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					Council of State University Libraries, Florida
OPAC Subcommittee of the Public Services Planning Committee
Teleconference Meeting, Thursday, March 8, 2012 - Noon to 1:30
Number: 888-808-6959, Conference Code: 6314785899
Note: The meeting will be held by phone conference. There is also an Elluminate session at the following


In attendance
Bruce Barron                    FAU
George Pearson                  FIU
Natalie Rector                  NCF
Rebecca (Missy) Murphey         UCF – taking Min Tong’s place beginning today
Min Tong                        UCF
Beth Auten                      UF Health Science Center
Colleen Seale                   UF
Elizabeth Outler                UF Law
Barbara Tuck                    UNF
TSPC Liaison – Annie Glerum
FCLA – Jean Phillips, Mary Ann O’Daniel, Pam Mydock, Gerald Snyder, Jean Moises, Ned Stewart,
Jennifer Kuntz, Wendy Ellis

*** = permanent agenda items
1. Roll Call ***
2. Announcements – Min Tong announced that Rebecca (Missy) Murphey would be the
    representative for UCF beginning today. Colleen asked for a volunteer to be the note taker.
    This is Barbara Tuck’s last meeting to take notes.
3. Approval of minutes from the last meeting *** Approved.
4. Approval of agenda with additions *** No additions.
5. FCLA Update
        a. LibGuides in DLU01 (Aleph database) – Problem fixed.
             Colleen said to send a report if we see them again.

             Jean Phillips talked about the Florida Virtual Campus. Nothing is final yet and until
             the Legislature votes on the final bill, we will not know all the ways FCLA and the
             libraries will be impacted. FCLA and CCLA are working together. The new interim
             director is Jane Hayes. July 1 is the date to begin operation. There are user
             meetings scheduled that we can attend. Jean also pointed out the FCLA Quarterly
             Report on the website. It is filled with valuable information for SUS libraries.

             Members can see who the new Mango Team Members are on the FCLA Mango
             page. Jean reiterated that there will not be much
             done to Mango until the shared bib project it finalized. It has top priority.

             Jennifer Kuntz said she and Wendy were learning a lot about Mango. She mentioned
             the recent Mango outage and how they were able to figure out the problem.
             Jennifer sent an email after the meeting summarizing FCLA’s report. That
             information is reproduced here.
        b. Facet Multiselect is currently in the Mango test catalog
  Those changes will be moved into the Production
           UBORROW (union) catalog shortly. The option to add that feature to your LOCAL
           catalog in Production will be added to the Admin module so you can choose to turn
           it on, or leave it off - or request us to do so for you. We'll send out an email to let
           you know when this is in Production.

        c. Discussion of how to handle e-resource display is tabled until after shared bib, since
           we'll soon be in that new environment. Future development along those lines will
           be visible in the shared bib Mango, which you can visit at

       d. Re table of contents in the 505 $t field: Currently these are indexed in both the Title
           and Keyword Anywhere indexes. If I understand correctly, the discussion centered
           around whether to continue indexing both places, or just in the Keyword index.
           There would need to be agreement between Subcommittee members before any
           changes are made.
6. Discussion
       a. OPAC – Development Priority List – Votes are in
           The top three are call number browse (virtual bookshelf), availability facet and links
           to research guides.

        b. Notes to Mango e-Resources and CRL records –
           The following issues are tabled until after the shared bib is finalized. Jennifer’s
           report in c. above clarifies this.

            FIU: Access limited to FIU students & employees.
            Suggestions from UF:
            UF: Off-campus access limited to current UF students & employees
            CRL record issues
            Suggested wording
            “Online – Licensed for access at FSU, USF, and UF” (i.e. listing all the SUL that are
            entitled to access). NOTE: I can see that the CRL records have been added to the
            local UF, FSU, USF, UCF, and FIU Mango Catalogs, but not to those at FAMU, FAU,
            UWF, UNF, FGCU, and New College); I don’t know for sure that this means that UF,
            FSU, USF, UCF, and FIU are all members of CRL and entitled to access. Have sny of
            the SULs been able to decide independently whether to include the CRL records in
            their local catalogs.

        c. Problem of 505 $t (titles within tables of contents) included in the Title index.
           This is tabled also. See Jennifer’s clarification in d. above.

        d. Other issues: Facet Multiselect feature going into production?
           See Jennifer’s note in b. above.

7. TSPC Update – Annie – The Committee is working on the shared bib project.

8. PSPC Update – Minutes of PSPC meetings can be found here.

*** are permanent agenda items
Next Meeting – April 12, 2012

The OPAC Development Priority List - Google Docs spreadsheet

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