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					                                                       CIEET 2007

                        Official Brochure


    China International Education Exhibition Tour
               CIEET 2007           March 3 –18
Beijing – Chongqing – Shanghai – Nanjing - Guangzhou
                                                                                          CIEET 2007
Recognized as a major source country of international students, China is acclaimed as the largest
education market where institutions of international education excellence around the globe compete
for qualified candidates. The Ministry of Education statistics show that 118,500 Chinese students
left to study abroad in 2005, among them 106,500 are self-funded.

As Director-General of the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE), I would like
to extend to you our cordial invitation to participate the 12th China International Education
Exhibition Tour (CIEET) from 3 through 18 March 2007 in five Chinese metropolitan cities
(Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Nanjing and Guangzhou), where large numbers of students pursue
their academic qualifications aboard.

While staging the 12th CIEET tour in five major metropolitan cities in China, CSCSE will
concurrently host in Beijing the 4th Forum on Study Abroad and Diversification of Human
Resources Training and sessions of seminars under different sub-themes. CIEET and the associated
Forum along with its seminars will provide not only an excellent platform for networking with
international education professionals and practitioners, but also great promotion opportunities for
exhibitors who wish to get maximum exposure to prospective students, learn the latest trend of the
Chinese education market, and sharpen institutional competitive edge while building international

Approved by the Ministry of Education and supported by government agencies home and abroad,
CSCSE has successfully held 11 CIEETs in nearly 30 major Chinese cities. CIEET is now
recognized as the most influential international education event nationally and internationally.
While meeting the expectations of the exhibiting institutions, the recently concluded CIEET 2006
has drawn up to 127,000 visitors who plan for study in other countries or regions.

I believe that CIEET will be an opportunity for your institution and an opportunity for the
prospective students as well.

Look forward to your presence at the 12th CIEET.

Yours sincerely,

Professor FANG Maotian
Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange
Ministry of Education
The People’s Republic of China
                                                                                                          CIEET 2007

Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) directly affiliates to the Ministry of
Education. It is the important gateway to the international education exchange and overseas study.
CSCSE is always at the frontier and keeps an eye out for the changing needs of students and
overseas institutions. The CSCSE now mainly exercises the following functions:

1.   Exclusive provision of foreign academic qualification accreditation service;
2.   Provision of announcement of the Ministry’s List*;
3.   Provision of counseling service to students who are planning to study abroad;
4.   Database maintenance of Chinese students who are studying abroad;
5.   Provision of resettlement service to returned Chinese students on scholars;
6.   Provision of services to foreign students who are studying in China;
7.   Holding MOE approved education exhibitions;
8.   Hosting seminars on important education topics;
9.   Providing assistance and services to officials of the Ministry and Chinese institutions for
     outgoing visits and academic exchange and cooperation.

By participating in our activities you will find an easy way to start your work here. Interested in
learning more about us? Please visit:
  Ministry’s List is a list of foreign institutions published on the website of the Ministry of
Education (MOE). Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) is responsible for the
preliminary screening. The List is considered as an official recommendation to prospective students
in making their choices of studying overseas.


In line with the previous three annual forums since 2004, the Forum 2007 will be host to discuss
the most prominent education issues which all participants share concerns. It will be the
opportunity for higher education institutions to look at the wider role of education institutions in
the creation of a global education in China.

Attendees are from various fields such as government officials, education experts, agents, CIEET
participants and so on. The purpose of the forums is to update the participants on the latest policies
and trends and explore all kinds of cooperation opportunities.

For any question about the Forum, please visit the CSCSE website which will be regularly updated
or write to us at

