanayeh koochak www.sif.ir/index.php (under construction)
1387 Designing and Programming of www.tpg.ir website.
              1387 Designing and Programming Internal Software for TNT/ TPG
              (Transportation Company) from getting information of Customers and tracking
              their consignment and delivering their consignment to their destination and
              making their invoices and getting their payments.
              1387 Designing and Programming of www.greatsouthernlamb.com.au
              1387 Redesigning www.ezyinternetsolutions.com.au
              1387 Designing www.kavoshbeton.com
              1387 Designing and Programming www.nswplumbersunion.com.au
              1387 Designing www.srefah.com
              1387 Designing and Programming of www.iramed.ir (under construction)
              1387 Designing and Programming of CRM (Customer Relationship
              Management), a fully contact manager with great ability for searching and
              sorting and filtering contacts. (for UK)

Teaching experiences:

             DHTML, HTML.
             ASP.
             SQL.
             Database.
             VB.
             PHP/MySQL
             Teaching Database / PHP in Polytechnic university of Tehran (1386-
              1387) - over 100 hours

Knowledge of applications and Operating systems:
             Macromedia Dreamweaver
             MySQL administration software.
             Lotus Notes.
             Microsoft windows 2000 and 2003 Server
             FreeBSD and .nix based operating systems as Server.
             Server & Hosting management (cPanel, PLESK …), Domain registration.
             MS SQL Server.
             MS Office.
             Visual Studio (VB).
             UML (i.e. Rational Rose, …)

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