“The Approach” by keara


									“The Approach”
There are as many ways to further your business as there are consultants. The following outlines 3 possible ways to approach prospects. In most cases, I lead with the RE9 Anti-aging System because it truly is what fuels our unprecedented growth. I then find it an easy transition from discussing the uncompromising integrity to which Arbonne formulates it’s products to the unbelievable business opportunity this creates.

The Targeted Approach Description: Requires initiating contact with a prospect with the intent to schedule a drop. Opportunities for the targeted approach: Warm market and referrals Procedure: Telephone call involving a conversation like: “Hi Katie. How are you? I am calling because I have started a business called Arbonne. Have you heard of it? We are a botanically based Swiss skin care company with the most incredible anti-aging products. I’ve been using them and can already tell a difference in my skin. Our products are being used by plastic surgeons, like Dr. Braezeale, in Knoxville and dermatologists, like Dermatology Associates, in Kingsport. To me that’s very impressive because many doctors will not carry products you can get at an in-home presentation. Most people have a very strong response to our products and will see a difference in their skin in just a few days. Your wrinkles won’t go away immediately but you will see a difference in the texture and clarity of your skin. Anyway, I’d love for you to get to try them. Can I drop a demo kit by for you to try for a few days? Great. It will only take a few minutes. When would be a good time?”

The Conversational Approach Description: Involves using social encounters to prompt conversation regarding your business. Opportunities for the Conversational Approach: Any social setting or chance encounter with someone whom you have already established some kind of relations. Procedure: Engage in typical conversation making sure to ask what the other person has been up to and how their job is going. This will prompt them to in turn ask the same of you. At that point you will give them your 1 minute commercial. Should they fail to ask you what you have been doing, then respond with something like: “That’s great Katie. It sounds like you’ve been as busy as I have been lately. I don’t know if you’ve heard but I started my own business. It’s called Arbonne. Have you heard of it?” Proceed with 1 minute commercial.

The Proposition Approach Description: An impromptu approach to someone whom you have no established relationship. Opportunities for the Proposition Approach: Sales clerks Waitresses Flight attendants Other service providers Procedure: Often this approach leaves little time for idle conversation and/or it could be inappropriate to pursue at that time. Therefore, you must be prepared and concise. A typical statement may be something like: “I hope you don’t think I’m being too forward but I couldn’t help noticing …(mention a characteristic they displayed that caught your attention like how organized they are, how friendly they are, or what pretty skin they have, etc.) and I think you would be great at my business. I’m an independent consultant with Arbonne International and we have phenomenal skin care products. Would you be interested in hearing a little bit about it?” If yes, then get their name and number and tell them you can meet for coffee in the next couple of days. Also, give them your card.

The 1 Minute Commercial Arbonne is an incredible botanically based Swiss skin care company. Our marquis product is our anti-aging system. It has a patent pending in both Switzerland and the United States. It is what fuels our unprecedented growth of 164% last year alone!! Plastic surgeons like, Dr. Braezeale of Knoxville, and dermatologists like, Dermatology Associates of Kingsport, carry and use our products on their patients. I have been using them and …(personal testimony). Give testimonials of 1 or 2 other people you personally know as well. This stuff works! In fact, an independent efficacy study of 50 people over 6 months found that the average size of people’s wrinkles decreased 64%. I think that’s amazing without any invasive procedures!! I can’t wait for you to try it.

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