* Participation to the Forums is free of charge for exhibitors and requests are entertained on a first-come-first-served
basis *
                                                                                                CIEET 2007
The itinerary of the CIEET 2007 is as follows.
    Dates              Cities                                    Activities
March 2
                Beijing                Registration and booth dressing
10:00 ~ 16:00
March 3 ~ 4                            Exhibition – China World Trade Exhibition Center
9:00 –16:30                            Address: 1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, Beijing 100004
                Beijing            
March 5                                Flight to Chongqing
March 6
                Chongqing              Registration and booth dressing
9:30 –12:30
                                       Exhibition – Chongqing International Convention & Exhibition
March 6~7                              Center
13:00 – 18:00                          Address: 2 Jiang Nan Avenue, Nanan District, Chongqing,
                Chongqing          
March 8                                Flight to Shanghai
March 9
                Shanghai               Registration and booth dressing
10:00 ~ 16:30
March 10 ~ 11                      Exhibition – Shanghai East Asia Exhibition Center
10:00 –16:30                       Address: 1111 North Cao Xi Road, Shanghai 200030
March 12        Shanghai  Nanjing Shanghai to Nanjing by bus
March 13
                Nanjing                Registration and booth dressing
9:30 –12:30
March 13 ~ 14                          Exhibition – Grand Metro Park Hotel
13:00 – 18:00                          Address: 319 East Zhong Shan Road, Nanjing 210016
                Nanjing            
March 15                               Flight to Guangzhou
March 17
              Guangzhou               Registration and booth dressing
9:30 –12:30
March 17 ~ 18                         Exhibition – Dongfang Hotel
13:00 – 18:00                         Address: 120 Liu Hua Road, Guangzhou 510016
The Organizer reserves full right to change the itinerary with notice to the signed-up exhibitors.

We welcome the following entities to join the 12th CIEET:
1.   Providers of:
     a) Graduate Education                      e) Language Training
     b) Undergraduate Education                 f) Sino – Foreign Joint Education
     c) High School Education                   g) Vocational Training & Further Education
     d) Pre-University Preparation Courses
2.   Credential Evaluation Organizations
3.   Foreign Embassies / Consulates
4.   Professional Associations
5.   Commercial Entities: Banks, Insurance Companies, Airlines, Computer Companies etc.
6.   Other entities approved by the Organizing Committee

1. The CIEET has the following features compared with other education exhibitions in China:
2. Absolute discretion – Exhibitors are free to make their own combination of exhibiting cities;
3. More choices – Exhibitors are provided a wide range of promotion opportunities during the
   Exhibition. Please contact the Organizing Committee for more details.
4. Strong support – The CIEET has received the wide support from Chinese and foreign
                                                                                         CIEET 2007
     governments.    All foreign embassies of popular international student receiving countries have
     written greeting messages for the CIEET and over 10 government agencies have actively
     involved in the exhibitions.
5.   Extensive Media Coverage – Press media always treat CIEET coverage as their most valuable
     contents for their audience. They proactively interview with our exhibitors and widely report
     about CIEET.



Every exhibitor is requested to provide the name and position held of each member of its team to
the Organizing Committee. Hand-written badges will be available over the counter during the
exhibition while typewritten badges are provided only if the name list is submitted to the
Organizing Committee before February 9.


Each fully paid exhibitor is entitled to publish a 100-word description, English or Chinese, in the
Official Show Catalog free of charge. The text should be accompanied by the exhibitor’s address,
telephone and fax numbers, email address and website in a given form and submitted to the
Organizing Committee not later than January 19. The description shall not contain any meanings
that are not factual or misleading and the Organizing Committee reserves full rights to refuse or
amend the description. We strongly recommend you to submit the text by email.

*Under no circumstances will the description be published if the exhibitor fails to make full booth
rental payment before the payment deadline.


Material shipping to China can be a very complicated matter. The Organizing Committee has
appointed the following party as the *Official Carrier for the Exhibition:

Trans-Link Beijing Representative Office
Add.: Prime Tower, No.22, Chaowai Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100020, P.R.China
Tel. : +8610 65881961/1962/1963/1964         Fax : +8610 65881960
Email:          Contact : Ms. Sally Chen

Please contact the Official Carrier as soon as your application is submitted to us.

*Important Note: The Official Carrier is the only authorized contact point for your material
shipments in the whole CIEET event. The Organizer does not hold any responsibilities for your
chosen shipping methods other than appointing the Official Carrier. ALL venues usually do not
act as the recipients of the exhibitors' materials. In the case that the venue has to receive the
arriving materials, they may charge the storage fee up to US200/cbm/day.
                                                                                         CIEET 2007

We strongly advise those who want to draw massive attention to make use of the advertising
opportunities. Advertising can be done by putting an eye-catching advertisement in the Official
Show Catalog or sponsoring various fair-related events. For paper advertisement:

    Page Size                  Film Size            B/W                   4C          
     1/3 page            190 mm (W) x 85 mm (H)    US$600                US$900
     1/2 page           190 mm (W) x 130 mm (H)    US$800                US$1300
     Full page          190 mm (W) x 275 mm (H)    US$1100               US$1800
Inside Back Cover                                    N/A                 US$2100
   Back Cover                                        N/A                 US$2500

Advertisers are requested to provide films and color separation films for B/W advertisements and
color advertisements respectively. MO is also accepted. We also accept materials sent by emails but
please make sure the resolution of any pictures sent must be at least 300 dpi. Filmmaking charge may
be levied on an out of pocket basis. (Deadline: January 19, 2007)
Note: The rates for non-exhibitors are subject to 25% surcharge.


Big savings can be achieved on printing your materials in China. The savings come from: (i)
ZERO overseas freight costs; (ii) ZERO tariff or import duties; and (iii) LOW printing costs

The Organizing Committee exercises close supervision on the printing quality and delivery so that
exhibitors always have timely arrival of good quality materials for their exhibitions. Quotations
will be supplied upon receipt of the sample materials. The following table provides you some
ideas about the costs (printing + initial delivery):

     No. of Sheets(1-sided)                       B/W                     4 Colors
                3,000                         US$440                      US$830
                5,000                         US$600                      US$1150
                                                                                          CIEET 2007


Are you able to communicate with the students’ parents in Chinese? Are you able to cope with
more than 10 visitors at the same time? If not, we suggest you hiring an interpreter or stand
assistant to assist you in answering the visitors’ questions. All stand assistants are able to
command Chinese and at least one foreign language at your choice. (Deadline: January 19, 2007)

                              (default:first     No. of Stand
   City        Language                                            No. of Days Subtotal (US $)
                                 day of           Assistants

We are able to organize domestic transportation for all exhibitors. To give you a general picture,
the charge of inland transportation for Beijing  Chongqing  Shanghai  Nanjing 
Guangzhou is US$780 per person, inclusive of airport tax and ground transfers between hotel and
airport for domestic air transfers. (Deadline: February 9, 2007) Exhibitors are reminded again that
the exhibition in Chongqing is held without day break on the following day of the exhibition in
Chongqing. Extremely tight schedule and indirect flight shall be expected if the exhibitor exhibits in
both Chongqing and Chongqing .

We need the passenger’s full name, passport number (or ID card number if the passenger is a
mainland Chinese) and date of birth to make bookings. The name supplied MUST BE
IDENTICAL to the name appeared on the passport or ID card.


Instead of repeating the answers one thousand times to students, you may find the seminar facilities
a useful means to introduce your institution and answer the FAQs. Each session of seminar lasts
thirty minutes and the seminar area is equipped with sound equipment and a beamer. The capacity
of the seminar area is not less than 50 persons. (Deadline: as soon as all sessions are booked)

                                                Speaker’s name and
    City             Seminar Topic                                        Preferred date & time
                                                                                        CIEET 2007

Note: The Organizer reserves the right to finalize the schedule. Topics are subject to the approval
by the MOE.


Non-Chinese participants are advised to come on their business visas. According to relevant
regulations invitation letters are required to support business visa applications. Participants
requesting this service should supply the following information. (Deadline: February 3, 2007)

1) Full name as shown on the passport             2) Passport number
3) Nationality                                    4) Position held
5) Port of Departure                              6) Expected dates of entry and exit

An administrative charge of US$20 per person will be levied to reimburse the costs incurred.
Additional costs on an out-of-pocket basis will be levied for express post delivery service.
                                                                                        CIEET 2007


Exhibitors may take advantage of the special rate arrangements exclusively made for CIEET
delegates. Bookings must be made through the Organizing Committee. (Deadline: February 9,

                   Hotel                                     Distance from venue
Beijing: Jinglun Hotel                    ★★★★      5-minute walk

Chongqing: Hotel Inter Continental       ★★★★★      10 mins by coach
Shanghai: Regal Shanghai East Asia        ★★★★      2-minute walk
Nanjing: Grand Metro Park Hotel          ★★★★★      Within Hotel

Guangzhou: Dongfang Hotel                ★★★★★      Within Hotel

                                              No. of        No. of        No. of
                           Check-    Check-           Rates         Rates               Sub-
          Cities                              Single         Twin         Night
                             in       out            (RMB)         (RMB)                total
                                              Rooms         Rooms           s
            Standard                                   720           820
         Deluxe                                       820               920
 Chongqi Superior                                     608               608
 ng      Deluxe                                        708               708
         Superior                                      880               980
         Deluxe                                       1080              1180
 Nanjing Standard                                     570               620
         Deluxe                                       700               760
 ou      Deluxe
         Suite                                        1000         NA   NA         NA
                                                                                       CIEET 2007

1st room’s Guest names:
2nd room’s Guest names:
3rd room’s Guest names:
Credit card number: (for booking purpose)
Cardholder’s name:
Type:      Visa / Master / AE / Diners / JCB
Expiry date (not sooner than April 1, 2007):

All bookings must be supported by credit card guarantee and a signed photocopy of the supporting
credit card (front and back) must be faxed to us. Bookings will not be processed for any invalid /
insufficient credit card information. No charge will be made against the credit card unless no
show and guests are required to settle their payment upon checking out.
1. All non-guaranteed reservations will be released after 1600 hours on the date of scheduled
     arrival. Thereafter, guest rooms will be subject to availability.
2. The confirmation will be sent to you by fax or e-mail after we receive your reservation form.
3. No Show Clause: One night room charge will be charged against the supporting credit card for
     any no shows on the arrival date of confirmed bookings. Bookings of subsequent nights will
     be released.
4.   The requested room type will be arranged according to availability.
5.   For your information only, the prevailing exchange rate between USD and RMB at the time
     of publishing this brochure is approximately 1 : 8.00. You will be charged in USD at the
     prevailing rate of the date of departure.

CIEET Organizing Committee
c/o Reliable International Exhibition Services Co., Ltd.
Room 1702, Building 6, SOHO New Town, 88 Jianguo Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 100022,
P R China
Tel.: +8610 85898181
Fax: +8610 85898180
Email: /
Contacts: Ms. Etta Ho / Mr. Wilko Fong / Ms. Stella Huang / Ms. Maggie Yang
                                                                                          CIEET 2007
CIEET – SIGNING UP THE 12TH CIEET ------ [ Please fax to +86-10-8589-8180 ]
Institutions, which decide to participate in the 12th CIEET, should complete the following form and
return to the Organizing Committee. Please note that no booth sharing arrangement is accepted
unless otherwise agreed1. Your application is subject to the approval of Chinese Service Center
for Scholarly Exchange and we will submit your application to them upon receipt of this completed

We would like to participate in the 12th CIEET. Please confirm the below reservation request
(please read all the notes below before making the reservation):
                     City          Booth Standard            General Booth2, 3
                 Beijing       3m x 3m standard booth     ( ) at US$2,500 each
                 Chongqing 3m x 3m standard booth         ( ) at US$2,100 each
                 Shanghai      3m x 3m standard booth     ( ) at US$2,500 each
                 Nanjing       3m x 3m standard booth     ( ) at US$2,100 each
                 Guangzhou 3m x 3m standard booth         ( ) at US$2,300 each
  An additional 50% levy on booth rental shall be imposed on booth sharing institutions. No
  more than 2 institutions can share a standard booth.
  A General Booth is usually a linear booth that has three partition walls, or is other booth
  type assigned by the Organizer.
  An 25% additional levy on booth rental shall be levied for Corner / Special-requested booth.

The following is the exhibitor’s particulars:
Note:Your Exhibitor Names provided below will be used in all of our CIEET 2007 promotional
materials such as booth’s fasica board, show directory entry,etc. Other contact details may be
changed in the future on request.
Exhibitor’s Name (in English):
                   (in Chinese, if any):

                                                                    Postal Code:
Tel.:                                                   Fax:
Email:                                                  Web:
Contact Person:                                         Title:
Signature:                                              Date:
  Each 3m x 3m standard booth is equipped with basic fittings of space, partition walls up to three
  sides, carpet, fascia board with exhibitor’s name in Chinese and English, information counter,
  chairs and two lights. Other dimensions in the multiples of 3 are available upon request.
  The exhibitions in Beijing and Shanghai last two full days while the exhibitions in other cities
  last 2 half days. Signed-up exhibitors will be provided a detailed itinerary in due course.
  Exhibitors are not allowed to carry out any promotion activities (e.g. distributing flyers or other
  promotion materials) outside their own booths. Promotion activities in passageways are strictly
  Exhibitors are required to settle all invoices for booth rental and optional service orders within
  two weeks of the invoice date and under no circumstances later than February 2, 2007. We
  reserve the full right to cancel any overdue bookings without prior notice.
  All subsequent cancellation requests must be made in writing. No refund shall be made if the
  cancellation request is made after February 2, 2007 and 50% charge shall be levied if the
  request is made between December 31, 2006 and February 1, 2007 (both dates inclusive).

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